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  • Could you please check this crt out?
    Would you please do a little review and evaluation of this section
    Hello, can you please comment?

    please i need staff inputs here

    Hello, can you check this? Thanks

    Can you evaluate this crt please
    Could you evaluate this CRT?
    can you look at this
    If you can:
    Would you mind if you give some input (or call staff) on this CRT?
    Hello. If I may take up some of your time, I'd like your brief thoughts on the arguments that the convergence event made every Elseworld canon to DC.
    Could you please delete the empty chatter on the last page and indicate whether you agree or disagree (1 vote left)

    Could you evaluate this minor update?

    Can you help with this if possible?
    Please have a quick look
    Minor revision.
    Thanks Deagon
    May I please have permission to post on
    Hey there, my thread on the Cosmology of Isekai Maou has kind of stalled after a few people said they didn't agree with my assessment of there being infinite universes in the Interstice. I've provided further evidence in the thread that should dispel any doubt, if you could give it a once over and share your thoughts it would be much appreciated. I can't move on to my next CRT for the verse until this one or my Speed + Range CRT is accepted.
    Could I have your input on here?
    Hello, can you take input here?

    need your input here
    Please give your opinion on mujin abilities and resistances on this topic. Also, since you did not see the things mentioned in the comments about mori nonduality and nep, I wanted to convey them here specifically.

    About Mori's independence from dualities, before Mori ascends to the realm of nirvana, the "they became the world" scan comes and then dualities are listed for us. This must be nep for mori and mujin who have not ascended to nirvana. I recommend nd for Mori, who ascends to nirvana, because his connection with the world is completely severed and he turns into a soul completely independent of the laws of nature.
    Hey, could I get your approval on this CRT? Discussion are pretty much over and we just need 1 more admin approval before applying it.
    Hello. Could you please help on this CRT?
    Could you review this CRT?
    Could you please check this thread?
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