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link (majora's mask)

  1. TheGatememer

    Resistance to Paralysis for Oot/MM Link

    Small revision. Link can't be stunned by Deku Nuts, which should grant Resistance to Paralysis Inducement.
  2. Dust_Collector

    Zelda: Of Giant's and Light Arrows

    So the Giant's Mask, we give MM Link Class E lifting strength with said mask since it gives him the strength of a giant, and in Majora's Mask the only giants that exist in Termina are these guys, so naturally we gave something that grants the power of a giant, well, the power of a giant. However...
  3. Naito-desu

    From Moonrise to Moonset Quarterfinals, Match 3: Nacht vs Link

    MATCH CONDITIONS: The match takes place in Windsor Castle, in the inner courtyard of the upper ward Starting distance is 10 meters Characters will be given only partial knowledge of all their opponent's abilities, particularly any dangerous abilities or immortalities Characters will be given...
  4. Naito-desu

    From Moonrise to Moonset Match 5: Link vs Meliodas

    MATCH CONDITIONS: The match takes place in Windsor Castle, in the inner courtyard of the upper ward Starting distance is 10 meters Characters will be given only partial knowledge of all their opponent's abilities, particularly any dangerous abilities or immortalities Characters will be given...
  5. DarkDragonMedeus

    Minor Majora's Mask Downgrade

    Nothing too major but this calc is outdated and is to be replaced with this one. This effects Majora and Fierce Deity Link accordingly from High 4-C to simply 4-C.
  6. koopa3144

    Byleth Eisner vs Link (Majora's Mask) (0-7-0) (Concluded)

    Byleth is in their Fused with Sothis key and Link is in base Byleth has their Optional Equipment Speed is equalized SBA for everything else (picture goes here) Byleth: 0 409 Gigatons Link: 7 501.219 gigatons Incon: 0
  7. Nicetoderp

    People who are banished from tourney. (Link VS Kamen Rider Zero-One)

    Two persons, banished from a tournament due to their strenght decide to point their blades at one another for the sake of glory. -This is base Majora's Mask Link and End of Series Zero-One in REAL x TIME key. -Zero-One form that isn't base Progrise Key is restricted. -Mask of Fierce Deity is...
  8. Chariot190

    Hero's Shade Upgrade

    Link in MM is At least High 6-C in his base key. The Hero's Shade is At least 6-C because usual Link stuff. The thing is, The Hero's Shade, in particular, is the exact same Link as MM Link, and I don't mean that in a split timeline or what if sense. I mean that literally, MM Link grows up to...
  9. Shmooply

    Merging OoT/Majora Link

    this better not become as controversial as all the other zelda crts Plain and simple CRT. Ocarina of Time Link and Majora's Mask Link don't share a profile for whatever reason, even though they're literally the same character. They're both referred to as the Hero of Time, Majora's Mask takes...
  10. Garchomp777

    Link vs Isaac(Golden Sun)

    Both High 4-C, speed equal. Majoras mask Link is used, all gear and abilities Link(Majora's Mask): Isaac(Golden Sun): 1 Italian Plumber:
  11. KobsterHope07

    The Hero of Time vs Progenitor God

    Both of these legendaries heroes are known for messing with time to save their respective land and their loved ones. So let’s put them against each other to see who is superior. Tier: High 6-C Fighters: Link from Majora Mask (501 GT) vs Sothis-fused Byleth (409 GT) Both have their equipments...
  12. The_real_cal_howard

    Link vs Artoria Lancer

    Honestly, just a neat match. Majora’s Mask Link vs Lion King. Nothing above High 6-C allowed. Which means no lance and no Oni.
  13. The_real_cal_howard

    Link vs Ikki (read OP)

    Okay, rules. This is Majora's Mask Link. Stats are equalized. Ikki starts in Rasetsu and it's permanent. Link starts with the Stone Mask on and the Lens of Truth in hand. Ikki is willing to abuse Trackless Step. (Yes, this is a match on what's better, Trackless Step or the Stone Mask)
  14. GiverOfThePeace

