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  • Lol. No. Castlevania still stomps SAO cuz of Dracula.
    Either ways, here’s the quote that you requested:
    “Soul…… in other words, the collection of those lights is a human’s soul?”

    “RATH engineers call it «Quantum Field». But, by giving the machine such a name, they must have thought about it already…… That quantum field, and the human’s soul.”

    “But then, what does it mean? Soul Translator is the machine that doesn’t access the human brain, but the soul itself……?”

    “When said like that, it doesn’t sound like a machine anymore, but a magic item in a game instead, huh.”

    What he said had softened the atmosphere slightly, and Kazuto then continued speaking as he grinned,

    “But, it isn’t an act of magic or god’s miracle. Let’s plunge into the explanation of its structure for a bit…… What it does is recording the spin and vector of each photon inside the microtubule, the «Qubit» unit data. In other words, the brain cell isn’t just a single gate switch to let electrical signals passing through, but it could be said that the cell itself is a unit of a quantum computer…… well, this part is already the limit of my understanding though……”

    “It’s alright, I have already passed that limit a long time ago.”

    “Me too……”

    Shino and “Asuna surrendered together before Kazuto exhaled his breath in relief.

    “The collection of photons which is the memory of that computer, perhaps, it might even be the human’s soul…… RATH has given it an original name. «Fluctuating Light», which they abbreviated to——”

    He paused slightly,


    Yo, its been a while i saw you around
    Sup Velox. Yeah it’s been a bit lol. Been busy with work so I haven’t participated in too many threads until recently, just lurked for the most part. How you been?
    Good, tho right i'm in my way to find a side jobs lel
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