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kono subarashii sekai ni shukufuku wo!

  1. V999

    Furina VS Aqua (7-0-0) GRACE

    Genshin Impact VS Konosuba • Speed are equalized • Archpriest Aqua version is used • Furina: 4.28 Tons • Aqua: 1.76 Tons with Buffs, 71.70 Tons with Sacred Create Water • Location: Random Forest Furina : 7 (@Giannysmag, @IamMadeOutOfStone, @Spinoirr, @Edutyn, @Mapl3Sy4up, @Spectra_Schiffer...
  2. FrenzyUND

    Konosuba 6-B update

    In previous threads I have argued Konosuba's scaling to Combatants who has country busting technology, showing how the author portrayed the high tiers (Gods, Devils and Angels) as stronger than Kisaragi and their technology. Now, in a recent short-story, country busting magic was confirmed to...
  3. Bruh

    Discount Rance vs Walmart Jonathan: Satou Kazuma vs Tanjiro Kamado

    EOS Kazuma with Buffs vs Post Type Zero Training Tanjiro Anything above 8-C is restricted Speed equalized Time and location: Same as the Emotional Clones fight in KNY Ss3 Distance: 10 meters Kazuma: Tanjiro:
  4. Bruh

    Who's more worthy of the green: Satou Kazuma vs Deku

    EOS Kazuma with buffs vs JT Deku Same time and location as when the forest training camp attack happened in MHA Distance: 10 meters Speed equal Hope this isn't a stomp Kazuma: Deku:
  5. Bruh

    Battle of the Isekai protagonists - Satou Kazuma vs Rudeus Greyrat

    Location: generic fantasy dungeon Distance: 100 meters Both has all their equipments Speed equal Rudeus: Kazuma: (First match so please excuse any mistake✌)
  6. SatellaTheWoE

    Belzerg Stylish Sword vs The Finest of Knights

    Best girl Iris vs Best Boy Julius Speed equalized SBA
  7. TheShape03

    Small KonoSuba update.

    So, these calculations were accepted, one of them puts Wolbach as 7-C with Explosion, and the other puts Advanced Magic users as High 7-C due to the clouds one of Megumin's teachers created in the first chapter of the spin-off. So, thoughts on this? should Megumin and Wiz's explosions be scaled...
  8. koopa3144

    Aqua (Konosuba) vs Magikoopa (7-0-0) (Concluded)

    Fight takes place in a random Mario Tower Aqua is 8-C Speed is equalized SBA for anything else Distance is 15 meters Wizard Turtle: 7 0.71 Tons of TNT Useless Goddess: 0 0.33 tons of TNT
  9. Flashlight237

    Megumin vs Creeper (Minecraft)

    Okay, so last time, I pitted Darkness against a Stormtrooper for their stand-out deals of MISSING A LOT.: https://vsbattles.com/threads/yall-have-a-bad-case-of-the-miss-darkness-konosuba-vs-stormtrooper.145655/ Stormtrooper won there. Now I'm gonna pit Megumin against a Creeper to see how well...
  10. Peppersalt43

    Regular 9-C Tournament. Semifinals Match 1. Satou Kazuma vs Barry Berkman

    Traumatized Veteran : 0 Isekai Protagonist : 0 Incon : 0 Speed equalized Everything above 9-C is restricted First key Satou used Starting distance is 20 meters
  11. Flashlight237

    The Two Biggest Explosion Junkies Are On The Loose! (Megumin (Konosuba) vs Demoman (Team Fortress 2))

    Hopefully this isn't a stomp because really, these two are a serious mixed bag. So let's cut to the chase, alright? Megumin's main deal is explosions, which were clocked in at 30 tons of TNT in the beginning of the series; however, her durability is trash: just one kilojoule. Mike Tyson could...
  12. Peppersalt43

    Regular 9-C Tournament. Round 2 Match 1. Phong Lang vs Satou Kazuma (0-5-0)

    Isekai Protagonist : 5 Low-Budget Action Hero : 0 Incon : 0 Speed equalized Everything above 9-C is restricted Base Satou used Starting distance is 10 meter
  13. Peppersalt43

    Regular 9-C Tournament. Round 1 Match 3. Satou Kazuma vs Funtime Freddy

    Isekai Protagonist : 7 Deploy Freddy Fazbear : 0 Incon : 0 Speed equalized Everything above 9-C is restricted Base Satou used Starting distance is 1 meter
  14. Flashlight237

    Bad vs Good Luck (Sad Larry vs Satou Kazuma)

    Okay, so here's the deal. I'm pitting Sad Larry, whose luck is so terrible he couldn't kill himself even if he wanted to (although he almost succeeded since he barely survived an obese man in a bathtub), and Kazuma, whose luck allows him nearly run a country out of business and outdoing his own...
  15. DemonicDude

