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monkey d. luffy (post-timeskip)

  1. Ryuga21

    Gear 5th Luffy: Time-Stop ability addition.

    My point will be to show that Luffy apparently has the ability to stop time in the middle of his attacks to finish them in his own way. Against Saturn. Firstly, in this scene from the manga, in the midst of Saturn's flying projectiles, Luffy manages to carry out a series of events: He first...
  2. Thicc18

    Gear 5 Luffy vs Otsutsuki Kaguya

    VS Stats are as is. Win by death or ko
  3. Fezzih_007

    The Big 3 (Naruto, Luffy and Ichigo) vs The Dynamic Duo (Goku Ul and Vegeta UE) Stats equal!

    I see this on Reddit, so i got a little curious if in this site is a stomp or not. Stats equalized Everyone start already transformed in they lastest strongest form (Gear 5, Ultra Instict goku etc..) excluding Naruto, who is not on Baryon Mode for this fight. Manga version of Goku and Vegeta is...
  4. Brogeefrong

    It had to be done | Naruto and Sasuke vs Luffy and Zoro | 11-0-0 (grace ended)

    The 5-C downgrade happened for Naruto Now it's time for One Piece vs Naruto again War Arc Six Paths Naruto and Sasuke are used Luffy and Zoro are both Post Wano Pirates are >33.6 Exatons, and Luffy is 1.381 Zettatons with the Bajrang Gun Ninja's are 88 Exatons in Base, 177 Exatons in SPSM, and...
  5. Padaruyos

    A non-canon rematch of Luffy and Rob Lucci

    Post-Udon Prison Training Luffy vs Egghead Island Lucci Both starts in their High 7-A base forms, and both can transform or use special techniques to reach their maximum power (could be 6-B or 5-C doesn't really matter) Battle takes place inside the Chunin Exams Arena from Naruto (100m range...
  6. Brogeefrong

    Can The Pirate King overcome A Superman? | Superman vs Luffy | 0-7-0 (Grace)

    Post-COIE Superman is used and is 5-C (90.12 Exatons) Post-Haōshoku Advancement Luffy is used, starts in Gear 5 and is 5-C, Low 5-B with Bajrang Gun (>33.6 Exatons, 1.381 Zettatons with Bajrang Gun) Speed is equalized Fight takes place at your house SBA Otherwise Votes The Man of Steel:0 The...
  7. LuffyRuffy46307

    What happened to Luffy's profile?

    Why is Luffy's profile a mess? We have Luffy 5-B and a lot of mess together, like whoever made the change to the profile handled it very badly and it's so messed up that it's hard to read https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Monkey_D._Luffy_(Post-Timeskip)
  8. LordTracer

    One Piece: Post-Timeskip Luffy Reformatting

    So Luffy has his AP in tabbers to avoid having it as a wall of text, but it leaves his other stats outside of the tabbers, which looks pretty bad imo. I changed it so each key’s tabber has all of the stats for that key, which you can see in this sandbox. I think this looks a lot better. So…...
  9. Monkey D. Luffy vs Sunset Shimmer (Matchups with Unequalized Speed)

    Yeah, I have absolutely nothing to say here. This was probably a horrible idea Post Haoshoku Advancement Luffy vs Pony Sunset Shimmer Starting distance is 200 meters Speed is unequalized Luffy (8.74c) Sunset Shimmer (Immensely superior to 3.56c) Both are 6-B, Luffy is allowed to go into...
  10. Just_Butchering

    So this can be a thing huh? - Deku vs Luffy

    Funny that this is possible lmao Final War Deku vs Post-Timeskip Luffy Final War Arc Deku vs Post-Udon Prison Luffy Speed is equalized Both in-character Fight takes place in Onigashima Starting distance is 100 meters 6-B Versions Luffy scales to 12.64 Teratons, while Deku is above 8.36 Teratons...
  11. Expectro2000xxx

    Luffy faces another electric enemy (Luffy vs Cole)

    Was sort of bored and thought in this match so I'm giving it a try. Infamour 2 Cole and Beginning of Timeskip Luffy, speed unequal as both of them are Relativistic+, starting distance 100 meters, fight takes place in a desolated Empire City, in beginning Gear 4 is restricted but I can change...
  12. Luffy vs Alien X

    Battle takes place in an empty field Starting distance is 20m Gear 5 Luffy vs Low 5-B Alien X (Reboot) Speed is equalized Who wins? Rubber Man: Lenyo456 Alien L: Nami shows up and one shots both of them: Spectral69420, Spilxson2
  13. KingTempest

