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the sentry

  1. HigashikataJobin

    The Sentry/Void important addition.

    So, with Marvel's Astral Form P&A accepted here, The Sentry and The Void should have Astral Form Physiology added to their power section, since both are mental constructs created in Robert's mind that take form in the real world by his powers. Scans are from New Avengers (2005) Issues # 9 and...
  2. Ultima_Reality

    Sentry Revisions

    Noticed we had a profile for this a bit ago. Wasn't planning on doing this at first, but since I used some scans from this series in the cosmology page, I figured I ought to make this thread as a quick thing to keep things consistent. Most likely I'll do a more thorough revision for canon Sentry...
  3. Oliver_de_jesus

    Marvel tried to be high in High 3-A list: The Void vs Planeswalker

    The Void: The Planeswalker: Goku solos: SBA and speed equal
  4. ZoroNotZolo

    Confluctor's Kids Fight to Become His Favorite Child

    If you know Confluctor, then you know who's gonna be fighting in this match. For those of you who don't, its time for The Sentry from Marvel Comics to fight Captain Atom from DC comics. Merged Sentry will be used (per his dad's request lol). Speed is equalized. Fight Location - Confluctor's...
  5. Khanhba01

    Monkey vs The Void Guy

    Son Goku vs The Sentry Match Rules Both in Character Both at their strongest key Battle Location: Endless realm Speed is unequalized Starting distance: 20 meters Saiyan God: Angel of Death: Thor Clap both (Incon):

    The Sentry tries to rip apart a different Ares

    Basically the events of siege, except this Ares ain't fodder. After Killing his world's avengers, the void transports the sentry to another world. In what looks like Ancient Greece, the city of Athens to be exact. He kills many innocent people, absorbing their souls, until he notices a battle...
  7. JohnCenaNation

    Pegasus God Cloth Seiya (Ninth Sense) vs Merged Form Sentry (Stable) (SEIYA WON!)

    Synopsis: What does both Seiya and Sentry both have in common? They both can mess up their opponent's DNA structure in a very nasty way by breaking down their atoms or molecules, and they are both unkilliable in a way they both can't simply die at all. So I figured, why not simply do this fight...
  8. HigashikataJobin

    Minor Sentry resistance addition

    Resistance to Corruption and Soul Manipulation (A very impressive feat, Sentry soul's resists from being absorbed and corrupted by the millions of souls living in the dead celestial's body. Worth to mention, the body was considered an afterlife world by itself). Scans from King in Black: Return...
  9. Marvel_Champion_07

    The Sentry runs the God of War gauntlet

    The Sentry is in his second key, 2-C peak power and bloodlusted (though it may not be a big difference even if he wasn't) Speed equalised Round 1: Primordials Round 2: Titans Round 3: Norse Myth Characters (excluding Atreus, my boy doesn't deserve to get hurt) Round 4: Greek Gods
  10. HigashikataJobin

    Minor Sentry power additions

    Possibly Time Manipulation or Time Travel (the Infinitendrils appeared in Egypt back in 1600 b.C., but it's unsure if this is an effect of Sentry believing he's the Angel of Death or if the Void already existed at that time). Scans from Dark Avengers # 13 Immortality (Type 2; tried to commit...
  11. Confluctor

    Minor Sentry CRT (P&A reshuffling)

    A lot of people have issues with Sentry and Void P&A and how they are listed, but can't blame them. However, it's quite challenging to separate most of these abilities as they can all be done by each other - it's just they don't choose to. So, I tried my best to separate them here. Just...
  12. ZoroNotZolo

    A Void of Cosmic Fear

    Cosmic Fear Garou VS The Sentry. The Sentry's second key will be used. Speed is equalized. Fight Location - Io Garou - 0 Sentry - 0 Zoro, stop trying to make Garou matches... - 0
  13. Confluctor

    Reality warper versus another reality warper, but one of them is actually weak against reality warping (Sentry vs Star) (0-0-7) (GRACE!)

