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kakine teitoku

  1. ShadeyD

    Kakine Teitoku vs Satoru Gojo

    • Kakine in his first key • Present Gojo • Starting distance is 20 meters • Speed equalized Kakine Teitoku: @EL_xWatcher1234x @GunshyFever @Churronzon Satoru Gojo : Inconclusive:
  2. Expectro2000xxx

    Hajime Nagumo vs Kakine Teikoku - Battle for 4th Strongest 6-C (Non-Smurf)

    Speed Equalized, Hajime Post-Schnee and Kakine Post-Revival key. Person who control matter: 0 vs Person who control drak matter: 0 Inco: 0
  3. Churronzon

    High Priest vs Kakine

    Both at their strongest Location is the Hidden World Profiles: Failed Buddha | Khepri Wannabee
  4. Aseka

    Kakine's Conceptual Dark Matter

    Upgrade Revision for Spare Plan. Topic: Concept Manipulation type 1 for Dark Matter and it's creation. — Dark Matter's nature Kakine Teitoku is known to have an ability called "Dark Matter". This ability allows Kakine to create a new material that has never existed in the universe. This...
  5. Nico-v11

    Toaru Level 5s vs Anime Groups

    In the world of anime there are tons of different groups out there that are made up very interesting characters. I wanted to see how your favorite anime groups would fair against the level 5s working together. I will be excluding Aihana Etsu due to them lacking a profile on the wiki (someone...
  6. PhantomØ4

    A Grand-Class Magician Encounters A Level 5 Esper

    Hydemary Alzbayne VS Kakine Teitoku The Magnum Opus Of Humanity: The One Who Has Touched the Territory of God: Inconclusive: Speed Equalized. Five Hundred And Five Meters Apart. Verse Equalization.
  7. Churronzon

    [Toaru] Kakine vs Chimera

    Kakine is post-revival. Chimera is at her weakest. SBA everything else Profiles: Kakine | Chimera
  8. XDragnoir

    Kakine, the #2 vs Aruto, the Zero-One

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kamen_Rider_Zero-One_(End_of_Series) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kakine_Teitoku Both at High 6C, SBA for everything
  9. Aseka

    Hive Mind for Kakine

    Proposal: Hive Mind should be added for Kakine Teitoku Reason: With Dark Matter Network, Kakine spread his will to each duplicate, so each Dark Matter can have it's personality. As seen with Beetle 05 whom own his own personality.
  10. DontTalkDT

    Let's finally fix the Accelerator scaling (To Aru)

    Personally, I would still rather not backwards scale, but as it turns out I just am never in the mood to have that debate... so let's at least make profiles consistent for now. For those not familiar with vs battles toaru history: Accel got upgrades ages ago and due to various reasons profiles...
  11. Rez

    Dark matter takes on Infinity

    Kakine vs Gojo -Dark Matter Kakine is used -Battle takes place in Sovngarde -Speed equalised Number 1 wanna be: 6 (@SemiRaedi, @Confluctor, @Accelerate420, @Aminadab_Brulle, @KingAllen30, @LoudCloud) The Sorcerer with the biggest ego in the world:
  12. NightcoreRayRay

    Kakine Teitoku vs Kanzaki Kaori & Stiyl Magnus

    So i don't know if multi battles like this are allowed, but ever since I saw the Toaru IF 2nd Anni OP, it really got me thinking; I haven't read GT, so there may be things I don't yet know about Stiyl or kanzaki apologies if this is a stomp but here goes: (Pre-Revival)...
  13. SemiRaedi


  14. XDragnoir

    Everyone is bored, not only Earl

    Even after his spin off, no one made new fights to our favorite number 2. Fight is restricted to the smallest country in the world (Vaticano), speed equal, both at their strongest. Ogami has prior knowledge about Dark Matter. Rei Ogami vs Kakine Teitoku
  15. XDragnoir

    Battle for the remaining spot in non smurf 8B

    Kakine Teitoku vs Mikumo Kushinada SBA for everything.
  16. Scrlk666777

    Added abilities for Kakine Teitoku

    Matter Manipulation and Matter Transmutation or Transmuatio Kakine was able to turn Souji's blood cells into sand https://********.org/chapter/842085/32 Gravity Manipulation Kakine was able to crush people to the ground, like they have a foot on their back...
  17. Threemagi

    Kakine Teitoku replaces any Isekai protagonists, what happens?

    We have too many Accel threads. Kakine Teitoku rises up to take on challenges. Usually human got Isekai'd and recrive access to omgwtfOP magic. But wait! Kakine can't use magic ovo , how will Kakine do Isekai things? Rules : Beetle 05 version, In character, Lets start with Rising of Shield...
  18. SpookyShadow

    Toaru Majutsu no Index: Kakine has no soul CRT

    Yeah, people are getting confused every damn time and time to do something with this. I'll just copy and paste everything Accelerate said (thanks for help mate) "Kakine has no soul. He's literally dead, everything that he is made of is just matter with his personality written into it like...
  19. GLHF22

    Esper vs Blob

    SBA Speed Equalized Kakinei at Peak : Second Key Rimuru : Inconclusive :
  20. SpookyShadow

    Keiji Mogami vs Kakine Teitoku

    Incon or not... Why not? Seems like a sick fight and better than my previous incon (Accel vs Mogami) Here we go: Post Revival Kakine and Spirit Mogami (no evil spirits for him, only himself) Speed is equalized Both have some prior knowledge on their abilities, but mainly offensive ones Both...
  21. Oblivion_Of_The_Endless

