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  1. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail: August Massive Ability Edition

    Yeah, so I've been meaning to do this for a while some annoying mrks told me I was lazy for not doing this yet but August should have a tabber in his powers and abilities that lists every Non-Holder Type Magic in the verse aside from special and non-conventional powers like those of the Five...
  2. Eseseso

    Base Zeref and Ars Magia

    When August used Ars Magia, he doesn't seem at all concerned that Base Zeref, who he knows is in Fiore, will be affected by his attack. So, would Base Zeref's durability (and thus his AP) scale above Ars Magia? I know Human Form Acno was agreed to not scale, but that's due to his magic...
  3. DemonicDude

    Low 6-B Bone Crusher Tournament 2022: August vs Dry Leonhard (Semi-Final 2)

    Semi-Final 2: Round 17: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Introduction: This is it ! The second semi-final the ultimate highway to finale ! Entering first in the blue corner the Monster of Group B ! The greatest knight in the world Dry Leonhard ! 5 matches and 5 words to describe Dry...
  4. DemonicDude

    Low 6-B Bone Crusher Tournament: Group A - August (Fairy Tail) vs Pinkie Pie (MLP)

    Group A: Round 14: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. August wins he goes into the semi final simple ! if Pinkie Pie wins they both would have six points and we would have to do a Coin Toss to see who goes to the semi's cause they both would have six points then. Results: August (Fairy...
  5. DemonicDude

    Low 6-B Bone Crusher Tournament: Group A - August (Fairy Tail) vs Asta (Black Clover)

    Group A: Round 12: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. 3 matches 3 wins in a row ! The only undefeated combatant ! Only unstoppable, untouchable AUGUST !!! pretty much into the Semi finals vs Asta who has climbed up the ranks in Group B looking to close out final 2 matches with a win, Will...
  6. DemonicDude

    Low 6-B Bone Crusher Tournament: Group A - August (Fairy Tail) vs Zapdos (Pokemon)

    Group A: Round 9: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Much to a surprise of me, August yep the old wizard is UNDEFEATED "so far" and is leading Group A with 4 points, Zapdos suffered a crashing loss and is in desperate need of a win to keep himself alive, Will the undefeated streak continue...
  7. DemonicDude

    Low 6-B Bone Crusher Tournament: Group A - August (Fairy Tail) vs Sage Mode Hashirama (Naruto)

    Group A: Round 5: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Hashirama looks to make it to 4 points on the points table inching towards the semi on the other corner with 2 points August looks to create a massive upset after knocking off Alibaba in his first match, It's Ninja vs Mage ! who gets 4...
  8. DemonicDude

    Low 6-B Bone Crusher Tournament: Group A - Alibaba Saluja (Magi) vs August (Fairy Tail)

    Group A: Round 1: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Results: Third Prince of the Balbadd Alibaba looks to make history tonight by entering his first tournament but standing on the right corner is the Magic King August ! I think we are in for a good one to start Group A. Alibaba Saluja...
  9. Naito-desu

    High 6-C Fantasy Tournament Round 6: August Dragneel vs The Queenslayer

    Both are High 6-C Ultimate Magic Form August & Late-Game Queenslayer are used Speeds are equalized, SBA otherwise Battle takes place in this arena Tournament thread Bracket August: Queenslayer:
  10. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail: X792 Gildarts Upgrade

    In the Weekly Shonen Magazine Version of Chapter 525, it is stated that Gildarts is Fairy Tail's Strongest and August is the Spriggan 12's Strongest Now unlike the Magnolia Size Revision, we actually have the Raw Text for the Weekly Shonen Magazine Version, and it reads as such... FT最強 VS...
  11. StrawHatArslan

    Changing Ars-Magia High 6-A to Environmental Destruction with it

    Ars-Magia should be High 6-A with environmental destruction noted next to it, as it pulls off the feat via destroying fiore off the face of earth, it's pretty simple.
  12. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail: Possible Gildarts Upgrade

    Currently we rate X792 Gildarts as "At least 6-C, likely far higher", but I believe he should be rated as "At least 6-C, likely High 6-C" instead for his performance against August In his fight with August, he is able to knock away August, deflect his attack, briefly overpower him in a contest...
  13. Ionliosite

