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  • I might be wrong but I didn't see Dream Dao in Wang Lin's profile-
    Because his current profile only cover step 1. Step 2, 3 and 4 plus beyond is not yet finished. Same thing for Su Ming. Wang Lin will have the rest likely the next week as I worked on it the last week but got side tracked with other things and with the crts for Ergen ongoing is not worth to publish more for his profile just to make a few days after a crt to change his tier (ex. The current Ap crt).
    Oh, alright. Thank you for answering and sorry for disturbing you.
    No problem to answer it or the like If i'm active and see it.
    They already have the match added on their profiles.
    okay thanks for the info and sorry for the bother i caused for all of you
    No problem.
    Hey, would you mind showing me how you embedded that song into your profile? I tried following the BB code guide but it didn't seem to be working for me.
    Hey, just wondering how you removed the text from Superboy Prime's render. Did you find another image somewhere or use a tool to remove it.
    Ah, I see. I'm not good at re-drawing parts, the perfectionist in me would have me tweaking it for ages.

    You did a great job on fixing it though.
    I usually re-draw whatever I can on renders if they have words or like on them. It all depends on how clear the photo is and how many details/patterns it has cause with a mouse I'm limited to how "fine" I can re-draw.
    I'm sorry to be a pain, can I get help with a render. I've done most of the work but it's taking up a lot of time, and you seem to do a more efficient/better job. I originally took it on as request for a friend but the detailing has me tearing my hair out.
    Yo, I finally finished LotM. Was a great read, I thought it would get up to the fight against the Mother of Depravity and all of that but oh well.
    Nice, I believe there are a few resistances missing especially for sequence 4 and higher characters.
    Also there is a problem with Audery's speed she is stated as supersonic for being able to move faster than a 161km/h train but that is only 44m/s which is superhuman I believe.
    Yeah, just saw that..an error from my part.

    So, this revision will be for the entire Rise of Humanity verse as most profiles misses some of the power they should have thanks to their cultivation realms. Basically, any ability that they miss from these up to their cultivation realm should be added to their profiles if they meet the requirements.

    Qi Practitioner​

    Prerequisite - What a cultivator needs to do to reach the next cultivation realm.

    State of Extremity - It's the point when a cultivator has reached the maxim foundation of a realm making them stronger than those in the same realm and possibly more if their foes didn't reach such state. At the same time, their potential is higher and more perfect for each State of Extremity reached.

    Psyche Ocean: Is the reserve of a cultivator's Psyche which is hidden within the body in a dimensional space. With a stronger psyche, the eyes will be able to able to see things in slow motion. Using the Psyche, a cultivator is able to visualize anything as long as their comprehension is enough - from material things to immaterial one to even abstract ones. The bigger and more potent a Psyche Ocean is, the easier it is for one to imagine, manifest, and visualize.

    “Psyche ocean is where your psyche gathers, the stronger your psyche is, the bigger and wider your psyche ocean will grow, and the easier it will be to imagine and visualize.”

    Spirit – They were among the most abstract and ethereal concepts of the world, inherently holding the most mysterious knowledge within them. They were the profound and mysterious totems, the distillation of the power of the heaven and earth., They had the strength to transcend the mortal to immortality, and possessed the knowledge of the fundamental essence of the universe. To use it one needs to understand what time and space are, what use they have, why they exist, what meanings do they carry, and why they matter.


    The totem carvings are the medium that contains the true quintessences of the arts and techniques. Every single art and technique is derived from the fundamental permutations of the totem carvings. For example, the【Spring Thunder Swords Art】, it’s core totem is the thunder totems, Elder Pu taught me twelve different types of thunder totems and from those twelve totem carvings, formed the【Spring Thunder Swords Art】.

    Yuan Shen/Atman – It's the galvanization of the psyche and facilitate the spirit and soul coalescence process to complete the process of Rebirth. This fusion would engender the Atman/Yuan Shen.


    Superhuman Physical Characteristics

    • Basic power as they are all in tier 8 or higher.

    Enhanced Senses

    • As they can see and hear further than normal humans.

    Extrasensory Perception

    Zhong Yue hid in the woods, he spread out his psyche and not long after, he found a human tribe, with a single thought, his psyche dragged a few clothes over to him.

    The psyche was an intangible and abstract facet of his prowess, unencumbered by a physical body, his psyche could extend all the way into the depths of the moon’s mantle.

    Telekinesis - via Soul Manipulation that shows that the soul will get stronger as they increase in power

    He stimulated his psyche as his soul flew out of his body and instantly bound onto a stone pier that weighed approximately one hundred and ten kilos
    The stone pier suddenly flew up and stopped in mid-air in front of Zhong Yue. His soul manipulated the stone and as his soul flew upwards, the stone followed as well. This was also one of the tricks used by the upper house disciples in combat. The stronger the soul, the heavier the items the soul could lift.
    In theory, if the soul was strong enough, one could lift a mountain and fly it around, or it could even be used to eradicate an entire city!

    Soul Manipulate was another level. Once you got the soul out of the body, the soul could control objects and start moving them. However, it required a very strong soul to perform soul possession. Those who were able to perform them were all elites among the outer disciples.

    Surface Scaling

    His speed was so fast that he could even scale along the walls without risk of falling down!
    In fact, if someone could move fast enough, that person would not only be able to run straight up the walls and even move in the air!

    Energy Manipulation

    • This is basic stuff since they use Qi and Arcane Energy for everything.

    Non-Physical Interaction

    • Again, a basic one as everyone can interact with elements, visualization, and soul.

    Statistics Amplification - Via Pills

    One Yuling Pellet was capable of granting a normal person incredible speed and strength and would allow them to be able to survive without any food and water for almost half a month. Even for the Swords Gate’s outer disciples, they could cultivate for two or three days without any rest with just one Yuling Pellet!

