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  1. SpiteBattles

    “RED DETERMINED HEARTS” | Frisk vs Peketo [0-0-0]

    FRISK, the Human from the Surface World (9-A with Great Determination) VS PEKETO, the Red Obsessed Insane Child (9-A) -Both are IC, but want to win -Speed Equal -Battle takes place in a flat land, with no grass and red skies -Both are 15m apart “-Despite everything… its still you…-”...
  2. StrymULTRA

    Undertale: Stuff that was forgotten around

    Basically, as discussed between me and @Roachman40, we realized that we've forgot to apply some stuff around for the verse, so I guess it's time to fix it. Updating info for DT users DT users (aka Frisk, Chara and Asriel) shouldn't have just Low 2-C range for their SAVE and LOAD, but 2-C...
  3. Da3ggman

    "Fighting against Calamity fills you with Determination." (Frisk vs Tooru; 0-0-0)

    This is such a dumbasss idea lmao Rules: Both are in-character The fight takes place in Jojolion Morioh 20 meters from each other. Speed is equalized. Frisk starts at their base determination, and their Reality Warping and Information Manipulation are restricted. Win via Death or Incap. SBA...
  4. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Frisk VS Tails

    "The Angel" Frisk VS "Anthropomorphic fox with two tails" Tails Starting Distance: 3m Equalized speed Both in-character Frisk with Peak Determination | 2-B Super Tails LOCATION: Frisk: Tails: Inconclusive: 8 (@StrymULTRA, @ShakeResounding, @TauanVictor, @LeoEpicGamer8910...
  5. EnderLord8

    Garisk, The Super Willpower Warrior & Pink Witch, The Immortal Milf Ruler vs Gajou & Golden U (Fusion Tournament)

    Garisk, Super Willpower Warrior [Garou, Post-Sage Centipede / Neutral Frisk] and Pink Witch, Immortal Milf Ruler [Rose Quartz, True Form / Salem] vs Gajou [Parallel Timeline Garou / Shinjuku Showdown Satoru Gojo] and Golden of U [Giorno (Giorno himself comes with Gold Experience Requiem) /...
  6. Froggytron

    [R1M5] CO-OP Tournament: Frisk/Papyrus vs. Dr. Hecate/Laser Frogman (s4)

    Tournament Hub / Tournament Bracket A battle of 2 commander summoners of various technologies put against a duo of immerse friendship from inverted fate! Battle of ideologies Important rules to mention: The battle will take place in an 'endless, metal cube planet', in an FU's pocket dimension...
  7. EnderLord8

    Undertale vs Overlord (Frisk vs Aura)

    Neutral Frisk vs Aura Frisk Equipaments: Cell Phone, Temy Armor, Worn Dagger, Sea Tea and many hp restore items Aura Equipaments: All your standard equipment Frisk AP: 8-A (329.95 Tons), higher with your dagger Aura AP: Low 7-C (1.47 Kilotons), In reality it should be lower than that... AP...
  8. Why does Frisk have sleep manipulation as a power?

    When I was looking through Frisk’s profile I noticed that it had sleep manipulation, through their ability to make Knight Knight go to sleep. I May be extremely new here but isn’t this a massive leap of logic? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just assume Knight Knight can very easily fall asleep...
  9. StrymULTRA

    Undertale minor stuff because why not

    Yeah, doing this as I noticed two things are missing. Type 1 Acausality Negation through TRUE RESET I do not know how this is not on the profile. Basically, anyone who played Undertale would know that Flowey and Frisk's memories aren't affected from any kind of Time Reset. To expand on...
  10. King_Dom470

    "What's wrong? Lives flashing before you’re eyes?" (4-8-0)

    Rules: Speed equal Both characters are able to give up 9-A Frisk is used Frisk's optional equipment is restricted Death has prior Knowledge of Frisk's ability Battle takes place in the judgment hall SBA for everything else Death gives Frisk PTSD: (Gilad_Hyperstar, HonestlyBored24...
  11. StrymULTRA

    Giving to Undertale characters powers they should've always had.

    Yeah, I won't make introductions because this is a relatively quick CRT and I am genuinely surprised of the verse having none of it at all. Existence Erasure This boils down to both the Player and Chara in short. Chara describes their act of destroying the world as being "erasure" (and it...
  12. H3110l12345I20

    (GRACE) Frisk vs Adam Sandler 2.0 Electric Boogaloo

    Continuing from here. Frisk vs Michael Newman (Click) SBA. Pacifist 9-B Frisk is used. Frisk: Michael: 8 (TheMassivlyUnkn0wn, JustANormalLemon, King_Dom470, Accelerated_Evolution, Hiiilt, me, J.J._Chambers, JRockfish1) Incon:
  13. ShionAH

    Undertale Fan Dream Come True? Mid-Godly? Let me cook.

