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nuclear throne

  1. TheMassivlyUnkn0wn

    Chainsaws and Chicken [Chainsaw Man vs Nuclear Throne]

    Two blood-fueled melee fighters, at least normally melee fighters. And hopefully not stompy matchup that seemed pretty good. Rules! Chainsaw Man Denji and fully equipped Chicken with the Rhino Skin mutation are used Both start 25 meters apart Fight takes place in on a street in Nagoya SBA for...
  2. Sir_Ovens

    Ovens' High 8-C Creature Feature Bracket Round 3: Agumon vs Big Dog

    Round 2 Agumon vs Big Dog Rules are in the bracket hub. May the best monster win. Bracket Hub
  3. Firephoenixearl

    Radiating Skill: Ikki vs The Nuclear Throne REDUX

    Same rules as before. In other words: Speed Equalized. All the generators are broken, so Loops are active. Ikki knows he's facing a very large boss rush of enemies, and that the battle won't be over until he kills The Throne (the first form) twice. However this time Shikki is used. Shikki...
  4. GreyFang82

    Captain (NT) vs Furnace Golem

    Both 8-B (Captain scales to 12.249 Tons of TNT while Furnace Golem Scales to 27 Tons of TNT) Speed is Equal Fight takes place in a deserted minecraft village. Both start 5 meters apart Who wins and why? Captain (Nuclear Throne): 2 (Lou change, Onnakoko) Iron Golem: Inconclusive:
  5. Moritzva

    Horror vs Alex Mercer: Wiki's 3rd Strongest Non-Smurf 8-C

    Prefacing this by saying it's a stomp. Horror (Nuclear Throne): Alex Mercer: 8-C only for both. Speed equal, though I'm not sure if it matters since Gamma Guts is passive. Notes: Alex Mercer resists Radiation Manipulation, but Nuclear Throne's Radiation Manipulation regularly obliterates...
  6. Dusty_Raider

    Raid Boss Series Round 2. Team RWBY vs Big Dog

    Team RWBY has prior knowledge and a week of prep. Speed equal and victory by any means. All characters are in their first keys. Team RWBY thier High 8-C stuff restricted. Gamma guts and sharp teeth are restricted. Big dog massively upscales from 2.0 tons. Team RWBY scales to 1.42 tons...
  7. Moritzva

    Very Small Nuclear Throne Upgrade

    Eyes can move Big Dog (Nuclear Throne) with his Telekinesis. It would be quite difficult to pin down Big Dog's true weight, but he is far bigger than cars in-game and is made of primarily metal. Therefore, I feel a safe lowball would be Class 10, as Big Dog is both about as tall as an elephant...
  8. Moritzva

    Another Skill Bites The Dust (Yujiro vs The Throne)

    Yujiro Hanma: The Nuclear Throne: Inconclusive: Battle takes place in The Throne Room, with the generators broken (Phase II is active). Speed equalized. Yujiro knows to try to avoid getting hit by radiation, as such would be really, really bad. Can Yujiro survive an entire Loop of Nuclear...
  9. Moritzva

    The Gamer Plays Something New

    Han Jee-Ha: Big Dog (Nuclear Throne): Inconclusive: Big Dog is casually around 2.6 tons with regular attacks (via upscaling from Big Bandit, who does around as much with a charge), higher with missile explosions, and durability that has absolutely nutty upscaling compared to other Mutants...
  10. Buttersamuri

    Crystal fights a 9-B

    Cause why not make a 8-C with a good record fight a 9-B. This will be an interesting fight hopefully. Speed is equal as per usual. Now let see who comes out on top A Blue Unicorn who we don't know the Gender Of: A Rock with a gun and some stupid crud: Inconclusive/Draw:
  11. Buttersamuri

    Crystal didn't subscribe to Tobuscus

    Oh no, Crystal said no to subscribering to Tobuscus. This is beyond evilness. So Tobuscus decided its time to kill crystal. Anyways. These two actually seem like they would give the other a really good fight. Anyways 8-C forms Radiation stuff and Sharp teeth is restricted Speed is equal...
  12. Moritzva

    Yes. (Mob vs Crystal)

    Shigeo Kageyama: 1 (Planck) Crystal: Inconclusive: High 8-C used, and nothing above that allowed. Speed unequalized. Mob scales to around 226 m/s, while Crystal has base 605 m/s combat speeds, with most guns far below Mob's reactions, but with lasers at about 1559 m/s. Mob is 12,554,532,364...
  13. Moritzva

    Chelshia vs Crystal (3 Left)

    With every win, with every smacking defeat delivered to 8-Cs, my will grows stronger, the flame within growing, consuming... Chelshia: 1 (Jacky) Crystal: 4 (Butters, Go, Zark, Schmuck) Inconclusive: Speed Equalized. Battle takes place in The Sanctum of Wrath. 8-C forms used and nothing above...
  14. ZackMoon1234

