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fiamma of the right

  1. Churronzon

    The Left Hand of God vs The Right Hand of God

    VS Thamiel has knowledge of the Holy Right and Fiamma knows Thamiel is a Facet of God Starting distance is 25 meters apart Standard Battle Assumptions for everything else Competitive violinist: Pop Idol: They form a band:
  2. ShadeyD

    Magic Gods ability additions

    Another Magic God CRT First off, Chimera should have Type 3 Madness Manipulation NT17 Between the Lines 3 Heck, her profile even says it. Of course, all Magic Gods should receive resistance to this as well. High Priest should get Fusionism Fused with a comet As well as Soul Manipulation...
  3. Deidalius

    Gojo vs Fiamma of the Right | 0-0-0

    SBA Speed equalized Present day Gojo La Persona Superiore a Dio key for Fiamma Gojo wins: Fiamma wins: Inconclusive:
  4. Churronzon

    [Toaru] Limited Type 2 Abstract Existences

    Goal: Looking to add Limited type 2 abstract existence for Imagine Breaker, World Rejecter, and the Holy Right. It's limited since it only applies to their right hands. Imagine Breaker and World Rejecter are manifested from the dreams of all magicians (majority of which being Magic Gods). IB is...
  5. Churronzon

    Fiamma runs an aspect of his No Limits Fallacy on Black Sperm

    The NLF being tested is numbers. Apologies if this is a stomp for one side or the other. LPSaD Fiamma is restricted Black sperm starts in their first key Profiles: La Esca Superiore a Dio | Sperm ong
  6. Churronzon

    Toaru revisions, Omnibus edition

    Sandbox (WIP) Coronzon Moonlight Absorption (Shown here) Magick: Flaming_Sword "higher" attack speed Continuing from this CRT, Flaming sword should have a speed rating of "higher". [See this comment for more reasons.] Small intelligence addition Coronzon has gathered great knowledge in the...
  7. Churronzon

    [Toaru] Fiamma rematches Touma

    Touma starts with Invisible Thing Fiamma has knowledge of the Invisible Thing. Touma’s dragons are restricted Both are bloodlusted. Starting distance is 15 meters Profiles: Touma | Fiamma
  8. FantaRin_The_First

    (Super To Aru Revision) A Certain Magical Revision Genesis Testament

    Purpose Hey, hey, fanta here! ... Y'know the purpose of this CRT, so... Let's just get to the point. This CRT's Purpose is to upgrade the Top Tiers/HighTiers/Anybody who isn't High 1-C Being via the number of calculations I've created and the number of calculations I've found in Reference of...
  9. Churronzon

    [Toaru] Additions surrounding Information Analysis and Resistance to it

    Proposal: Fiamma should have the following in addition to his already existent instinctive reaction: Limited Information Analysis (Holy Right analyzes the obstacle in order to find its location and the most suitable output to defeat it). Or add it in parentheses next to his Instinctive Reaction...
  10. Churronzon

    Random Toaru CRT

    Proposition 1: Fiamma should have "can project a powerful killing intent" on his profile, like Gabriel does. Reasoning: -OT21 Since I think either both or neither of them should have this ability, here's Gabriel's quote for comparison: -OT21 Edit: It seems there was another quote regarding...
  11. Aseka

    About Fiamma recreating the miracle

    Fiamma with LPSaD stated can recreate any miracle and legends in Christianity. So, the question is, is it inappropriate to add in the miracle and legends from the Bible for Fiamma? Because the statement says he can recreate any legends in Christianity. I just wondering, if it's appropriate or...
  12. Lapsad

    Yhwach vs Fiamma

    Quincy vs Fimma Both High-6A Speed equal
  13. Expectro2000xxx

    Rematch Shia Haulia vs Fiamma of the Right (6-9-0)

    Both are High 6-A, speed is equalized. Shia: 6 (Confluctor, Aminadab_Brulle, Lapsad, ZephyrosOmega, Onilcx, Scorby3050) vs Fiamma: 9 (Heavens_Feel, Accelerate420, ZERO7772, Rez, Sonicflare9, Problemexe, Inori_Hatsune, Yomi_Schwarz, Everything12) Inco: 0
  14. Expectro2000xxx

    Questions about the right hand of Fiamma

    As the title say, if there is a attack that as secondary effect destroy the surroundings, Fiamma would survive that? I get that the hand negate the direct damage, but also the indirect? If someone directly control the temperature the area around Fiamma would be fine? The hand would negate the...
  15. Rez

    He Who Can Save The World Vs the Strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer

    Satorou Gojou Vs Fiamma of the right Satorou Gojou: Fiamma:
  16. Lapsad

    Fiamma vs Paarthurnax

    Fiamma vs Paarthurnax Speed equalized Both base Hopefully this is not stomp
  17. DontTalkDT

    Fiamme vs Fiamma

    Fiamme vs Fiamma 5-B versions Speed Equal
  18. Cultivator_Daemon

    Fiamma of the Right VS. Wolfgang Schreiber

    Round 3 of I already did this on Comicvine so I'll do it here, however, I also did this on Spacebattles and plan to do it again on two different sites. - Base Fiamma and Restricted Schreiber (Schreiber is already in True Briah) - Speed is equalized. - In-Character. Fiamma of the Right...
  19. GarrixianXD

    Ichigo Kurosaki vs Fiamma of the Right

    Both start at base Post-Timeskip Ichigo is used Speed equalized
  20. Ionliosite

    Fiamma vs Masayuki

    Fiamma of the Right vs Honjou Masayuki (Light Novel) Both 10-B Spedd Equal Who stomps and why?
  21. Axscell