    Alright alright this is gonna be very... controversial (maybe not Idk) It was accepted here that Low-Godly makes sense but Mid-Godly was rejected since we had no proof if Souls contained the mind or not We see the souls have minds in these cases We see Cyan attacking because of Flowey but...
  14. Rau

    Frisk Law Manipulation?

    Here, Frisk pushes the square box, which is the rule of the game, and presses the fight button and kills Sans. It seems to me that it can be given here because many feats like this one are taken from Law Manip. Moreover, even though it's Sans' turn, she breaks this rule and hits herself...
  15. Winter

    Ness vs Frisk

    I’m surprised this wasn’t done before Rules: Speed Equal Both are 9-B (Early Game Ness vs Minimally Determined Frisk) Ness can’t use fate and probability hax Starting Distance is 10 meters Both have optional equipment Okay (0) Verse with totally consistent tiers (2: Quibster, King_Dom470...
  16. Shmooply

    Husband too guilty to die vs child too determined to die (Rimanah vs Frisk)

    Felt like making a Rimanah match now that his profile's been made, and I think this one's pretty thematic considering their abilities. Commander Rimanah - holy crap frisk undertall - The circle of life (INCON) - Frisk is amplified with great amounts of Determination, meaning the 8-C rating is...
  17. StrymULTRA

    Undertale: Photoshop Flowey-sized Revision

    Greetings! Finally my (kinda deserved ngl) Topic Ban is gone. Meaning that I could use this month to think better about what to do about the Undertale pages, and I have been preparing a lot. So be prepared, because each point I'll make will be short and straighfoward enough in my opinion. This...
  18. StrymULTRA

    Undertale: The Genocide Route CRT

    Yeah, I should stop spamming CRTs for this verse... That wasn't Frisk in the Genocide Route Basically that wasn't really Frisk in Genocide, but Chara. In the Genocide Route, when Frisk looks at their reflection, it says "It's me, Chara", unlike in the other routes where it just recognizes it...
  19. StrymULTRA

    Undertale General CRT: The Sequel (Now 8-C too)

    We already got nice things for Undertale, but this should be the last thing for now about low tiers. Mid DT Frisk removal Alright so "Mid Determination" for Frisk shouldn't exist at all. It scales to literally no one in the profiles and the explosion was in a context similar to Chara's fall...
  20. MastaWhite

    Undertale CRT

    Possible removal of Sans' Timestop Timestop is an ability people assumed Sans has due to this scene. The main premise of Sans having Timestop is that Grillby's flames stop moving entirely which made people speculate he has Timestop and people point out this matches aesthetically when Sans...
  21. StrymULTRA

    Removing Frisk's Resistance to Absorption + A minor Asgore fix

    Original Thread here. Making this as the Staff didn't remotely read my arguments, so I'll make this CRT so they'll be forced to read them this time. The thing is that Frisk has now resistance to Soul Absorption due to them apparentely not being affected from Photoshop Flowey trying to absorb...
  22. BestMGQScalerEver

    Undertale EE Resistance

    Frisk with peak determination should gain resistance to EE (soul, history, and body.) due to resisting Asriel erasing the whole timeline he was in which would have to contain his soul, history, and body. History stuff is no longer being proposed.
  23. ShionAH

    GIGANTIC Undertale CRT.

    This CRT is sponsored by @Tural2004 (He wanted me to make it) Frisk Aura: With "spare" Frisk can exude a peaceful aura of determination that makes any opponent that is already questioning their desire to fight them give up. Emphatic Manipulation: Due to the aforementioned reason. Frisk can...
  24. Mariogoods

    Natsuki Subaru VS Frisk

    Rule: 1. Natsuki Subaru is in his Arc 5-7 key with all Optional Equipment (10-A, 9-C with Whip, higher with Invisible Providence, 8-B with Beatrice) while Frisk is with Immense Determination (Varies from 9-B to 9-A, at least 8-B with Immense Determination). 2. Speed is equalized. 3. SBA. Vote...
  25. koopa3144

    A small child fights an even smaller bug (Frisk vs The Knight)

    Fight takes place in the Ruins Speed is equalized Minimal Determination Frisk and is being used Frisk has their food items The Knight is in their first key The Knight has Soul Catcher, Soul Eater, Sprintmaster, and Quick Focus Distance is 5 inches SBA for everything else Small child: 0...
  26. StrymULTRA

    Undertale: General CRT

    Alright, this is 100% being controversial. Mid Low-Godly Regeneration for High DETERMINATION Users The argument comes from Frisk being able to resurrect in case they die, and they cannot reach their SAVE File (as even said in their profile), but there is something which is still worth to...
  27. ShionAH

    Extremely “Minor” Sans CRT

    1- Resistance to Fear Manipulation as he literally joked about frisk under charas influence which scared flowey a soulless emotionless being to the point of then wildly shaking and running away minutes ago 2- Air Manipulation, created a self-sustaining tornado in his room 3- Invulnerability...
  28. ShionAH

    Frisk Damage Reduction and Sans SI and 4th wall awareness, breaking.

