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role playing

  1. azontr

    Dungeons & Divers (RP Thread)

    Dungeons. You know what those are, right? Of course, you do. Giant pits in the Earth that lead to unknown worlds, created by Magicks incomprehensible to the world. And what are you, then? Someone who dives deep into these Dungeons, filled with Sorcery, Monsters, and World-Shattering Revelations...
  2. azontr

    Dungeons & Divers (RP Registration)

    Don't know how this'll go, but this time I'm making something simple and hopefully it goes somewhere that isn't hell. Premise: In the year 2045, Dungeons are the highest money-making industry in the world. Everyone from all races, whether Human or Demon or Orc or Dragon, is looking to make a...
  3. azontr

    New World Incarnation - RP Thread

    The Earth has been taken over by the alternate dimension, The Abyss. Among the rabble of Humanity, a few Chosen Ones have been selected by the Supreme God to Lord over the new land as New Gods. The shifting of Earth to the alternate dimension has already taken place... and now it is time for the...
  4. azontr

    New World Incarnation - RP Registration

    Premise... Some people have Dreams, or delusions about the apocalypse. But what are the chances of it ever happening? A meteorite hitting the Earth? Zombies eating people? Eldritch beings, beyond comprehension coming through Gates of pure, unstoppable Cosmic force to enslave the entire Human...
  5. DaReaperMan

    A Country Divided (Redux) • RP Thread

    The call was made, and now all that had to be done was to wait at the peaceful Cairne Village... 1 day after the message... A portal opened, and a fairly short woman in turqoise robes and a matching hat walked through, breathing out relief as she brushed off some dust in her robe, she was...
  6. DaReaperMan

    RP A Country Divided (Redux) • Registration

    I'm gonna be honest, I'm here to try and make a better RP and Story out of this world, I may not succeed, but I will damn well try.
  7. Edwellken

    Warlords: World Conquest RP

    It's 2023, mid-October. Could mankind have ever been prepared for the arrival of their new rulers? Several Warlords have manifested across the Earth. The fate of humanity rests on their shoulders. The world is on the cusp of a new era. Starting time is 6:00 GMT. Starting Map: List of...
  8. Edwellken

    World Conquest Sandbox RP Registration

    You are summoned to an alternate Earth as a Warlord, one of many contestants in a game of death and world conquest. Among the Warlords, the circumstances leading to your participation are known to you alone. Somehow, each of you knows one thing, however: your objective is to conquer the world...
  9. DaReaperMan

    Calamity • RP Registration

    Oh boy, here's Reaper making mistakes again! All right, I want to ******* die, so thats good. Have fun.
  10. Peppersalt43

    Tumma Linna RP Registration

    Premise Mankind has spent a good portion of their time in simple bliss. Mighty soldiers fighting off evil beings they don't understand in a so-called Great War. Other forms of power were slowly being developed though nobody was in a rush to do so. After all, even the goddess of life itself was...
  11. azontr

    Will You Shatter Fate? - RP Thread

    You have lived your life out to the best of your ability. Whether you achieved your goals, fulfilled a purpose, or become something... Only you can know. You feel as if time has slowed down the very moment the life drains from your body, as if the world itself has grinded to a halt out of pity...
  12. azontr

    Will You Shatter Fate? - RP Registration Thread

    If you have chosen to defy destiny... below, you shall see the tools you will gifted on your journey. (Create your character Sandbox with the info below) Below you awaits knowledge of your physical capabilities... (Your character stats) And below... I will offer you words of...
  13. DaReaperMan

    Cataclysm • RP Thread

    The room was dark and wide, darkness choked the edges of the brown walls and roof with a large stone table in the middle, one large largely diamond and Onyx Stonefallen and one fairly tall and bulky man stood in front of the table The large doors leading into the room opened and a rather lithe...
  14. DaReaperMan

