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  • Hello.

    This is a final warning meant to give you an opportunity to willingly change the type of recurrently obnoxious behavior that you have been previously warned about and punished for. If you do not comply with this, we will likely be forced to give you a ban. We would highly appreciate it you make a sincere effort to shape up from now onwards.


    that thread has nothing to do with the things i've already been punished for. it isn't a low-quality profile or a cool cat revision. it's an old revision i tried (and failed) to make during the forum move. then i tried again here, but i used vulgar language (which is against the rules now apparently) and someone else had already started with it. i haven't been warned about or punished for either of those things before.
    Well, the point is that people in our rule-violations reports thread are tired of you being ongoing obnoxious. I managed to diminish your punishment from a ban to a warning, but you really need to take this seriously and make a sincere effort to shape up.
    To not derail to the thread with a discussion about this, I'll leave this off by saying that anti-feats aren't the only way outliers appear; they can also simply be different from the general portrayal of that character/series, which can also involve the context around the character, not just separate feats. A character generally portrayed as a normal human who gets flung through the air with minor injuries would be more of an outlier than a genetically-engineered superhuman having that same feat, even if it's the only feat for both characters.

    (I also edited this into my last post on the profile deletions thread, btw)
    alright, thanks. i think curious george as a series is generally portrayed as a bit of an exaggeration of the real world. not anywhere near to the extent of, say, looney tunes, of course. just to the point at which some of the less believable stuff isn't quite out of place.
    Fair enough.
    Well the Qubo network is gone thanks to E W Scripps, which means no more Inspector Gadget on TV.

    And this is actually the most disturbing way that Qubo left us on a high note on TV: Notice how Inspector Gadget was the last one to get shot. Dunno if I should consider that good thing by interpreting that Inspector Gadget was the last one standing alive or a bad thing since Gadget got killed with all his buddies gone. But goddamn, they had to snipe my boi Rupert first and Rupert was one of my other most favorite shows on the channel.

    Wonder where I should actually post this? The Fun and Games Board?
    what in the actual absolute god damn diddly darn fresh fuck
    ohhhhhh yeah april fools
    Hahahahaha did you really think that i wouldn't comeback to this wiki to pester you again lol oh and it's pan btw but this will probably be the last time that i will see your big face again as i will be denied the access to internet for the next 3 months from tomorrow on because my parents discovered what i have done but i want you to know this i will always hate you and if i see you anywhere i will beat the living shit out of you fucking die piece of shit
    Hey smoke it’s me pandimenionalbeing042 how are you i know you still hate me but I wanna apologies for everything that i did too you i know you won’t forget it easily but i hope we can talk again like we used too
    Time to put you to the test. I have three pages I want to make, all of which are three versions of the same characters from the same franchise. I haven't added the tabber, links, photos, or categories yet but I'll add them so you have plenty of time. Time for the first page.

    Bees (Books)


    The Bees are a colony of bees owned by Mr. Andretti from the Goosebumps book Why I'm Afraid of Bees. When Gary Lutz who hates the bees that belong to his neighbor goes to swap bodies with another child named Dirk Davis, a bee gets stuck in the machine causing Gary to be stuck in the bee's body while it is stuck in Dirk's body having trouble what's going on.

    Powers and Stats​

    Tier: 10-C, 10-A in groups

    Name: Bees

    Origin: Goosebumps

    Gender: Male or female, Depends on bee

    Age: Varies, Bees die at 5-7 weeks old, although for the colony itself Unknown

    Classification: A Bee Colony

    Powers and Abilities: Small Size (Type 2), Natural Weaponry (Stingers), Flight

    Attack Potency: Below Average Human level (Can easily be overpowered by children), Athlete level in groups (Easily overpowered a beekeeper and seemingly Dirk in Gary's body who is a Soccer player)

    Speed: Superhuman (Speed blitzed a human)

    Lifting Strength: Regular Human level in groups (Can pick up humans)

    Striking Strength: Below Average Human Class, Athlete Class in groups

    Durability: Below Average level

    Unknown (They are never shown being tired)

    Range: Below Standard Melee Range

    Standard Equipment: None Notable

    Intelligence: Animalistic (Can do bee tasks)

    Weaknesses: Standard Bee Weaknesses


    Notable Victories:

    Notable Losses:

    Inconclusive Matches:
    Ok but like where does it say how many bees there are
    The beekeeper part, it's after bees are escaping from the hive and Gary exploits the fact. Them beating up a kid comes near the end of the book.
    If a bunch of bees were coming out of the hive I doubt that only a couple of them would be attacking
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