    Magic King vs Magic Emperor

    Magic King vs Magic Emperor Both at High 6-C Speed equal All other SBA Who wins and why?
  14. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail Ars-Magia Scaling

    This is a topic I have become far more neutral about after a while, but August’s Ars-Magia has a High 6-A calc and this discussion is about whether or not to scale the God Tiers to that calc I believe the God Tiers would scale to Ars-Magia, cause while yes, it is a suicide attack, August’s...
  15. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail God Tier Revisions

    Yeah, we're not supposed to have CRT's, but we're already discussing everything in the main discussion thread anyways, I think it's be better if just moved the convo here Here's my Explanation Blog on everything this discussion will be about Why Fairy Tail God Tiers scale to Etherion and...
  16. Zackra1799

    The Monster King VS The Wizard King

    Orochi (6-C) VS August (6-C) Speed Unequalized Orochi's Sub-Relativistic end is used Starting Distance is 100m August is Bloodlusted Winner by any means nessecary Wizard King : Monster King : 1 (Madotsuki24) King comes in and convinces them to become friends:
  17. DemonGodMitchAubin

    August Ability Addition Thread

    It just occured to me that since August has every kind of caster magic, he should have a tab full of all abilities he has, here's all the magic he'll have... GET READY!!! Dragon Slayer Magic (Fire, Iron, Sky, Lightning, Poison, White, and Shadow), Acid Magic, Âge Seal, Air Magic, Airspace...
  18. ZackMoon1234

    Aokiji vs August (8-10-0) / Needs One Piece Supporters to see if it's a Stomp!

    As Irene Belserion was defeated by Aokiji in a fight, I figured August should try avenging her Speed Equalized 7 meters apart Location - SBA Low 6-B Keys used Aokiji - 8 (Number1Tryhard, CinCameron20, Rin The Dragon Empress, Rei Rubro, Jimboydejuan12, Strawboi, MonkeyDeeLuffy, Xulrev)...
  19. Zackra1799

    Natsu Fights the Spriggan 12

    This is gonna be one hell of a fight!!! 100 Year Quest Natsu (6-C) Vs The Spriggan 12 (All High 7-A Versions) Fight takes place in Magnolia Speed Unequalized Starting Distance is 100 meters Round 1: Base Natsu Round 2: LFDM Natsu Round 3: FDKM Natsu If Natsu takes all three...
  20. CinCameron20

    Donquixote Doflamingo vs August

    Another One Piece vs Fairy Tail fight. I refrained from using an Admiral this time. Doffy just needed another fight, too. Conditions: Low 6-B forms, Speed Equalized, No Ars-Magia (Doubt he'd use it in-character anyways), Intent to kill. Starting Distance is 40 meters. Who wins?: Donquixote...
  21. Champion234

    August vs Kenpachi Zaraki

    August from fairytale versus Bleach's Kenpachi_Zaraki speed equalized who wins?
  22. Bob8999

    august (fairy tail) vs doctor strange (mcu)

    the magic king, august https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/August vs the sorcerer supreme, doctor steven strange https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Doctor_Strange_(Marvel_Cinematic_Universe) (both are low 6-B, speed is equalized.) august: steven: tie/incon: 2 (1997KD, HenryWong122)
  23. Rhaeroga

    Fairy Tail: Wrong info about August

    He is never explicitly called the strongest individual. Makarov merely alludes to this, but then flat out says he hasn't met Irene yet. Chapter 483 clearly has him called "one of the strongest", and "the strongest man", but NEVER, in the entire manga, is he called the strongest individual...
  24. Rhaeroga

    Irene is stronger

    One bit of this said he is stronger than Dragon Irene, which is wrong. Her dragon form was a secret, and Brandish merely said he and human Irene are of similar power. Dragon Irene is the strongest spriggan.
  25. Enryu_The_Red_Tower

    Let's decide who was the best Wizard of Alvarez

    Zeref Dragneel (Base) vs August (Dark Form) Speed Unequalized Ars-Magia is not restricted Black Wizard: King of Magic: Inconclusive:
  26. Rin_The_Dragon_Empress