    MM/OoT Link Addition... again

    Yeah I know, but I really do not know why I forgot about this. Basically all of Link's transformation masks scale to the species he embodies, he's even able to read their scripts due to becoming them "The oceans of Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks are located in a broad subtropical zone with...
  15. GiverOfThePeace

    Minor OoT/MM Link addition

    Saria's song allows Link to speak with her from interdimensional ranges. Like, he can speak to her telepathically while she's in the chamber of sages. So his range should be upgraded to "Cross-Universal with Ocarina's magic". This applies to both Child and Adult Link, it should also be given to...
  16. BigSmoke4269

    The Strongest Link

    No Triforce Speed equalized Both are 3-A (obviously) Link: 1 Link: 0
  17. Ted_Ed

    Link (Majora's Mask) vs Pegasus Seiya

    3-A forms Speed eequalized
  18. Cumberjung

    The Legend of Zelda Majora's downgrade

    I have talked it over with some other users on this tread and I have come to the conclusion that Majora's 3-A tier is invalid and some profiles need to be fixed. I'll put my reasoning into sections discussing each feat and why it should not be considered 3-A. MAJORA CORRUPTING ALL OF TERMINA...
  19. The_real_cal_howard

    Ichigo vs Link

    Both at High 6-C. Speed equal if necessary. That is all.
  20. GiverOfThePeace

    Some Majora's Mask & Link (OoT) add ons

    This isn't really contriversial(might be some slight controversy with the abilities at most) and it seems the zelda threads finally quieted down (Asides from the Low 2-C thread). But it should be straight-foward enough. This also should obviously be added to Composite Link since he's uh, them...
  21. BakiHanma18

    Majora's Mask Link vs Son Goku

    Link vs Goku Link is the hero of Time Link from Majora's Mask and has all of his equipment Goku (DBS Anime) is pre-Tournament of Power, and all forms except for Super Saiyan are restricted Kaioken is restricted Speed Equalized Location is an indestructible planet Both are in character...
  22. Mr. Bambu

    A Triangle Asked Me: Ogremoch (D&D) vs Link (Majora's Mask)

    Triforce asked for High 6-C matches, instead I offered him a fairly potent 6-C. Battle takes place in Ogremoch's fortress, speed is equalized. Who wins and why? Link (Majora's Mask): 4 (AshenCrow, GiverOfThePeace, TriforcePower, Phoenix821) Ogrémoch: Inconclusive:
  23. SSBXeno573

    MM Link (3-A) vs Son Goku (3-A)

    This is fair right? Both 3-A versions Goku starts in SSB Speed equalized Son Goku (Dragon Ball Super): Link (Majora's Mask):
  24. ParadoxIndifferent

    The Legend of Zelda: Major Revision - Part I

    Introductio Hello to everyone passing by to check out this thread. Some of you may recognize me or not; this is irrelevant to the current subject at hand. I feel compelled to make this thread as I feel our current tiers for this franchise leave a lot to be desired, to say the least, and I hope...
  25. XitSign

    "Wait...What happened to Majora?" - Dullahan VS Link (Majora's Mask)

    As a followup to what I think is the only completed Golden Sun battle (though not for lack of trying on my end), Dullahan VS Unrestricted Majora, why not have the Fairy Boy face down the gaurdian of Iris. Majora might've been defeated, but Termina isn't safe yet, not with Dully now on the loose...
  26. GiverOfThePeace

    Majora's Mask Link base upgrade

    Requested to make a seperate thread on this. Simply, Link has the triforce of courage. There's also this feat LephyrTheRevanchist brought up about Link flipping the planet with light arrows: https://youtu.be/aRRwh77IjhY?t=9m33s Should upgrade him whatever tier ToP Ganondorf is going to be...
  27. GiverOfThePeace