    Cataclysm • RP Registration

    Since I'm down an RP I'm running, here we go
  15. First_Witch

    Pathways into the Light Megathread

    Continued from here Might as well turn this into a Megathread now. The RP
  16. azontr

    God to Villain - Steel Hell (RP Thread)

    Rain poured to the grounds of Dusk City, the alleyways painted in liquid. Rats crawled through the muck of the desolate region, all manner of scum crawling into the streets of Dusk City to do their business. And in the deepest, darkest parts of the city... ... "Engen..." A man walked into a...
  17. azontr

    God To Villain - Steel Hell (Pre-RP Registration Thread)

    God has gifted man many a treasure over its long, long history. The gift of knowledge beyond all other creatures. The gift of warmth born through the the presence of scorching fire. The gift of weaponry forged from mighty steel. God has gifted humanity his last gift. Have fun in Hell.
  18. DaReaperMan

    Rise of Shadows • RP Thread

    In the distant edge of the continent of the Eastern Kingdoms at night, a remote controlled helicopter lands, ready to be loaded with individuals to go into it A red-haired woman walked from the edge of the town nearby, the light not being enough to illuminate her beyond her eyes and the fresh...
  19. DaReaperMan

    Rise of Shadows • RP Registration Thread

    Plot: The League of E.V.I.L, a brand new organization lead by five mysterious figures is hiring folks around the block to help them supposedly take over the world! Sign up now! Notes: This is totally not a fantasy setting, nope, no sarcasm in that at all(it is fantasy), The league of E.V.I.L...
  20. Lou_change

    Behind the Masquerade RP

    You are all in a well lit room seated on metal folding chairs in front of you are two figures one somehow draped in shadow, the one next to them is seemingly wearing plate armor. "Hello," says the one covered in shadow, "I am the Masquerade it is a pleasure to meet you all here. I believe you...
  21. Edwellken

    Seat of Heaven RP Thread

    Registration thread here. Participants here. You find yourself in one of the great halls of Heaven, surrounded by your newfound contemporaries. Fellow gods, humans, demons, and others crowd the room. Your reasons for being here are your own, but if human you may have been invited here...
  22. Edwellken

    Seat of Heaven: Official Registration Thread

    RP thread here. This RP is a sandbox. As mandated candidates for the newest artificially created pantheon, players compete for The Throne of Heaven and other minor seats (if they desire), but this is not the end all be all purpose of the RP. Even participating in votes and elections is...
  23. Edwellken

    Seats of Heaven (RP Pre-Registration Thread)

    This is an early pre-registration thread, as the RP is still in development but close to being finished. Feel free to make characters and otherwise treat it as a regular registration thread though, as doing so will be helpful. I'm open to any suggestions for the final product. This RP is a...
  24. azontr

    Chains of Argus • RP Thread

    Our heroes are summoned to a small village in the middle of seemingly nowhere to gather, a particular pub being their spot for meeting. What mission awaits them is unclear, but, it is clear the rewards will be stupefying whether they fight for riches, or for honor... The first to arrive is a...
  25. azontr

    Chains of Argus • Registration Thread

    Races: Stats: Mechanics: Others: Where your character will be placed upon being accepted. RP Thread. General Rules: Simply run changes to your characters by me either in this thread or in a Direct Message, and be fair to the other players. And Have Fun!
  26. Oliver_de_jesus

    Crown of Dreams | Role play | Registration thread

    The Rp takes place in a end of medieval era mostly because all the technology was under the control of Rassilon and Pythia despises it so she sends it to destroy, but there are modern things like firearms, trains, electricity among other things I recommend just making a sandbox profile. Check...
  27. DaReaperMan

    Pirate's Rise • RP Thread

    "Haaa... finally..." a man thought, stepping off of a boat after everyone had left it and walked on shore "This island is where my crew starts... Only one place to go from here... up. Let's do this, Captain Magnus... that sounded way cooler in my head!" The man thought as he started to sneak...
  28. DaReaperMan

