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superman (pre-crisis)

  1. Hellformer

    Speed downgrade: PC Superman and SBP

    This thread focuses on downgrading speed tiers of two alternative versions of supermen due to their current reasoning being bad- 1) Pre-Crisis Superman: So basically this version of superman has immeasurable speed rating for breaking the boundaries of space and time but the scan also says that...
  2. Tots_Real

    The most pedantic Superman correction.

    Superman's age is listed as Likely 35-40 which is inaccurate since Clark should be around the same age as Lois as demonstrated by them both being in high school during Superboys comics (which despite starting in the 40s is actually part of earth 1's continuity from understanding) and Lois was...
  3. Accelerated_Evolution

    Pre-Crisis VS Post-Crisis (Superman VS Superman)

    Both are Low Multiversal Post-Crisis Superman is in his "Post-Eradicator Absorption" key and has prior knowledge of his Pre-Crisis counterpart's powers SBA victory conditions Both are in character Speed is equalized Both starts 1 kilometer away The links for their profiles are in the...
  4. Maverick_Zero_X

    Superman (DC Comics) Profile(s) Discussion Thread

    Golden Age / Earth-Two Silver Age / Earth-One / “Pre-Crisis” New Earth / “Post-Crisis” New 52 / “Post-Flashpoint” Rebirth I made this thread for suggestions on improving Supeman’s profiles in preparation for a CRT (adding missing abilities, scans or supporting evidence). To clarify this thread...
  5. Yet another Goku vs Superman Thread (7-3-0)

    Apparently Pre-Crisis Superman and Manga Goku are both at 3 universes so why not Resurrection F Saga Goku vs Pre-Crisis Superman Starting distance is 150 meters and speed is equalized Who wins? Goku: Sir_Marvulous, CryoTheMayo, XxZetsuxX, noninho, TheGodOfICE777, AwkguyDB, MusicRelaxing...
  6. Tllmbrg

    Pre-Crisis Superman speed and those who scale to it

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Superman_(Pre-Crisis) All the feats in his speed section are of flying, why does he have a special rating for flying through time? All of his speed feats linked on the page are flight feats as well, if we assume it is just a power thing and not pure speed why...
  7. RanaProGamer

    Goku vs Superman Cuz Why Not

    Goku is 2-C and I couldn't resist doing this again. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed Equalized Battle Of Gods Goku is used. Pre-Crisis Superman vs Super Saiyan God Goku Who wins and why?
  8. Excellence616

    Clash of The Strongest Heroes

    Speed Equalized Devil Hulk: 5 (@Oliver_de_jesus, @Scathan_The_Celestial, @Excel616, @Tomfer, @Marvel_Champion_07) Pre Crisis Superman: 0 Inconclusive:
  9. Elizio33

    Superman (Pre-Crisis) thread

    Alright, following the Anti-Monitor thread, I noticed that most of the reasoning behind Pre-Crisis Superman's level was a little weird and should be revised and cleaned up a bit with his more consistent feats. But first, I want to address some fears that I found confusing. This is taken...
  10. Oliver_de_jesus

    Crisis on infinite earths Novel

    so COIE has a novel written by Marv Wolfman(who wrote part of the original comic) in May 2005 to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the same, I'm looking but I can't find anything that says it's non-canon, or canon, can someone help me?
  11. Quantu

    Superman vs Goku

    Don't think this is banned? Pre Crisis Superman vs Xeno Goku. Peak Supes without Sword of Superman, Peak Goku without Keysword. Speed equalized. Superman: Goku:
  12. Seventy96

    Superman debunker

    So, I found this. Bullshit or not?
  13. Maverick_Zero_X

    Superman vs your favorite character(s)

    …In an arm wrestle! Your character can win by any means that don’t involve inflicting harm onto Supes. Round 1: DCEU Superman Round 2: New 52 Superman Round 3: Post-Crisis Superman Round 4: Pre-Crisis Superman (Yes, the version that could throw a neutron star like a softball)
  14. Stefano4444

    Pre-Crisis Superman's 2-C Revision

    Currently Pre Crisis Superman's tier its based on the assumption that he scale to Maaldor in his Abstract Form, however i did notice some issues in that scaling. While Pre Crisis Superman has fought Maaldor, that Maaldor its not the same one that was threating to destroy the many surrounding...
  15. Maverick_Zero_X

    Superman (Pre-Crisis) Martial Arts

    Uses boxing and jubo to easily defeat 3 opponents with strength equal to his own | Superman #107 (August, 1956) Was trained by Muhammad Ali for over 2 weeks in boxing and could copy his fighting style, though lost their match | All-New Collectors' Edition #C-56 (April, 1978)
  16. Teezar

    Omni king vs superman

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Zen%27%C5%8D Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Superman_(Pre-Crisis) Speed equalized. Superman : 2 Zeno: nil
  17. Stefano4444

    Superboy-Prime's Lifting Strength

    Superboy-Prime's Lifting Strength come from him tearing an opening in Monarch's armor during Final Crisis. However, as far i'm aware tear a part objects don't count as lifting strength, such feat would only count as AP as the armor is still durable enough to contain Monarch's power. But aside...
  18. RanaProGamer

    Pre Crisis Superman Fights A Freaking Dragon

    Superman takes on one of the strongest Bakugans in the verse, Drago. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. 2-C Versions. Aeroblitz Drago vs Pre Crisis Superman Who wins and why?
  19. Thelastmlg

    Pre crisis supes justif removal

    So now that we have a 2-C feat in his profile we should remove the clash one, it has been there ever since darkseid and the others were 2-B, but because "it was too high for supes", we pretended the feat was 2-C before adding the maldoor feat. If a feat is too high for a character, it is a...
  20. Sonic Vs Superman (Grace)

