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  1. Everything12

    Pokemon Tier 1 Upgrade? (Distortion World range and Arceus)

    So I had cancer, that was fun and kept me busy. During that "free time" I spent looking up stuff on relativity and quantum mechanics for fun and that got me thinking on dimensions, as a Pokemon fan who started with Gen IV those thoughts turned into this. Pokemon universes are composed of space...
  2. Hyper Sonic vs Giratina

    Hyper Sonic (Modern Continuity) vs True Form Giratina Both are 2-A Battle takes place in the Distortion World Who wins? Sonic: Giratina: Inconclusive:
  3. Remus1998

    Vahanato vs Giratina (Battle for 4th Strongest Non-Smurf 2-A)

    Both 2-A SBA True Forms for both Speed Equalized Vahanato: Giratina: Incon: 3 (DaReaperMan, Eseseso, Ret_of_Guys)
  4. CodeCCLL

    Rimuru Tempest (WN) vs Girantina - Battle For The First Rank Strongest 2B Non-Smurf

    Rimuru Tempest (Web Novel) (EoS) VS Girantina (True Form) SBA Speed Equalized Voting Supreme Deity : Lord of the Reverse World : Arceus Solos Both : @CodeCCLL @DaReaperMan @Robo432343 @Bobsican @LightningGee
  5. The_Yellow_Topaz

    Pokemon God Tiers: 2-A is kinda wack.

    INTRODUCTION Hello to you! This thread is trying to discuss and argue that the current rating of 2-A of the Pokémon God Tiers do not have sufficient evidence to be indexed as likely, or arguably, not even possibly I will try to summarize the reason why 2-A is being considered, and then argue...
  6. StrymULTRA

    Pokémon God Tiers: Several revisions

    It's a while since I worked on Pokémon here, and I realized I did something not that good about the God Tiers, so I'll list them all. 2-B should just be 2-A Yeah... the reason is kinda simple. 2-A comes from the premise that "space" in Pokémon terminology means also the parallel universes, and...
  7. Starter_Pack

    Serpentine Guardians Of Chaos (Wyvern vs. Giratina)

    It was the odd red glow that initially caught Giratina's attention. Obviously, after countless eons roaming the Distortion World, one would imagine that it would have seen most everything across this chaotic expanse. And yet, it could feel a notable weakness in the boundaries between dimensions...
  8. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Little Creation Trio clarification

    Why do Dialga, Palkia and Giratina have invulnerability??? I can understand Arceus having it due to Movie 12, but the rest of the creation trio? I would like that explained since they harm each other all the time canonically, other Pokemon can also fight them since you can defeat Dynamaxed...
  9. Bobsican

    Sora Vs Giratina (5th strongest non-smurf 2-A)

    Both at 2-A, speed equalized Sora: 9 (Me, @TheKingStrategist13, @ThanatosX, @Hasty12345, @LeoEpicGamer8910, @TauanVictor, @Setsuna_tenma, @Ret_of_Guys, @Doggo) Giratina: 0
  10. Sniper670

    𝗣𝗼𝗸é𝗺𝗼𝗻: 𝗖𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗧𝗿𝗶𝗼 𝗘𝗱𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻

    It's very simple really. There's already a blog with heavy implications for 2A cosmology. Being "Likely" because there isn't a direct statement of there being infinite universes..... Except there is. I came accross this dialogue by Zinnia, where she flat out says this: Now you'd say "But...
  11. Ego

    Giratina Vs The End (Pokémon Vs Sonic the hedgehog)

    Rules: True form for both is used 2-B key for giratina Speed is equalize Giratina: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Giratina The End: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_End
  12. Christian_Higdon

    Pure Evil (Giratina vs Giygas)

    Alright, let's do this, shall we? Giygas vs Giratina Both are at 2-B, speed is equalized. Avatar Giratina is being used. True form can be used, if needed. Both are in-character. Battle ends with KO, incap, death, BFR or anything else. Who wins? Giratina: 0 Giygas: 0 They both ******* DIE: 0
  13. Quangotjokes

