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portgas d. ace

  1. XxZetsuxX

    White Room's Master Piece VS Future Pirate Kings

    Ayanokoji (Current) vs Ace, Sabo and Luffy (Kid) Rules: Speed is equalised. Starting Distance: 5 meters Location: Jungle No one has prior knowledge and no one have prep time All of them are in-character Ayanokoji has a Baton Ayanokoji AP: 49,3 KJ Ace, Luffy and Sabo AP: One shots...
  2. The_one_you_least_expect

    Ace Future Sight

    Since we consider the ace novel and manga this should be easy. In the manga ace is shown to acquire future sight Plus its kinda further implied he has it based off of what Blackbeard said Considering how logia users need to have future sight in order to keep up there image of “...
  3. Deceived3596

    HST Showdown - (Round 7 - Prodigies)

    ==Introduction== I decided to create this pseudo tournament between the HST because I believe It will breed fun and (generally) contentious debates between supporters of all three series. This “tournament” will be a best of 5, meaning I’ll continue creating these matchups until one of these...
  4. LordGinSama

    One piece: Logia buffs

    Should be a relatively straightforward thread. All Logias should gain the following abilities, camouflage / stealth mastery. Logia's such as Crocodile are capable of blending in with the sand, effectively making himself unable to track. All Logias should be capable of absorbing their own...
  5. SakGintoki

    One Piece: Ace and Blackbeard CRT

    I hate to do this because I love Ace but Ace's profile has issues. I couldn't find all the threads that approved each AP justification, so if there's truly a sound argument for each of them a link would be appreciated, but as I see it the justifications for Ace scaling to the top tier values...
  6. Fireld

    One Piece Admirals CTR

    Note: This isn't talking just about admirals but also a few people who have "fought" them for better or worse. AKAINU Possibly Danmaku: Via Meteor Volcano RAYLEIGH AP: Just linking more evidence that his prime-self is above his older-self KUZAN Elemental Intangibility: Should be removed as...
  7. Fireld

    Whitebeard Pirates CTR

    Vista(DONE) Heat Resistance: Wasn't bothered by Akainu's heat aura. Same goes for Ace & Base Marco Speed: "Matched Marco in speed and caught Akainu off guard"-Akainu: "Reacted to Marco's attack" I think that bolded part should be removed from Vista's justification.(Nevermind, i changed my mind)...
  8. Eseseso

    (GRACE) 2 Yonko Commanders fighting Fire with Fire!

    In this scenario, when Ace (who we'll assume is as strong here as his present pre-death self) went to Wano, he encounters King instead of Yamato. In-character, in Onigashima where Ace and Yamato met/fought, starting 50m away. King: 9 (@SnookB, @Eminiteable, @That_moron, @Eseseso, @Fireld...
  9. RandomGuy2345

    Austin Theory vs Ace

    I told you. I'm on a mission to get Theory a legitimate win with the new upgrades. Austin Theory vs Ace 9-B Ace will be used here. Speed is equalized. Fight takes place at the Corrida Colosseum. Austin Theory: 3 (Bruhtelho, Hanma, Pika) Ace: 1 (Eminiteable) Inconclusive: 3 (Snook, Nierre...
  10. KingTempest

    Saitama vs Ace

    Pre-Training Saitama (0.001 Tons) vs Child Portgas D. Ace (0.0008 Tons) Unequalized Speed Saitama: Kachon123, Recon1511, LIFE_OF_KING Ace: Noneless21, GodlyCharmander, Kin201, Romeu08, CiscoTheSoto Incon:
  11. KingTempest

    One Piece: Busoshoku Haki Potency and Buso Layers Scaling

    First things first we have a clear heirarchy of Haki Potencies in the series. These will be the mechanics for finding out their potency. Scaling Methods of Buso A devil fruit power from a Haki user failing to work on another Haki user means the other Haki user is relative to (or superior to)...
  12. Arkenis