    [9th Round of 8-B Tournament] - Y. V. vs Specter Knight (1-7-0)

    The 9th Round of the 8-B Bracket Hub The Tree of the 8-B Bracket Hub Speed Equalized 17 meters apart Location - The Burj Khalifa Restrictions - Sharp Teeth and Gamma Guts 8-B Keys used Y. V. - 1 (Moritzva) Specter Knight - 7 (Necromercer, Overlord775, Mr. Bambu, Ionliosite...
  15. Colonel_Krukov

    8-B Tournament: Round 1 - Iron Man (MCU) vs Young Venus

    Link to tourney. Main thread. Rules: Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalised Iron Man: 0 () Yung Venuz: 8 (Ionliosite,Necromercer,Moritzva,Strawboi,Unoriginal Memes,XSOULOFCINDERX,Newendigo,I'm Blue daba dee daba die) Inconclusive: 0 () Iron Man is 17.66 Tons and Young Venus is...
  16. DontTalkDT

    8-C Tournament Match 14 (Lux Arcadia vs Crystal (Nuclear Throne))

    Lux Arcadia vs Crystal (Nuclear Throne) 8-C Versions Lux is using Black Hero mentality & Recoil Burst is restricted Radiation, Damage Reflection & High 8-C stuff restricted Speed Equal SBA Otherwise Votes Lux: Crystal: Hub, Tree
  17. DontTalkDT

    8-C Tournament Match 12 (Gazef Stronoff vs Crystal (Nuclear Throne))

    Gazef Stronoff vs Crystal (Nuclear Throne) 8-C Versions Speed Equal SBA Otherwise Votes Gazef: Crystal: Hub, Tree
  18. DontTalkDT

    8-C Tournament Match 8 (Crystal (Nuclear Throne) vs Go Gin)

    Crystal (Nuclear Throne) vs Go Gi 8-C Versions Crystal's Radiation, Damage Reflection & High 8-C stuff restricted Speed Equal SBA Otherwise Votes Crystal: Go Gin: Hub, Tree
  19. DontTalkDT

    High 8-C Tournament: Secret Extra Match (Kat (Gravity Rush) vs Crystal (Nuclear Throne))

    Kat (Gravity Rush) vs Crystal (Nuclear Throne) High 8-C versions Base Kat Speed Equal Crystal's Damage Transfer & Radiation Weapons/Abilities are restricted SBA Otherwise Votes Kat: Crystal: Hub, Tree
  20. Firephoenixearl

    Rakudai characters play a game

    Let's see how many rakudai characters can clear the game: The Nuclear Throne vs Round 1 Stella Vermillio Round 2 Sara Bloodlily Round 3 Shizuya Kirihara
  21. Moritzva

    Small Nuclear Throne Thing

    So, Big Dog (Nuclear Throne) was an official Mutant in the game at some point. So, Big Dog should have a separate Mutant key, where he has all his available mutations, seeing as he could mutate and gain Rads like other mutants.
  22. DontTalkDT

    High 8-C Tournament Match 7: Final Match. (Adam Taurus vs Crystal (Nuclear Throne))

    Adam Taurus vs Crystal (Nuclear Throne) High 8-C versions Speed Equal Crystal's Damage Transfer & Radiation Weapons/Abilities are restricted SBA Otherwise Votes Adam: Crystal: Hub, Tree
  23. DontTalkDT

    High 8-C Tournament Match 6 (Crystal (Nuclear Throne) vs Renamon X)

    Crystal (Nuclear Throne) vs Renamon X High 8-C versions Speed Equal Crystal's Damage Transfer & Radiation Weapons/Abilities are restricted SBA Otherwise Votes Crystal: Renamon: Hub, Tree
  24. DontTalkDT

    High 8-C Tournament Match 3 ( Crystal (Nuclear Throne) vs Shin Sun-Il)

    Crystal (Nuclear Throne) vs Shin Sun-Il High 8-C versions Speed Equal Crystal's Damage Transfer & Radiation Weapons/Abilities are restricted SBA Otherwise Votes Shin Sun-Il: 0 Crystal: 7 Hub, Tree
  25. KGiffoni

    Nuclear Throne small CRT

    The cast shouldn't have attack reflection. The main reason for them to have it is because they can reflect bullets in-game, but that's nothing more than Game Mechanics. Literally nothing justifies a humanoid fish deflecting a bullet with a wrench like if it was a baseball and a baseball bat...
  26. Moritzva

    Radiating with Skill: Ikki vs The Nuclear Throne (Grace)

    Speed Equalized. All the generators are broken, so Loops are active. First key Ikki. Ikki knows he's facing a very large boss rush of enemies, and that the battle won't be over until he kills The Throne (the first form) twice. The Nuclear Throne: 7 (Greyfang, Milly, Pen, Lancelot, Noodles...
  27. GreyFang82