    Two Titans collid

    Giratina is passing through the void and see's the eternal dragon observing the multiverse. In a burst of fury it attacks the eternal dragon and the battle begins. Who eats? https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Giratina https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Hero_of_Lore_(AQW)
  14. Jinsye

    Lavos vs. Giratina

    Goofy nonexistent flea/dragon/crystal thing vs. goofy anti-existence caterpillar. Fight takes place in the Darkness Beyond Time so Lavos' type 9 doesn't come into play. Speed is = True Form Giratina and Full Potential Time Devourer are used. Who wins? Lavos: 0 Giratina: 0
  15. Sniper670

    A little Upgrade(Or A Huge One) For Pokémon God Tiers

    INTRODUCTION Before I begin. I want to clear up a couple of misunderstandings here. And that is in relation to the anime depiction of the Distortion World. The anime depiction of the DW is entirely different from the games. Even Bulbapedia has them in separate pages. You can compare them here...
  16. The_real_cal_howard

    Low end Creation Trio speed

    A calc for the finite end of the gods’ speeds in Pokémon. Arceus’s shockwaves crossing the universe in 2 seconds as opposed to just massively upscaling from Necrozma. This ignores the space between the universes, as there is space between em. If you wanna push it even further down, use 1/2...
  17. Ego

    Anti Monitor Vs Giratina(DC Vs Pokémon)

    Rules: Avatar giratina is used and origin form Anti monitor with anti-matter universe absorb is used Both 2-A keys and speed equalized Takes place in the distortion world Anti-Monitor: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Anti-Monitor Giratina: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Giratina
  18. Sniper670

    Minor Revision for Giratina

    Giratina should have Acausality type 4 and not "possibly". You may not know this, but Giratina is the Distortion world. Abstract stuff I won't get into The Distortion world is a world of chaos which exists beyond space and time, without the concepts of Space and time, where logic of the...
  19. God tier pokemon upgrade

    First of all, I want to thank This page entitled "pokemon called god" for providing such a detailed explanation and being a reference for this thread. ______________________________________ 𝟭. 𝗚𝗶𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗮 𝗡𝗼𝗻 𝗘𝘅𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗲 First of all Distortion world is a anti matter world not a anti matter real life...
  20. Cauann2K

    Giratina's durability question

    Shouldn't Giratina be listed with a higher durability in his Altered Forme, instead of its Origin Forme? Taking into account in-game statuses.
  21. Giratina and Arceus Question

    So recently i read "Pokemon Called God" It said giratina is • a embodies all of the "opposite/reflection", or simply "nothingness" •the distortion world itself, the world of anti-matter that does not really exist, a place of nothing. • Its no time,no space,no law, even spirit a fundamental...
  22. The_Pink_God

    Black Mage of Light vs Giratina

    He is my favorite FF character They are my favorite Pokémon So a match it is Speed Equal 15 meters distance Origin Forme Giratina (2-A) will be used Vs Black Mage of Light: Giratina: Inconclusive: 2
  23. The_Pink_God

    Can anyone explain to me why The Creation Trio + Arceus are 4-D entitites?

    I just really wish to know why
  24. Seventy96

    Arceus debunker

    So, what do you think?
  25. ShinyMagicalGirl

    "Wyrms from Beyond the Distorted Rift" Giratina vs Shinryu (Pokemon vs Final Fantasy)

    The Distortion World was a realm where only Giratina lived in. They had been banished there, for their rebellion and violence. Yet, they found themselves getting used to the world. They could control every aspect of it to their own whim. Giratina was enjoying a leisurely time just hanging...
  26. AuraMugen

    A Pokemon question

    What is the reason of Creation Trio having avatars accross multiverse? Since every scan I saw were them affecting or remaking or creating only the "world/universe"
  27. Gohanblanco217

    The Creation Trio (minor upgrade)

    I can't tell if this count as some kind of Soul absorption but if it does then I guess Palkia and Dialga should have it That's all. Agree : Disagree :
  28. Regice

    Why are the creation trio's avatars 2-A?