    The Uncrowned Undefeated Lioness vs Fire Fist Ace

    Mereoleona VS Portgas (Adult) Equal Speed SBA
  13. KingTempest

    One Piece: ASL Keys

    Yeah I know yall don't care unless the character is tier 6 but since these guys have more showings than Shanks I felt like it's necessary for them to get keys for their youth. Since their AP and Speed feats have been evaluated, I got more for AP speed and lifting, but they have abilities they...
  14. KingTempest

    Current Haoshoku Haki Users Upgrade

    This is for specific users of Haoshoku Haki. No I'm not adding this to the Haki page cause it's not related to that, it's just a coincidental thing that stretches out mainly to Hao users and anyone else who scales. First things first is that we already give Luffy some resistances caused by his...
  15. Ryuga21

    Portgas D. Ace and Teach additions

    I will try to be quick. Ace: Forcefield Creation (Blocked a water attack from Jinbe; Blocked a punch from Smoker), Acrobatics (Easily jumped to the top of the mast of his ship), Supernatural Wilpower (Able to hard work for days while hungry without breaks or get tired. While normal humans...
  16. JediMindTrickz

    Ace vs 4th Gear Luffy.

    6-B Ace is used and 4th Gear Luffy is locked at 6-C. Should be a pretty easy stomp for Ace since he apparently has a massive AP advantage.
  17. JediMindTrickz

    Why are One Piece characters so amped?

    Seriously. Ace is listed as 6-B, which is higher than Luffy's post-timeskip base and 2nd gear form. Current luffy, even in his base forrm, is obviously going to mop the floor with Ace that isn't even a question. One of the reasons that he was listed at a 6-B was because he was able to "lightly"...
  18. LordGinSama

    Portgas D Ace additions

    This one is relatively minor, but Ace needs a bit of a revamp for his power's and Abilities. First of all, he should likely have his Busoshoku Haki changed into a proficient, given that he wa shown to be able to utilize Koka, a high level Busoshoku technique and from him being "unfazed" by...
  19. KobsterHope07

    Another Another Another OP Abilities Addition

    Another day, another thread, another bunch of Abilities to be added, nothing new: Reactive Power Level for Portgas D. Ace: Is stated capable of growing stronger continuously through battle Underground Mobility for Akainu: Via this Resistance to Mind Manipulation via Willpower for Luffy and...
  20. Whiz_Almighty

    Ace, Jozu and Vista Downgrade CRT

    I'm proposing to remove possibly 6-B in their profiles. First, Ace: He was able to match Aokiji's eagle attack due to ice being natural enemy of fire. He was beaten by pre time skip Blackbeard who got blown away and hurt (shouted in pain) from gear 2nd pre time skip Luffy's jet pistol. When Ace...
  21. Cauann2K

    Portgas D. Ace vs Donquixote Doflamingo

    Real Doflamingo, both are High 7-A and the speed is equalized. Portgas D. Ace: Donquixote Doflamingo: 7 Inconclusive:
  22. SemiRaedi

    Fire fist Vs fire breath

    First form Orochi (1 Gigaton) Vs Ace (1.03 Gigatons) Speed equalised 1km distance from each other Location in the Monster Association
  23. Lugh_Tuathe_Dé

    Can natsu eat ace in his intangibility fire form?

  24. LordGinSama

    Portgas D Ace vs Ajeel Ramal

    Both are at High 7-A Winner via death of the opponent Speed is equalized Ace: 0 Basically Crocodile:0 Incon:0
  25. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    A Pirate vs a Big Chicken: Portgas D. Ace vs Blaziken

    Ace is hungry and sees a Blaziken. He decides to kill it to satiate his hunger. Can Blaziken protect himself or will ace butcher him into Pokemon KFC (Kentucky Fried torChic) Ace's Profile Blaziken's Profile Rules: No Knowledge or preptime for both Battle takes place in the forest Speed is...
  26. Darkvie123

    Jiraiya vs Portgas D. Ace

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Jiraiya?mobile-app=false https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Portgas_D._Ace?mobile-app=false Conditions: Morals: Off Location: Tokyo Jiraiya: 0 Portgas D. Ace: 7
  27. KingTempest

