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So with the Sasuke Retsuden manga ending and with the Sasuke Retsuden anime having already ended. I feel that I should bring up the feats that Sasuke was able to do in the Sasuke Retsuden arc. I want to discuss the feats he had shown during that arc.

Earth Release:
Sasuke was able to use Earth Release to create a gem and metal. He would later use this to make a ring for Sakura. Due to it being made out of chakra, Sasuke is able to use it to track Sakura's location when she's endangered. And Sakura is also able to use it to let herself know if Sasuke is alright due to the fact it glows because of it being made out of chakra.

Sometime after the Fourth Shinobi War, Sasuke would later take inspiration from Haku to replicate Ice Release. And he was able to replicate it by using Rinnegan's ability to understand all things and having proper chakra control. Using Wind and Water Release that is used to create the Ice Release of the Kekkei Genkai. However, Sasuke way of creating Ice Release is to use Water Release and rapidly cool it with Wind Release to freeze it or uses Wind Release to manipulate the molecules of Water Release to freeze it. He was able to create a technique out of this called the "Supercooled Water Technique" with this technique he showed in the Sasuke Shiden: The Teacher's Star Pupil novel he is able to freeze flames, freeze the ocean, and create a bridge. Later during the Sasuke Retsuden story arc, he was able to create kunai completely made out of ice and create an ice patch to help heal wounds, as he did for Menō. however, despite this Sasuke's pseudo-Ice Release is inferior to the real Ice Release. Also since it's not real Ice Release, I'm gonna call it Ice Manipulation.
An official English translation of the novel is released, though I don't have access to it. But we can cite from the manga adaption or anime adaption (though the anime is missing the ice kunai feat):

Creating a gem using Earth Release (Chapter 2):

Ice kunai (Chapter 2):

Creating a layer of ice with explanation about combining wind and water style (Chapter 7):
Btw, Sakura shows the ability to get a whole map of an area in her head just by touching the walls. Would that be Psychometry?