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fate manipulation

  1. Wikisource

    Acausality question

    Does resisting causality hax or fate hax automatically have type 4 acausality?
  2. Rockysbalboa

    Rick sanchez upgrade for hax

    Hello, I have created a profile for Rick Sanchez, and I would appreciate it if you could read it carefully. Please allow me to present my arguments: FIRST As seen at the beginning of an episode, each member of Rick's family receives and opens a fortune cookie. However, the fortune cookie Jerry...
  3. Fezzih_007

    Kid Goku Fate Manipulation or Blessed

    Hello, Hello and hello;)how you all doing today? I don't care at all, so anyway les't get right into it. During Bardock and Gas fight, Monaito ask to Bardock if he have a wish on the Dragon balls of the planet cereal, and his answer is: (the dragon balls grants wishes btw) Which vegeta...
  4. EinelRendezvous

    Yogiri Takatou and Aoi Hayanose, mostly others that get scaled to Plot Manipulation downgrade to Fate Manipulation.

    — Main Problems. • Aoi Hayanose Plot Manipulation Reasonings. The main thing that Aoi has PM is the description; (Aoi can manipulate the plot of destiny; like a movie protagonist she is protected from death as long as her death is "not interesting") - This is an incorrect description and...
  5. TheGreatJedi13

    Granblue Fantasy Captain King's Eye and King's Testament (Fastest Ability readdition any%)

    Scans with a black background are read starting from the bottom So Captain's Acausality Type 2 was removed due to him just having Irregular Causality and Fate and not really Acausal to the point that he has no past or future. WELL, HE GOT IT BACK. The New Main story just dropped and they gave...
  6. FoxySonicMaster108

    Question (Fate Manipulation VS Supernatural Luck)

    Would Fate Manipulation be able to beat out Supernatural Luck? Or would Supernatural Luck beat out Fate Manipulation? Like one character can change their own fate, but would Supernatural Luck some how be able to counter it?
  7. TheGreatJedi13

    Granblue Fantasy Captain CRT. one of many to fix this horrendously outdated profile

    I realized I'll probably get nowhere if I decided to update this profile in one go and I really want to. but since Formatting and Abilities are 2 different things. I'll just make CRT for abilities he is missing + update the profile before fixing his horrendous format. Scans with black...
  8. LordGinSama

    Acausality vs HD Causality

    Title is self explanatory, this thread serves the purpose of finding out if characters with type 4 Acausality can resist higher dimensional forms of Causality / Fate Manipulation. Example being that character A has type 4 Acausality but their cosmology only extends to 3-D in size and Potency...
  9. TheGreatJedi13

    Arcarum Death mini crt. Resistance to Fate and non-physical interaction

    Upon updating Death's profile and adding some references/scans I noticed some abilities that weren't added that she possessed Non-physical interaction - Due to her nature as a primal beast and Type 1 Abstract of Death, She should get Non-physical interaction as her abilities as the concept of...
  10. PrinceofPein

    How we treat abilities used against lower Ds

    So I realized most characters with abilities such as; Fate manipulation, plot manipulation, Existence Erasure e.t.c. have those abilities because of them controlling plots or fates of characters with which they have an ontological difference or view as fiction. But somehow when they are used in...
  11. TheGreatJedi13

    Resistance to fate manip or simply Immortality type 5

    Basically, 2 entities Fate are tied to each other. if one of them dies so does the other. This is an Axiom that cannot be broken because Fate plays a big role in this verse 1 of them is a normal human while the other is the concept of death and has no concept of Death of her own The normal human...
  12. Fixxed

    Small revision for Maou Gakuin part 2

    Just want to add more ability for order Order is meta-fate and providence of the world. Also order see the whole world just as theater performance, every phenomenom and event in the world is control by order, when event is end and disappear order will create the new and keep the world in...
  13. Sniper670

    Pretty quick question

    Can you use fate manipulation on characters who's future/fate/Destiny cannot be seen?
  14. Tetsuya1029

    Ikki's Fate Manipulation

    On his profile under Fate Manipulation, it is stated, "Since they are beings that have broken the chains of fate, they capable of influencing fate. Desperados can exert an aura that can influence the world around them, letting them kill other Blazers with their will. It's often thought that...
  15. EldemadeDityjon

    Outerversal, Transduality, plot&fate manipulation

    I have few questions What are exactly the Platonic concepts Can any character get Transduality type 3 by Transcending every duality in the verse on conceptual level. Does some fate manipulation better than Plot manipulation Let's say if a plot exist in a verse and higher dimensional...
  16. Noneless21

    Acausality Type 4 VS Layered Fate Manip (or Smurf Fate Manip)

    Okay, so i got some question 1. If we have character A that have baseline acausality type 4 while character B has confirmed layered fate manip, can character B's fate manip affect character A? 2. same as the above but change the layered fate manip to smurf fate manip 3. does a character that...
  17. TheGatememer

    If someone exists outside a system of fate, would that grant anything?

