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Skill Thread: New Beginnings

I don’t see how being used by wiki’s makes it valid.... I don’t care enough to complain that much but it is kinda weird.
The Arena size varies massivly depending on the fight. Lu Bu vs Thor was big enough for Lu Bus entire army to enter for example
It's still being viewed by all of the humanity and co, regardless the size of the Arena is consistently large. First round and second round could fit Lu Bu's Army, take Thor's shockwaves, etc.

The arenas size will always be large enough to withhold that sheer number of people and gods but it can get bigger.
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Because the visuals are inconsistent with the statement, the state in this case gets priority since the entire series is meant as a final stand between humanity and the Gods with every human and co present for each match.

Arguing that stadium to only be city sized is absurd, and is no different than saying the Seireitei from Bleach is town sized since that's what the art shows.
Except that "entirety of humanity" is outside of the ring, i am talking about the inside of the ring which he filled, these things are way too different.
Which would still be massive regardless due to the sheer size of the stage in comparison to the rest of the stadium. Poseidon filled the entire stage and a good portion of said arena which Sasaki could deflect, dodge and block with his Thousand Image Defense.
Sasaki is clearly capable of reacting to Poseidon. And visually it clearly wasn't that massive. You have direct contradictions in visuals.
Earl, for the last time the visual don't matter when the size drawn defeats the purpose of both the literal ******* story of the plot and the context of the series. You really need to stop pushing this "Arena smaller than a city :)" bullshit since nobody is agreeing with you or your nonsense.

Sasaki was only able to react to Poseidon due to his AD and his Thousand Image Defense. Poseidon was blatantly seen and stated to be FTE to Sasaki and was moving too fast for him to react.
The size of the arena inside doesn't defeat any point so that's moot on your side.

He was still at least comparable in speed. There are some scenes where he clearly is shown to be comparable in speed.
Doesn't matter, Poseidon filled with stadium and a decent amount of the actual dome itself with his 40 day Flood.

That's a complete and total lie, Poseidon was always portrayed as vaslty superior in all stats to Sasaki, Sasaki could only keep up by constantly evolving and the usage of his Thousand Image Defense which was pushed to it's upper most limits to compensate. Sasaki was nowhere near comparable to Poseidon in terms of speed, he evolved several times throughout the fight, relied on his skill and Prediction and Poseidon was still the vaslty superior of the two.
Poseidon is blatantly FTE to Sasaki, Sasaki could only keep up through his Thousand Image Defense and his AD which allowed him to match Poseidon until he increases his speed yet again.

40 day flood and it reaches The god side of the stadium up to the highest seats. Also no you literally can't since Sasaki never fought Odin, and he kept up with Poseidon with his AP and AD.
Also for the record, Thousand Image Defense allows Sasaki to view any possible attacks his opponents could make and predicts the next move they'll make. This involves mental training, The number of his opponents attacks are meaningless, Out of these possibilities, Sasaki narrows it down and predicts the next coming move perfectly
It's actually impossible to do that. I will later show you a case of Sasaki clearly moving at comparable speeds.

That is clearly just the arena without even counting the water part of the ring. "reaching the god" is not an argument cus that is 1. just the camera angle, and the stadium isn't that high either way. Height and surface have nothing to do with each-other.

I see the "view the possible attacks", i definitely do not see the "predict the next attack" though, he just predicts what the possibilities for the next attacks are, not what it is for sure. You keep showing me everything i've already said with the "he only sees the possibilities", you haven't given me anything for the "narrows it down to 1 possibility" yet.
1: Literally what the **** are you on about? It's absolutely possible, Sasaki could predict all of Poseidon's moves and had crazy AD to evolve himself and a stat amp via Volund. Your quite literally inserting your own headcanon and blatantly ignoring context. "Sasaki is comparable and I can show with using scans and never going over the context of said scan."

2: Earl, that's not the camera view nor the camera angel. The Gods are quite literally seeing the massive attack in front of their eyes, Ares was even shocked as to how massive and close it got to them. Once again this is you attempting to sweep shit under the rug to downplay feats with your agenda. See how massive the seating is? Ares can see that shit close to him and he's at the top of the stadium

3: The scan above is literally just that, and are you dumb? Like not even being rude, but if you legitimately can't tell the difference between viewing something and predicting something is the dumbest shit I've heard. It's still seeing shit coming, viewing is actual better if anything since you literally know what's gonna happen next. Sasaki can view the entire arsenal of his opponents and then know each and every single move his opponent is gonna make. Nobody thus far has agreed with your flawed method of rating AP, you aren't the sole authority of how we run shit in these threads so stop acting as if you are especially when you have several people who disagree with you and none that agree with you. Your ******* blatantly being ignorant of everything that's going on, willing ignoring the context of the series in order to benefit your own argument intentionally.
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1. I'll get the scan in a bit. Also tone down the aggression, consider this a warning.
2. To quote myself
Height and surface have nothing to do with each-other.
3. >Are you dumb?
>Not being rude
I can see that, also refer to point 1 regarding this.
As for the rest. First of all can you quote me the exact line that says "he narrows it down"? Maybe i am just failing to see that line in what you linked, who knows? Second of all,
Sasaki can view the entire arsenal of his opponents and then know each and every single move his opponent is gonna make.
We're gonna act like i denied this? Also a bit of a fix on what you said "every move his opponent can make".
1: Said scan doesn't matter, Sasaki is always constantly reading thousands steps ahead of his opponent, he could dodge Poseidon's attack via TID and his AD.