    Minor Link Addition

    Simple enough, Link should have Stealth Mastery for his Composite, OoT, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, and Wind Waker self. OoT had to sneak through gerudo fortress MM had to sneak through Deku Palace TP had to sneak around villages as a Wolf WW had to sneak around the foresaken fortress...
  28. The_real_cal_howard

    Majora's Time Stop

    Majora has ZA WARUDO. In all seriousness, Majora created the moon, in which the core of it, time is stopped. The ever-present in game clock is stopped, the effects of Chateau Romani doesn't run out, etc. Given the entire premise of the game focuses on time, I highly doubt it's game mechanics.
  29. HeeHomeboyMokey

    Volnutt VS Link

    Both High 6-C speed equalized Fight takes place on the open field with the great tree on the moon bloodlust for Volnutt if that makes it more fair
  30. ShockingPsychic

    Majora's Mask Link(Young Link, Legend of Zelda) Vs. Sans(Undertale)

    Link has his sword, sheild, and his main 3 masks(Zora, Goron, and Deku Scrub, he can also change back at any point) Both are in character. The battle takes place in Judgement Hall. Bonus Round: Both are bloodlusted.
  31. HST_Master

    I throw Link against another SE protag. Link vs Roxas

    Fierce Diety Link vs Dual Wield Roxas. Fight in Lestallum Speed Equal Fierce Blonde: Angry Blonde:
  32. TheArsenal1212

    A Link between two famous silent protagonists

    Both at High 6C Red has Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise to use Link has everything he has access to in Majora's Mask that helps him be High 6C Speed Equalised Slient Red Guy: 0 Slient Green Guy: 0 Inconclusive: 2
  33. Warren_Valion

    Battle of the Divines: Fierce Deity vs. Hylia. (0-2-0)

    Which is stronger? The Dark God or the Holy Goddess? Fierce Deity: 0 Hylia: 2 (The real cal howard, TriforcePower1) via more Hax like Sealing Inconclusive: 0 Speed Equalized (If Necessary) Proper Music Inb4 it Ends in Copulatio
  34. Dust_Collector

    Zelda low and mid tiers downgrade

    So the low tiers and mid tiers of the series are Country level and Large Country level respectively due to storm shenanigans, however with the new standards for storm creation feats they are now due for a hefty downgrade. The calcs I made use KE but now CAPE is the standard assumption we use...
  35. Shadowbokunohero

    Legend of Zelda Remastered Discussion

    Considering Remastering classic platformers from the 90's is the cool new thing, How would you guys feel if Nintendo did the same thing? specifically Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time and Majora's mask. Done in the same vein as stuff like the remastered crash bandicoot and Spyro trilogies...
  36. PaChi2

    Today is not Valentine's day: Link vs Zelda

    Princess Zelda vs Link (Majora's Mask) Both High 6-B (No Light Arrows) SBA. Setting: Training match, they fight in character but with zero intent to kill or mortally wound their opponent. Speed equal. Thoughts? Battle theme
  37. TriforcePower1

    The Demon Sword vs The Holy Sword: Akame vs Link

    Ennodzuno Akame vs Majora's Mask Link. Link gets lost in the lost woods and ends up in the world of the Empire. Here he meets the Emperor, and believing he's as wise as Zelda (both monarch at a very young age), he's convinced that Akame is a powerful demon that needs to be taken down. Akame...
  38. GyroNutz

    Link vs Luigi

    Two of the most famous green Nintendo heroes of all time. Both have all their equipment on them. This is Link from Majora's Mask vs base Luigi Who wins and why? Luigi: Link: 1 Inconclusive: Hyaaaaaah Luigi numbah one!
  39. The_real_cal_howard

    Meliodas vs Link (MM)

    We're in the mood for an interesting match right now. Peak for both, but obviously no Fierce Deity Mask. Speed equalized.
  40. QuasiYuri

    Link powers revisions

    Power who should be added/change: Attack Reflection: The Master Sword do this in a lots of games Animal manipulation: Bee Badge protect Link from Bees and make him friends with them. Resistance to Illusion Creation should be change to resistance to Perception Manipulation, because we have...