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  1. Tots_Real

    King of the Murder Hobos vs The God of War (Kenpachi vs Ares)

    Kenpachi Zaraki vs Ares (Riordan) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kenpachi_Zaraki https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ares_(Riordan) Fight takes place in Camp Half-Blood Post-SAFWY Novel Kenpatchi Speed Equalized
  2. RanaProGamer

    Magnus Chase | Upgrading the Gods

    So the 2-C thread pretty much died, so now is my chance to do this. In Thor's profile, it is listed: "Moon level (Destined to kill Jormungand, which can circle around the entire planet)" While we don't have a visual representation of this feat (only a weakened World Serpent), we do have this...
  3. RedReaper616

    Percy gets Mycenaean. (Annabeth gets minor buffs too)

    So, it occurs to me that Percy's manipulation of Liquid is missing some stuff. I'm putting it as "Limited" because it's not something he directly has access to, but a consequence of his powers controlling Liquids. This could also easily be changed to Optional Equipment if desired-Just know that...
  4. LeoEpicGamer8910

    [R2M2] Queen Vacteria vs Percy Jackson [GRACE]

    This match is part of Leo's FC OC 7-B Tournament Votes Character Key Attack Potency Votes Queen Vacteria "Playing" 60 Megatons of TNT 0 Percy Jackson Curse of Achilles restricted 24 Megatons of TNT 3 Inconclusive 0
  5. Testarossa002

    The Gods are Super Fast

    Just a value change from the current SoL ratings So this was accepted https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Testarossa002/Artemis's_Speed_Feat Scales to all Olympians and Protogenos Their combat speed, as gods can intercept the attacks of other gods mid air. Case in point The Dark...
  6. Testarossa002

    Minor Tier Change For Riordanverse

    Making this because I'd rather not get mentioned in the RVT for vandalism When the upgrade thread was made, the flooding the earth calc which was the justification for Tier 6 was 6-A However, the same feat is currently rated at H6-A+ So, every Olympian and Primordial gets upgraded to H6-A+
  7. LeoEpicGamer8910

    [R1M4] Percy Jackson vs Seek [GRACE]

    Tourney hub itditflufsczgjdsutddaurdhfzjgckgxohvophcipgcitbmomofwtdfqqg Votes Character Key Attack Potency Votes Percy Jackson Curse of Achilles restricted 24 Megatons of TNT 3 Seek N/A 14.75 Megatons of TNT 0 Inconclusive 0
  8. SatellaTheWoE

    The Final God tier vs The Fav God

    Volcanica vs Thor both tier 5C Speed equalized SBA Battle takes place over an evacuated Royal capital of Lugunica
  9. Testarossa002

    Black is Strong

    Premise Upgrade Nyx and the Protogenos to 5-A or something Mind you, they already scale by default to Possibly High 4-C through the Olympians but this thread hopes to give them a solid rating. Nyx should be rated as being at least as powerful as a black hole. Her sheer existence is referred to...
  10. RedReaper616

    Resistance to Magic

    Shouldn’t Percy have resistance to magic? At a baseline level, it’s mentioned that Morpheus’ spell to knock out Manhattan didn’t work on the Demigods because it’s “harder” to knock them out with spell. (To be more exact, by stretching the range to the entirety of Manhattan, it’s become thin...
  11. SatellaTheWoE

    Oni God vs Demi God [Battle of the the better siblings]

    The better sister vs The better brother both are tier 7B battle takes place on Andromeda speed equalized SBA Ram has Rem as her optional equipment and has prior knowledge Percy is 17 yr old, Achilles heel is restricted starting distance is 100m
  12. Testarossa002

    Kept Up With The Olympians

    This is more or less a formality as nearly everything has been accepted https://vsbattles.com/threads/keeping-up-with-the-olympians-1-of.156701/ https://vsbattles.com/threads/keeping-up-with-the-olympians-2-of.157045/ https://vsbattles.com/threads/keeping-up-with-the-olympians-3-of.158563/ So...
  13. Testarossa002

    Keeping Up With The Olympians (3 of ????)