2: Which once again, is moot as we given direct shots of how high said arena reaches, and considering all of humanity and every god is attending would still make that structure incredibly tall, not only wide. I posted several scans.

3: "He simulates the following move and proceeds to avoid it!" So let me explain it like this, Sasaki can view thousands of possible outcomes and moves his opponent can make. I.E he can view the entire arsenal of an opponent but from those thousands of moves he needs to predict which one is gonna come next. He doesn't see the future like how Katakuri from One Piece can for example, he's simply looking at his opponents options and from there it's up to him to predict each move perfectly. So he's narrowing a singular attack from any attack his opponent can make, even if the number is in the high thousands. So it's basically "I can view thousands of attacks you can make but I need to narrow it down to predict the next oncoming attack accurately.
1. This is one of the many cases, but here is sasaki doing this huge slash before the spear reaches him which is this distance away from his head before he starts moving. Doing actions like that is clear speed, prediction helps you move before something when you're moving while sth has started to come towards you it's raw speed being comparable. And as i said, it's just 1 of the many cases where he clearly reacts and is shown to be comparable in speed. Another case is in a scan you posted funily enough. In this scene they move a comparable distance in the same amount of time.

2. You use the visuals for how high it reaches but refuse to consider the visuals for the size of the dome, well...quite the double standard we got here. And as i said, height and width don't need to be comparable and since you don't have any statement about the height we're gonna have to use the visuals and yeah it's definitely not that big.

3. Hmm, that line on that scan is actually a bit contradicted. Here it says he simulates all thousand of attack patterns, in this line it says he simulates only the following move.
1: That's Sasaki at the end of his fight after a Volund amp, his Thousand Image Defense getting pushed to the limits and several AD amps. Poseidon at this point was also hellbent on turning the fight into a contest of strength. See what I mean by blatantly ignoring context Earl? Next scan is during the start of the fight and Sasaki read ahead there.

2: No, we aren't using visuals as they directly contradict the whole point of the plot of the Manga. This is no different from AgK's Capital or Bleach's Seireitei.

3: And out of those possibly outcomes he has to predict which is coming next. He goes through all possible ways they can attack, then from there he needs to predict when they'll use said attack and timing.
1. He read ahead and clearly still showed to be comparable in speed. Reading ahead doesn't mean you ignore the fact that he clearly moved a similar distance to Poseidon's spear. Also Sasaki even in his profile has "dodging Poseidon" as a speed feat. So that's on you buddy.

2. Height doesn't contradict it.

3. What need is there to simulate everything if he can know which one is coming? What need is there to fight Poseidon so many times inside his head if he can know which move is coming?
1: No, he could get a read and AP Poseidon in the beginning of his fight, Sasaki reads thousands of steps ahead so he can react to shit faster than himself. That's how he keeps up with Poseidon at the beginning of the fight until Poseidon starts trying. And yes, being able to read thousands of attacks before they even happen absolutely would help with Sasaki being able to dodge and react. We have several statements and instances of Poseidon being FTE to Sasaki, even with his TID.

2: Height absolutely does contradict the sheer size of the Arena, the width shown still wouldn't be able to withhold the amount of people present, neither would the height be able to accommodate that number of people.

3: Because he's predicting literal every single outcome possible, and out of those outcome he needs to narrow it down to fore see the oncoming attack. He fought Poseidon in his head to gather information, not just to predict his attacks.
1. Im not gonna bother anymore with this considering the profile considers it speed so...people have already proven that argument wrong before i won't waste time to do it again.

2. As i've said im gonna make a CRT about that, since im not the only one who has an issue about it.

3. He needs info to fight Poseidon in his head in the first place. It's the reason he "scans". Fighting poseidon in his head had nothing to do with gathering info he had already gathered info with the scanning.
1: Once again context matters, him dodging in the profile is after Sasaki got several boots and takes his AP into consideration.

2: You literally are the only one. Show me other people having an issue with it.

3: No? He literally gathers information by analyzing his opponents behavior, blinking, gants, and breathing, etc. He then takes that information to form a perfect replica to train with based on pre fight information. That's his scanning ability, not his prediction part.
Just asking but how is defeating someone with FAR greater experience in combat (let's say H2H combat for this case) not a skill feat if you best said character in what they're best at?
Because just saying you bodied people for years or millennia doesn’t tell us what you can do besides your stamina. Were those guys only Judo practitioners, masters who are the absolute best in history, people from every school of martial arts, have comparable stats, less or even far more etc?

Beating people at what they are good at is only valid if we know what said best is.
Just asking but how is defeating someone with FAR greater experience in combat (let's say H2H combat for this case) not a skill feat if you best said character in what they're best at?
The "rule" isn't about that tho, it is about "a billion years of constant fight in a battlefield" and things like that, just like Blank said.
oh ok, because Kenshiro got a big upgrtade to his intelligence and he probably ranks significantly higher now, well, we'll see