    Would that just be a resistance to Fate Manipulation? Or something else?
  18. chosen

    Question about plot/fate manipulation

    Lets say Character A has passive plot/fate hax that stops him permanently dying but he can still die.how would it work in a vs match? And how it Would work if it only stops you from losing permanently but can't die? If i didn't explained this right You can ask in comments for clarification
  19. Drhorrible100

    Pure hearts CRT

    The pure hearts should have fate manipulation due to stopping a prophetic book that had never been wrong before (as far as we know, and with every scenario presented in game except for the chaos heart the Dark Prognosticus was correct)
  20. Regidian

    Precognition and Fate manipulation

    So because i don't want to hear this argument anymore i will ask this. We have two characters. Guy A that can see direct futur. Guy B that can shave all infinite futur/possibility into only one. Does the guy A that can see the direct futur will create a new futur/be able to change the futur...
  21. Purgy

    Kratos Resistance to Fate Manipulation

    I noticed on Kratos's profile that he has resistance to Fate Manipulation; However, The Sisters of Fate were still able to manipulate Kratos's fate, they just weren't able to make him directly lose As it says in the linked evidence, Kratos's fate was changed by The Sisters of Fate, they put...
  22. Thebannanaworkshop

    how do you you guys feel about this?

  23. sanicspood

    is this fate hax?

    or at least a limited version?
  24. Braking

    Fate Manipulation Question.

    So like if a character Has fate manipulation and they are up against a type 4 acausal or someone resistant to fate. would it work if they only do it on themselves? for better understandment here was the thing i was wondering about. Minor Fate Manipulation (Servants with B-rank Luck or higher...
  25. Coolboy6

    About Archie Sonic’s fatehax

    Does his fatehax give him immortality? What type of immortality?
  26. KingKenjo

    What are the limits of The Almighty?

    So I know that The Almighty is one of the most broken Bleach abilities (if not the most broken singular ability in the series), but from a powerscaling point of vew and taken out of the context of Bleach, what are some things that it couldn't do? I know power nulling 4-D hax is on that list, but...
  27. Rabbit2002

    A long questions of newbei

    1/ Create or destroy Aleph 2 universes which tier it would be? Low 1-C or Low-1A? Similar to Aleph 3 and up 2/ Would a paradoxical concept like concept of "no concept" be Nep 1 or 2? Some examples (from SCP) "CNC : A rare substance similar in appearance and structure to glass, which primarily...
  28. Rikimarox2

    Is this fate manipulation, or probability manipulation?

    I have been making an SCP profile, and I'm conflicted on whether it is Fate manipulation, or Probability manipulation. Basically, here's the scan: "All individuals who directly observe SCP-5212 will, without exception, die within the next six months. The method of death is variable but always...
  29. TheGatememer

    Do passives work on people with passive fatehax?

    Basically what the title says. Say Character A has Passive Death hax. But Character B has passive fate hax that protects them, but doesn't have resistance to Death hax. Would Character A's Death hax still work?
  30. Firephoenixearl

    Can NEP be affected by fate?

    The title. Can NEP be affected by fate manipulation? Type 1 Type 2
  31. Nitro90

    Acausality and Probability Manipulation

    Alright maybe a dumb question would Acausality type 3 and 4 give you resistance to Probability manipulation?
  32. JoshSSJGod

    Fate Hax and Acausality

    As with my involvement with many threads I've seen something that has varied between user to user often. Its regarding Type 2 of Acausality and it's resistance to Fate Manipulation. I have been told by admins and mods that Type 2 grants immunity to Fate hax due to not having any future to...
  33. Zeifyl

    Question about Destiny Bond

    I've seen the move Destiny Bond on various Pokémon profiles as Death Manipulation? Is there any particular reason why it is that? As far as I can tell, the name implies Fate Manipulation more than Death Manipulation. But I don't know of anything else that implies either way otherwise. Anyone...
  34. The_real_cal_howard

    Remove fatehax from Sword of Acorns

    [1] [2] It comes from this ^. How this got accepted as fatehax is beyond me. Nothing states it is, nothing implies it is. All we get is a flash and Sonic waking up, with the king saying the SoA saved them from certain doom. Yet someone extrapolated this to meaning that the SoA altered fate to...
  35. Oliver_de_jesus

    immeasurable speed vs precog and destination hax

    well this came out of here the thing is if the immeasurable speed gives the user default resistance to precog and destination hax but there are feats of that these have worked on beings with immeasurable speed
  36. Sir_Marvulous

    Is "History Manipulation" basically Fate Manipulation?

  37. Oliver_de_jesus

    acausality type 2-4 Question

    acausality type 2 question: If a character describes that there is only one version of him in a multiverse that has infinite replicas of everything except him, would that qualify for type 2? example: the monitor and Anti monitor, there is only one version of them in the regular multiverse...
  38. ElixirBlue

    Top 5 strongest F's on vs Fandom wiki

    Who holds the top 5 most powerful Fate Manipulation in the vs battle site and why? I don't want to keep claiming things I don't really know for certai Edit: in a previous thread, it was determined that different verses treat Fate Manipulation differently and there isn't a real consistency...
  39. Stocking.exe

    What could it be?

    The power that can interfere with past present and future from outside the timeline,Could it be just a normal time manipulation,Causality,Fate or something else? Thank you
  40. Rin_The_Dragon_Empress

    Let's have a talk: Fate & Causality manipulation vs Acasuality

    This is soemthing that's been bothering me for the longest amount of time since I've seen this argument quite a few times. Often I'll see users that ((insert characters name here)) has Fate hax that can effect type 2-5 Acausality. Users like to say that this isn't an anti feat of the character...