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  • Alright, I can do Sonic as well if you need some people if necessary. I'm not a calcs guy, but I can find feats for you if that's fine. Same with Danganronpa and One Punch Man too.
    You are completely fine. Categorizing Sonic X Eggman is a hard task to get yourself motivated to do, which I was happy when you agreed.

    Our lives need to be put 1st, fictional characters come 2nd. They'll always be there later. I hope you are able to do what you need to do for your mental health.

    If you are interested in helping out again, I can give you a much easier task.
    Let me think about it.
    Okay, I am back. I don't think I can do any searching up stuff right now. Sorry man, I just can't until my mind is straight.

    The Brotherhood of Guardians profile

    The Zone Cops profile

    Reworking Pre-Gen Robotnik's intelligence section

    Update Rouge the Bat's profile with techniques

    The Dr. Robotnik (OVA) profile

    Get that DC page out of the Ultimate Annihilator's profile

    (New) Ultimate Annihilator Revision

    Push for having the Resistance to EE blog to be added to Pre-Gen Sonic's profile for explanation to others for the ability's justification

    Maybe some Deku Link abilities to be added

    Archie's Void might need a profile

    (New) Archie Chaos Emeralds keys
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