    Tier 9-C Streets of Violence Tournament (2022): Chris Jericho vs Satou Kazuma

    Group A: Match 7: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Equalized speed in all matches Location: Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City Distance: Fighting distance for every matchup will be 10 meters. Winner gets 3 points Losers gets 0 points Inconclusive match then both fighters gets 2 point each...
  16. Peppersalt43

    An explosive witch in a haunted museum

    Better than Aqua : 0 Eye Man : 0 Incon : 7 Speed equalized Fight takes place in the Louvre Museum, 30 meters apart with no LoS
  17. Spinoirr

    The Fusion Stat Equal Tournament: Cure Ultimate vs Laguna "Iris" Hydra

    Rules: the tournament rules are here SBA All stats are equal the fusions last forever they only have standerd equipment and are at their strongest via sba Cure Happy + Shadow the hedgehog (boom) = Cure Ultimate: 7 Iris + Laguna Dia Hydra = Laguna "Iris" Hydra:
  18. Confluctor

    Kazuma runs into an elder God (Shadowman vs Kazuma) (0-2-0)

    Both 8-C Shadowman is basically baseline Not sure about Kazuma tho Shadowman's third key - Unbound Shadowman - is used Kazuma's last key is used Speed equal pls don't be another stomp JoJo stand: The neet: Incon:
  19. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    darkness fights a space marine

    Darkness Space Marine: 2 (@Noneless21, @PsychoWarper) Rules: Both 8-C (Power Armor Space Marine used/first key) Speed equalized (new speed rule says something about equalizing combat speed and reactions but not travel speed. This means both are subsonic) Darkness has knowledge of the space...
  20. MidnightDawn1

    Lifting Upgrades for this wonderful verse!

    So just simple LS upgrades. 1. All of Kazuma's keys have Class M with Bind added. Tho I don't know if it's allowed. The reasoning is that they could bind Darkness who can lift the Hydra and restrain the Hydra itself. If it's not allowed then I think it definitely is mentioned somewhere on...
  21. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    A Vampire's Blessing on this Wonderful World? (Satou Kazuma VS Dracula)

    Satou Kazuma (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo!) VS Dracula (Dracula (Bram Stoker)) Base Kazuma is used and has dynamite. Fight takes place at 7:06 PM in Bran Castle, Bran, Romania Speed is equalized Satou Kazuma: Dracula: Inconclusive:
  22. Cultivator_Daemon

    Your favorite character gets transported into the world of Konosuba with a twist.

    The ROB (Random Omnipotent Being) decided that today was very good day to be an asshole. Forcefully taking your favorite character and throwing them into the world of Konosuba, giving them the option to either live their life freely on their own or defeat the Demon King and go back home. The ROB...
  23. MidnightDawn1

    9-B and Possibly higher upgrades for this Wonderfull Verse!

    Hello Everyone! Sorry that's it's been aaa while. But since 9-A Konosuba is in danger I obviously had to go through a list of feats. And managed to find Two (Now Three) that might help with things. The first feat is Kazuma freezing over the window as it turns out the feat is Wall Level. And...
  24. MidnightDawn1

    Minor Akatsukiverse Revisons!

    Hello Everyone! (It hasn't been long has it lmao). This is just a quick CRT where I'll be requesting for things to be added to the Akatsuki verse! Rokugo I think Rokugo should have an Expert Marksman due to having a gun on him. (He's also a Trained Combatant which would support this)...
  25. MidnightDawn1

    The Weakest Adventurer fights The Strongest Saiyan!

    Satou Kazuma (EOS) vs Goku (Dragon Ball Evolution) to celebrate Kazuma becoming 9-C he'll face off against Monke. Speed Equalised. Big Monke transformation and Escape Skill Restricted. The fight takes place in some forest during daylight. The Weakest (5): Rez, Nullflowerblush, Bernkastelll...
  26. MidnightDawn1

    A Street Level (9-C) Satou Kazuma for this Wonderful Verse!

    While it isn't 3-A Konosuba (But that's coming soon). This has been A long time coming. Now I made a Blog Post with a Calculation that would (Finally!) upgrade Satou Kazuma To Street Level (9-C). it's based on his 200kg LS feat in Volume 10. Obviously, this would affect the entire verse...
  27. MidnightDawn1

    Possible Magical 9-B/9-A upgrades to this Wonderfull Verse!

    As the Title Says will be upgrading Konosuba characters based on this feat. "Holding Megumin’s hand with my right, I put my left hand outside the blanket and cast a spell on the window. “Freeze!” A blow that used up almost all the mana within me. This spell froze the surface of the window...
  28. MidnightDawn1

    Satou Kazuma's Power Mimicry!