    Extrasensory Perception and Body Control - via Visualization

    Zhong Yue listened carefully, while the young ladies followed him in focusing their senses, Ting Lanyue closed her eyes and visualized, there was psyche flowing out and that coalesced into four to five feet large beast ears around her ears.
    Through the big beast ears she conscientiously listened to the surroundings, moments later she said, “The fighting sounds come from there, there is someone fighting and running at the same time!”

    Absorption - Can absorb the energy of nature, techniques, and earth to manifest different Sword Qi

    “Only when you have manifested your spirit can you glean the quintessence of the technique, to absorb the energy from nature, heaven, and the earth and manifest them into Swords Qi. But this is only the way an ordinary Qi Practitioner practices the techniques!”

    Flight - via Visualization

    As the signal was given, innumerable upper house disciples dashed towards the stages located in the mountains. While some ran on the ground, they were those disciples that formed wings with their psyche and took to the air to fly into the mountains in order to occupy the stages before the others.

    Creation - As long as one Psyche Ocean and Intelligence are adequate at the necessary level, then they can Visualize anything be them elements, clothes, beings, or more abstract things.

    When the psyche was highly focused, it could manifest the visualizations. If one visualized the Jiao Dragon, a Jiao Dragon would be created, if one visualized the thunderbolt, it would bear the immense power of the thunderbolt.

    Ting Lanyue closed her eyes and started visualizing, suddenly there were immense flames burning around the corpse of the mutated mantis demon.

    “Actualization of water and fire are merely small tricks that one would need in order to travel far, nothing to be amazed about. But they are indeed useful. Traveling far away from home without these small abilities … you’d be left susceptible to a lot of tedious inconveniences.” Ting Lanyue laughed.

    When the psyche was highly focused, it could manifest the visualizations. If one visualized the Jiao Dragon, a Jiao Dragon would be created, if one visualized the thunderbolt, it would bear the immense power of the thunderbolt.

    It was quite some time before the upper house disciples came out with the last two potential winners, the heroic-looking female disciple, and another male disciple. Their psyches were strong enough to manifest their visualizations, a simple thought and they could give form to real lightning from their psyches, extracting a thunderbolt out of thin air!

    “Actualization Of Virtuality?”
    Zhong Yue’s heart beat faster, that is the means of the Qi Practitioners!
    The Qi Practitioners can imprint their psyches into reality; for example, during the battle between Zuo Xiangsheng and the Tianfeng Elder in the Cloudless Hall, the elder manifested wood as Sword Qi, with the psyche together with the Wood Sword Qi, he could achieve the actualization of wood to form the wooden swords array, this was the Actualization Of Virtuality, materializing the virtual psyche into worldly phenomena.
    Of course, the psyche did not really create wood, it was only the materializing of the psyche. Despite this, the wood that is materialized is almost indistinguishable from the genuine article, but once the psyche disperses, the materialized wood would also disappear along with it.

    The Qi Practitioners of the Great Wilderness possessed strong psyches that could be transformed. When the psyche transformed into a bird it could fly, as a beast it could leap, and as a weapon it could kill. When psyche and inner Qi were combined, they would be unbreakable.

    Soul Manipulation

    “Soul liberation!”
    The arms of the mantis demon were restrained so its speed was slow. A ray of light flashed between Zhong Yue’s eyebrows and his soul dashed out to entered the psyche ocean of the mantis demon. A Sword Gate appeared in the psyche ocean of the mantis demon. Suddenly, a Sword Qi flew out of the gate, cutting the demon’s soul in half!

    Below the stage, there were a number of outer disciples wearing exquisite clothes that clearly suggested that they were all descendants of big clans. They were chatting and discussing, “But the weakness of the mantis demon is very obvious, its frail soul! We only need to liberate our souls from our body, enter its psyche ocean, and imagine the Swords Gate. With a slash of Sword Qi, it will be exterminated and victory will then be in our hands!”

    Soul Manipulate was another level. Once you got the soul out of the body, the soul could control objects and start moving them. However, it required a very strong soul to perform soul possession. Those who were able to perform them were all elites among the outer disciples.

    Specialized Shapeshifting - for Monster Race (They can take the skin of others and occupy them to look and have the voice of the owner of the skin)

    “Another monster beast peeled the human’s skin and occupied it.”

    Instinctive Reaction - All characters that have reached Subconscious Visualization have it while there are some that have reached Unconscious Visualization that is a higher degree of it.

    This so-called state of “subconscious visualization” is where one would subconsciously visualize without the intention of doing so, which is also the level achieved by Li Xiuniang.
    However, in order to maintain the visualization even during sleep, one would have to have achieved the state of “unconscious visualization”, of which the difficulty cannot be overstated.
    The state of “unconscious visualization” was much more complicated than the state of “subconscious visualization”.

    The ability to actualize the virtuality was indicative of the prowess of the cultivator’s psyche while to visualize subconsciously and unconsciously pertained to the applications of the psyche. Among the two, subconsciously visualization is the essential skill for a Qi Practitioner, like how humans were able to drink, eat, and sleep without intentionally thinking about it.
    While the unconscious visualization was achieved when one visualized naturally without any thoughts as to how humans breathed, whether it be the attacking speed or rate, unconscious visualization was way beyond the level of subconscious visualization!

    Aura - Superior Bloodline will impose a suppression on those of lower bloodline even if they are higher in the realm.

    . Light rays flashed in the seneschal’s eyes, he could feel a surge of soul-stirring pressure on him, it was the dominating aura of bloodline suppression that was imposed upon inferior bloodlines by the superior ones. Even though he was already a Qi Practitioner, when faced with Zhong Yue who was a bona fide ‘dragon’, he could still feel the repression from the draconic bloodline trying to subdue him.

    Resistance to:

    Soul Manipulation - As it can be seen, the stronger the cultivator is, and the higher he/she is in the realm, so is their Soul potency be attack or defense

    To be a Qi Practitioner, one must first refine and nourish their soul.
    Swords Gate treated all of its outer disciples equally, the cultivation technique they all learned was the same — the【Sword Gate Visualization Art】.
    By practicing this soul nourishing cultivation technique, a Sword Gate would be formed in the practitioner’s psyche ocean. As long as the soul could break free from the Sword Gate, it would be able to leave the body.