    Skull Knight VS A Gun God

    Speed is Equal Both are 8-B Y.V. has a Super Flak Cannon and a Laser Sword. They start 15 meters apart SBA Otherwise Who wins and why? Skull Knight: Yung Venuz: Inconclusive: "Pop pop"
  28. KGiffoni

    Melting vs Sans

    Both start 5 meters away from each other. Speed is equalized.
  29. Moritzva

    Fugil Literally Plays A Bullethell

    He beat Culexus. Let's see how he fares against this. Speed Equal. Fugil knows how potent the radiation attacks are, and knows that not getting hit by them is very important. 8-B for both. The Nuclear Throne: 3 (Hl3, Grey, Ed) Fugil Arcadia: Inconclusive: For all intents and purposes, The...
  30. Psychomaster35

    Cleffa VS Crystal: Revengence

    Ah, Dargoo's 8-C brackets. Too bad it was cancelled, and my power was never demonstrated to swear revenge. But. Lets go with a little "What If Scene". I (somehow) made it to the finals with Cleffa and come across Crystal. The final battle awaited. And yes: it was based off of this: But lets...
  31. Buttersamuri

    Sans Tournament Round 12 Final Round Sans vs Crystal (Grace)

    Bones vs Rocks. Cause someone told me this. Round 12, Sans from Undertale is fighting Crystal from Nuclear Throne. People from games I've never played. Let's see who comes out on top. Equal speed and that's all. Go Sans Crystal: 7 Inconclusive/Draw
  32. Moritzva

    A Large Number Of Rocks vs A Rock (1 Needed)

    Knack (Character): Crystal (Nuclear Throne): 6 (Ovens, Greyfang, Ion, Stalker, Listen, Redite) Rock Hard Gladiators: Speed Equal. Battle takes place in a massive, open wasteland in Nevada. 8-C for both.
  33. Moritzva

    (1 LEFT) Eversor vs. Crystal - Shutting Down 8-C Brackets

    This had to happen eventually. Crystal (Nuclear Throne): 6 (Greyfang, Ion, Psycho, Butters, Cracker, Redite) Eversor Assassi: Kars (JORGE JOESTAR): Crystal upscales tremendously from Melting, who can survive a 1.17 Ton hit. I do not know Eversor's AP, but nothing above 8-C here. Speed...
  34. GreyFang82

    Scorpion (Marvel) vs Lil' Hunter

    An Absolute Mad Lad attempts to squash a Stingy Boi Both High 8-C, Normal Scorpion Speed is Equal Scorpion Scales to Spiderman (Base) who is 8.544 Tons Lil' Hunter Scales to Big Bandit who is 2.05 Tons Fight takes place in Chicago (as to not give Scorpion a Home Field Advantage) The Rest...
  35. Moritzva

    Nuclear Throne Revisions

    Nuclear Throne is a small verse, but tiering the verse has clearly not been easy. Greyfang and I looked into a few different things, though, and here's what we found: First of all, we'll be using Assalt's blog to quantify the destruction of two feats, being Lil' Hunter (Nuclear Throne)'s Stomp...
  36. GreyFang82

    Sans vs Yung Venus

    Speed is Equal Yung Venus has an Auto Crossbow and a Blood Hammer Who wins and why? Sans: Yung Venus: 2 (Sans4325 and ThePixelKirby) Inconclusive: "Pop pop"
  37. GreyFang82

    Chicken vs SCP-096 but in a higher tier

    The last thread basically died, here's one that should be pretty solid Speed is Equal Both High 8-C Chicken has an Energy Sword and a Super Bazooka Fight takes place with the two a few meters apart Who wins and why? Chicken (Nuclear Throne): 1 (ThePixelKirby) SCP-096: Inconclusive:
  38. GreyFang82

    SCP-096 chases a Chicken

    Both 9-A Speed is Equal Chicken has her Sword and a Revolver Fight takes place with the two a few meters apart Who wins and why? SCP-096: 0 The Chicke: 4 (ThePixelKirby, Apatheticskell, Starter Pack, and Assaltwaffle) Inconclusive: 0
  39. GreyFang82

    A Monokuma Unit stumbles across a Robot

    A Destroy Monokuma Unit vs Robot (Nuclear Throne) Both 9-A Speed is Equal Robot has a Wrench and an Assault Rifle Fight starts of with them a few meters apart Who would win and why? The Monokuma Unit: Robot: Inconclusive:
  40. The_Calaca

    Chicken vs Rubber (Second Try)

    East Blue Saga Luffy vs Chicken (Nuclear Throne) Speed equal. High 8-C versions. Chicken has the Black Sword. So... let's fight.