    Continued from here This would be divided into two parts. That's because, the first part doesn't really have much to do with the gods themselves. Rather, it focuses on one of the arguments in the downgrade thread. That's all for now. Let's begin.
  14. SheevShezarrine

    Magical Teenage Fugitive vs Magical Teenage Fed

    Percy Jackson vs Harry Potter Both at age 17 Speed equalized In-character Fight starts at 10 meters Fight takes place in Central Park Percy: Harry: Edward Cullen:
  15. Testarossa002

    Keeping Up With The Olympians (2 of ????)

    Continued from here Downgrade thread here Things to point out before going fully into the thread 1. This thread doesn't include speed scaling 2. While the OP of the original downgrade had the right idea, trying to revise the AP, LS and Speed of 20+ characters in a single thread was not going to...
  16. Testarossa002

    Keeping Up With The Olympians (1 of ???)

    So, I've been putting off creating a compilation abilities and resistances of the Greco-Roman Pantheon. After working on individual profiles for a while, I went **** IT and made it anyways. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Testarossa002/Riordanverse_Gods I still made the individual...
  17. The_Fiend888

    Riordanverse Greek Gods Upgrade

    Since Athena, Ares and Hephaestus can harm Zeus, and other gods should be comparable to them, minor Gods of Olympus should be upgraded to Large Country level. Athena kicked Zeus' brain, causing him to writhe in pain. -Percy Jackson's Greek Gods, Athena Adopts A Handkerchief, Page 176- -Percy...
  18. SatellaTheWoE

    Percy Jackson vs Theresia Van Astrea

    Water boi, tier 7B vs The Sword Saint, tier 7B Fight takes place in the beach near where Percy lived Speed equalized SBA Starting distance 30m
  19. Mazdoesstuff

    Restoring the Riordanverse to its Glory

    So, as many of you who were on the Riordanverse thread may know, the High 4-C feats for the Greek Gods creating constellations were deemed as invalid for various reasons. After taking further inspections at the reasoning, I will debunk the logic used in the thread and bring back High 4-C for the...
  20. Jackythejack

    Carter Kane vs. Yamato (One Piece)

    Soooo it was either this or Sadie but Carter sounded a lot more fun. Speed equalized, both 6-A obviously. This could go horribly wrong but that's part of the fun. Carter Kane Yamato One Piece
  21. GraveDigger84

    Riordanverse Lifting Strength Revision

    Currently, Percy and Annabeth are class E in lifting strength based off them lifting the sky. Many other demigods and gods who scale above them are also class E based off this value. However, I don't think this feat should be used. First of all, this feat is highly debated. There's an argument...
  22. GraveDigger84

    Riordanverse Discussion Thread

    Talk about anything Riordanverse related Upcoming stuff: Percy Jackson Disney+ TV show Kane Chronicles Netflix movie Untitled Solangelo book
  23. Mazdoesstuff

    Percy Jackson revision

    Let’s get right into this. Luke and all of the Titans needs Telekinesis due to being able to use “an invisible force”, like when Hyperion flung Percy hundreds of meters away by putting his hand out, and Luke pointed at the ground and removed it. Nico needs Immortality Type 4 Negation due to...
  24. Cryo123

    Dropping the Riordanverse Tier by smiting it with Zeus' Lightning Bolt

    Simply put, the scaling for Percy Jackson’s gods needs some downgrades. First, let’s start with speed; An amped Percy from the first book The Lightning Thief, has an Ocean amped Percy Jackson tagging Ares. This occurred years before his physical prime in The Last Olympian, and while this is...
  25. Mazdoesstuff

    High 4-C Durability for Percy Jackson

    This upgrade specifically applies to Curse of Achilles Percy. Since we know true invulnerability is a NLF, I think his durability should be possibly High 4-C. Hermes is relative to the other gods, who can create constellations while weakened (via Artemis’s feat). Hermes is mad at Percy and...
  26. Mazdoesstuff

    Percy Jackson vs Monkey D. Luffy

    The battle of the 6-Cs Speed equalized. Percy does not have Achilles curse here. Gear 4 Luffy is being used. Who wins? Here are their profiles: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Percy_Jackson_(character) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Monkey_D._Luffy_(Post-Timeskip)
  27. DemonicDude

    Set (Riordan) vs Deathwing (Warcraft) (High 6-B Tourney)