    Can I add 7 Skill Points to Kazuma's page? This is based on the fact that after re-reading Volume 16 Kazuma learnt 7 Skills. And while not all Skills cost 1 Skill Point for Kazuma. Most of the ones we see him get do cost that much and it's the most consistent number. And how does it work...
  29. MidnightDawn1

    Should Megumin be Upgraded to Small City Level (Low 7-B)?

    This is mainly due to her Mountain busting Feat in Volume 6. "Megumin’s voice rang out across the mountain range near the capital. “Explooooosion!!” “Uh-huh, great stuff. Ow! Hey, keep it under control—I can’t give you a piggyback ride with you thrashing around like that!” “Reprimand me if...
  30. MidnightDawn1

    Possible Lifting Upgrades for this Wonderfull World!

    Just as the title says I'll be Upgrading the Lifting Strength For the Konosuba verse (Assuming it's okay to scale everyone to the feat). Also does Dragging/pushing count for Lifting strength I assume it does if it doesn't then this thread is no longer valid. The person who the Entire verse...
  31. MidnightDawn1

    Does this qualify as Minor 4th wall Awareness for Team Kazuma?

    Well, this is a pretty minor CRT. But I think either Minor 4th wall awareness or full-on 4th wall Awareness would be given. To Kazuma, Megumin and Aqua. I realised this after seeing the standards for having Minor to proper 4th wall awareness added to a characters page so this should (hopefully)...
  32. MidnightDawn1

    Konosuba and Sentouin Scaling Part 2: Speed, Attack Potency, Intelligene and other Miscellaneous things

    Ok, Welcome To Part 2 Of the Konosuba and Sentouin Thread! It came a bit earlier than expected but oh well! So let's just get the easy ones out of the way. Rokugo (Combatant No.6) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Combat_Agent_Six I believe their base should be upgraded from 9-C...
  33. RandomGuy2345

    Blue-haired idiot vs Fiery-haired idiot

    Two idiots with fairly powerful hax battle it out to see who would win. Aqua (Konosuba) vs Johnny Test (Johnny Test) Goddess Aqua will be used (8-B+ version) Base form Johnny will be used (8-B+ version as well) Speed is equalized. Johnny will have all of his equipment. Both are in...
  34. MidnightDawn1

    Upgrading Konosuba characters through Sentouin!

    Okay so I'm back (Sorry for taking long). Anyway I'm just creating this thread for @FrenzyUND since honestly he's better at the powerscaling stuff than I am. So I'll just be adding onto Konosuba character abilties or scaling whatever. Wolbach Honestly nothing wrong with her page tbh I...
  35. Bruhtelho

    Aqua (Konosuba) VS Spongebob Squarepants: Aquatic Battle

    Both at 8-B, Goddess Aqua and Base Spongebob are used Speed is Equalized Fight ends in K.O or Incap Fight takes place outside Kazuma's Mansion (Spongebob can breath on land) Spongebob is not allowed his Optional Equipment The Goddess of Water, Aqua:9 (MidnightDawn1, Bernkastelll, Popted2...
  36. Joker009

    Tsunayoshi Sawada Vs Megumin (X-Burner Vs Explosion)

    This is my first "Vs Battle" forum discussion so please go easy on me as I may do a couple of inconsistencies.. With that said, let's kick it out with two of my favorite (explosive) characters in a fight: Tsunayoshi Sawada from Katekyo Hitman REBORN! Going up against Megumin from Kono...
  37. MidnightDawn1

    Attempting to explain the canon between Konosuba and Sentouin.

    Ok so this willl be the first (Or rather second) post I make on trying to justify cross scaling between Combatants will be dispatched and Konosuba. In this post I will be explaining how the two verses are connected. 1. Not that it matters much but both series are created by the same author...
  38. MidnightDawn1

    Kazuma vs Lynn Loud

    Just as tittle says We have Satou Kazuma (EOS) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Satou_Kazuma Vs Lynn Loud https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Lynn_Loud So who wins?
  39. MidnightDawn1

    Quick Kazuma CRT

    So I think Kazuma should have Minor Gravity/Physics manipulation with the snipe skill. https://textuploader.com/df5yb Despite attaching hooks the weight didn't affect the arrow due to the Snipe Skill. And also it should be added ok that Kazuma can use Enemy detection even when he isn't in the...
  40. MidnightDawn1

    Gifting Drain Touch to these forgotten undead!

    Pretty simple so all Undead characters that show intelligence should have drain touch. 1. Belida 2. Duke Both are undead and Drain Touch is stated to be a skill only usable by the undead. Which is basically half the plot of volume 3/season 2 as Sena was suspicious that Kazuma would know and...