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lucifer morningstar (dc comics)

  1. PrinceStories

    Problem Acausality type 4 Lucifer's

    When I did a little investigation into Lucifer's profile I found something that confused me in the powers and abilities section, especially for acausality type 4 with justifications like this: In the last scan, Lucifer is declared to be escaping from his function and out of Yahweh's plan and...
  2. LazyMortician

    Removing AE type 2 from Lucifer's profile

    Hi everybody, {Here} I would like AE type 2 to be removed, which was accepted in the thread I opened for Lucifer a few months ago. Because I think it is unnecessary to have two types at the same time. Type 1 is much more appropriate as it is clear that Lucifer is darkness itself and operates...
  3. Robo432343

    Cosmic Armor Superman vs Lucifer

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Thought_Robot vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Lucifer_Morningstar_(DC_Comics) SBA Speed Equal
  4. PrinceStories

    DC cosmology questions

    I've been reading the current DC comics cosmology page for a long time https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/DC_Comics_Cosmology But I'm confused about the Vertigo cosmology section because, I saw the justifications only taken from pre-black label DC vertigo comics aka only stuck to Sandman...
  5. Brogeefrong

    The strongest DC characters fight | Arrowverse Lucifer vs Cosmic Adventure Mxzptlk | 0-0-0

    why are these guys the strongest dc characters Both are 10D Lucifer has the flaming sword Mxyzptlk is amped Speed is equalized votes Lucifer:0 Mister Mxyzptlk:0 Original DC comics get upgraded back to 1-A and kill both:0
  6. VeryGoofyToddler

    Vertigo(Neil Gaiman and Mike Carey) Revision

    Hello. In today's revision, I will be specifically going over the Vertigo verse(Pre-Black Label). This will tie in any Sandman features such as Endless Night, Orpheus, Overture, etc… The main premise is to establish what the Vertigo verse offers within the writings and statements of the main...
  7. Sparx_gaming

    Rimuru vs Lucifer

    Lucifer Morningstar (Comics) Vs Rimuru Tempest (Light novel) Equal stats • Bloodlusted
  8. Brogeefrong

    (Completed) 0-0-7|Death Battle was right, Archie Sonic's cosmology is similar in scope to DC comics|Silver The Hedgehog vs Lucifer Morningstar

    ah haha Super Silver is being used Lucifer is... Lucifer Both are 7D Speed is equalized The fight takes place in future, where Silver fought Enerjak The savior of the future!:0 The King of Hell:0 Incon:7
  9. LazyMortician

    Lucifer Morningstar Hax Revision

    Abstract Existence (Type 2): Lucifer is the Darkness that defines his Father's Light. Without Lucifer (Darkness), there is no Yahweh (Light). Lucifer was erased after removing himself from the Book of Destiny, but would not be Yahweh (Light) while he was gone. Darkness was necessary for light to...
  10. VeryGoofyToddler

    DC/Vertigo Cosmology Revision

    Hi, guys in today's thread I think it came up with a genius idea that may surprise you. To clarify this will primarily only focus on J.M. DeMattheis and Carey/Gaiman lore in their work on the Cosmology. Grant/Synder's work that I have read multiple times over the years seems fine where it is...
  11. VeryGoofyToddler

    Elaine, Michael, Lucifer, and the Presence Possible 1-C upgrade.

    I agree with most of what the revision brought and I will go over some of the topics, I think needs to be worked on. Lucifer is a fan favorite so I will be going over him and his family first. Now I do agree that Lucifer and the Presence are nowhere near 1-A but I feel Low 1-C is also a tad bit...
  12. Cyber_VERGIL

    Why have the power levels of Lucifer and many other characters from the DC Comics dropped so much?

    Why have the power levels of Lucifer and many other characters from the DC Comics dropped so much? Their level used to be 1-A, but now they're barely 1-C.
  13. LazyMortician

    Lucifer Morningstar-Cosmic Awareness

    When Lucifer was in his own creation, he saw an event that took place in Yahweh's creation and intervened. Lucifer 2000 #16 It also gets to the heart of its 20 billion year old story. Lucifer 2000 #75 I think these panels will be enough for Cosmic Awareness.
  14. VeryGoofyToddler

    The Presence(Yahweh) Ability Addition.

