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I saw some discussion about what would happen between Sasuke and Momoshiki if the Uchiha fights him alone, but at his 100%, since he had to teleport people when they fought

So both at their prime, Boruto Era Sasuke and I guess Fused Momoshiki here, they both have the knowledge of their last battle, as if it is indeed a rematch after that (But Sasuke still has his...you know, before Kishimoto f***** things up as usual)

Fight takes place in a ruined Konoha, because it needs to be dramatic, of course

Speed is unequal, they are in character, which means they surely wanna kill each other

Sasuke: 3

Momoshiki: 1
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Going with sasuke here from what we've seen he is alot smarter and with his rinnegan swap he is more then capable of disabling some of momoshikis rinnegan. And since kishi is back he actually lets sasuke use genjutsu and that either wins the fight or gives him a HUGE upper hand
Going with Momoshiki
He is superior to Sasuke in stats, he renders Sasuke unable to use most of his toolkit and with knowledge on the last battle he won't allow his Rinnegan to be destroyed and will instead aim for Sasuke's Rinnegan instead as shown in the Latest Chapter of Boruto.
And if all else fails(which I doubt) he can always use Karma
Imma go with Sasuke tbh.

He knows about Karma, and is smart enough not to let Momoshiki make contact with him before his death.

Momoshiki also can't do anything at all about his Teleportation ability, or most of his Rinnegan abilities for that matter.
Sasuke is also very much aware of Momoshiki's absorption power, so he won't use any Jutsu that can be absorbed unless an opening of some kind is created (which is how he and Naruto dealt with the ability in the series proper).

Sasuke at full power should actually be favorably comparable to Momoshiki because he was able to match his power and speed comfortably even while severely handicapped, so if anything, saying Sasuke is just equal to him could be downplay in all fairness.
This is also supported by Sasuke (and Naruto, his equal) withstanding many attacks from Jigen/Isshiki, and even keeping up with them occasionally as well.

I know this is also a sore spot for many, and in all fairness it's been out of character for a while now, but Sasuke technically has many hax abilities that can really skew the fights in his favor (and can't be absorbed) such as genjutsu, the Deva path abilities, and the Preta path (Sasuke's Uno reverse card in this match up XD). They're out of character, buuuuuut he has them and used them pretty well during Shippuden and the War respectively.

So yeah, all in all, Sasuke has my vote.