    One Piece: Calc Removal

    This is apparently calc stacking https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:KingTempest16/Kaidou%27s_Thunder_Bagua_Speed Based on Luffy not having a canon statement of SOL perception Even the SOL being too slow not good enough So that means that this needs to be removed from Luffy's...
  14. RanaProGamer

    Kurama Mode Naruto VS Gear 4th Luffy

    I realized this is possible now, so let's do this. The most debated battle of all time. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed Equalized Revolution Naruto and Post Udon Prison Training Luffy are being used. High 6-A Versions. Naruto scales to 646.57 Petatons Luffy scales to 1.479 Exatons Kurama...
  15. Spinoirr

    High 6-A Tournament: Kamen Rider Zero-One in Metal Cluster Hopper vs Luffy (gear 5)

    Rules: All mentioned in the official Tournament thread Speed is equal Fight takes place on mobius Luffy (gear 5): Kamen Rider Zero-One in Metal Cluster Hopper:
  16. FluffyCreatureZ

    Top strongest One Piece characters 2 (spoilers)

    The last thread was a catastrophic failure and an absolute disaster that brings shame unto me. I would like to apologize to everyone on the forum for that sorry excuse of a list. As for this new list, I will not include characters that have nothing known about them. This list ranks characters on...
  17. DimeUhDozen

    Luffy Vs The Mask

    Speed Equalized Post-Udon Prison Training Luffy will be used. The Mask: Luffy: Incon:
  18. That_moron2

    Rubber Monkey vs Lightning Cat(Luffy vs Yoruichi)

    Both at their last keys. Battle takes place on Rainbow Road Cat: Monke: Incon:
  19. KingTempest

    One Piece: 2023 Mid-High Tier Redux

    Yerp Yes, somehow, we're back with another mid tier-high tier revision. This will be centered around the shit ton of calcs we have in the range of 7-A to High 7-A (each one done by yours truly) Law's Mountain Slice: 7-A (204.6 Megatons) Kizaru's Lasers: 7-A (218.54 Megatons) Oven's Sea Boil...
  20. CiscoTheSoto

    Luffy Fights Blackbeard at Marineford

    Monkey D. Luffy vs Blackbeard Battle location: Marineford Both in-character Post-Udon Prison Training Luffy and Post-Gura Gura Blackbeard are used Luffy Avenges Ace: 8 (@TheMonkeMan, @That_moron, @jojo123, @noninho, @Sir_Marvulous, @TauanVictor, @CiscoTheSoto, @SlendVeny) Blackbeard Kills...
  21. CiscoTheSoto

    Luffy Switches Opponents with Law and Kidd

    Monkey D. Luffy vs. Big Mom Battle location: Onigashima Both in-character Post-Udon Prison Training Luffy is used Luffy Defeats Another Emperor: Big Mom Gets Her Revenge: 7 (@Eseseso, @Kachon123, @SnookB, @Popted2, @Darkvie123, @CiscoTheSoto, @Lenyo456) Kaido Comes in to Finish it Himself:
  22. KingTempest

    One Piece Speed Upgrade

    Luffy has a new calc for his speed https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:KingTempest16/Luffy_Tapdances_with_Lasers Update his G2nd speed with it. Simple
  23. Thicc18

    One Piece: Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun reconsideration

    I believe that Luffy's Bajrang Gun calc should not be considered multi-continental. I know that this is going to get a lot of hate, but I hope you guys can see my reasoning. The argument basically relies on Luffy's fist being almost as big as Onigashima. The issue with this however is that...
  24. Spinoirr

    Godzilla vs Luffy

    Speed is equal Both are high 6-A Godzilla scales to at least 642.831 petatons Luffy scales to 1.497 Exatons, 5.988 Exatons with Bajrang Gun Godzilla can't use anything above high 6-A Godzilla: Luffy: Icon:
  25. LeOuterCore

    About Luffy/One Piece Speed

    What are Luffy's highest speed feats and why do some people (especially on TikTok) say that Luffy is MFTL+ and faster than Asta for example or Ichigo? Does anyone have any ideas 'cause I always thought that Luffy is like FTL while being incredibly close to FTL+ but that's it.
  26. Eseseso

    Gear 2/3 revision based on Bazooka scaling.

