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6-C Tournament: "Journey Through The Ride of Mystery and Supernatural Power"



In this Realm of the spirits that fought each others to proof who is the strongest, the best, and the deadlist....there always be a exhibitions battle being held by individuals that known with their fame, called as the tournaments, attended by many peoples and their characters, and fought one per one in a duel, one shall live and one shall fall....and one that has been live would fight an another combatants until their fall....over and over...until the only one and true warrior stand above them all and crowned as the champion!

The Tournaments, while is exciting, only some of individuals that can held of the exhibitions and success, if they can't then the tournaments would be abandoned...and with no glory at all....however, there is a chance that despite being abandoned the impact that had been did will boost your fame
This is the individuals that has created and held the well-known tournaments, some are success! Some are abandoned but not forgotten!

And now it's time for the Fights and Matches Ambassador alongside his three Supervisors (@Popted2 @Noneless21 @FantaRin_The_First ) to make and held his own tournament, the time is now! The Island Destroyer Tournaments! Proof your characters as the best and stand above them all!


The Theme of this tournament are "Supernatural and Mysterious Power"

The Combatants/Participants must have this power to enter, be it like fantasical, urban, semi-scifi, and having a connection to mysterious entity

That mean if the combatants are full sci-fi then he wouldn't be allowed to enter


  1. Maximum Participants that can enter: 32 characters, however two spots are taken by mine so that leave 30 characters left​
  2. Mid-Hax Tournament, anyone who is higher than that (non-smurf or smurf) or having too broken hax (Existence Erasure, Type 8 immortality (depend, if it wasn't strong then it'll be allowed), high-mid and above regen, conceptual manipulation, etc) aren't allowed​
  3. Speed are equalized​
  4. Random encounter, no prior knowledge and whatsoever​
  5. AP Limit: From above 5+ ~ 10 GT to 65 GT​
  6. Win via Anything!! (K.O, Incap, or Kill)​
  7. One users can submit two characters, each one of them must be from different verses​
  8. Follow up from no. 7, Two characters per one verses​
  9. The Arena would be: Every locations in the Earth​
  10. images
  11. No Tiers Jump, period (example: Low 6-B with Excalibur, High 6-C as Jack Revice, etc)​
  12. Starting Range/Distances: 10 ~ 50 Meters​
As i sais above, the Supervisors of this tournament would be: @Popted2 @Noneless21 @FantaRin_The_First


  1. Berserker Lancelot (Myself)​
  2. Sky Xue Ying (@Zaratthustra) (Disqualified)​
  3. Post Purgatory Ban (@Jibz) (Disqualified)​


Round 1:
  • Adeptus Zhongli vs Dark Sonic X, Winner: Zhongli
  • 2014 IOTG Season 2 Jiang Ziya vs Shuten Douji, Winner: Both combatants are now disqualified, Berserker Lancelot replaced Shuten
  • Incomplete Infinity Gauntlet MCU Thanos vs Kurama Mode Naruto Uzumaki, Winner: Naruto
  • Caster Gilgamesh vs Post-Purgatory Ban, Winner: Ban has been disqualified, Gil were now proceeded to the next round
  • Crimson Destruction Dragonnar Xenovia Quarta vs Prime Barbatos, Winner: Venti
  • Heightened Emotion ASG2 Gunvolt vs Pre-Omega 1 Nanite Rex Salazar, Winner: Gunvolt
  • Kamen Rider Slash vs Telne, Winner: Kamen Rider Slash
  • Mega Lucario vs Super Form Pre-Running Wild Sonic, Winner: Lucario
  • Platinum Sperm vs DMC5 Pre-Devil Trigger Nero, Winner: Nero had been disqualified, Platinum Sperm were now proceeded to the next round
  • Sky Xue Ying vs Pre-Timeskip Mereoleona, Winner: Xue Ying has been disqualified, Mereoleona were now proceeded to the next round
  • MagiReco Tart vs Post-Infinity War Dr. Strange, Winner: Tart
  • ALTTP Link vs EMS Sasuke, Winner: ALTTP Link
  • Pedro vs Ocarina of Time Link, Winner: OOT Link
  • Hareta vs Nacht Faust, Winner: Nacht
  • Base Sion Eltnam Atlasia vs Giff Revival Arc Kamen Rider Revice, Winner: Tie and with the coinflip, Sion proceeded to the next round
  • Chloe Von Einzbern vs Ultimate Dying Will Tsuna, Winner: Chloe
Loser Round 1
  • Crimson Destruction Dragonnar Xenovia Quarta vs Post-Omega 1 Nanite Rex Salazar, Winner: Xenovia
  • Super Form Pre-Running Wild Sonic vs Telne, Winner: Telne
  • Post-Infinity War Dr. Strange vs EMS Sasuke Uchiha, Winner: Sasuke
  • Pedro vs Hareta, Winner: Hareta
  • Giff Revival Arc Kamen Rider Revice vs Ultimate Dying Will Tsunayoshi Sawada, Winner: FAILURE, Tsuna got disqualified which mean Revice proceeded to the next round

Round 2:
  • Adeptus Zhongli vs Lancelot (Berserker), Winner: Lancelot (Berserker)
  • Kurama Mode Naruto Uzumaki vs Caster Gilgamesh, Winner: Caster Gilgamesh
  • Prime Barbatos vs Heightened Emotion ASG2 Gunvolt, Winner: Tie, Venti procedeed to the next round from the coinflip result
  • Kamen Rider Slash vs Mega Lucario, Winner: Kamen Rider Slash
  • Platinum Sperm vs Pre-Timeskip Mereoleona Vermillion, Winner: Mereoleona
  • MagiReco Tart vs ALTTP Link, Winner: ALTTP Link
  • Nacht Faust vs OOT Link, Winner: Nacht
  • Base Sion Eltnam Atlasia vs Chloe Von Einzbern, Winner: Sion

Loser Round 2
  • Dark Sonic X vs [Loser from Round 2 - Match 8], Winner:
  • Incomplete Infinity Gauntlet Thanos vs [Loser from Round 2 - Match 7], Winner:

Round 3
  • Berserker Lancelot vs Caster Gilgamesh, Winner: Gilgamesh
  • Prime Barbatos vs Kamen Rider Slash, Winner: Slash
  • Pre-Timeskip Mereoleona vs ALTTP Link, Winner: Link
  • Nacht Faust vs Base Sion Eltnam Atlasia, Winner: Originally Nacht, however because of the upgrade, Sion proceeding to the next round

Loser Round 3

Round 4/Quarter-Finals

  • Caster Gilgamesh vs Kamen Rider Slash, Winner:
  • ALTTP Link vs Base Sion Eltnam Atlasia, Winner:

Loser Round 4


Loser Round 5

Loser Round 6

Loser Round 7

Loser Round 8/Loser Final



Last edited:
Thus winner round 3 has ended! We are going to winner rounds 4/Quarter-Final!
I almost forgot to updating the OP lel, there is the Winner Rounds 3 result

Now maybe tomorrow or next days i'll start making the Round 4 matches
Attention! A very sudden change and decision has arrived!

So with the issue of servant invul that has bombed hard recently, and my thread has almost reached a conclusion here, i'm officially disbanding this tourney
Disqualifying the Nasuverse chars here would be too much considering how much chars we're DQ'd when this tourney still progressing so it's best to disband it

Sorry guys