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tien shinhan

  1. LuffyRuffy46307

    Kamehameha small addition

    Small addition for Kamehameha users ( i don't think i need a big explanation, right? ) Heat Manipulation: The Kamehameha generates a certain amount of heat and is capable of burning, bricks, irons, octopus, and a glass dome.
  2. The_Yellow_Topaz

    Dragon Ball: Tien and Co back to 5-C (But I win this time)

    This is a re-attempt of this. And a direct refutation of this. I won't be too long, I'll objectively prove Tien should be 5-C and there is nothing y'all can do about it. EDIT: TL;DR: 23rd Budokai Yamcha is 5-C, despite having a power level of 177, so Tien with a power level of 180 should...
  3. KingTempest

    The 23rd Tournament Gets Raided By Beasts: Round 1

    23rd Budokai But before the tournament starts, there are screams of terror. Heaven covering clouds form over Papaya Island, and lightning strikes the arena, destroying the stands. 3 Fighters circle one man. Jack The Drought. Queen The Plague. King The Conflagration. And in the center, a fighter...
  4. The_Yellow_Topaz

    Tien and co. back to 5-C (Dragon Ball Revision)

    Since @Damage3245 decided to close his own thread abruptly, and how no one even managed to address my arguments here during the whole thread, I am making this one to highlight these points and again argue for 5-C 22nd Budokai Tenkaichi characters. This will make it more difficult for anyone to...
  5. Damage3245

    22nd Budokai Arc Downgrades (Dragon Ball)

    The purpose of this revision is to revise the AP, Striking Strength and Durability statistics of Tien Shinhan, Master Roshi, Son Goku, Drum and Yajirobe. Currently, the characters all scale to Moon level via Tien Shinhan being scaled erroneously to Master Roshi's Max Power Kamehameha feat. The...
  6. Nullflowerblush

    X-Men: No More Humans (Dragon Ball)

    The likes of Krillin, Tien Shinhan, and Master Roshi during the Universe Survival Saga share a rating of At least High 4-C and Massively FTL+. This is on the grounds that the three characters were capable of completely destroying chunks of the Tournament of Power arena, which is made up of...
  7. Vizer04

    Tien Shinhan vs Captain Ginyu (2-0-0)

    Android Saga Tien and Speed Equalized. Tien: 3 (@jojo123, @Vizer04 and @Peppersalt43) Ginyu: Inconclusive:
  8. Vizer04

    Tien Shinhan vs King Cold (GRACE)

    Android Saga Tien and Speed Equalized. Tien Shinhan: 8 (@Soulgizmo, @Vizer04, @Eminiteable, @Nierre, @SlendVeny, @Popted2, @Dragonite007 and @ItsOnlyDanny3) King Cold: 2 (@Gilad_Hyperstar and @LordGriffin1000) Inconclusive:
  9. Gilad_Hyperstar

    DBZ Tien 4-C Downgrade

    Tien being 4-C with the Kikoho makes no sense whatsoever, and here's why. First, Tien can sense energy and know exactly how strong people like SSJ Vegeta were when fighting Android 18, however, after the battle Tien said that even with Goku's power, they can't defeat Android 18 and Android 17...
  10. M_Animefan

    Tien Shinhan (Android Saga) VS Vegeta (Frieza Saga)

    Speed is equalized! Vegeta: Tien Shinhan: 8 Android Saga Tien goes back in time to Fight Frieza Saga Vegeta! Will Tien be able to defeat Vegeta?
  11. Vizer04

    Tien Shinhan vs Frieza (GRACE)

    Android Saga Tien and Namek Saga Frieza are used. Speed Equalized. Tien Shinhan: 7 (@Gilad_Hyperstar, @GodlyCharmander, @StekFence, @Vizer04, @Popted2, @AceOfSpaces3709 and @thetechmaster36) Frieza: Inconclusive:
  12. Vizer04

    Tien Shinhan upgrade that should've been done a long time ago

    Tien Shinhan's Neo-Kikohō should be 4-C since it managed to pin Semi-Perfect Cell down by continuously using the attack, but this badly drained and nearly killed him. But why do i say it should be specifically 4-C? Android 16 couldn't even move Cell after he absorbed 17: Tien on the other...
  13. M_Animefan

    Tien Shinhan (DBS) VS Isshiki Otsutsuki (Naruto)

    Tien Shinhan: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Tien_Shinhan?so=search VS Isshiki Otsutsuki: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Isshiki_Ōtsutsuki?so=search
  14. Detective_Blizzard

    Android Saga Z Fighters Buff

    I noticed that for Yamcha's profile it says that he's planet level due to Gero and 19 mistaking him for Goku, and that it would scale to Goku's peak that Gero would be aware of by Saiyan Saga due to when his data on them stopped. However that is assuming Gero didn't assume Goku wouldn't get any...
  15. Vizer04

    Dragon Ball Super: [MASSIVE UPGRADE]

    [Post-ToP Humans] All the "human" Z Fighters should be upgraded to 3-B (Multi-Galaxy level) under this reasoning: As you can see, Goten and Trunks can fight the seven Cell Jr. evenly. The Cell Jr. has been training with 17 all this time and therefore, they should have increased their...
  16. Vizer04

    Tien Shinhan, Krillin and possibly Yamcha should be upgraded to "at least High 5-A"

    Currently, all of them are listed as 5-B (Planet Level) but in my opinion they should be upgraded to At least High 5-A (At least Dwarf Star Level) scaling to Goku (Namek Saga). Now, i'll proceed to explain my reasoning for this upgrade: Goku casually deflecting Frieza's Death Beams Much to...
  17. Vizer04

