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the cosmere

  1. PapiSavitar5025

    Kaladin & Szeth Upgrades (Rhythm of War Spoilers)

    I'll make things quick and brief here, but Kaladin and Szeth should get upgrades to their profiles. Kal should probably also get different keys as well. But here's a brief rundown: Kaladin unlocks Shardplate during Chapter 111 of Rhythm of War. Kaladin should have Large Building level AP and...
  2. Yawgmoth123

    Mistborn CRT

    Remove Hemalurgic Construct Control from Breeze's profile - Breeze Soothers and Rioters of Breeze's era are unable to control Hemalurgic constructs. According to The Hero of Ages chapter 3, multiple emotional Allomancers of his era must simultaneuosly Push or Pull on Hemalurgic constructs...
  3. Yawgmoth123

    Vin, the Lord Ruler and Sazed's speed tier bumped to FTL

    This is my first major interaction with VS Battles. Among the Cosmere, I've only completely read Mistborn Era 1, Secret History not included. It is nice to meet you all. This post concerns Vin, Sazed, and Rashek. I'm not referring to their speed as Metallic Arts users, far from it. I'm...
  4. PapiSavitar5025

    A funny skeleton fights a depressed bridgeman

    Kaladin Stormblessed Sans the Skeleton This is Kaladin at the end of Oathbringer, so he is given his Shardblade. This fight will take place in the Final Corridor. Both are in-character. Speed is equalized. Kaladin will have about 10 minutes worth of Stormlight (which is how long Sans' fight...
  5. PapiSavitar5025

    Stormblessed vs Survivor, Knights Radiant vs Mistborn

    Kelsier: Kaladin: Fight takes place on the Shattered Plains, Kelsier does NOT have access to Atium. However, neither does Kaladin have access to his Shardblade. Base Kelsier will be used, Kaladin prior to the end of Words of Radiance will be used. As such, he will have access to...
  6. Bill McDoor

    Vin Venture vs Geralt of Rivia

    Vin Venture(Drawing on mists) vs Geralt of rivia (Post blood and wine) Both high 8-C Speed equalized Both have a couple months prep time and general knowledge of the others capabilities Battle takes place in Novigrad they start 20m apart
  7. Zaratthustra

    Vin Venture Small CRT

    Removal of Power Bestowal from her profile - Vin Venture On her second key, she has Power Bestowal (Gave Elend the powers of a Mistborn, and turned groups of people into Atium mistings) which is wrong as in the second book "The Well of Ascension" in Chapter 59 after Vin released Ruin she...
  8. Stillwinston

    Dio vs Vin Venture - Blood and Iron

    Might as well discuss this I guess, bored and wanna do another Jojo match so let's go Speed is equalised. Vin is High 8-C. Awakened Dio is being used. SBA otherwise Kono Dio Da!: 1 Heir to the Ascendant: 0 Incon: 0 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Vin_Venture...
  9. Bill McDoor

    minor corrections to vin's equipment

    just a quick thing with vin's equipment, it says that Vin has access to "Steel, Iron, Pewter, Tin, Electrum, Gold, Zinc, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Duralumin, Nicrosil, Chromium, and occasionally Atium" however Nicrosil and Chromium weren't discovered until era 2, so Vin wouldn't have access to them...
  10. Bill McDoor

    An Empress vs A Hero (Vin Vs Deku)

    Paranormal Liberation War Deku vs Mist Empowered Vin speed is equalized Battle takes place in Musutafu City combatants start 25m apart otherwise SBA Vin: Deku: Incon:
  11. Wokistan

    March vs Vin

    9-B both Speed not equal Takes place at a gym, start say 100m away March has her shit, Vin has all the metals in good supply March: Vin Venture: Inconclusive:
  12. Dargoo_Faust

    Isaac Newton (Petals of Reincarnation) vs. Kaladin Stormblessed (Stormlight)

    I'm taking a break from studying to enjoy myself today, thought I'd post a match since it's the least stressful thing I could do on the site. Saw the powersets of both of these guys and thought a match would be interesting. Both are standing 10 meters away from each other at the start of the...
  13. Dargoo_Faust

    Vasher (Warbreaker) vs. Giorno Giovanna (JoJo)

    This might give incredibly slanted results in either direction, but the parallels between Awakening and Giorno's power were too easy to pass up. Speed is equal. Vasher is equipped with Nightblood in its sheath, Giorno is without Gold Experience Requiem. Combatants start 100 meters away, and...
  14. Wokistan

