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Skill Thread: New Beginnings

and I'm fairly certain that Kenshiro is superior to 3/4 of the people who are placed above him here, we'll have to wait for either the thread to be revitalized or a new thread to be made
As for my participation, I should be able to discuss again soon. Also, as a kinda gauge, how would everyone feel about doing away with the system and just going old school skill discussion? @Creaturemaster971 and myself discussed it fairly extensively awhile ago, and if people don’t like the system, trashing it will be my first priority upon return.
Plus, the toxicity that has given the skill discussions such a bad name came about when arguments were made as to what properly qualifies as skill, and accuracy was playing second fiddle to the competitive aspect of the discussion. Which led to characters having feats completely disregarded by those who didn't want them rising higher than their character of choice.

For those reasons I would also move towards more lax standards on what is and isn't cosidered proper skill, and either coming up with a more flexible ranking system or doing away with it all together and simply discussing skill with no regard for placement above or below another character.

Because, to speak unprofessionally, we've turned skill discussions into the laughingstock of the wiki for the sake of fictional dick-measuring and I'm sick of it.
Now I wonder why SCP-076-2 is at the bottom? As far as I see his feats he should be tied for either 1st or above.