    Pirate's Rise • RP Registration

    Story: The grandioce Ocean, various islands, and a Treasure spoken of in legend, all have brought the world to a new age: The Age of the Waves. The Governments of the world have united into a single government, With ground forces like the Armies all but useless due to new lands and cultures...
  29. azontr

    Stars of Cinder • RP Thread (ON HIATUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)

    Part 1: The Stars of Cinder... "Now Now, where is our crew...? This is the right map, right?" Said a young girl as she made her trek through Skoupídia, the slums of the Eternal Empire, or well, at least the slums on one of the planets the Empire had already occupied. This place was garbage...
  30. azontr

    Stars of Cinder • Registration Thread[REGISTRATIONS CLOSED]

    Brought to you by the Azontr RP Extended Universe... Where your characters go. RP Thread Have fun!
  31. Spider_Kaiju

    Never The Twain Shall They Meet! (Recruiting)

    The Gothic V.S The Eastern (I lack the vocabulary for this idea.) So there's this feud between East and West in a Fantasy World. The Dark Lord of the West and The Dark Lord of the East have been at odds for centuries, and have caused wars between the East and West for all this time. Players...
  32. Spider_Kaiju

    The Roleplay Ideas And Discussion Concept Thread

    I'm hoping that this thread can be the thread for posting ideas for a RP, recruiting players to a RP you're going to run, begging someone else to run a RP, getting help with RP systems or half-baked plot concepts, or just chatting about what kind of cool RP you'd like to participate in. I'll go...
  33. SlendVeny

    Serpents and Sorcerers RP registration

    This is going to be an RPG in a fantasy setting, with VS Battles scaling. The actual setup is going to depend on the amount of registrations. I'll probably set the thread up when I get 3 or more registrations. For the play system, please wait til I respond to the last action to post the next...
  34. Yobo_Blue

    Call of the Empty RP Thread

    You find yourself in a world which is not describable in something written by humanity. Indeed, as you walk along an empty void and turn your head to see, it feels as if up and down have no meaning, and you can see flashes flashes of color along the white pink horizon . You have no memory of who...
  35. Yobo_Blue

    RP One Shot - Call of the Empty

    You find yourself in a world which is not describable in something written by humanity. Indeed, as you walk along an empty void and turn your head to see, it feels as if up and down have no meaning, and you can see flashes flashes of color along the white pink horizon . You have no memory of...
  36. DaReaperMan

    RP • Torrent of Water Holy Grail War: Registration

    Just to note before I actually go over the rules for this, this is actually my second shot at a Nasuverse RP, I abandoned the other one because it blew dog shit, so figured I'd try again with a better one now that I have wisdom and more mayhem! oh and you know Imma be personally participating in...
  37. Yobo_Blue

    Reforged Ideals 2: Registration [Revival]

    Last time didn’t go as planned. Whatever happened before left the two beings relatively unsatisfied, and it was clear to them something needed to change. Now that the game has begun again, people have once again been pulled into a new world and given powers alien to them, to use as they see fit...
  38. azontr

    Ragnarök-RP (Registration/Meta Thread 2)

    Made a new Registration/Meta Thread for new players cause why the hell not!? God, just ******* kill this poor GM. Premise: The world has been ravaged by disease, hunger, war, and every sort of strife humanity could experience due to a meteorite crashing into the Earth. Not many are left, except...
  39. YungManzi

    The Celestial Mountain RP - Thread

    Meta Thread As you get near the Celestial Mountain, you black out... Your senses are turned off and your perception changes completely. When you wake, you find yourself in a dark corridor which is only lit by dim blue ceiling lights. As you look around you, you realize that at your back there...
  40. YungManzi

    The Celestial Mountain RP - Registration

    LORE There are infinite universes all existing simultaneously at separate points in time. It is normally impossible to travel from universe to universe; however, there is a singular point where all universes overlap and layer upon one another. In the center of every world is that world's largest...