    Rules: Super Sonic is used Regular Superman is used Speed is equalized Win via by Death, KO, or Incap Modern Super Sonic: 8 (ShadowWarrior1999, ShakeResounding, Theuser789, GlaceonGamez471, Chaos jester25, sonicflare9, ElixirBlue, XSOULOFCINDERX) Superman (Pre-Crisis): Inconclusive:
  21. GarrixianXD

    Superman (Pre-Crisis) vs Son Goku (Xeno)

    It's just Superman vs Goku but far less toxic than Death Battle, well hopefully Round 1: Normal match, speed equalized Round 2: Supes gets the sword of Superman and Goku is 6D, speed unequalized
  22. DTG499

    Pre-crisis Superman vs Ghost Rider

    Both are 2-C and speed is equalized. Hope this isn't a stomp
  23. SSJRyu1

    Darkseid 2-B

    What feats specifically make guys like Darkseid 2-B? He is stated to scale to others as reasoning but it doesn't link to the feats they have which make them 2-B from what ive seen. If somebody could provide the feats with scans for the 2-B rankings that would be awesome.
  24. Tots_Real

    Superman (Pre-Crisis) Vs Pegasus Seiya

    9th Sense Seiya Vs Base Superman Fight takes place in a dead universe Both have no knowlage of the other
  25. BigSmoke4269

    Pre-Crisis Batman

    Pre-Crisis Batman when (This shouldn't be in "VS Threads" but I can't change it now)
  26. Anorak1

    Superman upgrade to 2-A

    This thread is about a feat that has been use as "low multiverse". All description of this is already in the profile, but there's a detail that is quite important and it's missing. Time Trapper erased ALL possible futures, not only some of them. And in Warlod #80, Reno explained that are an...
  27. LordGriffin1000

    Questions about DC Comics Timespand

    What is the Golden Age and Silver Age of comics timespand?. Is Silver Age the Pre Crisis Era?. Do we have a timeline for this events?. Same for Modern Age, is that Post-Crisis or like New 52/Rebirth stuff?, I really want to know. I'm asking because we have Superman (Original) who has a Golden...
  28. DTG499

    How fast is Pre-Crisis Superman?

    I'm assuming(hoping) that he is faster than the shattered god feat.
  29. ZephyrosOmega

    2-B Pre-Crisis

    So I noticed that Darkseid got buffed to 2-B. I don't at all disagree with it, but I was wondering why it wasn't applied to anyone else. Superman and Green Lantern both have pre-crisis keys, as do (i assume) some other characters. Shouldn't they also be upgraded to 2-B?
  30. ABoogieYesSir

    Superman's additon's

    Pre-Crisis: Limited Spatial Manipulation: Can seal off a universe from the rest of the multiverse Limited Attack Reflection: Deflect's a magic attack by spinning Post-Crisis: Limited Radiation Manipulation via Heat Vision: Created a EMP Limited Invisibility Attack: Indicates he can...
  31. LordWhis

    Change for all superman versions

    Since all Superman versions are 10B without the presence of yellow sun shouldn't all of his versions be 10B, X tier in the presence of a yellow sun. X being the version's current tier
  32. Firestorm808

    Golden Age Superman Modern Key Upgrade

    I would like to propose upgrading Golden Age Superman to Low 2-C like Superboy-Prime. My reasonings are below. This rating will not scale to Post-Crisis Superman due to consistancy. What do you think? During the Silver Age, Kal-L was equal to Kal-El. Kal-El at the time was some degree of...
  33. ArchieSønic18

    Pretty Crisis Superman Vs Classic Doctor Fate

    A battle between the Red Spandex Powerhouse and the Man With a Trusty Vomit Bucket. Rules will go as following: Both will be 2-C Speed will be Equalized Both will be bloodlusted And both will not be able to use outside help (With Doctor Fates Helmet being an exception.) Superma...
  34. The_Wright_Way

    War of the Supermen

    Pre-Crisis Superman vs Post-Flashpoint Superman. Both at 2-C. Speed Equalized. Superma vs.
  35. SSJRyu1

    Pre-Crisis Superman 2-C feat

    I question the feat with Pre-Crisis Superman reseting the multiverse with Jaxon tbh. It is made clear that the time trapper had to transport the energy of the GL rings to a "time dimesnion" in order for it to cause the possible futures of that earth to be "wiped out". Said energy alone could...
  36. Landon_Avery

    Superman (Pre-Crisis) vs Rune King Thor

    Superma vs Thor My brother! Rules: Fight end in KO or death Speed =ized Location: The Null Realm(DBZ)
  37. PapiSavitar5025

    Superman Existence Erasure Feats

    So, this is something that's been bugging me for a while. Does Pre-Crisis have ANY existence erasure resistance feats or anything of the sort? It feels wrong to have like, Post-Crisis and Rebirth to have those but Pre-Crisis of all things not to. Has he really not foughten anyone like Darkseid...
  38. Anomalous_N_I_W_D_E

    Super Bugs key possible upgrade/revision.

    I was looking back on Bugs's profile and funnily enough there was a SUPER Bugs, I tried seeking out more info of Super Bugs and surprisingly he's seemingly depicted to be much higher then his current stats. For Super Bugs here is what I gathered what started out as simple got a tad... Complex...
  39. Stalker_Maggot

    Small Superman upgrade

    Light manipulation Btw, I'm pretty sure this is Superman (Pre-Crisis)
  40. Zamasu_Chan

    Superman battle Royale

    Original: 0 Pre-Crisis: 0 Prime One Millio: 4 New 52: 0 ALL 2-C SBA Incon: STOMP