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sasuke uchiha (new era)

  1. Robo432343

    Current Sasuke vs Current Naruto Rematch

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Naruto_Uzumaki_(New_Era) vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sasuke_Uchiha_(New_Era) SBA Speed Equal https://vsbattles.com/threads/grace-current-sasuke-vs-current-naruto-12-0-0.140741/
  2. Testarossa002

    He Who Shall Not Be Named

    This is a thread to review Urashiki's stat. Urashiki has become a poison chalice for the verse due to how inconsistent he is in terms of stats. Today, I'll be drinking from said chalice and hope I don't die. First off, I'll like to explain how is fishing rod works @Nierre already did the heavy...
  3. ReaperAndBlues

    Duel of the Deuteragonists Vol. 2: Moss vs Sauce

    Nobody did this with Post-TS Zoro and Adult Sasuke yet, so I'm gonna start it. Post-Mink Medicine Zoro and New Era Sasuke will be used. Speed is equalized. Both start 50m away from each other. Battle takes place on Onigashima's roof. "Nothing... Happened!": 14 "Over and over and over!"...
  4. Apollonir.Scale

    Naruto Hax Upgrading

    Gaara Gaara's sand becomes stronger after every battle. Gaara's father Rasa states that he is getting stronger. Likewise, Madara also stated this. If the sand does not become stronger than before after each battle, all of the opponents Gaara fights will be at the same power level. I don't think...
  5. Unwanted

    Kakashi and Sasuke's speed "Higher with Chidori" / "Higher with Raikiri" Removal

    The statement of Chidori / Raikiri boosting speed doesn't exist in the story. This is a misinterpretation and I don't know how did it pass. The user runs at full speed to boost the thrusting capability of Chidori / Raikiri in order to get the best results, the faster the user is, the more...
  6. MinatoSparkle

    Adult Sasuke vs Borushiki

    Rematch of a canon fight, this time with both of them at full power. This is Rinnegan Sasuke and Code/Kawaki fight Borushiki. Speed equalized. Sasuke: 7 Borushiki: 0 Naruto ftw: 0
  7. Sasukesama0492

    Causality Manipulation Izanagi

    I know this is more of a subjective reality achievement. But the wiki page says cause and effect can turn in its favour. "The user can direct any cause to any effect, reverse the cause/effect relationship to undo anything, or even completely separate them, making it impossible for a particular...
  8. UchihaSlayer96

    Ya'll have no choice but to accept this revision as my welcome back (also late birthday!) present ;)

    Hello everyone! Long time no see. As many of you know, I've been gone for a hot minute. In my absence, it seems that a lot of changes were made to the verse. Obviously the verse has every right to move on in my absence, I don't have ownership over it or anything, and if anything, it makes me...
  9. Padaruyos

    FnG Battle: Majestic Attire Susano'o vs three Great Apes

    The sun had begun its descent, casting an orange hue over the leveled forest in the Land of Fire. Amidst the destruction stood a figure, shrouded in an orange cloak, flanked by four masked elite ninjas. The group stood guard over three defeated men, their bodies restrained by sturdy ropes...
  10. Godernet

    small sauce CRT(Naruto thread)

    Yooo, so this will hopefully be a quicker CRT going over The Last Sasuke's Striking and Durability ratings and why they should be changed from unknown to 5-B. Why does this key currently have unknown SS and Durability if The Last Sasuke is 5B? Good question, well as far as I can tell it is...
  11. KingogKings777

    Shin's failures at life aka downgrade him bruh

    Lackluster but should be easy CRT. Yeah the following should be removed from Shin Uchiha, Sakura and anyone else who scales to this. To And To Reasons for the downgrade. Naruto is caught off guard when Shin uses his hax ability to stab him which is the reason he scales to this. We even...
  12. Godernet

    Kaka Sensei and Sauce small CRT(More Nardo stuff)

    So this is hopefully another uncontroversial thread, But yeah Chidori should be considered a speed amp on our profiles. Why? In the series, we are given two breakdowns of the jutsu. Once by Guy with Kakashi present(ch.113 - ch.114) And again in the Kakashi Gaiden Flashback by Minato when...
  13. PrinceNine

