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Another Skill Bites The Dust (Yujiro vs The Throne)

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Yujiro Hanma:

The Nuclear Throne:


Battle takes place in The Throne Room, with the generators broken (Phase II is active). Speed equalized.

Yujiro knows to try to avoid getting hit by radiation, as such would be really, really bad.

Can Yujiro survive an entire Loop of Nuclear Throne? Who wins, and why?
The throne stomps here. If ikki who's specifically "skill developed to fight hax" couldn't make it, yujiro has no chance.

He can't finish off dozens of levels and tons of danmaku before 2 min.
Yeah, Ion and Ikki said it all. In terms of skill,



and besides, Yujiro is truly only able to flex his skill when against human opponents (or at least human biology to some degree). Sad boi hours stomp
I seriously disagree with that but it's not like anyone gives a flying ****.

Anyways, this is a stomp, but not because big daddy Ikki got stomped.
(I could've sworn, Yujiro had resistance to rads via surviving nukes or smth? Wasn't that a thing?)

Well, I was recently told that, for some reason, Yujiro doesn't have that. Yet. But will have it after revisions. So... alright, we'll wait for that.
Hl3 or bust said:
It's repeatedly stated that a nuke would be unable to kill him.
Yeah, that.

I'm not a Baki supporter, so I have no clue if it would get approved, so... Let's wait for Prom, then figure this out!
Reopening because....Why would Yujiro resisting rads help when Thrones radiation outright bypasses normal resistance?
Hl3 or bust said:
Because it means that Yujiro doesn't die due to existing anywhere in the world.
Yeah, that's basically why Ikki lost. One could argue he could, eventually, beat the entire game while never getting hit if he's careful, but to do that while on a time limit that's slowly killing him due to fighting in a walking nuclear wasteland... It just isn't practical.

And apparently Yujiro isn't actually up there with Ikki in abilities or skill, so lol.
From what I can tell, that was just him dodging the instant death-level radiation.

The passive radiation that's everywhere is still there, but it's gonna take a second to work.
Schnee One said:
Wait what was the argument for Ikki not insta dying by being in the throne again?
Yea the properties of the very battlefield being a wasteland don't show anywhere near the same potency as Gamma Guts / actual radhax attacks.

It just, y'know, is still an irradiated wasteland, and strolling through Hiroshima unprotected isn't a very good idea.
Well, by game mechanics, yes they should hit you. While without game mechanics, they'd technically still be bad to be near, that's a bit more complex than I'd like to debate here.

Also, a forcefield? If it can block the tiny radioactive particles, then probably, yes.
Well, the nukes argument is good. Also the fact Yujiro has extreme resistance to poison, what is also common specially in The Sewers.

And of course Yujiro one-shots everyone that isn't 7-C, so yeah.

I'm afraid there's not any confirmation to say that that the radiation of the Nuclear Throne or the Wasteland is above that of a point blank nuke.
Nuclear Throne radiation weapons and (and Gamma Guts) work on enemies that are walking piles of radiation.

Anyhow I'm going to close this for real until Yujiro gets his stuff, contact me on my wall if anyone wants to talk further.
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