    Most of their feats are just low 2-C so why are the avatars 2-A?
  29. Valiant_Abyss

    Finally: Pokemon Tier 1 Upgrades

    The list of evidence is too long so I compiled it all into this infographic. For now this will only scale to the Creation Trio. Please keep this discussion civil and open minded.
  30. StrymULTRA

    Pokémon: Some tier-wide revisions

    Ok, so, I guess that is time to get the issues in general with the Tier 5 profiles of legendaries, and a thing for Tier 2 as well. Tier 5 issues Now, my biggest issue is current Deoxys' speed rating: Massively FTL+, possibly Infinite (Despite getting fodderized by Mega Rayquaza in raw power...
  31. The_Pink_God

    2 Lords of Hell fight eachother

    SBA 2-B Avatar Giratina and 2-A Davoth will be used Speed equal Davoth: Vs Giratina: Hopefully, this isn't a stomp
  32. ProfessorKukui4Life

    Minor Arceus and Creation Hax Addition: Type 8 Immortality & Power Nullification

    Yep, another one of these, I know. But I wanted this proposal to get its own thread to discuss it in instead of bringing it up in the other hax upgrade threads, as this is sort've new. But also not new at the same time. Anyway, the proposal is in the title. I think Arceus and the Creation Trio...
  33. Lord_JJJ

    (Grace)The God of the Symbiotes fights the Pokemon verse Devil

    I had a friend come up to me with that idea and I was thinking why not since they indeed have the same tier in the wiki Both are 2A Giratina Avatar is used Speed is equalized Both are in Character Knull : Giratina : 7 Incon :
  34. Enryu_The_Red_Tower

    Question about Pokémon God Tiers

    Shouldn't the True Forms of Arceus, the Creation Trio and the Lake Trio have Incorporeality? I mean, the description of their True Forms of this fits that power perfectly: "Incorporeal (or Non-Corporeal) beings are those who have no true physical form. Though they may have physical avatars or...
  35. StrymULTRA

    Pokemon Tier 2 Hax Additions

    It was bound to come but here we are, with a pretty important Pokémon Tier 2 Hax CRT. Since the list to things to add is hella l o n g, I'll put this Google Doc, which I invite you to read really carefully before commenting here. Also here are the revised profiles, which are also an huge...
  36. Adem_Warlock69

    Nonexistent Physiology Giratina

    Credit to NeoZex6399 “While developing Diamond & Pearl, Giratina originally embodied the idea of an ‘antiworld,’ which is a paradox of Time and Space. It exists in relation to Dialga and Palkia. That’s what I had in mind when I was developing Diamond & Pearl.” “I was not aware of any of that...
  37. Psychomaster35

    Giratina VS Exdeath: Distorted Void

    Because Giratina finally got a 2-A key Speed is equalized, both are 2-A, and both are willing to kill. Battle takes place in the Distortion World, and both are 100 meters apart. Who wins? Ruler of the Distortion World: Controller of the Void: Speed of DANK:
  38. FinePoint

    Ten Strongest Dragons

    TEN STRONGEST DRAGONS 1.) **Akatosh [1-A] 2.) *Mag'ladroth the Void Dragon [High 1-B] 3.) VictoryGreymon [At Least High 1-C] 4.) The Great Dragon [1-C] 5.) The Ur-Dragon [Low 1-C] 6.) The Serpent [Low 1-C] 7.) Kuzuryu [Low 1-C] 8.) SCP-682 [2-A] 9.) Giratina [2-A] 10.) Lavos [2-A] Inspired by...
  39. Crration trio downgrade but this time, with proof.

    The last time I posted a thread like this it was closed for having no evidence. Well this time I have evidence. Why the creation trio should be downgraded. Evidence 1: composite being used for the profiles In the profiles of the creation trio we see that arceus, palkia, giritina, and dialga...
  40. Gohanblanco217

    A question about Giratina True form (Pokémon)

    For now Giratina has a true form based on this statement however I found a quote saying that : "It was banished for its violence. It silently gazed upon the old world from the Distortion World" ( Arceus banished Giratina to the Distortion World) Now my issues are : 1) that quote kind...