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Naruto, Momoshiki, Isshiki, Urashiki and Kaguya should be bumped from Low 5-B to 4-C (Small Planetary to Star Level)

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I don't understand why Naruto, Momoshiki, Urashiki, Isshiki, and Kaguya are only Low 5-B and not 4-C?

The Dimension which Kaguya is capable of creating contains a star in it.

And as far as the tiering system on VS-Battles goes, creating, destroying, or significantly affecting something, is classified at that tier

Naruto creates a Rasengan with all his chakra and gives it to Boruto, Boruto is then able to overpower Momoshiki.
Momoshiki and Urashiki is stated multiple times to be stronger than Kaguya

Isshiki is able to fight with Naruto (Kurama Avatar) and Sasuke (Majestic Susano'o) and still overpower them, but Baryon Mode Naruto is above to overpower Isshiki.

Therefore, Naruto (Bayon Mode) >= Isshiki > Naruto > Momoshiki > Kaguya and they should all be bumped to 4-C (Star Level) and potentially other characters too)
(And I'm not sure where to put Urashiki but he's probably below Momoshiki and above Kaguya)
Thoughts on this? please let me know and be brutally honest if I missed out on something and am a complete dunce, haha.
You missed the Discussion Rules page.
  • Please refrain from attempting to upgrade the regular statistics of Kaguya and Momoshiki to Star level or above. It was decided that Kaguya should not be granted durability or attack potency comparable to her Expansive Truth-Seeking Ball for her casual attacks, as the only scene wherein this rating would be warranted is strife with Plot-Induced Stupidity. Insistence of this will be unappreciated.

Closing this.
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