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Sasuke Uchiha VS Obito Uchiha

  • Fight Location: Place
  • Starting Distance: 100m
  • Both in-character
  • Equalized speed
  • New Era Sasuke and Jūbi Jinchūriki (Controlled) Obito was used
Sasuke: 3 (@Galvino, @Nelliels, @Shadowbokunohero)
Obito: 1 (@MonkeyOfLife)

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Sasuke I guess since he was able to keep up with and cut in half jubi Madara who is way stronger and probably faster than Obito.
Sasuke Decisively.

Teen Sasuke casually Bisected a Madara who is more skilled and powerful than this Juubito.

Sasuke is not only more skilled but has experience fighting people like Juubito, the same cant be said for Obito.

and his Susano'o more than likely cripples Obito, he can teleport his TSB balls away, seal him in a chibaku tensei or straight BFR him by kicking him into a portal.
This is a mismatch. Anything Obito can do Sasuke will know about and know how to counter (he's literally studied Otsutsukis with powers like Juubito for over a decade), while Obito has no knowledge of Amenetojikara and an inferior jutsu to it (FTG) caught him off guard when used by a slower character than him. If Juubito was fighting Minato or Tobirama he would put up the flare things behind his back to protect him but without knowing Sasuke has teleportation he'll just fight him head on and when Sasuke teleports behind him and slashes his head off or him in half Juubito won't be able to do anything. Without the added regen powers from Hashirama he wouldn't be able to heal from such a wound. Even with equalized speed, I don't see how that would affect anything, it would just make it slightly harder but really not by much. Sasuke stomp one shots 10/10 no diff. Make it 3 Eyed Juubidara and Sasuke would take it with low-mid diff.
Voting Obito because New Era Sasuke has 1-% chakra stamina all the time link
Is that a joke?