    Vin vs Butcher 14: Fight of the power clusters

    Both 9-B Unequal speed for now, butcher can teleport and has some attacks that aren't the most dodgable things so it's probably okay Vin has a very large supply of all the metals except for Atium. She only has enough Atium for about a minute of sustained usage. Fight takes place in Lithuania...
  15. ZephyrosOmega

    The Avatar VS. The Mistborn: Korra VS. Vin

    Awesome and underrated fight tbh Speed is equalized and both are 7-B. Who wins? Korra: Vin Venture: Inconclusive:
  16. PapiSavitar5025

    Potential Kelsier upgrade (Secret History Spoilers)

    So in the book Mistborn: Secret History, Kelsier temporarily held the powers of Preservation when he died, and kept them safe until Vin finally ascended. Just like The Lord Ruler, should we give Kelsier a Planet Level rank separate from his basic Wall level stuff? And also upgrade his speed to...
  17. First_Witch

    Rulers of the Sea (The Lord Ruler vs U-2501) (Grace)

    Sponsored by Wokistan. The Lord Ruler vs U-2501 7B Key for both, speed is equal, they start 1 Kilometer away from each other. The fight takes place in a fictional pacific ocean, there are smaller island scattered around and metals exist on them. Someone threw his spear: SPACE HAX: 6...
  18. PapiSavitar5025

    Vin's tier.

    If we were to make a character for Vin (Which is something I've planned on doing) what would her tier be?
  19. Axl233

    Waxillum Ladrian vs Risotto Nero

    -speed is equalised -both at 9B -both are 10 meters from each other -battle takes place in abandoned quarry
  20. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    The Lord Ruler vs The Dragon Reborn (Grace)

    Sanderson vs Jordan. The Protagonist of one novel vs the Antagonist of another. Speed is Unequalized. TLR has enough metals and stored power to get him up to 7-B and Rand is restricted from using any angreals. No prior knowledge or prep time for either character and both are In character and...
  21. GyroNutz

    Fenghuang vs The Lord Ruler

    Making matches with p haxed characters like these always seems like a stab in the dark, if I was stabbing with a blunt needle. Don't blame me if this is a mismatch Speed is equal High 8-C versions for both Who wins and why? Fenghuang: The Lord Ruler: Inconclusive:
  22. Wokistan

    Kelsier vs a Pilot

    Kelsier has all the metals he's actually used, but not an unlimited supply. Assume he's actually figured out how Duralium works by now. Pilot has: Primary: R97 Secondary: Wingman Elite Anti-Titan: Charge Rifle (can be restricted if it becomes an issue, due to being 9-A) Ordinance...
  23. CinnabarManx421

    It's Time For A Showdown!: Arthur Morgan vs.Miles Hundredlives

    Miles Hundredlives has come out of retirement to kill notorious outlaw Arthur Morgan. Arthur has heard someone is coming after him and prepares to face his challenger. -Speed Equalized -Both have a day of prep time -Both have access to all of their equipment -Battle takes place in Valentine...
  24. EmbalmerMaster9000

    Several people on a Discord server pushed me into making this match - Player (Catalog Heaven) versus The Lord Ruler

    (Catalog Heaven player vs The Lord Ruler) To quote from the Dante vs TLR thread, "This will either be massively onesided or a really interesting matchup". How this came to be is stated on the tin. Speed equalized. Base Rashek (With City level AP/Durability as per the profile) for The Lord...
  25. Dargoo_Faust

    Dante (Devil May Cry) vs. The Lord Ruler (Mistborn)

    This will either be massively onesided or a really interesting matchup. DmC 1 Dante w/Sparda Devil Trigger restricted and Base Rashek are being used. Speed is equal, battle takes place in Luthadel, 40 meters apart. The Lord Ruler - Dante (Devil May Cry) - Incon -
  26. ThatCrimsonTomcat

    Waxillium Ladrian vs Harry Dresden

    I wanted Wax to have another and Harry Dresden seems pretty fair as well as quite appropriate, though I do have some doubts after reading the pages. Dresden has a lot more powers, but when I think about the(admittedly few) books of the series I've read he actually seems like a decent match for...
  27. Szmiit

    Should we use emotional allomancy as stun without bloodlusting allomancers during battles?

