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  1. IdiosyncraticLawyer

    DC Comics: Acausality revisions

    The Monitor, Anti-Monitor, World Forger, and Ultra-Monitor have Type 2 Acausality for existing beyond time, which isn't a valid justification for Type 2 Acausality, so this should be removed. The Great Darkness has Type 4 Acausality for being "excluded from the ordered universe", but this just...
  2. Elizio33

    SCW and New 52 Anti-Monitor

    This thread will cover the Anti-Monitor who appeared in the Sinestro Corps War story and the one who appeared in Darkseid War story in the New 52 era. SCW Anti-Monitor: The Sinestro Corps War Anti-Monitor key should be removed as Superboy-Prime was only able to ambush the Anti-Monitor when his...
  3. Elizio33

    DC Comics - Remove the Anti Matter Wave and Durability Downgrade

    As the title suggests, we should remove the Anti Matter Wave feat from the Anti-Monitor profile as it was more of a chain reaction caused by Pariah's experiment than anything else. The Anti-Monitor took advantage of the fact that Pariah's experiment had opened a gap between the universe of...
  4. Elizio33

    New abilities for Mr. Mxyzptlk and the Monitors (Sixth Dimension)

    The first part of this CRT: In Scott Snyder's Justice League, Mr. Mxyzptlk told to the Justice League that the multiverse where they live exists in four dimensions which, in Snyder's term, are point, line, depth and time. He then says: "Then add imagination, which is outside of time." Every...
  5. Emirp sumitpo

    Rebirth Flash 2-C, possibly 2-A addition

    This is only for Rebirth Speedsters. Post-Crisis Speedsters don't scale to this. In Dark Crisis: Big Bang (December 13, 2022). Barry Allen forces himself to go all out in an effort save Wallace and defeat the Anti-Monitor asap, a punch so powerful he calls it "The mightiest punch in the...
  6. Lewis

    Perpetua, Mar Novu, Mobius and Alpheus VS Mandrakk,CAS

    All peak Who win !?
  7. TyranoDoom30


    Why does he only have 4-A+ Durability for an explosion which would destroy the galaxy, not a part of it, but the entire thing?
  8. Elizio33

    Anti-Monitor Minor Revision

    "Comparable to Earth-1 Supergirl" This is wrong because Supergirl strike the Anti-Monitor when he was off-guard. This should be removed and replaced with this: "Darkseid would not escape him after he's done with the infinite universes and could destroy Apokolips" Also: "Is a direct fragment...
  9. The_Pink_God

    Tier 4 Tournament Brackets, Phase 1, Round 1, Sentry vs Anti-Monitor

    Characters we're chosen by @Adem_Warlock69 and @Confluctor Speed Equalized Both 4-B Who wins and goes to the next phase? The Sentry: Vs Anti-Monitor:
  10. Emirp sumitpo

    Two 2-As who wield Antimatter beat the shit out of another. (Ramjet vs Anti-Monitor)

    Nyarlathotep grabs these 2 and then just pits them against each other for the sake of his own amusement. Very brilliant story writing I know. Speed Equalized No prep time nor prior knowledge Both are Bloodlusted 2-A versions are used Anti-Monitor is in his base Ramjet: Anti-Monitor: Both...
  11. Adem_Warlock69

    Guardians of the Universe Upgrade

    The SCW Anti-Monitor’s armor got damaged by the Guardians on two separate occasions, so they should be upgraded to 4-A (Unless it's inconsistent for them)
  12. LordTracer

    Minor Darkseid and Anti-Monitor Revisions

    This is mainly formatting for Darkseid and a tiering changes for two of Anti-Monitor’s keys. Darkseid’s Post-Flashpoint tier is currently listed as: Solar System level (Stomped Hal Jordan without difficulty. His Omega Beams knocked out Superman in one hit). At least Universe level, possibly...
  13. Arcker123

    Demon God of Time vs The Anti-God

    Mechikabura vs The Anti Monitor Both 2-A TPU Mechi used ALE restricted (Because it is Low 1-C) = Speed Takes place in Hell (because why not) Victory By SBA Absorption GG: Anti Matter GG: Incon:
  14. TyranoDoom30

