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Since the Boruto novels and the Boruto anime are treated as their own separate canons, the previous CRT had to be closed due to it violating the rules of compositing. That isn't to say that all the feats were valid either since the entire notion of 3-A and Low 2-C statements were rejected as well. So going by that, there are many other feats characters can still go off of, and by gathering these feats we should be able to make another CRT for their profiles. The issue is I don't own any of the official translations so it would help if anyone could share them here.

However, if you believe that 3-A or Low 2-C can indeed still be debated, here is the previous proposal of @Arc7Kuroi

With that out of the way, it would be great to get help gathering feats and statements for a proper CRT for Naruto's Novel Profiles.
That idea was also rejected. This is literally the third thread about this very same subject and nothing has changed, so just stop.
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