    • Each race has its own Visualization Art but the result is the same, with the difference being on how potent the Art is which will increase the stability, quality, and speed of nourishment on the Soul.

    “In order to manifest the spirit, you must have a strong soul and a strong soul is only obtainable through hard work, penance, and training. While for you to train in the Great Wilderness, you will need to possess great fortitude.”

    Spirit Nurturing​

    • Prerequisite: Manifestation of Spirit
    Is the first stage of a Qi Practitioner, the stage where one manifests it's spirit and nurtures it. One may need to speed at least a couple of years to accumulate enough to reach the next stage.

    • State of Extremity: Cultivating Psyche Ocean into a lightning pool.


    “The mountains have mountain spirits, the rivers have river spirits, the trees have tree spirits, the grasses have grass spirits, the clouds have cloud spirits, the winds have wind spirits, the golds have gold spirits, the earth has earth spirits, the moon has moon spirits, and the sun has sun spirits!”
    “Sense and manifest one of the spirits from nature and you can then manifest a related spirit in your psyche ocean!”
    “These spirits, are the totem spirits, the spirits of worships!”
    “It has been a long time since the residents of the Great Wilderness worshipped the majestic mountains, great waters, godly trees, spirit grasses, clouds and winds, sun and moon. Over time, spirituality emerged within the nature that we worship, people that possess a strong soul could sense and manifest the spirituality of nature within their body!”
    “Only with the spirit, can one become a Qi Practitioner! The soul and spirit combine together to form the atman of a human, the Yuan Shen!”

    “With the five Qi of the world, everything will come into place; the soul will merge with the spirit, giving birth to a saint!”

    The sentence spoke of a mortal that reached out to the spirits, a link between them was established, a connection that they interacted through; and when the spirit was manifested, the mortal ascended to a Qi Practitioner. A saint was hence born. Of course, it would be an over-exaggeration to equate a Qi Practitioner to a saint.

    “The divine and the mortal, the essence that burgeons!”

    This sentence describes the moment where the spirit was sensed, and that inexplicable feeling gleaned within. When the spirit and soul coalesced, an ineffable force would draw them together and amalgamate them as one. This fusion would engender the atman; only a soul that had consummated with the spirit can be acknowledged as the Yuan Shen.

    Zhong Yue had his own understandings and perceptions when it came to manifesting a spirit, most of the Swords Gate Qi Practitioners visualized with their soul and used their psyche to reach out to the spirit; but he deemed it wrong. The right way to do it was to reach out with the soul, using the intrinsic charm of the soul to attract the spirit, and allow for the spontaneous coalescence of the two together.

    Likely Abstract Existence for Spirits

    Spirit – they were among the most abstract and ethereal concepts of the world, inherently holding the most mysterious knowledge within them. They were the profound and mysterious totems, the distillation of the power of the heaven and earth., They had the strength to transcend the mortal to immortality, and possessed the knowledge of the fundamental essence of the universe.
    Reaching out to the spirit and coalescing it with the soul will transmute the totem carvings it held into the cultivator’s own knowledge, therefore, upon ascending to a Qi Practitioner – one’s strength and prowess would greatly increase!

    Information Manipulation - Can store information within their mind

    For now, he could only cast them aside and store them in his mind; unable to absorb them into his own base knowledge he would need more time to cogitate on and digest all the information in his brain so that he could entirely grasp the quintessence held within them.


    • Prerequisite: Coalescence of Spirit and Soul into Atman/Yuan Shen.

    Is the second stage of a Qi Practitioner, the stage where one coalescence the Spirit and Soul into one and distilling it into the Atman/Yuan Shen.

    • State of Extremity: Manifesting all three forms of the Yuan Shen.

    Lifting Strength

    Basically, any Qi Practitioners could carry items as heavy as hundred thousand tons, but to be able to carry a huge mountain, it would be way too difficult for them.

    Yuan Shen

    Zhong Yue slowly opened his eyes that were sparkling with merriment, he succeed at the precipice of death, his spirit and soul coalesced as one … and he was reborn!

    Accelerated Development

    the soul grew stronger, it would provide a holistic boost to the abilities of the Qi Practitioner, increasing the power of their skills and improving the speed of their cultivation.

    Astral Projection

    Zhong Yue’s psyche moved, he projected the images of the four young ladies into mid-air so that all the monsters could see clearly. is voice trembled the air, “From now on, all of the minor and major matters will be handled by them, their wishes are your master’s commands!”

    Soul Manipulation - Increased Potency (Including defense/durability)

    He had some understandings of his own towards the stage of ‘Rebirth’, it was the process of the spirit reshaping the soul.
    The soul of a human was shaped like a human, but the atman of a Qi Practitioner was bizarre. Some looked like a treant, some was a bird-human celestial being, and some took the form of a stone golem; these were all due to the coalescence of their soul and spirit, the spirit transmuting the soul and allowing it to acquire the mythical features of the legends, changing their atman to the form of a human god!
    This was the ‘Rebirth’ – the reshaping of the mortal characteristics.
    There were two steps; the first, was to nourish the spirit and strengthen it; secondly, was to galvanize the psyche and facilitate the spirit and soul coalescence process to complete the process of ‘Rebirth’.

    The Rebirth level Qi Practitioners mainly focused on cultivating their spirit to achieve the Spirit-Body as One level so that they could ascend to the Awakening level atop a sturdy foundation.
    Then, in the Awakening level, Qi Practitioners would have to cultivate their spirit into the combat Yuan Shen and to achieve the five elemental wheel, infinity wheel, and the other secret levels pertaining to the Yuan Shen. Due to this, their Yuan Shen must be incredibly strong and if the spirit was not strong enough, they would be able to open their wheels. The reason why some Qi Practitioners were stuck in the Rebirth level for eternity because their spirit level increased way too slowly, leaving their spirit too weak to open their wheels and the secret level of Yuan Shen.