    Little bit about Sasuke's Space-Time Ninjutsu

    In Sasuke's profile, they said that Sasuke's Technique to create dimension portal is a upgraded version of Amenotejikara. But in my opinion they are seperate technique, even though they both are in the Space-Time Ninjutsu category. According to 4th Databook, Kishimoto sensei only stated that...
  14. RanaProGamer

    Momoshiki and Kinshiki Get Their Rematch

    Let's assume that Momoshiki and Kishiki invaded after the Jigen arc, how would Konoha's heroes do? Standard Battle Assumptions Battle takes place in Momoshiki's dimension. Weakened Naruto and Sasuke are used, as well as Base Momoshiki. Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki and Kinshiki Same...
  15. Shadowbokunohero

    Delta vs Sasuke Uchiha

    *Adult Sasuke pre nerf *V1 Delta basically same scenario what happened in the manga but replace Naruto with Sasuke. I think the fight is prob closer than what people think.
  16. WorldMike2B

    Sasuke's abilites during Sasuke Retsuden

    So with the Sasuke Retsuden manga ending and with the Sasuke Retsuden anime having already ended. I feel that I should bring up the feats that Sasuke was able to do in the Sasuke Retsuden arc. I want to discuss the feats he had shown during that arc. Earth Release: Sasuke was able to use Earth...
  17. Why Sasuke Have Time Stop Resistance?

    It caught my attention when I was looking at Sasuke's profile. Is this Time Stop Resistence exclusive to Sasuke as far as we know now? Or is it something that happens to all rinnegan users via rinnegan?
  18. DaReaperMan

    Sasuke tries to fight an dwarf

    Both in their strongest 5-B keys Speed Equal Battle takes place where Eggman pissed on the moon(obviously breathable air if that's a problem) Start 5 meters away Sasuke: 1 Ungrim Ironfist: 2 Inconclusive: 0
  19. BlastX

    Sasuke VS Vlad

    Let's hope these aren't becoming annoying. It's Boruto Era Rinnegan Sasuke VS Season 3 Vlad Plasmius, speed equal. Sasuke is allowed to use Itachi's Mangekyo Abilities. Battle Takes place in Egg Fleet from Sonic Heroes. The Best Emo:0 Half-Ghost Incel:0 Sasuke gets bored and *****...
  20. UchihaSlayer96

    The Sharingan has so much BS so the Uchiha clan can cheat on exams

    Heyo everyone! It's me again! I told ya'll there was more to come, and I meant it. So, uhhh, this is basically the next installment in my profile improvement project, and it revolves around the Sharingan's P&As, Resistances, and weaknesses. Technically, most of these abilities and resistances...
  21. Zyther

    Naruto, Momoshiki, Isshiki, Urashiki and Kaguya should be bumped from Low 5-B to 4-C (Small Planetary to Star Level)

    I don't understand why Naruto, Momoshiki, Urashiki, Isshiki, and Kaguya are only Low 5-B and not 4-C? The Dimension which Kaguya is capable of creating contains a star in it. And as far as the tiering system on VS-Battles goes, creating, destroying, or significantly affecting something, is...
  22. Saintdhqhdy

    Madara vs naruto and sasuke but way more fun

    3 eye so6ps Madara Vs Current boruto era Naruto and Sasuke (no kurama or rinnegan) Madara: Naruto and sasuke:
  23. Vizer04

    Sasuke fights a sassy lost child (0-0-0)

    Both at Low 5-B and Speed Equalized. Sasuke: Tatsumaki: Inconclusive:
  24. Lightning_XXI

    Sasuke Vs Boros

    I'm not really sure if this will work but eh, why not at least try, right ? They were all expecting a new Otsutsuki arrive on earth sooner or later, but when the aliens showed up on a giant purple ship, they knew it was something else, someone who wan't interested in Chakra Fruits or something...
  25. TauanVictor

    Boruto Question

    Is there still no key to Naruto without Kurama and Sasuke without Rinnegan? Can you use them in matchups even if you don't have one? (atractive pic)
  26. RanaProGamer

    Creating The Naruto/Boruto Movie Profiles

    Note: Please let me reply to your arguments, there almost is no room for debate if the thread closes before I get a chance to reply. I just want this to be civil. Introduction I have returned after months of being on hiatus, so I think it's time to make this thread. Technically a Part 2 to...