    Fiamma of The Right vs Gilgamesh

    Both are 5B versions (LPSaD Fiamma and Archer Gilgamesh) All abilities and equipment within these versions are allowed Win by any means Fiamma: Gilgamesh: Incon: I will save this world. You are no longer necessary to do that. You should be honored, you mass of flesh. You managed to carry...
  22. XDragnoir

    Fiamma vs Tsuna

    Will probably end in the exactly same way every battle i have done. Holy Right is restricted for attack and defense, but can be used to teleport. Fiamma has Index Controller and WW3 Gabriel, Astro in Hand is restricted. Tsuna is High 6C, XX-Burner is restricted. Fight takes place in Italy...
  23. Oblivion_Of_The_Endless

    Fiamma vs Yogiri

    I hope this isnt a mistake- Speed Equal SBA I wi: You die: 1 (MostPowerfull) PK Flash gg: 4 (XDragnoir, Accelerate, SirLancelot, Psychowarper)
  24. Oblivion_Of_The_Endless

    Fiamma vs Edelweiss

    Speed Equal Both High 6-A SBA Win Butto: Fatehax zoomer: Fatehax boomer:
  25. XDragnoir

    Fiamma of the Revisions

    To start this revision, something that should be added to everyone, not just Fiamma, because we did it to espers and their RW and Probability hax. Limited Causality Manipulation, because: ("So my own creations turn on me in the very end." She made it sound like this would not have happened if...
  26. XDragnoir

    High 1-C Fiamma Above God?

    After thinking for 5 minutes, i noted Fiamma has at least 4 possibly H1C feats. Also, please note THIS IS NOT A CRT and i'm not trying to upgrade him, i just want to see everyone's opinion and share my own interpretations of this character. 1- can summon and has control over heaven and it's...
  27. ZERO7772

    Accelerator VS Fiamma of the Right

    Basically the 2 biggest Toaru memes on this site duke it out. -Platinum Wings Accelerator. -La Persona Superiore a Dio Fiamma. -In character. -speed equalized "if needed?
  28. DontTalkDT

    Soul hax for Original Grimoire & those that relate to them (ToAru)

    Reading Original Grimoires is most consistently stated to destroy the readers mind. However, as early as Volume 5 it was also alluded to them even destroying the persons soul: Each time he pulled the bow, the toxic grimoires started to flow into his mind page by page. Each page of poison...
  29. DontTalkDT

    Soul Manipulation Immunity / Immunity to Soul Destruction for Fiamma (and/or clarifying his resistance)

    Since people claimed it in a recent vs-thread I will make a CRT on this now. The following is the quote relevant for the matter: An explosion resounded through the structure. A restraining spell created a thirteen-sided object around Fiamma, not only restraining Fiamma's actions...
  30. XDragnoir

    Fiamma vs D

    Well, finding a good match for Fiamma isn't easy, maybe this one will be? Fiamma of the Right vs D (Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?) SBA
  31. Champion234

    Yhwach vs Fiamma of the right

    Yhwach vs Fiamma_of_the_Right who wins?
  32. Heavens_Feel

    Ainz ooal Gown Vs Fiamma

    Ainz Ooal Gow vs Fiamma of the Right Base w/ Pendex Controller Fiamma Speed equal
  33. The_Coolest_Water_Bottle

    Fiamma vs Kamisato: Holy Right vs World Rejecter

    Battle takes place here (With no cars and people around of course) Base Fiamma vs Kamisato Speed equalized. Both are in character They start out 15 meters apart from each other. No Prior knowledge nor prep time. VOTES: Fiamma: Kamisato: Inconclusive:
  34. The_Coolest_Water_Bottle

    Sans vs Fiamma

    Battle takes place on the Judgement Hall Sans vs LPSaD Fiamma (If its a stomp in favor of Fiamma i'll change it to base) Speed equalized In-Character They start out 10 meters apart from each other No Prior knowledge nor prep time VOTES Sans: Fiamma: Inconclusive: It's a beautiful day...
  35. The_Coolest_Water_Bottle

    Kumagawa vs Fiamma: All Fiction vs The Holy Right

    Battles takes place here Misogi Kumagawa vs Base Fiamma Speed equalized In Character They start 10 meters apart from each other No Prior knowledge nor prep time VOTES Kumagawa: Fiamma: Inconclusive:
  36. Nier_Hitoshura

    I do hope this isn't a stomp: Mukuro Hoshimiya vs. Fiamma of the Right

    Key(s): Spirit Form Mukuro, and Base Fiamma (With Index's controller) Speed equal or unequal: Speed is equalized. Mindset: In-Character. Distance: 50 Meters apart. Mukuro: Fiamma: 3 (Accelerate420, StrongClick, and Demise0)
  37. S.T.A.L.K.B.E.R.2

    Fiamma of the Right vs Composite King Ghidorah (Weakened)

    Speed Equalized SBA. Fiamma Profile King Ghidorah Profile
  38. Celestial_Pegasus

    Shia Haulia vs Fiamma of the Right

    Both are High 6-A Speed is equalized Who wins? Shia Haulia Fiamma of the Right: Inconclusive:
  39. GilgaArcuied

    Fiamma vs Ainz

    Battle of the wank! I mean hax! Both at their strongest 10 meter starting distance
  40. Ecstasy_Amphetamine

    King Hassan vs Fiamma of the Right

    Speed equal. King Hassa: 2 Fiamma of the Right: 5 Inconclusive: