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Skill Wars: The Skill Awakens

It means the should be top 1 because they are doing something possible in theory but impossible in practice via sheer skill.
This guy a summary, it's a character Hl3 made. And this summarizes him:

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Possesses the combined powers, skill, and experience of Sabi Hakuhei, Miyamoto Musashi, Koujirou Sasaki, Ikki Kurogane, a basic Knight, Genesis Rhapsodos, a nerfed Soujirou Mibu, and Kujaku Hime, as well as Hanma Yujiro's skill, Ginkaku Uneri's Zantou Gari, Unlimited Blade Works, Chevalier d'Eo's Fleur de Lys, Shichika Yasuri's Completion, Ikki Kurogane's Desperado state, an Ars Magnus known as Ashuriam: Dimensional Assault, and Lucanor Giovanni's Accelerated Development.
There is a guy I want to make a profile here for, who studied all forms of humanity's martial arts and combat forms to their maximum level after being left on earth for 1000 years on his own, due to some weird circumstances. Due to this when humanity is brought back to earth the stat system has nto been updated for him yet but eveytime he does something that he has not done under the stat system yet, the system updates giving him the maximum level for said skill. For example the moment he fought in close combat the system gave him "close combat skill max". This is the same with spearmanship (that is his main style of combat) and marksmanship. Still reading though and would finish the novel before making profiles.
Remind's me of D&D's Reshar and the Nine Masters he trained.

Where every skill feat you can think of in D&D is achievable within at least one of the Nine Disciplines the player can learn. And the guidebook says that no matter how much of a discipline the player masters, even creating homebrew techniques, nobody will reach the level of the Nine Masters in their particular disciplines. And even if the player creates and/or masters techniques that combine disciplines or don't fall into the nine categories, nobody will reach the level of Reshar himself, including the Nine Masters.