    Alex Mercer vs Kakine Teitoku

    Speed equal if needed Both at 7-C SBA Virus : Bettle:
  22. Schnee_One

    I do Dargoo's work: EvilEye vs Kakine

    We need more Overlord matches that aren't from Dargoo, and I think I owe him this for one reason or another. Speed is Equal, Base Kakine, and Blth are baseline. Kakine Teitoku: Evileye: 5
  23. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Kakine Teitoku vs Utsuro

    Maybe Utsuro greatest challenge yet so far (Megumi: greatest your head, Utsuro just only get one match and that match is not fair) achachacha, shut up there. The battle between three legged crows against the silver beetle, myth vs sci-fi, who would win!!? -Post-revival Kakine are used -Speed...
  24. The_real_cal_howard

    Kakine Teitoku vs Zero

    Because dark matter. Speed equalized. Zero (Kirby): 0 Kakine Teitoku: 0
  25. Schnee_One

    Merlin vs Kakine Teitoku (The Redux)

    This was one of the better matches out there, and it got outdated thanks to revisions, let's se if the outcome changes. Speed is Unequalized until further notice, (It's a near blitz but not to a terrible extent) Post Revival Kakine. Merli: Kakine Teitoku...
  26. LazyHunter

    Kakine Teitoku - Toaru Small Revision

    I recently was made aware of a little issue with Kakine's page. His first key lists "attacks can cause damage at the macro-quantum level and thus bypass conventional durability" for his AP. He doesn't have this in Base/OT form, as one can see by taking a look at the Powers and Abilities section...
  27. Arrogant_Schmuck

    Kakine vs Kratos

    Requested by Gar Kratos (GoW1) vs Kakine Teitoku (Post-Revival/Beetle 05) I'll probably change the keys if someone screams at me loud enough Win via KO, incapacitation, or death.
  28. Schnee_One

    Kakine Teitoku vs Darquesse (2 votes)

    So apparently, Monarch never knew of this guy, cause I may have found a 7B who doesn't get stomped. Speed is Equalized. Valkyrie Cai: Kakine Teitoku: Inconclusive: 5
  29. Schnee_One

    Rhinomon vs Kakine Teitoku

    My first Kakine match......Cross your fingers. Post Revival and Speed is Equalized, with the fight in Academy city, other then that. SBA. Rhinomo: Kakine Teitoku: Inconclusive: 7
  30. SchroKatze

    Did u say "backup clones outside the battlefield"?

    The endless battle of "MUH CLONES". Bog vs Post-Revival Kakine Teitoku Start Distance: 30 meters. Both in-character. Local: The crater created by the Tsar Bomb. Victory by any means.
  31. Promestein

    Teridax vs Kakine Teitoku

    Teridax vs Kakine Teitoku. This is Shadow Titan Teridax and post-revival Kakine. Speed is equalized, and victory through death, incapacitation, BFR, etcetera. Standard battle assumptions otherwise. Happy birthday to me. I thought about this matchup before so I decided to make it now...
  32. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Kakine Teitoku vs Nikola Tesla (Mad Scientist claimed as god of thunder vs Arrogant esper with dark matter manipulation) (TWO MORE VOTE NEEDED)

    Welp,i will do it now,1st match featuring Kakine and 2nd match with Tesla (no,not from Ourai no Gachktun),and lets give the base a love,lets go!!! -Base Kakine is used -Both in character -Speed equalized -Range is 5 km -Place located in snowy Moskow,Russia -Win via death!!! Kakine ...
  33. A_Stoned_Orc

    Edo Tensei Itachi (Naruto) vs. Kakine Teitoku (To Aru Majutsu No Index)

    Strongest keys used. Location is the Fourth Ninja War battlefield. Speed Equalized Standard Battle Assumptions Itachi (Edo Tensei): 0 Inconclusive: 0 Kakine Teitoku (Beetle-05): 0
  34. LordGinSama

    Kakine vs Hashirama

    Hmm this should be an interesting matchup. This is Post-Ressurrection Kakine and Edo Tensei Hashirama. Winner via death of the opponent Speed is equalized Standard Battle Assumptions Kakine Teitoku: 2 ( Blue, Gargoyle.) Hashirama Senju: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  35. TeenAngel101

    Kessler vs Kakine Teitoku

    This is Post-Revival Kakine Speed is UNEQUAL unless necessary Fight takes place in Empire City Who wins and why? Kessler: Kakine: Inconclusive:
  36. ShiroyashaGinSan

    Kakine Teitoku vs Funny Valentine

    Just thought this for fun. Standard Battle Assumption Both at Strongest forms Speed Equalized Kakine: Funny:7 Inconclusive:
  37. TeenAngel101

    Delsin Rowe vs Kakine Teitoku

    This is Evil Delsin vs Post-Rivival Kakine Delsin starts with Neon. And can switch powers at will. Fight takes place in Ruined City. Who wins and why? Delsi: Kakine: Inconclusive: 4 (Gargoyle, Core, Rebuble, DMUA)
  38. Golden_Void

    Cinder vs Kakine

    Base 7B forms 20 meters distance SBA Speed Equal https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kakine_Teitoku https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Cinder_Fall .*Tips hat and walks out the room*.
  39. KuuIchigo

    Kakine vs The Beast

    Conditions Post-Revival Kakine and Kessler's timeline Beast Speed equalized Everything else is standard battle assumptions. Votes Kakine: (3) - Yomi, Gargoyle, Aizen The Beast: Participants
  40. Yomi_Schwarz

    Kakine vs. Merlin

    As a fan of both series,i feel like these 2 are underrated so im pitting them against each other. Conditions -Speed Equal -Both are in character but willing to kill -Post Revival Kakine -7-B Merlin -Fight takes place in Buckingham palace