    The thing is Mistborns seem to underappriciate the power of emotional allomancy. It is used mostly for manipulation but rarelly during actuall fight. I remember Vin using it that way only twice. Once to shock old Venture, and once in prison actually putting it to propper use. One of reasons...
  28. Szmiit

    (Spoilers) Kelsier CRT

    Spoilers(duh!) After the ending of BoM it is revealed that Kelsier is the Sovergin, and creator of Medallions. Considering that he is responsible for current shape of Bands and creations of Medllions, he used compounding on Bands, and also probably he even created them. That means that at some...
  29. Dargoo_Faust

    TLR vs. Gilgamesh (One More)

    So, this is pretty funny, I'm putting one of the most overpowered Cosmere characters against a heavily restricted Gilgamesh, but this may be interesting nonetheless. Human Body Gil (Fate/Stay Night) is used. The Lord Ruler has an hour of preparations. The battle takes place on the Shattered...
  30. Szmiit

    Nightblood power correction

    1) Existence Erasure is enhanced not weakened with Investiture (magic). He oneshoted that thing because it was charged with investiture, if it was just normal stone it would be way harder. That is because his power increases with absorbed energy, but is reset when put in aluminium shieth. Since...
  31. Szmiit

    Szeth vs Yato

    Szeth son son Vallano I just made my first page and wanted to take it on a joyride! Its 8-C vs 9-A but I gave that tier to Szeth only because he can throw rocks well so should be more-less equal. Szeth has fresh Spheres, so enough Stormlight for a resonably long match. Szeth has order to...
  32. Szmiit

    Sazed's tier

    Sazed's tier is 4B. Shard's range of influence is one solar sistem without using aditional perpendicularities. He is also not abstract existance. He is just a vessel of Hanmony, not the concept. If his body(energy) gets used up he dies and concept takes another vesssel.
  33. Dargoo_Faust

    Mistborn Speed Revision

    So, way back when I made profiles for Wax, I assumed they were able to dodge bullet fire, however upon another reading I couldn't find any such feats, and I found multiple times how Wax claimed he couldn't react to bullets, only prepare for them with his steel bubble. However, Steel...
  34. Dargoo_Faust

    Waxillium Ladrian vs. Dr. Kondraki

    This will be pretty interesting. Two of my very first profiles, my pride and joy. Both are baseline High 8-C so this will hopefully not die on the spot. This is Base Wax with enough stored weight to perform his High 8-C feats. Kondraki has acess to all his equipment and Booooterflies, Speed is...
  35. Dargoo_Faust

    Kelsier vs. Kayneth Archibald

    To celebrate me copying and pasting sh*t from Lord Ruler's profile making a profile for Kelsier, let's try and give the champ his first battle. Speed is equalized, Kayneth starts the battle with Volumen Hydrargyrum. Battle takes place in Einsbern Mansion, and Kelsier has acess to all his metals...
  36. Dargoo_Faust

    Mistborn Revision Thread: Bands of Mourning

    So, Bands of Mourning focuses on an artifact of the same name, which was The Lord Ruler's metalminds. That artifact in of itself has a bunch of feats and statements regarding it, and it's implied that LR (or [SPOILERS]) created tech and bestowed that information to the South Scadrians that are...
  37. Dargoo_Faust

    Kirei Kotomine vs. Bleeder (3 More Votes)

    Kirei Kotomine vs. Bleeder Speed is equalized, and Bleeder is using Steel Allomancy. No Mantra Boosts or Grail Sludge, and this is Stay night Kirei. Battle takes place in Elendel (Think late-19th Century New York). Kirei - 4 (Strawman, Velox, Prom, Apies) Bleeder - Incon -
  38. Dargoo_Faust

    Kiritsugu Emiya vs. Waxillium Ladrian

    Kiritsugu's Profile Wax's Profile Random encounter, speed is equalized, Base Wax and Kerry has Avalon. Wax - 4 (Apies, Monarch, Toxyca, Gargoyle) Kerry - 2 (Iap, Archaron) Incon - 2 (Jugger, Anonoymous)
  39. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    Harry Dresden vs Waxillium Ladrian

    Let's get old western with this. Fight takes place in the center of an old western town. Both are standing ten meters apart, facing each other down. Winter Knight Dresden. Both have a week prep time. Who Wins? Harry Dresde Wax Ladria
  40. Dargoo_Faust

    Spike Spiegel vs. Wayne (4 more votes)

    The first battle of this series was a flop, let's see how this one does ;_; This time the theme's Cowboys, and surprisingly both genres have taken a whack at applying them to their unique settings. Spike is out of his ship, Speed is equalized, and Melee Weapons only, other than that, SBA. Wayne...