    Kaguya Vs Isshiki part 2

    We already concluded in this thread that war arc Kaguya wins against isshiki I just wanted to count the votes again because i used rounds in the first match up that was the reason it couldnt be added to the profiles so please vote again Kaguya vs Isshiki - both in character Kaguya...
  28. Sasuke (New Era) VS Reinhard van Astrea

    Location: empty Lugunica. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sasuke_Uchiha_(New_Era) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Reinhard_van_Astrea

    There is no immortal Naruto character after the Sakura Novel ?

    Does this mean that there is no real "Immortal" Naruto character ? The scan shows that the cells in Naruto can divide only a finite of times before they die. Does this mean that Kaguya is not immortal but instead has "only" good regen?

    Sasuke vs Madara

    Sasuke Vs Madara Sasuke (Boruto) Vs Madara (Dual Rinnegan+Rinne Sharingan) -both in prime -in character
  31. TauanVictor

    Sasuke vs Obito

    Sasuke Uchiha VS Obito Uchiha Fight Location: Place Starting Distance: 100m Both in-character Equalized speed New Era Sasuke and Jūbi Jinchūriki (Controlled) Obito was used Sasuke: 3 (@Galvino, @Nelliels, @Shadowbokunohero) Obito: 1 (@MonkeyOfLife) Inconclusive:
  32. sageof8paths

    Naruto-Boruto God tiers low 5B upscale

    Introduction: Hello there. This is my first time making a thread and I hope that you can hear and understand my argument and logic behind this scaling. In this thread I will be trying to prove why certain characters in Naruto and Boruto should be low 5B. My arguement: In the Attack potency...
  33. UchihaSlayer96

    Naruto: Tempest Will Lose His Mind When He Sees This Amaterasu Revision

    Hello everyone! I've been teasing that I wanted to revise Amaterasu for months now, and well.......here we are. The moment of truth! So without further ado........ What is Amaterasu and how does it work? Amaterasu is a Mangekyō Sharingan Jutsu that allows the user to conjure black flames at the...
  34. UchihaSlayer96

    Sage Mode Multiplier CRT

    As the title suggests, this thread is for the purpose of proposing and discussing a potential applicable multiplier for Sage Mode users. I'm doing this now because last time we discussed it amidst the AP revisions it took up a lot of precious time, and in the end we didn't really reach any...
  35. RanaProGamer

    Naruto Low 5-B Upscale CRT

    https://vsbattles.com/threads/update-for-boruto-profiles-naruto-sasuke-boruto.111576/ As discussed in this previous CRT, it seemed best to discuss this as a separate topic so here it is. The starting point would be Toneri who performs a moon spitting feat which outputs 355.31 Exatons as seen...
  36. RanaProGamer

    Help Making Naruto Novel Profiles?

    Since the Boruto novels and the Boruto anime are treated as their own separate canons, the previous CRT had to be closed due to it violating the rules of compositing. That isn't to say that all the feats were valid either since the entire notion of 3-A and Low 2-C statements were rejected as...
  37. HalilAssassino

    Update for Boruto Profiles (Naruto - Sasuke - Boruto)

    With the release of the 54th section of the boruto manga today, I think the boruto profiles should be updated. Firstly Naruto : We know that Naruto has acquired a new form with chapter 52, the name of this form is baryon mode. think a new switch should be added to the naruto's profile called...
  38. Lightning_XXI

    Sasuke vs Momoshiki - Round 2

    I saw some discussion about what would happen between Sasuke and Momoshiki if the Uchiha fights him alone, but at his 100%, since he had to teleport people when they fought So both at their prime, Boruto Era Sasuke and I guess Fused Momoshiki here, they both have the knowledge of their last...
  39. UltimatePharaoh

    Nine is better than Six -Madara Uchiha, probably.

    Since Rinnesharingan Madara is featless and his key is built on statements that have somehow misinterpreted wrong which I am myself always misinterpreted like any others but while I was debating earlier that day I realised something that probably changes your entire view on Madara's Scale...
  40. Arkenis

    Cursed users vs

    Gojo and Mahito vs Adult Sasuke and Isshiki 1. Both bloodlusted 2. Gojo can't use infinity 3. Speed Equalized and ap 4. Location is on earth