    • The Spirit can take control of weapons and attacks

    You are still wielding the Sword Qi with your psyche, aren’t you? Wielding with your psyche is what the outer disciples do, but the real Qi Practitioners, wield and control the Sword Qi with their Yuan Shen. The psyche is merely just a power source to move the Sword Qi; by doing so, you can wield it faster and with greater strength, enabling you to cast sword skills quicker.”

    Information Analysis

    This mist is too peculiar, I must use my psyche in front of me to scan the topography or otherwise, staggering and stumbling to find a way would only drag down my speed.
    With a thought, Zhong Yue paved his psyche forward to scan the landscape before him.

    Mind Manipulation

    Yu Feiyan and Li Xiuniang faces’ were still a little bit pale. Before they could deliver their attacks, Zhong Yue’s aura immediately billowed over them and their mind immediately went blank.

    Celestial Aura - Aura that brings Terror and Holy Air that suppresses others (Just for Celestial Race)

    Surges of terrifyingly strong power rose in her body, an aura that imposed an indescribable pressure on the living billowed out, bringing great terror and carrying the holy air of a saint!
    This was the air of the celestial race, a noble race. Her aura was getting stronger and more terrifying, even the land within a radius of a hundred feet turned gloomy, the sonorous chirping of the birds came to a stop only to be supplanted by a suffocating silence, the insects stopped crawling about, and the beasts stopped howling. They were all suppressed by her overwhelming celestial aura!

    Resistance to:

    Soul Manipulation

    Practitioners cultivated to the level of Rebirth, they would attain a great leap in prowess, whereas for Zhong Yue to advance into the level of Rebirth two separate times, even more so with the exalted sun and moon spirits – the benefits he would receive could be imagined.


    • Prerequisite: Opening the Five Secrets Realms of the Yuan Shen and acquire the Five Wheels

    Is the third stage of a Qi Practitioner, the stage where one's open the Five Wheels in the body, and with its opening will come to the Combat Yuan Shen.

    Lifting Strength

    It was well-built and muscular, lifting up half of a hill with two hands and it abruptly tossed it over. The dark and blackish hill rocketed down towards his position like a falling meteor!
    “Strong warriors from the monsters! These guys that possess such incredible strength are all Awakening experts!”

    Dimensional Storage

    Qiu Jin’er started eating her medicinal pellets quietly again as she explained, “When the cultivator has advanced into the level of Awakening and opened up the Yuan Shen realms, they can then store anything they want in their secret realms. Hence, the spatial bracelets are only useful to the Spirit Nurture and Rebirth level Qi Practitioners.”

    He was indeed an Awakening expert that had opened the Wu Xing Realm and Wan Xiang Realm — he could transmit the attack to the underground while still retaining the immense power in the strike, smashing over at Zhong Yue and Earth Dragon. The immense strength in his punch even compressed the earth to a degree that was even harder than ordinary metal plates!

    Life-Death Manipulation

    . The Yin Yang Wheel behind her Yuan Shen revolved rapidly —Wong!— marks appeared on the palm and the back of her hands.
    “Do you even know what Yin Yang is?”
    Xiao Jin sneered coldly, she strode through the human-shaped hole into the celestial temple. The marks on her hands were oddly patterned, the ones in her palms were patterned like scorching suns, while the ones on the back were bright moons, “On one side of my hands, I control life; while on the other, I command death. Both life and death are within my grasp. This is the abstrusity of the Yin Yang Wheel – the【Yin Yang Mark】!”

    Elemental Manipulation (Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, and Metal)

    In the center of her palm, there were five light wheels emerging out that assembled themselves into concentric circles — with the power of Dao Yi Realm, she had amalgamated the powers of all five realms into one!
    Before the palm mark even reached to the ground, the celestial temples beneath it were already starting to melt down.

    Soul Manipulation - Increased Potency (Including defense/durability)

    The Rebirth level Qi Practitioners mainly focused on cultivating their spirit to achieve the Spirit-Body as One level so that they could ascend to the Awakening level atop a sturdy foundation.
    Then, in the Awakening level, Qi Practitioners would have to cultivate their spirit into the combat Yuan Shen and to achieve the five elemental wheel, infinity wheel, and the other secret levels pertaining to the Yuan Shen. Due to this, their Yuan Shen must be incredibly strong and if the spirit was not strong enough, they would be able to open their wheels. The reason why some Qi Practitioners were stuck in the Rebirth level for eternity because their spirit level increased way too slowly, leaving their spirit too weak to open their wheels and the secret level of Yuan Shen.


    As the Wu Xing Wheel emerged, it started to repress the five elements, it spun slightly and the mountain rocks crumbled and the trees got pulverized to dust.

    At that moment, Wu Xing Wheel appeared all over the green lotus leaves on the lake, forming an eerie scene!
    Zhong Yue let out a groan as he suffered immense pressure from the countless Wu Xing Wheels unleashed by Qing He. He felt that his body and soul was being torn apart and they showed signs of disintegrating from the power of the Wu Xing Wheel!

    All of a sudden, prismatic rays shone through the air, an Awakening Qi Practitioner that had opened the Wu Xing Wheel rammed over, shoving away the monster Qi Practitioners in his path. The Wu Xing Wheel emerged behind his Yuan Shen abruptly before smashing down at Zhong Yue. He yelled, “Repressing you with the five elements, and refine you to death!”
    Zhong Yue jumped backwards to evade the Wu Xing Wheel, but he only collided with the monsters due to that. But he could not evade it even after cramming the packed crowds behind him which eventually squeezed two monsters to death.
    The Wu Xing Wheel smashed down and looped him. Zhong Yue could feel his mortal body and Yuan Shen threatening to disintegrate, while the Wu Xing Wheel Qi Practitioner bellowed out and strode forwards.