    Chi-Chi and Drum should be 5-C

    I know, i know. I made a similar post not so long ago, but this time it's with a different reasoning: Currently, the reason for Tien (22°TB key) to be listed as possibly 5-C is because "Master Roshi stated that Tenshinhan might have won if their fight continued". This implies that, although...
  18. Vizer04

    Chi-Chi should be 5-C

    Currently, Chi-Chi is listed as High 8-C, but i think she should be 5-C. In her battle against Goku, she forced him to move and even jump high into the air in order to dodge her attacks. On the other hand, Tien didn't even move to dodge Tao's attacks, and Goku was far stronger than Tien at...
  19. Vizer04

    Cyborg Tao should be 5-C or possibly 5-C

    Cyborg Tao's key is listed as Unknown but i think it should be 5-C or at least possibly 5-C. During the 23°Tenkaichi Budokai, Tsurusen'nin said that Cyborg Tao could easily kill Goku and Tien and he knew how strong Tien was back in the 22°TB since he trained him, so Cyborg Tao should be...
  20. NormalPerson87

    I mean, we haven't done a Tien debate in a little while, so.....

    Tien vs Asura High 4-C versions will be used (ToP Tien vs Six-Armed Vajra Form Asura) Speed is = Fight takes place in Central City
  21. Omegas03

    Earthlings (ToP) vs First Form Frieza

    Krillin Tien Master Roshi Yamcha (assume he is High 4-C and scales to the other 3). vs. First Form Frieza (RoF saga). The humans have 7 days of prep. Who's winning this and why? This can't really be added but it's interesting anyways imo.
  22. Mickey1940

    ToP low tiers downgrade

    The likes of Tien and Krillin are stated to be High 4C because they can destroy Katchi Katchin, even though Buu Saga Base Gohan was unable to destroy normal Katchin However, Base Gohan is only 4C https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Son_Goha "Star level, at least Large Star level as a Full Power...
  23. Tots_Real

    Superman (Injustice Composite) Vs Tien Shinhan

    Yellow Lantern superman Buu Saga Tien Fight take place at the macies thanksgiving day parade. Speedequalized
  24. Tots_Real

    Tien downgrade

    Tien should be 7-B like the other profiles it refers to as comparison.
  25. Ahmeddilmi.2003

    Tien Shinhan vs. Zaraki Kenpachi

    Tien Shinhan (Dragon Ball Z, Majin Boo Arc) versus Zaraki Kenpachi (Bleach, by the tims of his first Fight vs. Kurosaki Ichigo) Ki = Reiatsu In-character, fight takes place where Ichigo fought Kuchiki Byakuya for the first time.
  26. Mirai-Koichi

    Z-Fighters Mightiest Mortal (Tien VS Krillin)

    I've been wanting this to be a match for a WHILE. Pride of the Crane School VS. Bald-Wonder -Both at High 4-C -No prep -Tie Profile -Krilli Profile -Battle Theme -Arena:
  27. Maverick_Zero_X

    Tien vs Winter

    IDK Tien Shinha vs Winter Schnee 22nd Budokai Tien is being used, Battle takes place in a wasteland
  28. Maverick_Zero_X

    Dragon Ball downgrades

    Characters that scale to Tien during the 22nd Budokai are 8-A via scaling to his Kikoho . However, this attack doesn't scale to Striking Strength/Durability. The attack is specifically treated as seperate from generic punches, and it's outright stated that Goku would've died if this attack made...
  29. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Tenshinhan vs Bonolenov

    vs 8-A versions Three Eyes: Tribal holes: Tie: FIGHT!!!
  30. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Erza vs 22nd Budokai Tenshinhan

    vs Speed equalized, 8-A versions, low 7-C armors restricted Erza:1 Ten: Tie: FIGHT!!!
  31. Tien (Dragon Ball) vs Blake Belladonna (RWBY)

    This is it, by the way. Blake Belladonna Tie Speed is equalized. Both are 8-A and this is Post Timeskip Blake.
  32. LordWhis

    23rd Budokai Tien upgrade to at least low 6-b, likely higher

    Tien had a slight upperhand against 75% full power Goku when himself holding back slightly. He could somewhat compete with Full power Goku. He should be much more powerful than a 75% piccolo who roflstomped Kami and somewhat comparable to a full-power picccolo. Piccolo was genuinely impressed...
  33. Paleomario66

    Krillin, Tien, and Master Roshi Universe Survival Tier

    The DBS key for Android 18 was recently upgraded to 3-A, and Krillin in the Universe Survival Saga key is High 4-C from scaling to 18, so I was wondering what should we do for Krillin, Tien, and Master Roshi. Should we place them at 3-A, Unknown, or somewhere else? I think an Uknown, possibly...
  34. Ninten65

    Tein shinhan vs yang xiao long

    i dont know why anyone dosne't think of this speed equal 8-A keys season 5 yang who wins?
  35. TheRustyOne

    Killer B vs Tien Shinhan

    High 6-C versions for both characters. Speed is Equalized. Who Wins?
  36. BruceTheBatman

    Tien vs Cell Jr.

    Coud Tien win this now? Crane
  37. Ninjaboy14

    Tien Shinhan vs death egg robot

    Tien Shinha Death Egg Robot Both at 8-A winner by any means
  38. Anderson2003

    Krillin vs Tien Royale

    During Dragonball, we meet Kuririn, Goku's best friend, and Tenshinhan, one of his main rivals. During DBZ, humans were often left aside, but the question on who was the strongest human was often debated by fans of the series. Rounds are during the Android/Cell Saga, during the Buu Saga and as...
  39. Legion350

    Dragon Ball: Statistics without any justifications

    Why is Tao Pai Pai, Small City level when his stats have no justification?
  40. HokageMangaVox

    Tien Shinhan has Immortality Type 1

    Roshi says Tien has Immortality like him. http://*********.com/Manga/Dragon-Ball/Chapter-145?id=260730