    Round 2: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. It's the Egyptian god of deserts himself, Set vs The Dragon Aspect of Death aka Deathwing the Destroyer. Results: Set (Riordan): Deathwing: 7 (DaReaperNan, Azontr, Pepper, ThantosX, OneBleach,Fluffy, Confluctor) Inconlusive: vs
  28. Marvel_Champion_07

    Riordanverse Downgrade Question

    https://vsbattles.com/threads/thanos-vs-a-riordanverse-character.117273/ According to the thread, a downgrade CRT was supposed to be made. I'm not up to date with it, but was it ever done?
  29. Marvel_Champion_07

    Riordan Thor Additions

    From what I remember, Thor can see events that his goats can see through their eyes by concentrating hard enough. I'm pretty sure this is Clairvoyance, since it's Visual Linking He should also have Weapon Mastery, since he has several types of weapons, such as Mjolnir and a staff, that he can...
  30. Tots_Real

    Percy Jackson Vs 221

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Percy_Jackson_(character) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sparky_(Lilo_%26_Stitch) Speed Equalized Fight takes place at a beach
  31. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    Thanos VS a Riordanverse character

    Thanos (Marvel Cinematic Universe) VS Luke Castellan (Riordanverse) Both are 6-C (Thanos does not have the Gauntlet and Base Luke is used here) Speed is equalized Thanos: Luke Castellan: Inconclusive:
  32. Tots_Real

    Kenpachi Vs Percy Jackson

    Speed Equalized Soul Society Arc Kenpachi and 6-C key Fight takes place in camp half blood https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kenpachi_Zaraki https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Percy_Jackson_(character)
  33. Mariogoods

    Clarisse La Rue (Riordanverse) VS Zuko

    Rule: 1. Clarisse La Rue is without Ares' Blessing while Zuko is in his Season 2 key. 2. Speed equalized 3. SBA Vote: Clarisse La Rue: 1 (Gilad_Hyperstar) Zuko: 1 (InfiniteSped) Inconclusive: 0
  34. FalseTrajectory

    Riordan-verse Revision Thread Creation

    Seeing as one new revision thread is allowed per verse and since there is no current revision thread for the Riordan-verse is one able to be created? Am I allowed to post the revision thread or is there some sort of process I have to follow to get one created?
  35. FalseTrajectory

    Riordanverse revisions/profile maintenance

    The Riordanverse revisions were put on hold because of the forum move and no changes were made to the profiles it pertained to. With the forum migration underway is it possible for the approved profile revisions to be implemented and for the revisions to continue?
  36. FalseTrajectory

    Riordanverse Demigod speed (travel, combat, reaction) revision

    As you all know the Riordanverse was meant to get a downgrade a while back. Whether this has gone through or not I have no Idea. However, I noticed that many of the Riordanverse Demigods (mostly just that of the Seven) have stats that are way off. This seemingly happened because characters were...
  37. MrLuk2000

    The awakening of Nikola Tesla

    Its been a whole year since the last active Nikola Tesla thread. Might as well revive him Base Nikola Tesla vs Percy Jackso Battle takes place in a nearby lake Speed is equal Nikola's 6-A key is restricted In character Who wins?
  38. The_real_cal_howard

    Carter Kane vs Edelweiss

    I figured this would be a decent enough match. Both are 6-A though this'll be outdated soon as this version of Carter will hit 3-A. I'll explain Carter if questions are needed. No need for Edelweiss. Both are spellswords. Speed is equalized. Black kid Japanese girl
  39. FalseTrajectory

    Avatar Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender) vs Percy Jackson (Riordanverse)

    Avatar Aang Percy Jackso Rules: - 7-B feats only - EOS (ATLA) Aang - Current Percy - In-character (They view each other as a threat equal to Ozai/Kronos) - Riptide will affect Aang - Location: The USJ - Starting distance: 20 meters - Everything else: Standard Battle Assumptions Votes...
  40. Mephistofelicia

    Riordanverse downgrade

    Ain't none of the demigods 6C. Those feats are outliers, and they never reproduce them. Hazel sinks an island, and yet barely makes a wall fall later on, in The Tyrant's Tomb. Sky-holding should be scrapped altogether. 0 info about what this sky is. Could be 200 kilos, could be 2000, could be a...