    In today’s thread, I will be going over some needed power addition for Yahweh. I will also provide the reasoning and context behind each feat. Absorption(Power) - It is mentioned several times that Yahweh is the creator of both Michael and Lucifer, he was the one to give them their power. As...
  15. Robo432343

    Lucifer High Godly Regeneration

    The Book of Destiny contains the entire universe. It contains everything that has happened in the past, present and future. A person's entire history. Lucifer removed himself from the book of destiny and was going to become nonexistent, later confirmed here. Lucifer then came back from getting...
  16. VeryGoofyToddler

    Lucifer's Creation “infinite dimension”

    So I was looking over the revision project when something popped into my mind. Lucifer’s Creation might have infinite dimensions. As we know Mike Carey explicitly states that he sees Universe and Multiverse as synonymous to describe an all-encompassing Creation. Highlighting that the Universe...
  17. VeryGoofyToddler

    Possible addition of the ability “Creation” to Michael Demiurgos

    So after reading some character's profiles because of the fact the revision is soon to take place. I couldn't help but notice some things that seemed quite off. It has to do with the ability of “Creation.” https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Creation The short synopsis that was provided to be...
  18. EXE2

    Removed Lucifer morningstar DC's Stamina Infinite.

    All scans from Lucifer 69 When Yahweh's word stopped holding the pieces of creation together, Creation was going to collapse. So Lucifer along with some others, a physically grabbed the edges of the gate and pulled it across all of creation. And when they succeed, Elaine clearly states that...
  19. Pizzabox492

    Joker vs Lucifer Morningstar

    Joker fights an Archangel Speed equalized Both in character True end game key is used, has Satanael as main persona but can use other personas if needed Layers equalized 1-A vs 1-A Who wins?
  20. Pizzabox492

    Joker vs Lucifer Morningstar

    Joker fights an Archangel Speed equalized Both in character True end game key is used, has Satanael as main persona but can use other personas if needed 1-A vs 1-A Who wins?
  21. Robo432343

    DC Comics - Lucifer Abilities

    resistance to probability manip - Lucifer tanks an assault from The Basanos. (Lucifer vol 1 #23). The basanos Kills people by manifesting their possible deaths and they seek out all possible deaths and inflect all of them on someone at the same time. But then they stomped lucifer by using his...
  22. VeryGoofyToddler

    Remove “True Extent” from the Endless.

    So when reading over the content revision of the DC Cosmology for the most part I agree. I couldn't help but notice that the Endless has separate keys for what appears to be their “True Extent.” Which left me a bit perplexed given the idea of the Endless was always one and the same. So the...
  23. Robo432343

    Pre Retcon Beyonder vs Lucifer Morningstar DC

    Bruh I can’t link the pages bruh Both are low 1-A SBA
  24. Transcending

    Lucifer, Dream, and Michael downgrade

    Lucifer Morningstar is popularly known as one of DC's top tier beings, with many even saying he's the second most powerful in the entire verse. However, as much as I love the character, I feel like he's been incredibly overhyped by people. The wiki is no exception. So in this thread I will go...
  25. VeryGoofyToddler

    DC Comics - Lucifer Morningstar Upgrade

    Hello in today’s content revision I think we should look over Lucifer Morningstar and why he deserves High 1-A. Here is one on Yahweh and why he deserves it. Yahweh This is the basis of how DC Vertigo is structured, remember Vertigo is written differently from the rest of DC. Vertigo down to...
  26. VeryGoofyToddler

    The Presence(Yahweh) Upgrade

    Specifically; Yahweh, Lucifer, and Michael. I will go over Lucifer as Michael another time. The Presence/Yahweh Lucifer Morningstar Michael Demiurgos Yahweh: To start it off let’s talk about Yahweh. To first start, Yahweh is Infinite and Eternal. Infinite and Eternal (Lucifer Vol.1 #75)...
  27. Recap_

    CAS vs Lucifer

    The Thought Robot(https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Thought_Robot) vs Lucifer Morningstar (DC Comics)(https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Lucifer_Morningstar_(DC_Comics)) who wins?