    Logia Regen Downgrade

    The Logias in One Piece all have varying regenerations based on their innate Logia ability to transform into their varying element. https://vsbattles.com/threads/one-piece-logia-regenerationn-upgrade.33418/ https://vsbattles.com/threads/minor-sabo-addition.96830/ Those threads covered it...
  28. KingTempest

    One Piece God-High Tiers Revision

    Introduction This content revision thread is to discuss those who aren't high Tiers of One Piece but they aren't god tiers, right in the middle to be exact. I request that we strictly talk about Attack Potency, Striking Strength, and Durability in here. We will not talk about any abilities, any...
  29. KingTempest

    Busoshoku Haki Huge Addition

    Busoshoku Haki Revision This is gonna be a lot. In fact, it was so much that I put every resistance in a spoiler. Resistance to Heat and Fire Manipulation Agree: StrawHatArslan, joshpiece, Axxtentacle, Milly_Rocking_Bandit, LordGinSama Partially Disagree: Disagree: theultimate5105, Damage3245...
  30. TauanVictor

    Portgas D. Ace vs. Trafalgar Law

    Post-Timeskip Law it will be used. 20 meters apart and Equal speed. Please, send arguments! Portgas D. Ace: Trafalgar Law: 6 (@KingTempest, @M1keyOnDiscord, @Rez, @FluffyCreatureZ, @NomsNoms, @Kidkinsey) Incon:
  31. KingTempest

    One Piece Pre-Timeskip AP Scaling

    One Piece Pre-Timeskip Topics to Talk About Doriki Scaling. We found out that one of the old justifications for Linear Doriki was a mistranslation, so we need a new justification or we don't count it as linear. Asura 3x Multiplier scaling revision. Asura had a random 3x multiplier. That is...
  32. Spinoirr

    Who actually wins the fire free for all?

    Who actually wins the fire free for all
  33. Chasekilleen

    Portgas D. Ace vs. Eleonore von Wittenburg 7-A

    Portgas D. Ace vs Eleonore von Wittenburg
  34. SupremeGilgamesh

    The Death of Portgas D. Ace

    I went to reread the death of Ace again to analyze something Akainu says in that moment that his fruit can overwhelm the flames of Ace fruit Second what he says in one translation:"You are merely fire.I am magma that consumes fire" And i thought what this meant about So i read step by step...
  35. SupremeGilgamesh

    Calcs of Change in Temperature

    Can someone point me to a calc that uses a simple version of calculation of change of temperature? If you can't,can you at least explain to me so i can put at my experimental wiki?
  36. The_Popular_Loser

    One Piece scaling and who is responsible so I can get them arrested

    So Ace and Jinbe and Dolfimingo are likely Small Country level + While Fujitora and Sabo are just Large Mountain level + What?
  37. The_Popular_Loser

    Pirate vs Hitman

    Tsunayoshi vs Ace Both High 7-A Speed Equalized Battle takes place at Marineford
  38. Celestial_Judge

    Ace fire absorption and "Adept" haki user?

    I'm sorry I do not remeber Ace absorbing fire not a single time. Can someone please give scans of when this actually occured. It is quite odd that Ace is the only Logia Devil Fruit user that can absorb his respective element. Ace is not an "Adept" Haki user. Maybe regarding Conquerer's and...
  39. Celestial_Judge

    Ace vs Natsu

    Both are at Low 6-B, Savage Fire Natsu is being used Winner via any means necessary Speed is Equalized Battle takes place in Amazon Lily Portgas D. Ace:0 Natsu Dragneel:1 Incon:0 Whoever wins, wins,
  40. The_Prince_of_Counters

    Forgive my sins: Ace vs Natsu

    Reminder this a hypothetical match between two fictional characters before yall try to hang me. Both are at Low 6-B, Savage Fire Natsu is being used Winner via any means necessary Speed is Equalized Battle takes place in Amazon Lily Portgas D. Ace:0 Natsu Dragneel:0 Incon:0...