    The golden ship crossed paths with the godly spirit secret realm, quaking the realm incessantly as the godly aura suppressed and disintegrated the mountain ridges in the realm, shattering off the mountain rocks in bits and pieces; while Zhong Yue was also shuddered by the immense force, causing blood to trickle down from his apertures!
    Zhong Yue cast all five realms and visualized the Fire Order Palace and Sui Sovereign, warding off against the godly aura with the imperial air of the Sui Sovereign. The overwhelming godly aura was like an invisible mountain that was tardily crushing down, suppressing and quaking the Yin Yang Realm, compressing the earth and made it sank!

    As the Wu Xing Wheel emerged, it started to repress the five elements, it spun slightly and the mountain rocks crumbled and the trees got pulverized to dust.

    At that moment, Wu Xing Wheel appeared all over the green lotus leaves on the lake, forming an eerie scene!
    Zhong Yue let out a groan as he suffered immense pressure from the countless Wu Xing Wheels unleashed by Qing He. He felt that his body and soul was being torn apart and they showed signs of disintegrating from the power of the Wu Xing Wheel!

    Power Nullification (Suppressions)

    A rift in space appeared in the sky of this Yin Yang Realm while surges of godly aura suffused throughout the air from within the rift, and as he looked up, an awe-inspiring scene came into his vicinity. Glistening in golden rays, and engraved with obscure and mysterious totem carvings, the golden ship brushed through the sides of the secret realm at an oblique angle.
    The golden ship crossed paths with the godly spirit secret realm, quaking the realm incessantly as the godly aura suppressed and disintegrated the mountain ridges in the realm, shattering off the mountain rocks in bits and pieces;
    The three godly auras suffused the air, although they were not directly acting on him, the lingering suppression from the godly auras was still unbearable to him. Even if he had cast all five realms and visualized the Sui Sovereign, it was still something beyond the limits of what he could withstand!
    He opened up the five great Yuan Shen secret realms and the five wheels started to rotate behind him, generating the power of Wu Xing, Wan Xiang, Shen Cai, Yin Yang, and Dao Yi that surged into his body to resist the power of the godly aura.

    • State of Extremity: Reverse opening of Realms and/or opening of the Sixth Secret Realm - Bloodline Wheel.

    Atman Body​

    • Prerequisite: Coalescence of Atman/Yuan Shen and Body to acquire the Combat Body
    Is the fourth stage of a Qi Practitioner, the stage where one merges his/her Atman with the body, in a state called [Atman Body as One] acquiring a Combat Body.

    Lifting Strength

    A strong Qi Practitioner could move the mountains and seas with their arcane power while a true Martial Master could carry the mountain on their backs and scoop the seas with their palms!

    Transformation and Statistics Amplification for Atman Body Realm

    The reason why the Atman Body level Qi Practitioners were stronger than those in the Awakening level was because Atman Body level Qi Practitioners could merge their Yuan Shen and body together, unlike Awakening level Practitioners who were still using them separately.
    With their Yuan Shen and body merged, their power would be increased several times, which made them incredibly strong!

    Size Manipulation - For those that have the mastery, so rare cases

    With that, Zhong Yue displayed an extreme mastery of the Atman Body As One as he could easily enlarge and shrink his body at will, something that his opponents were unable to do.

    Large Size (Type 1 as 200 feet = 60.96m)

    She lifted her head up and saw a three-legged celestial being standing behind Zhong Yue with the sunfire revolving around it; then, then the three-legged celestial being slowly coalesced with his mortal body, turning into a two hundred feet tall celestial being!

    Disintegration - Special to demons

    Although he charged into the copper palace when the seals were broken and he destroyed the demon god body of Tian Myriad Mother, the power of the demonic Qi was also about to claim his life. He was disintegrating under the demonic Qi!


    Aura (Fear, chaos, and despair - for those used to Godly Aura or having special Spirits)

    . Zhong Yue and the other two girls continued walking deeper into the palace while the celestial aura became stronger and stronger, pressuring the minds of those inferior to the aura, inflicting fear, chaos, and despair.
    However, the celestial aura failed to intimidate Zhong Yue, as he had once seen the godly spirits of the first headmaster of Swords Gate and one of the dragon races. Besides, he possessed godly weapons like the Fang Bade and Golden Feathery Peng Sword, which allowed him to ignore the power of this celestial aura.
    Qiu Jin’er was a Wood Innate Spirit Body, and the luminous wood spirit in her body was just like a godly spirit, which warded away the celestial aura.
    On the other hand, “Shui Qingyan” was a demon god, and naturally not afraid of the celestial aura.

    Ice Manipulation

    The three then barged into the palace. By now, the temperature was so cold that whenever they breathed, their breath turned into ice before dropping and shattering on the ground.

    • State of Extremity: Cultivating the Yuan Shen beyond two hundred feet tall.

    Inner Core​

    • Prerequisite: Condensing arcane energy into an Inner Core.
    Is the fifth stage of a Qi Practitioner, the stage where one creates their Inner Core.

    Extrasensory Perception (Can sense and see their life once a Core is formed)

    The moment the inner core was condensed, Zhong Yue felt something, a unique feeling he had never experienced before. He could feel … his life.
    There were two aspects to one’s lifespan – one was the that of the soul, and the other the that of the body. Both of which he had vaguely sensed in his cultivation, but now, they had clearly presented themselves before him.
    His soul’s lifespan was longer than his body’s, his mortal body could only live for more or less 200 years, while his soul could live up to over 1000 years, nearly five times the length of his mortal body!
    As the inner core was condensed, he could feel his own life; and this was very peculiar. But what was stranger was that his soul and mortal body’s lifespan were different!
    Not only that, he could even see the end of his time, in other words, he precisely knew when he would die.
    He could ‘see’ how much time was left for him!
    As every second ticked, he could also see the changes in his life.