    Conditions: Both 6-C, but her far higher statement is applicable to the fight Star has the Reality Gem Speed equal Unstable Sentry is used He can use all of these abilities except for anti matter and darkness manip. Wanting to die rate: 50% Regarding Sentry's RW Resistance; Yes, he...
  14. M_Animefan

    The Sentry (Marvel Comics) VS Gremmy (Bleach)

    Speed is equalized The Sentry: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Sentry?so=search VS Gremmy (Bleach): https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Gremmy_Thoumeaux?so=search
  15. Confluctor

    "How many Gods will I have to kill today?" (The Sentry Vs Pluto) (0-0-0)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Sentry https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Pluto_(Marvel_Comics) Both 3-C but Pluto holds the AP advantage (idek why he has 3-C in the first place but whatever) Speed equal - why not? The Sentry is used (second key). All powers aside from Dura neg, avatar...
  16. Oliver_de_jesus

    Iron man Post Mark 29 FTL Armor Speed Revision.

    So Tony has a feat that's on Extremis armor profile, just doesn't have calculation so I calculated it and it turned out to be FTL. this scales to Post Extremis armors
  17. Confluctor

    Suicidal Immortal fights a monkey (The Sentry Vs DBS Goku)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Sentry?so=search https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Son_Goku_(Dragon_Ball_Super) Merged Sentry is used and Goku's last key is used - Perfected UI Speed equal only cause I don't know how fast marvel characters are honestly I wanna die: Let's fight...
  18. Confluctor

    Marvel Heralds Rescaling

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Confluctor/Marvel_Heralds_Rescaling Here is my proposed rescaling for the Heralds, doesn't matter what happens with the 3-C upgrade thread, this can very useful. I am open to any suggestions. About this bit... most of their justifications are...
  19. Confluctor

    The Sentry: "You are tearing me apart!"

    Pretty simple Sentry CRT for now, just so I can get this out of the way for some other major updates to his file. Anyway, his file just has one key right now and it's kind of wrong (but also not). I have been thinking a lot about his eyes, and this is the best solution for him atm. Proposal...
  20. Kulf_Boba

    Marvel Comics Herald Tiers Upgrade to 3-C

    Thor shakes the universe tremble with a thermo-blast In his fight against Ego Thor uses a Thermal Blast to defeat him, the attack was capable of shaking the universe in Thor's own words. A 4-A feat. | Thor Vol.1 #133 | 1966 | Stan Lee For some this feat may only scale to Thermal Blast, however...
  21. The_Impress

    Every Hero has a Darkseid (Darkseid vs. The Sentry; 8-1-0)

    Unsure if this'll work, we'll see Darkseid (DC Comics) vs. Sentry (Marvel Comics) This is Pre-Flashpoint Emancipation Darkseid's 4-B avatar, vs. Peak Sentry (Void?) Speed equalized, in-character. Both characters have a surface level understanding of each other beforehand (i.e. familiar with...
  22. Confluctor

    The Ascended one fights the Descended one (Sentry vs Hellstrom ) (0-0-7)

    Another Sentry match cause I got nothing better to do Anyway, they both start at High 6-C, then stat amps themselves to 4-B. Daimon's first key is used Merged Sentry is used (the last picture, abilities are the same as base, but enhanced and lacks the weaknesses sans the chi thing) I need to...
  23. Confluctor

    Two Thor beaters fights for Thor's honour (Sentry Vs Thanos) (0-7-0) (GRACE!)

    What a shit title The Sentry must fight the Mad Titan for whatever reason. Conditions; Takes place on an empty planet Both 4-B (both upscale from Thor) Red/Merged/Whole Sentry is used against base Thanos Speed equalised No prior knowledge Shojou manga protagonist: Ugly bastard...
  24. Zxankou14

    The Sentry (Marvel Comics): Possible Tier 1-2?

    Hello everyone. Ive been curious about this one, but I think its possible that Sentry is either a Tier 1-2 character or has the potential to become one. I only state this because, while Im no comic expert, he's had multiple moments that imply that his powers could be Multiversal. -He's beaten or...
  25. Confluctor

    Sealing.GG Vs Matter hax.GG (Majin Buu Vs the Sentry)

    The Sentry Vs Majin Buu (Chou) Both 4-B Speed equal (or else Buu will blitz.gg) Sentry's final form is used - red Supreme Kai is used Btw, he has access to his base powers too, right? Sentry's ap is around 5 KiloFOE, Buu's much higher from what I understand. Majin Buu: The Sentry - final...
  26. Confluctor