    On the canonicity of Lucifer MorningStar

    Greetings. After reading Lucifer volume 3 there is a distinct possibility that the events of Lucifer volumes one and two are no longer applicable to the current incarnations of Lucifer's character, many aspects of both one and two seem to hold no sway over this modern incarnation, I question...
  29. NHTkenshin2

    Question about the presence (DC comics)

    This has troubled me for a while now. Is there any statement or implication that the “yahweh” and the “divine presence" key are different in anyway shape or form? There is nothing on the presences profile that prove that. He should in my opinion just have a single high outerverse level (or...
  30. Krazydog050

    Dc Verse Downgrade!

    This Crt is About Dc Verse that should be Downgrade for a long time ago and after new Description tiering system explain about 1-A|Outerverse level that said Characters who can affect objects with a number of dimensions equal to the cardinal aleph-2. Which Dc Didn't even have an Infinite...
  31. Unwanted

    Feats for the 2018 Lucifer Morningstar to use in his key and discuss

    These are feats I collected to help if someone is going to make a key for the 2018 Lucifer. Abilities: Superhuman strength: Bent alien metal with a finger (issue 19) Super speed, creation, biological manipulation and time manipulation (issue 14) Fire Manipulation: Lit his cigarette with his...
  32. Catzlaflame

    Lucifer Morningstar DC Vertigo Justifications stuff

    Lucifer has a decent amount of hax, however there are only 5 scans on the entire page, and basically no references, that is what this thread will attempt to fix ig Lucifer powers stuff : Fear manipulation: a random character stares at him and starts throwing up, later on in the issue it states...
  33. WinsonDetamp

    Lucifer vs Lucifer

    Lucifer (SMT) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Lucifer_(Shin_Megami_Tensei) vs Lucifer (DC) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Lucifer_Morningstar_(DC_Comics) Both at 1A key Bloodlusted Lucifer (SMT): 1 SuperSeaLight Lucifer (DC comics) Inconclusive:
  34. Lucifer Morningstar Revision.

    Small Content addition for Lucifer Morningstar. Justifications: These are for Abilities or stats that he already has. For his Matter Manipulation: Ignites new stars. For his Durability: Tanks a point-blank universe-busting energy blast from his brother Michael, without even a scratch. For his...
  35. Lucifer Morningstar vs Michael Demiurgos

    2 brothers and sons of God fight against each other. Both at their strongest. Lucifer: 5 (Teezar), (Confluctor), (San-Kakarot), (Popted2), (Peppersalt43) Michael: 0 Inconclusive: 1 (Westcoast5005),
  36. Galactic_Astronaut

    Lucifer Morningstar vs Aka

    Both are at 1-A. Morals are off. Lucifer Morningstar: Aka: Inconclusive: Who wins?
  37. Galactic_Astronaut

    Lucifer Morningstar vs Beyonders

    All are at 1-A. Morals are off. Lucifer: The Beyonders: Inconclusive: Who wins?
  38. Musaabu02

    Lucifer Morningstar possible upgrade.

    https://thesatanicscholar.com/2016/01/19/why-vertigos-lucifer-morningstar-matters-pt-4-of-4/ Its stated here by Mike Carey Lucifer isn't restricted by the authors or bound by any authors as he even transcends page while the author isn't looking...
  39. Kuuzo7

    Evidence for Lucifer being the Great Darkness

    The purpose of this thread is to show that Dan Watters claim on Lucifer being the Great Darkness should not be as controversial as it seems. Evidences have already been brought forward in the thread below, but did not address the seeming contradictions, such as the Great Darkness description in...
  40. Ned_the_outer_god

    How far above Baseline are the 1-As in DC comics?

    The title