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Darkseid 2-B

What feats specifically make guys like Darkseid 2-B? He is stated to scale to others as reasoning but it doesn't link to the feats they have which make them 2-B from what ive seen. If somebody could provide the feats with scans for the 2-B rankings that would be awesome.
He apparently scales from Mordru who scales from Fate who scales from Indra who seems to be baseline 2B
Parallax is 2-A though... And the Darkseid > Takion > Parallax stuff was removed.
OK fair enough, so its scaling to a doctor fate story where he was prtrayed as 2-B. Thanks for clarifying. Where is it said he is above Doctor fate though? If I could get a scan stating or implying that it would be great.
It's cause he defeated Mordru (the scan of which is on Darkseid's profile) and Mordru defeated Kent Nelson (that scan is on Mordru's profile), so Darkseid > Mordru > Kent Nelson.
It was a different era, the cosmology was being reinvented, and the story was written by an author who is kind of known for just doing his own thing with the multiverse. When a multiversal feat happens in DC, it's usually best practice to look at the surrounding context and scale it based on that.
yes I know but I mean that before the crisis the multiverse (not 1980 where there is the multiverse was already 2A but between 1960-70 iirc) had been declared as every possibility.
The multiverse was not portrayed that way in this story. The feat you're showing was dealing with diverging timelines. This story was dealing with parallel universes and foreign realms. And the writer just blatantly gave us a solid number.