    Palkia vs Anti-Monitor

    Both are 2-A Speed is equal Votes: Not Galactus: 5 (Garchomp776, Planck69, greenshifter, The_Unknown_warrior1, Bernkastell) One of the coolest pokemon imo: 7 (Asriel77, Popted2, theultimate5105, Ned_the_Outer_God, Reggice, Peppersalt43, ElixirBlue) Incon:
  15. sanicspood

    Mammoth Mogul vs The Anti-Monitor

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mammoth_Mogul_(Archie_Pre-Genesis_Wave) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Anti-Monitor first tenure is used for mogul both are 2-a and speed is equal none of them can amp them selfs higher speed is equal anti monitor: 3 mogul:
  16. Deagonx

    Perpetua Downgrade

    It was recently brought to my attention that some misinformation had been spread about Perpetua and I wanted to make sure the proper information was relayed. I'll directly address some of the claims made in the other thread that led to the upgrade. The DC Multiverse has been stated to contain...
  17. Oliver_de_jesus

    The Mother of the World Vs The WorldSlayer; Anti-Monitor vs Tiamat

    because I am bored Probably a stomp but why not? equal speed and SBA. mobius has the ALE and is at its strongest point 2-A. Cool Anti-God: 2 Divine Spirit: Observation: Theme
  18. Elizio33

    Perpetua and the Monitors Brothers Downgrade

    Hello everyone! I have made this thread because over time, i came to realise that the Multiverse+ ratings on the profiles of Anti-Monitor, The Monitor and The World Forge are incoherent in comrarison to what they have displayed in the comics. First, let's talk about the Monitors Brothers, most...
  19. Gohanblanco217

    Battler Ushiromiya vs Anti-Monitor

    Both in character Anti-Monitor : Battler Ushiromiya :
  20. Elizio33

    Some corrections on Ultra-Monitor AP

    In this sca, Perpetua said to Mobius to take back the scale of power he ached for all these years and then, she restore him to his COIE appearance. So, COIE Anti-Monitor (Possibly during the fight in the Dawn of Time or during the final battle in his Antimatter Universe) was as powerful as the...
  21. Elizio33

    The Anti-Monitor and his champions try to destroy the Marvel Universe!

    The Anti-Monitor came to the Marvel Universe with the ultimate goal to destroy it and has gathered the power he had during COIE in the Dawn of Time! But first, he need to defeat its cosmic champions! Galactus Celestials Eternity Master Order Lord Chaos Molecule Ma Beyonder...
  22. Oliver_de_jesus

    John vs Anti Monitor; crisis on Homestuck

    John Egber: 1 Anti Monitor: SCP 682: both are at their maximum 2A power and are allowed to use Anti-life equation and Retcon powers respectively, speed = and sba.
  23. Oliver_de_jesus

    Dc comics character additions

    The Phantom Stranger (Post-Crisis) Immortality 1 existed for centuries this is obvious but good Acausality (type 4; Operates on a different law of physics then the rest of the DC Universe) Power Modification (Cast a spell on Superman that essentially made him immune to Arion's magic and...
  24. Oliver_de_jesus

    ALE powers for darkseid, mobius and orion + new gods addictions

    powers that users(Anti momitor, orion and darkseid) receive from the Anti life equation universes travel (Anti-life exists in the space between universes allowing the user to travel to other universe.) mind Manipulation(Orion brainwashes Earth) Willpower Manipulation(. When he learned that...
  25. Oliver_de_jesus

    crisis on your verses

    Now that I finish the crisis on infinite earths, I can do this rules The battle takes place where he faced Oliver Specter vs Mobius all rounds are with speed = sba mobius is skewered and willing to use everything that even the ALE has First round is used Antimonitor(cw) in high 4C round 2...
  26. Elizio33

    Anti-Monitor vs The Beyonders

    Sixth Dimension Anti-Monitor & The Beyonders Collectively are used (1-A) Who win? Anti-Monitor The Beyonders
  27. Oliver_de_jesus

    mobius more habilidades #2 and ANTI LIFE EQUATION profile?