    Immortality (Type 2)

    For example, the Inner Core Qi Practitioners were already strong in life force. Even when their heads were decapitated from their bodies, they could still survive if their heads were connected back to their bodies within a few moments after death. The same went for Imminent Deity magnates, but the window was longer.

    Poison Manipulation - For Demons

    However, the five elders of the dragon race and Sha Qishan locked their brows deeply, as the demonic Qi here was too pure, heavy and thick. They weren’t demons and naturally they wouldn’t feel good being immersed in the demonic Qi. Every breath they took felt like they were breathing poisonous gas into their bodies.

    • State of Extremity: Nine Revolving Inner Core, is possible to be reached by going through nine cycles of reincarnation fro the Inner Core, and each revolution remakes the core to become stronger than before. After reaching this state, the Inner Core will be at least twice as strong as it was at the beginning.

    Heavenly Dharma​

    • Prerequisite: Forming a strong Avatar, an enlarged manifestation of the cultivator.


    He finally understood that no matter how deep his insights were on Heavenly Dharma techniques, he still wouldn’t be able to become a Heavenly Dharma Qi Practitioner. He needed to become part of the heaven and earth – he needed to comprehend the essence of heaven and earth.

    Mind Manipulation

    Zhong Yue’s heart palpitated in shock, just when he was about to call them, he suddenly felt a surge of obscured psyche surging past, it was like a silver thread cutting through the air!
    What a terrifyingly strong psyche!
    Zhong Yue distorted his body like a Jiao Dragon in mid-air and in an instant, his body had already made dozens of maneuvers as the psyche like silver tread slipped past him by a hair’s margin!
    His psyche erupted out and reached out to the thread’s source, extending out in all directions. Zhong Yue’s heart was shocked as the psyche-formed thread was incredibly long, his psyche had reached out a hundred miles and he had yet to reach its end!
    The psyche-formed thread’s length encircled the perimeter of the Xian City Saint City in a guillotine. Zhong Yue was already a couple hundred of miles away from the saint city. That circumference would make at least over three to five thousand miles, which means that, this thread of psyche would be of the same length!

    Zhong Yue startled, although they were not Yu Xuanji and Hu Qimei, they were still strong and powerful Qi Practitioners, ones that stood in the level of Awakening. But in the face of the silver thread psyche, they were killed before they could even put up a fight!
    And furthermore, the power of the thread was not channeled through any skills or visualizations, it was just purely psyche by itself, and yet, it was capable of killing two experts so easily!

    Sound Manipulation

    Right at this moment, the voices of Gu Hongzi’s Yuan Shen reached the borders where the Xiao Mang experts were at, his voice rumbled like thunder and entered their ears, “I’m Gu Hongzi, provincial governor of the border to the West Barren. Xiao Mang Celestial Race, what is your business here crossing my territory?”
    “Conducting his voice over a million miles!”

    Avatar Creation

    . In mid-air, white clouds suddenly converged together, forming into the upper body of an old man with clouds around him. As he emerged in the sky, the old man immediately locked his eyes on the little Golden Crow that was bolting away beneath him.
    Then, the cloud giant raised his miles long palm and slammed down heavily at Zhong Yue!
    It was undoubtedly the Avatar of a Heavenly Dharma Qi Practitioner!


    Corrosion Inducement, Paralysis Inducement, Power Nullification

    Zhong Yue felt that his Yuan Shen was being slowly corroded and paralyzed by these sinful spirits with their immense hatred. The soul weapon was just way too scary, being able to lock someone’s Yuan Shen down with these spirits and prohibiting them from performing Atman Body As One and using his or her energy!
    The hologram of the Sui Sovereign appeared behind him suddenly, illuminated by colorful rays and prayers could be heard as if there were millions of people paying homage at the same time, lighting up the area and immediately purging the evil spirits.
    After Zhong Yue freed himself, the Nu Wa hologram appeared behind Qiu Jin’er as well, freeing her and allowed her to use her sealed abilities.
    On the other hand, an immense energized red thunderbolt shrouded in blazing red rays struck the back of Chi Xue’s head, driving right into her psyche ocean and freeing her from the soul weapon’s seals.
    Jun Sixie just stood still and did nothing, for the Ghost Sword might be a magnate soul weapon, but the Heavenly Dharma level Shan Shen Celestial Race’s Qi Practitioner’s strength was nowhere close to hers. Hence, before the evil spirits could even get near her, they were destroyed by her even when she did nothing at all.

    • State of Extremity: Utilising the power of heaven and earth.

    True Spirit​

    • Prerequisite: Cultivating the Spirit into physical form.

    Immortality (Type 8 - via Worship)

    The power of worship was only accessible to the cultivators of the True Spirit level and above. If there were enough worshippers, one could even protect his True Spirit from dying even after his death. Provided that the enemy wasn’t strong enough to destroy the True Spirit on the spot or had special means to could kill all of the worshippers.

    Aura (Can suffocate others with their aura)

    HIs aura was so intense that the surrounding experts nearly suffocated when suppressed by him.

    • State of Extremity: Chaotic Origin True Spirit and/or Innate True Spirit (Innate Spirit Bodies only).

    Imminent Deity​

    • Prerequisite: The last stage to ascend to Deityhood, the peak of the Qi Practitioners.

    Dimensional Travel and Dimensional Attack

    They threw out a punch that destroyed the dimension ahead of them and as a scream sounded, Shi Yinji came rushing out from the broken dimension while she hurriedly blocked their attacks.

    • State of Extremity: Extreme Soul Weapon.
    Since the novel ended, it is time to make some changes with new information and statements. I will do a key in each CRT since it's a lot of information the higher the key is.

    Anything colored green is a quote and I let the format of powers like it's on wiki to see how it would look...also I was kinda lazy.


