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Skill Thread: New Beginnings

ZY is also up there for the 10 in AP, being able to predict the personalities, instincts, thoughts, and hundreds of millions of skills from many opponents at the same time
Scans of Musashi's AP being able to view millions of possibilites? That sounds related to her Empyrean Eye which is more hax than it is skill.

Sasaki from RoR is probably the most prominent I can think of. I just finished the Poseidon fight not too long ago and I think it's stated that he can view dozens of thousands of possibilities, Poseidon can match and outdo this with his own AP and Sasaki later evolves his AP to see and scan "all of creation." I.E the entire arena holding every human and god to have ever lived.

Joseph Joestar takes the cake tho tbh

It would seem that while the initial translation of her fight with Kojiro specifies "hundreds of millions of possibilities", the official translation cut the number and says "untold possibilities"

Btw, i should have said it before Baki created the thread (my bad) but i think we should start to list the character as "99-90, 89-80, etc" instead of the current "top 1, 2, 3, etc".
Well, if you can find the skill feats for the verse in each of the 10 categories (which aren't in the OP because Creature and Baki were adjusting a few things) it would be better than just list a few characters (well, at least the two you listed don't have detailed profiles about their skills)
well.....is 10 books.....
Does 'magical skill' count? or just physical stuff?
Since Earl, and iirc Creature, agreed when i said "skilled in using magic" was indeed a thing, if you can find a magician with good feats for the 10 categories, he could be in, as long as they aren't things like homing magic for precision, future-sight for analytical prediction, etc, obviously.
well.....is 10 books.....
Zhong Yue comes from a novel with more than 1400 chapters...

The categories are Body Control, Precision, Power Mimicry, Info Analysis, Analytical Prediction, Instinctive Reaction, Weapon Mastery/Martial Arts, Skill Chains, Accelerated Development, and Misc.

Don't even ask me what is "Misc.", i never understood it, and the skill chains will be removed (having scaling skill feats will not, just giving points for it).
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is not really simple as just those 10 books the lore of those 2 is skater across the whole verse so it will take me a while
Well, if you have already read them you probably has an idea where are the good feats, if you have not then now is a good time to, good luck!
Just saying the obvious on the AP section.

Ikki can do the whole "all possibilities" thing, but he then narrows it down to just 1 future that will for sure happen. So basically 1 step further from Musashi and Sakaki (RoR).
How exactly that is any different from what the others do? It isn't like they predidct so many things they are "okay, what will you actually do?" And "all possibilities" is a NLF no matter how you look at.
They take into account everything you can do to then fight. That is word by word what Sakaki does, Ikki on the other hand:

You can call it a system of values. By using that―the person's actions and plans, what that person is thinking right now, how I myself should move, what countermeasures should be taken, whether to move forward or draw back, to attack or defend―every possible action is completely and quite clearly predictable. For example, at this moment, I know that you've taken three steps back.

And ikki gains a lot more than simply "what will he do?" as he gains all the info ^^^.
There is also the:

A knight who instills fear in his rival. Three minutes had passed since the start of the battle, but unlike Iris, Ikki never stopped gathering information about his opponent. Combinations, movements, breathing, even thoughts ... every detail that shaped a knight named Iris.
Having collected all the information, it is not surprising that from that moment on, the fight turned into ... a solo performance by Ikki Kurogane!
So, the highest level of AP is predicting thoughts? So it is ZY vs Ikki, since they are the only ones with that afaik.

Unless there is a JoJo supporter here that wants Jotaro to be here.
I wouldn't say the highest level is predicting thoughts. The thing is (idk about ZY), but ikki already predicts what the other ppl mentioned do, but also does other things on top of it. So yeah that's the highest level for now.
Yeah, ZY also has these insane numbers and more, so what? A draw? I mean, the point of 10 is being the most impressive we have in a category, if 2 characters are equally impressive i see no problem with that.