    well I made a blog for everyone more powers for the Anti Monitor ALE feats this thread will also try to add a profile for the ALE
  28. VAVADevil32

    Lucifer Morningstar (DC Comics) vs The Anti-Monitor (DC Comics)

    "Why do they blame me for all their little failings? They use my name as if I spent my entire days sitting on their shoulders, forcing them to commit acts they would otherwise find repulsive. 'The devil made me do it.' I have never made one of them do anything. Never. They live their own tiny...
  29. Oliver_de_jesus

    What happened to the Higher-Dimensional Existence of the anti monitor?

    What happened to the Higher-Dimensional Existence of the anti monitor? since he has an armor that protects his true body that is energy and absorbed his entire universe (all his continuous space) and the energy he absorbed is part of his true body that means it is a being of higher dimensions...
  30. Elizio33

    The In Multiverse Monitor Brothers Revision and other stuffs

    The in multiverse brothers three should be upgraded to at least 2-A, possibly Low-C based on Alpheus who created the Hypertime (should be higher than 2-A) twice one in the Sixth Dimension and the original one in the World Forge as accepted before that's the reason why he has that justification...
  31. Oliver_de_jesus

    Question of Immeasurable speed?

    Well, if character 1 travel in time before time exists and time was erased on a multiversal scale before character 1 traveled before time, would that qualify for Immeasurable speed?
  32. Oliver_de_jesus

    more skills for the anti monitor

    Damanku: It can absorb vital energy in a way omnidirectional Creation: After his fight with the spectrum, mobius created a new universe, the universe of anti-matter, perpetua put him to work creating entire universes in the forge, like his brother the World forger. Acausality: It was not...
  33. Elizio33

    Superman vs Anti-Monitor

    Sun dip Superman and base Anti-Monitor are used. Roand 2 Dawn of time Anti-Monitor is used. Who win?
  34. Elizio33

    How does the new hierarchy work?

    So i was wondering how the new DC hierarchy work exactly (The Snyder's one)? Is the new hierarchy work that way: The Source/Presence/Overvoid Lucifer & Michael The Endless The Judge of the Source The Cosmic Rapture Perpetua Science Monitor Dax Novu/Thought Robot The Brothers...
  35. LancerOfRed8820

    Anti-Monitor possible Transformation ability. BUMP.

    In the comics during the Darkseid Wars, Anti-Monitor undergoes a transformation and turns into Mobius and he does this by turning into a cocoon by using the Anti-Life Equation. Since he does this in the comics and during a canonical time within the DC Multiverse, shouldn't he have the...
  36. Oliver_de_jesus

    The time has come: Anti-Monitor vs Super sonic archie (8-1-0) grace

    The time has come. mobius are in 2A and has access to the ALE This is post-genesis wave super sonic. speed is = plot Mobius absorbed his universe of anti-matter and wants to destroy everything has come to a multiverse that I created a while ago the world forger to contain his brother if he...
  37. LancerOfRed8820

    Standard Equipment for Anti-Monitor. BUMP

    So I was looking around, looking up information about Anti-Monitor and I came across the Mobius Chair, and as I was reading through I saw that there was a chair called New 52 that was created by Anti-Monitor himself. So by any chance could that be listed under his SE? I have the link to it here...
  38. LancerOfRed8820

    Anti-Monitor's Transduality. BUMP

    I just want to know what type of Transduality Anti-Monitor has if it isn't too much trouble ^^;.
  39. Elizio33

    The Ultra-Monitor

    Even if the Ultra-Monitor didn't last very long in the JL series, i think he deserve a profiles at this point. The Ultra-Monitor stated that he was equal to Perpetua's power however, this was left unproved and he appeared to be powerless against Perpetua at the peak of her powers. Attack...
  40. Elizio33

    Battle of the World Slayer

    Anti-Monitor VS Galactus VS Knull VS Unicro VS Barbatos.. 2-A form are used Speed Equalized Who win?