    Frisk needs a DR ability with determination. First scan: Second scan: Thats pretty much it. Soul INV and Body INV for frisk lets go. Also Social Influencing for sans 4th wall breaking for sans Damage Reduction Agree: @Comiphorous @Sans2345 @Overlord_THE_END @Lynieryz @Da3ggman...
  29. Ayewale

    A simple yet devastating Undertale Nerf

    So this is a rather simple one. Currently, every single character in the Undertale verse has Durability Negation on their profiles. This comes from the fact that they use soul magic, and all of their attacks target the soul, which probably means it gets past conventional durability. Which seems...
  30. H3110l12345I20

    (VOTES NEEDED) A Child Tries to Cure a disease! (Frisk vs Bacteria (Plague Inc))

    SBA, the battlefield is on Earth starting in a hospital research lab. The bacteria has only recently evolved all of it's traits, minimal determination Frisk is used. Frisk has the added win condition of making a cure to the disease & being able to eradicate it. Frisk's mind manipulation...
  31. StrymULTRA

    Undertale: Immeasurable Speed, but it is for good.

    I remember when I was in the site for the first time. End of 2017. They were the times of when Timeless voids granted Infinite speed, Dimensional Tiering gave you AP from default and other stuff. One of these other memories was Immeasurable Speed for Undertale god tiers. But like anything else...
  32. Adem_Warlock69

    Hat Kid vs. Frisk -rematch-

    Last one was removed because Frisk was upgraded me think Both are 9-A Speed will be equalized Battle takes place in The Subcon Forest Village No Prep Time or Information of each other Both start 10 meters away from each other VS "DOWN WITH THE MAFIA!!!": "I've got better to do": Incon:
  33. ShionAH

    Moving in the void

    I just had a question is moving in a void or in a timeline that is erased from existance equal to infinite speed? If so I just wanted to ask why doesn't frisk or the UT verse have this? Frisk here clearly moves when the timeline is erased in the void Theres also where frisk moves in...
  34. Tural2004

    Frisk ability additions

    I noticed that Frisk doesn't have many abilities they should have on their profile. I will try to keep this short. Aura: With "spare" Frisk can exude a peaceful aura of determination that makes any opponent that is already questioning their desire to fight them give up. Emphatic Manipulation...
  35. Undylan

    The Courier meets a child with a knife (Courier vs Frisk) [1-1-0]

    Curious on how this will go down. Basically, the human child has reached the judgement hall but instead of a lazy skeleton. The Courier is there to stop them instead. Speed is equalized. Both are about 10 meters apart. Otherwise, SBA Genocide Route Frisk is used. The Courier: 1 (Undylan)...
  36. Winter

    Pretty small Undertale speed revisions

    So some of the Undertale speeds on the profiles seemed a bit sus so I searched deep into stuff, and I think it should be changed One of the main things being that Frisk has varying speeds. Like I get AP and Dura, but Speed? Frisk already goes toe to toe with Toriel, a Hypersonic character, at...
  37. ShockingPsychic

    Frisk (Undertale) Vs. Sadako Yamamura (Ringu)

    this may or may not be a good idea. let's find out The Onryo Vs. The Angel Fight takes place in the True Lab, where Sadako has just crawled from a television. Sadako has 7 days of prep time, and Frisk has watched the tape. Victory is achieved though any means that stop the fight. If these...
  38. H3110l12345I20

    (Grace) Sad Larry fights a child! (Frisk (Undertale) vs Sad Larry)

    SBA, Sad Larry's luck acts first & Frisk is 9-B & in their neutral route version. Speed is =. Poor Larry ); : Don't die man, stay determined!: 7 (TRAE_is_arceus, Flashlight237, Artorimachi_Meteoraft, Peppersalt43, LeoEpicGamer8910, MarioGoods, TheKillerYT) Incon: 0 ()
  39. TioKill

    2-B Undertale is a literal headcanon

    "Well, that didn't last f**king long" — TFS Vegeta Hello. So, I have issues with how high Undertale is currently asserted to in the 2-B tier, as it's based on incorrect information, and lines taken out of context. I do not intend to downgrade it to Low 2-C, like it was before, I am well aware...
  40. Duragoji123

    Frisk Durability Upgrade

    So, I'm going to keep this short and sweet. This shouldn't require too many scans, because it's fairly obvious. Frisk was capable of surviving one of Full Power Asriel's strongest attacks. Therefore, since both Asriel and Chara recently got buffed to 2-B, Frisk's durability with immense amounts...