    (My last) Sentry CRT

    .....................That is until I find new feats, obviously. Spaceflight - obvious Resistance to cosmic radiation - obvious - accepted Retrocognition - precognition is already on the profile but not retrocognition, which was added recently. But basically, the tentacles show both past and...
  27. MarvelFanatic119

    Some Marvel Calculations

    Just wanted to ask if these calcs are still viable or can be accepted now. Johnny' strongest flames being as hot as an exploding star (5-B) Sentry's power of a million exploding suns (4-B) Both statements have been treated very seriously and consistently throughout the comics so they could be...
  28. Confluctor

    Two Thor beaters duke it out (Sentry Vs Ego) (2-3-0)

    So, I was looking through Ego's file and thought, why not? He is pretty haxed. AP is more or less the same for the the being, both scaling above Thor. (Both in their 4-B key) Speed equal... Uneeded, but why not? Both have wincons. So, who wins? No MCU appearance, so he is safe: Teezar...
  29. Confluctor

    Super duper minor Sentry addition

    He can do Thunderclap, which should grant him either limited vibration manip or limited air manip. Fourth scan specifically Sentry 2005 #8
  30. Confluctor

    Ripping a hole between two dimensions/universes AP

    Is it possible to find an ap of a character who can rip a hole between two dimensions/universes. (In marvel, most dimensions are treated as separate realities/universes). While Negative Zone shares the same 4D structure as 616, it is still a different universe. Feat in question: When Sentry...
  31. Sonicflare9

    Sonic vs The Sentry

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_(Game_Character) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Sentry speed equalized whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo would win 5-A sentry and modern sonic generations onwards
  32. Confluctor

    Golden Man vs Golden Man (Sentry vs Superman Prime One Million) (2-0-0)

    The Sentry vs Superman Prime (One Million). Not a stomp since Supes can resist a lot of Sentry's hax/can do similar things. AP difference shouldn't be that big either. Superman's 4-B key is used Speed equal Takes place on an empty planet. The star system obviously has a yellow sun. Exploding...
  33. Confluctor

    The Sentry P&A addition and clean up

    I am back with new powers to add to the Sentry (Marvel Comics). Can't help it, I keep finding more. Summoning (Can summon the Infinitendrils) Yes, it is part of Void's body, but he can also summon it in a different way Madness Manipulation (Mentally terrorises Super Adaptoid and Marvel Boy...
  34. Confluctor

    Matter vs Energy (the Sentry vs Silver Surfer) (8-0-0) (Grace)

    Not sure if this has been done before, but the Sentry fights Silver Surfer on a barren world. And I hope this is not a stomp in any way, please First key for Surfer is used Speed equalised Too much matter hax: Schnee_One, The_Impress, Limbless_Athena, Sonicflare9, Coolboy6, Popted2...
  35. The_Pink_God

    Tier 4 Tournament Brackets, Phase 1, Round 1, Sentry vs Anti-Monitor

    Characters we're chosen by @Adem_Warlock69 and @Confluctor Speed Equalized Both 4-B Who wins and goes to the next phase? The Sentry: Vs Anti-Monitor:
  36. Confluctor

    Question about opening a crack between two universes.

    So basically, there was a small crack between two universes and it was about to close, but the Void slips his hands through it and makes it big enough for him to cross to this universe. Would that be lifting strength? Or nothing at all?
  37. Confluctor

    Simple mindhax or possibly more?

    The feat in question: Okay so Super Adoptiod copied Sentry's powers and then he does this to her. So, i was wondering, is it simply mindhax or is there a possibility of madness hax?
  38. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    The Sentry fights Dracula (0-2-0)

    The Sentry (Marvel Comics) VS Dracula (Castlevania: Lords of Shadow) Both are 5-A Speed is equalized The Sentry: Dracula: 2 (Ryuga21, Stillwinston) Inconclusive:
  39. Confluctor

    What would be a good match up for Sentry/Void (Marvel)?

    Like the title say, what would be a good match for this character? Every character I can find in the 4-B tier either gets stomped or stomps him. (Except for Hulk/Thor) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Sentry
  40. Confluctor

    SAO Vs Marvel (why not?)

    I hope this is not a stomp... An avatar takes on a man with the power or a Million Exploding Suns. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kirito_(Post-Aincrad) Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Sentry Both 4B. Speed equalised. Round 1: the Sentry Round 2: the Void