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Little bit about Sasuke's Space-Time Ninjutsu

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In Sasuke's profile, they said that Sasuke's Technique to create dimension portal is a upgraded version of Amenotejikara. But in my opinion they are seperate technique, even though they both are in the Space-Time Ninjutsu category. According to 4th Databook, Kishimoto sensei only stated that Amenotejikara a technique to switch user's position with other thing in the middle of short-distance, but never refer ability to create portal to another dimensions. Furthermore, in Narutopedia they also treat to this as a another separate Sasuke's Space-Time technique too, by calling it unspecified Space–Time Ninjutsu. In summary, there is no proper evidence to conclude that they're the same technique, so I think we should put Sasuke's Dimensional Portal Creation Technique in another separate technique section instead.

Agree: @Ped2018 @Suigetsuhyugs @LordGriffin1000


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This seems fine I guess, its not really anything important and whoever added that to the profile probably didnt made any CRT to do it.
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it's fine.. lol

revert the change and try to get a naruto staff supporter to agree. Since it's a very very minor change, you only need like 1 staff member
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