    * [[Extrasensory Perception]] (Can sense anything via Gravity Domain by relying on the fluctuations of space itself)

    Xue Ying closed his eyes, borrowing the True Meaning of Star to start feeling the surrounding space. With him as the center, anything in a radius of 50 kilometers around him was under the control of his Gravity Domain! As for the area outside that range, his senses would start getting muffled exponentially… but relying on the fluctuations wrought onto space itself, he could still sense things happening even further.

    * [[Teleportation]]-[[Power Nullification|Supression]] (Can suppress the prowess of teleportation)

    “Escape?” Xue Ying did not care about the black-robed demon any longer. Instead, he looked towards the current escapee—Wu Lang—who was teleporting away as fast as he could. The surrounding space was, however, under Xue Ying’s Gravity Domain which could even cause space to distort. In this situation, teleporting was an extremely arduous task to accomplish. Furthermore, any normal teleportation had a limited distance. Teleporting tens of kilometers at once already showed he was an expert. Yet in this current environment, Wu Lang could merely teleport two to three kilometers every time.

    * Likely [[Large Size]] (Type 5 via Mirage World)

    Xue Ying could be currently said to be found everywhere in an area of fifty thousand kilometers! He could now tell with extreme clarity what was going anywhere inside that area. After all, his entire body had turned into particles to become one with the Mirage world!
    He was the Mirage, and the Mirage was he!
    Or, at least that was the case within a radius of fifty thousand kilometers!

    * [[Stealth Mastery]] (Via Mirage World)

    Xue Ying was using his Mirage Avatars to befuddle the beasts, yet his true body had already stealthily entered the Mirage, melding into nothingness before advancing. Within that state of nothingness…he moved silently and without leaving any traces. His body was one with the Mirage, which meant that the beasts could not sense the slightest trace of his presence.

    * [[Information Analysis]]

    1. Whilst standing in mid-air, Xue Ying looked ahead from a distance as Nan Meng Xin enter the castle.
    Xue Ying’s eyes brightened up.
    His World Energy had long pervaded through the castle, letting him examine every single corner with precision.

    Xue Ying was overlooking the castle from high up in the sky. Under the careful observation of his World Energy, every action – from the moment Nan Meng Xin entered the castle to his discussion with the Left Elder – had been heard clearly by him.

    2. He used his mental perception….
    He perceived the flow of particles everywhere!
    All things were composed of particles. The fast-moving light contained particles. The floating wind was also composed of particles. The entire area of Snowrock Mountain was also composed of countless particles.
    “Snowrock Castle.” General Yan Ze said to himself as each particle of Snowrock Castle conveyed a variety of information through his mental perception.
    “There are 1,899 humans there.”
    “An alarm array envelops the area and will activate upon the discovery of an intruder.”
    “Likewise, there is an extraordinarily powerful killing array that is combined with a trapping array and maze array.

    * [[Aura]] Resistance

    Actually, the combat power of mortals could not be recognised solely based on external appearances. After all, Qi was stored within the Dantian Qi Sea, and one could never examine it. Like the moment Xue Ying became a Legend ranker, if he did not say so, then nobody would have known.
    Even if it was a powerful Transcendent, as long as they prevented their aura from leaking out, no one would be unable to discern the other party’s combat power.
    This was the same for demons as well. The moment they hid their auras so that no one could find them, even human Demigods would not be able to find a single one of them!

    * [[Accelerated Development]]

    And now, he had just completed the comprehension of the Profound Mystery of Earth from the concept of acceptance. Naturally, Earth would fundamentally accept not only the elements of Water, Fire, and Wind, but also all of the other Myriad Existences! Therefore, as Xue Ying comprehended the Profound Mystery of Earth, the rate of fusion between the four elements would naturally be very fast.
    And also… ever since he had become a Saint, his soul had become much stronger, giving rise to a greater rate of comprehension

    * [[Statistics Reduction]] (Can resist to statistics reduction done by a True Meaning [Law] of Space Ripple - he only lost 20% at most)

    Even under the True Meaning of Space Ripple’s suppression, Xue Ying was still powerful. He only lost 20% of his might at most, far from the major suppression the Temporal Temple Reincarnator wished for.


    Old Tier:'5-A

    New Tier: [https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Zaratthustra/Lord_Xue_Ying_-_Saint_Key_Ap High 5-A]

    Old Speed: Relativistic 27.6% SoL

    New Speed: [https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Zaratthustra/Lord_Xue_Ying_-_Saint_Key_Speed Relativistic 33% SoL]



    AP Old: Low 4-C

    AP New: [https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Zaratthustra/Lord_Xue_Ying_-_Demigod_Key_Ap High 4-C]


    [[Subjective Reality]]

    At the moment, this secret skill—Condensing Reality—could be considered to have reached the pinnacle. His original body could condense reality and become one with the scenery inside the Mirage.

    [[Vibration Manipulation]]

    He sent out a casual strike with a wave of his hand.
    A blade of unseen energy lashed out from his palm and immediately tore through the air while leaving behind scars of black void.
    Xue Ying revealed a grin. At times, he would launch a jab with his fingers; at other times, he would clench his fist into a punch and would even smash out with his palm. Once he entered a state of exuberance, he even brought out his Blood-Drinking Spear to display its prowess! Every single attack launched through that black spear caused the surrounding space to tremble.

    [[Spatial Manipulation]] (Can shatter space)

    The spear’s handle was somewhat bent, and surrounding it were images of enormous dark stars slowly rotating. His Chaotic Suppression was once more put to use, which caused even the space in that area to shatter. Everywhere it passed, everything was crushed into boiling ten thousand meters or more as it hacked toward the Sorcerer God in front of him.

    [[Resistance]] to: [[Spatial Manipulation]] (Wasn't affected by Spatial Freezing)

    "Freeze." The white-bearded old man remained carefree after spitting out that single word. Immediately, the surrounding space completely froze. Originally in the middle of using Extreme Piercing, Xue Ying was forcefully pushed out.
    "Space Deity Heart?" Xue Ying’s complexion slightly changed, but the movement of his hands didn’t. His spear immediately thrusted out.