    Ok, I know this was once discussed before but I'm bringing it up again. Gear 2 in Enies Lobby was stronger than a base Bazooka, so it is >2x base Luffy in Enies Lobby. Gear 3rd was stronger than Jet Bazooka, so it is >2x G2 Luffy pre-timeskip. There is absolutely nothing saying that this...
  27. Ryuga21

    Emperor Luffy vs Dracule Mihawk

    Current Luffy vs Mihawk SBA; Both at their current state. Luffy starts at base and can go G5. Luffy: 2 Mihawk: Inconclusive:
  28. ChocomilkAlex

    Goku vs Luffy with equal stats

    Yo VsWiki, been a while huh? I’ve returned to make a little fun and games post about Goku vs Luffy with equal stats. I saw this Twitter thread and the results seem to be skewed in one direction. Current Manga Luffy vs Current Manga Goku with equal stats. SBA Both standing 10 feet apart Speed...
  29. Pedonar

    luffy vs asura

    equal speed gear 5 vs. first key asura
  30. Uzukeas

    UPDATED:Add Toon Force to Gear 5

    Luffy is unaware of the ability at this moment, but it has been stated by Oda and in canon by the elders that Luffy has the power to turn imagination into reality. (Update) Luffy should have toon force due to statements and his actions proving he does.
  31. KingTempest

    One Piece: Luffy Greater Accelerated Development

    Thanks to Sandman_AP for finding this on twitter. Luffy should get an additional justification to his Accelerated Development. Since the Road to Laugh Tale guide says that "the more he laughs, the stronger he gets". From Sandman's translation, it shows that it's Luffy in general, not Gear...
  32. KingTempest

    One Piece: Kenbunshoku Reactions

    https://vsbattles.com/threads/isshiki-rod-to-reactions-blitzing.141871/ Because people are petty, we need to spell everything out on the profiles. Many Kenbunshoku users should have Lightspeed Reactions added to their profiles. Enel is one, as he can sense and read electromagnetic signals...
  33. Eseseso

    Zoan Tobiroppo downgrade + Gear 3 Post Udon Luffy upgrade

    Ok, so we all know that the Zoan Tobiroppo scale to 477.6 gigatons via scaling to G3 Luffy. However, I disagree with both reasons for this. 1. Luffy wanting to use G4 against Ulti doesn't really mean that she is above G3. First off, after seeing Ulti get one shot by Yamato, Luffy still decided...
  34. Eseseso

    Luffy post-timeskip Gears and Bazooka multiplier scaling

    So in the pre timeskip revision thread a few months back, it was agreed that Gear 2 scaled above Base Luffy's Bazooka (which is 2x normal base) for breaking Base Lucci's Tekkai when Base Bazooka couldn't and Gear 3 scaled above Jet Bazooka, which is 2x G2 normal power, for breaking Hybrid...
  35. TauanVictor

    Monkey D. Luffy VS Naruto Uzumaki

    I really apologize in case of stomp, but analyzing the profiles it genuinely seems fair to me. Monkey D. Luffy VS Naruto Uzumaki Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed Majestic Attire Susano'o are restricted Post-Haōshoku Advancement Luffy | New Era Naruto LOCATION: Luffy...
  36. Eseseso

    (GRACE) Post-Udon Luffy vs King

    So in this scenario, when Luffy sees Zoan King demolish Raid Suit Sanji, his worry gets the better of him so he attacks King in the Onigashima Live Hall. They are in-character and Luffy starts 40m away from King. Luffy: King: Incon:
  37. Eseseso

    Post-Udon Luffy vs Post-Enma Training Zoro

    Post-Udon Luffy vs Post-Enma Training (aka, before the Mink Medicine) Zoro Location: Onigashima Hall They start 20m away Luffy: 0 Zoro: 0 Incon: 0
  38. Eseseso

    Post-Haoshoku Luffy and Shuron Hakken Kaido CRT based on G4 and Strongest Attacks multipliers.

    I know this is a rather...heavily debated topic, but after looking over the final parts of the Luffy vs Kaido fight, I think I may have found a way for the >=4x multiplier for Gear 4 to be used without completely screwing up the scaling. So to start, while normal Hybrid Kaido (even with Hao...
  39. TauanVictor

    Luffy VS Genos

    Okay, let's see how this goes. Monkey D. Luffy VS Genos Starting Distance: 10m Bloodlusted Genos Equalized speed Post-Elder Centipede Genos in Ten Second Mode | Post-Haōshoku Advancement Luffy LOCATION: Luffy: 3 (@SnookB, @Super_Nova, @Nanashi) Genos: Inconclusive:
  40. KobsterHope07

    Minor Addition for a Sun God

    This will be a quick and short CRT for Gear 5th Luffy Regeneration: In Chapter 544, Awakened Zoan are said to have a faster recovery speed, allowing them to quickly even after being defeated. In Chapter 1045, we have Luffy completely scorched by the full brunt of Kaido's Bolo Breath but...