    August vs Seiya

    Given the amount of spammed characters there are in FT August doesn't get much attention. He's also one of the more haxxed 6-C FT characters so we'll put him to the test here. Both are at 6-C and the speed is equalized Winner via death of the opponent SBA August:0 Pegasus Seiya:0 Draw :0
  27. HST_Master

    The King of Magic vs Solomon's Proxy(August vs Aladdin) (Aladdin wins)

    Was originally gonna use Hakuryuu but I thought it wasnt a good idea to put a metal vessel user against August Post Timeskip Aladdin vs Dark Form August Speed Equal Aladdin: 7 August: 0
  28. 1997KD

    The Wizard King Vs The Boar's Sin of Gluttony

    Stand battle assumption Random enounter Speed Equalized August: Merlin:
  29. DemonGodMitchAubin

    August vs Whitebeard (Old OP Men)

    Dark Form August vs Whitebeard Speed Equalized Starts 30 Feet from each other in Character August: Whitebeard:
  30. The_real_cal_howard

    August vs Link (OoX)

    Speed equalized. August Link (A Link to the Past)
  31. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Even More Fairy Tail Revisions (Just Speed Now)

    Alright so Captain Torch's Calc was Accepted Calc: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Captain_Torch/Dragon_Slayer_Triple_Roar The Mid-End was accepted so Pre-Timeskip Natsu and Everyone who scales to him becomes High 7-C, as well we should scale Post-First Timeskip Natsu to the full...
  32. Enryu_The_Red_Tower

    I do not have any ideas for VS thread names anymore...

    Mega Gardevoir vs August (Dark Form) Speed Equalized SBA Ars-Magia is restricted Type-Psychic: 3 (The real cal howard, Veloxt1r0kore, GyroNutz) Type-Dark: 4 ? (DemonGodMitchAubi, AnonymousBlank ?, Jimboydejuan12, KaiserReinhardt) Type-Normal:
  33. Enryu_The_Red_Tower

    A Pokemon faces a Fairy Tail character...

    Mega Charizard X vs August (Dark Form) Speed Equalized Ars-Magia is restricted And that's it... King of Fire: King of Magic: 8 (AnonymousBlank, DemonGodMitchAubi, Gargoyle One, Calaca Vs, Captain Torch, TriforcePower1, The real cal howard, DragonEmperor23) Inconclusive:
  34. Mickey1940

    August vs Whitebeard

    Speed equalized August cannot use his suicide attack, and Whitebeard cannot die from being old, and none of his age problems are factored into this fight Win by death
  35. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Spriggans vs Commandments

    Spriggan 12 vs 10 Commandments Speed equalized Must win by killing all members of other team No prior knowledge of opponents In character takes place in an open plain
  36. DemonGodMitchAubin

    August Large Country Level

    So in the Recent OFFICIAL manga Translations of the last manga chapters in fairy Tail August states he has enough power to wipe out the country of Ishgar, so I believe it should be added to his page as Large Country Level via Ars-Magia...
  37. SchroKatze

    Magic genius battle

    Hopefully not a stomp. FT Genius vs ToAru Genius. >Battle takes place at Academy City. >Speed equalized. >No restrictions. >SBA. Aleis-tan approves
  38. Zxadvent56

    Fairy Tail Huge Upgrade

    Fairy Heart Zeref Continent level with Etherion… https://plus.google.com/+TheImmortalShadow/posts/94hWqrE8FgA Continent level Irene deus sema… https://plus.google.com/+TheImmortalShadow/posts/XZRUk2zoFa5 August Continent level suicide attack scales to Zeref durability because if it could kill...
  39. The_real_cal_howard

    Link (ALTTP) vs August (FT)

    I'll get on with it. Speed equal. Link is composited, without the TF. So island level. Standard Battle Assumptions
  40. Burning_Full_Fingers

    August vs. Accelerator

    Err, so let's continue the sudden August/Accelerator versus thread influx. The fight takes place outside the Alvarez Empire. As usual, the rest of the Spriggan went to play somewhere. August: Accelerator: Standard Battle Assumptions This is Angel Form (Pre World War) Accelerator. Speed is...