    [[Poison Manipulation]] (His body is no more affected by the Hex Poison)

    {{Quote|During these eleven years, he had no hex poison perturbing him, while the Time Immemorial Body nourished his soul to an even more formidable degree!}}

    Hex poison! And three different types of it! Xue Ying’s complexion slightly paled.
    It has to succeed. It has to! The gold-robed Sorcerer God anxiously waited. He believed that, even if the Great Demonic God had also acted in the course of that battle, their hopes would still have been relatively uncertain. Truly, a strength limited to the Demigod realm was too low to deal with Xue Ying. That was why his hopes for the hex poison were relatively high. If the hex poison were to also fail, the Sorcerer God no longer had any further plans of action.
    Just a few seconds later.
    Xue Ying opened his mouth to spit out three auras of hex poisons—one black, one green, one purple.

    [[Vibration Manipulation]]

    Without any warning, a multitude of circular ripples spread over the room from the white-bearded old man’s location. These ripples enveloped every single spot in that space, be it real, shadow, or anything in-between; all layers were permeated, and even the particles were searched. These incorporeal ripples also carried a sort of vibrating force. Even a first-class individual such as Lord You Lan would see his body break down and collapse under the vibrational force of these ripples surrounding the old man.
    This was one of the frightening secret techniques that the white-bearded old man used.
    Ordinary newly-ascended deities would all be easily extinguished under the effect of those circular ripples.
    Xue Ying, on the other hand, simply stood there without minding them in the least. His Time Immemorial Body alone could easily resist their effect.



    Strange body - not sure what to put for these quotes that are about his body

    1. It's the most minute particles of that constituted a body which had become as big as the earth under observation. Every single particle of Xue Ying's body was holding a primal world within. Each particle held an immense force, and could similarly withstand an even greater impact.

    2. "Truly painful." Xue Ying could feel his entire body being reconstructed. Even the particles were developing into a time immemorial world each, and were more stable, and could withstand greater impact and erupt with greater strength and speed. Furthermore, the greatest difference between it and the time immemorial body was that the countless particles were much closer to each other. One could say that cultivating this absolute art had increased the density of the particles in Xue Ying's body by ten times.

    3. 'I've succeeded, I've finally succeeded.' Xue Ying felt joyous from the bottom of his heart. He had finally succeeded, and his body had already begun to evolve from its most fundamental component. Every single particle within his body was a chaotic world in itself, and in each chaotic world, no less than seven black holes were revolving around each other with a terrifying suction force, making the seven black holes maintain a strange equilibrium.
    Of the seven black holes, some were big, and some were small, and their suction forces influenced each other, making the density of the entire chaotic world extremely high and thus, maximizing the degree of stability too.
    Each particle within Xue Ying's body had already contained endless might! And the particles which formed his hair, flesh, and skin were naturally even more extraordinary!
    His body began to transform rapidly. At his current level, it was simple to destroy the starry sky with a snap of his fingers.

    [[Time Manipulation]] (Time slow - 1 millionth time) a fodder World Deity can do this while Xue Ying has grasped a True Deity Hearth of Time-Space and he was strong as a Ruler while a 4th stage World Deity

    I’ve modified the time flow around Jing Qiu from the very moment she arrived. At about a millionth of that in the external world, it is the slowest I can make it."


    * I will delete this from profile since I don't think It truly needs to be as it's already covered by the "All previous abilities plus" at the beginning of this tabber.
    Improved [[Void Manipulation]] (Via Voidwalker's technique).

    * I added another reason and link to this power to make it easier to understand.

    [[Higher-Dimensional Manipulation]] (Via Dao of Mirage, a [URLhttps://imgur.com/a/i7AI2dh=bigger and vaster world][/URL], the world being the ; above lower one.


    * Xue Ying has currently Mid-Godly Regeneration by regenerating from the body plus soul destruction but it actually was just an impression he had thanks to forced teleportation that transported him through a Cosmos to another one. Short it should be downgraded to his previous one meaning Low-Godly.

    Mid-Godly Regeneration > Low-Godly Regeneration

    Under normal circumstances, the shattering of his body and deity heart would only mean one conclusion—death.

    However, he had actually recovered completely, and there actually seemed to be no trace of injury on his body.

    Furthermore, his hands and legs were being shackled here?

    'The Ancestor Devil.' Xue Ying could think of no other explanation. The Lake Heart Island Master might have been a rather benevolent figure, but the Ancestor Devil was the very creator of the Dark Abyss, a place which groomed countless of lives through the guidance of dark destruction.

    "My body and True Deity Heart did not truly shatter just now. I just had the feeling that they shattered because of the unique phenomenon of void teleportation," Xue Ying silently mumbled.



    [[Time Manipulation]] (Can accelerate time by at least 10 million times),

    |Xi Wei and the others had already explained, "To use time acceleration to hasten up your cultivation? What a joke! Any powerful existence in the Deity world can easily increase the speed at which time passes by ten thousand or even ten million, while those from the Temporal Island are even more.

    He is the strongest Powerful Existence in his Cosmos. Can also create existent Laws or even new ones so just a time acceleration it's not special.



    I've rewritten some phrases of abilities and the soul resistance which was confusing.

    Improved [[Chaos Manipulation]] (Via Termination Energy) - I will delete this as it's covered by "All previous abilities plus" at the beginning of this tabber.

    * Xue Ying - Here is the current profile of Xue Ying and how his keys look if needed to see and compare with the one I will post regarding the better organization of his profile and power/ability sections. At the same time, it shows his next 2 keys which are the last for his profile. They include scans for the powers so I don't think it's necessary to post them again.

    * Xue Ying - New profile

    For doubts about his Tiering since it's tier 1 look at the Cosmology blog which is on the verse page Lord Xue Ying (Verse).

    Another thing to point is that some things contradict within the story by what was said earlier and what was shown later in the story thus Xue Ying won't have any longer 7-D Hax but will follow the Cosmology Structure - Tiering.
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