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the writer

  1. The Writer (DC Comics)

    Why was the writer removed from the wiki? I know it’s been years since he was removed, but I wanted to know why.
  2. Xearsay

    DC Comics - Animal Man Cosmology Determination

    So in the past there’s been a lot of Animal Man threads that have attempted to try and change Animal Man’s tier. These threads either failed or succeeded but would leave out lots of information. Which is pretty understandable as the 1988 Animal Man run is kind of long and can be confusing at...
  3. Da_Lunge_Fish

    Animal Man discussion

    This is not so much an upgrade thread, but something for discussion. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Animal_Man_(Post-Crisis)#:~:text=Buddy Baker is the Animal,keep balance between the two. We currently have Animal Man at wall, and the end of the page mentions why he wouldn't be tier 1 from...
  4. Bernkastelll

    The Writer (DC Comics) Tier 0 downgrade.

    First of all, yes, I know that there has an ongoing DC comics cosmology revisions, however, this is just a small fix https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Writer So, The Writer is tier 0 due seeing a baseline High 1-A (Overvoid) as a sheet of paper, but the problem is, thats not enough to a...
  5. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    why was the writer of dc killed and is he not boundless?

    https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Grant_Morrison_(New_Earth) it literally says in this article about the writer that he was killed by a beastiamorph. or is this a different writer than the one on vs battle wiki. i mean the writer is supposed to be boundless yet he was killed by a beastiamorph. so...
  6. QuasiYuri

    Saitama VS The Writer

    Since Saitama finally got his tier 0 upgrade... One punch vs some guy who lost his position ig
  7. Pepsiman25th

    well since a lot of new 0s are added. how about we remove one?

    Not sure if one on this has been made yet but i know a lot of people been wanting this. its time for the writer to lose his tier 0 key. in his profile it states that "Vastly above The Overvoid, seeing as it is just a sheet of paper from his/her perspective, and their will always exist beyond...
  8. Lohx07

    About The Writer's influence in DC Comics and possible upgrade.

    So, being objective: can anyone explain to me why The Writer isn't scaling with "The Unwritten" cosmology and construction in the wiki, considering it's relation with the "macro-scale" of DC Comics? The reasons for that are really simple: ▪️ 1- The Writer, as is already know, is not only the...
  9. Ned_the_outer_god

    DC High 1-A (and 0) downgrade

    So, the high 1-As (and 0) in DC are their tier due to having the dc multiverse as a drawing on the over-monitor. This is the wrong tier for multiple reasons: Being infinitely superior to a 1-A or viewing them as fiction only equates to a higher level of 1-A, not high 1-A In order to get a high...
  10. Bowser-us

    Most durable cameraman for Each Tier

    sometimes I hear a joke that the cameraman is the strongest. Let's see which of them turns out to be the most durable (for every tier, and from different franchises) for example: the camemen was at the center of the battles of DBS characters, which gives him 3-A/Low 2-C dura
  11. Overlord775

    The Writer Downgrade/Overvoid Upgrade

    Let me get this straight, the Overmonitor has been established over and over as the litteral page where writers in DC use to draw comics, which are made of paper The Writer rappresents every writer that has written for DC, aka it's a bunch of people, which you know, aren't infinite infinities...
  12. Jumbods64

    Thoughts about The Writer

    I was just thinking about the most powerful being in the DC universe, The Writer... At first it would seem impossible for any fictional character to beat them, but what if you reframe it as writer vs. writer? Mario vs. The Writer could just be a Nintendo developer vs. a DC writer in a battle of...
  13. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    The Writer tries to solo your verse

    Can the True Supreme Being of D.C solo your verse???? No rounds since rounds for this guy is literally useless due to how strong he is
  14. Raul_Jordão

    Quick question about The Writer's downgrade

    Can any of you briefly summarize for me why Writer was downgraded to High 1-A? I would have asked that on the thread, but it was closed before i should ask. Thanks in advance.
  15. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    Time to fit the (literal) god of DC comics as well as the others in our new tiering system

    Time to get the big revisions of the god tiers: Endless: Stays at 1-A, pretty much expected especially since they are very baseline and don't transcend and exceed the scale. Stays at 1-A Mother Night/Father Time: Stays at 1-A. Sure they may be stronger than the endless, but they don't exceed...
  16. Deerofdreams

    Tier upgrade for The eonymous

    the eonymous are very strange when it comes to DC comics as the entire story about them is a meta joke and yet i dont think they are given enough credit from my point of view after reading about them and seeing just how powerful i suggest a really terrible comment the eonymous shouldnt be tier...
  17. NostalgiaTrip


    I find it interesting how The Writer is the only character on Tier 0 that is solely tier 0. Even the One Above All had 1-A added to his profile. But not The Writer? How interesting.
  18. Ultima_Reality

    So Let's Talk About Milk Wars

    About time someone made a discussion thread about that This thread contains links to ****************, so I suggest you make sure to use an AdBlock or Antivirus Program when clicking on them. Those kinds of sites tend to be really spoopy. Introductio So, to give you all a brief primer about...
  19. Anaconda999

    Tier 0 Battle Royale 2

    Note: This is just for fun and won't be added to any profiles. It violates 2 rules of serious fights: Tier 0s fighting and battle royale. Admins, please do not close this. Remember it's just for fun. Each tier 0 is fighting. All of them are at highest power level, and know about each other...
  20. Yobo_Blue

    Gigantic Animal Man Revision

    A shitty revision for a shitty series made by a shitty author. Anyway, as per usual, I'll be adding abilities and providing scans for stuff on profile. Note: For anyone who doesn't know, the Morphigenic Field/The Red is the animal version of Swamp Thing (Classic)'s Green. Certain parts of this...
  21. Ecetereis

    Low Balling the Writer

    Just for fun
  22. Nether_nine

    Who Dreamed First? The Presence or Mankind?

    I'm sorry, but I just cannot take this seriously. This Wiki's attitude of the Presence is like "Oh, Presence was created by Dreams because of that outlier EXTREMELY inconsistent Atheistic Vertigo interpretation of a DC God that has been portrayed as Tier 0 at one point" Can this profile of the...
  23. Masterchaotic

    Want the author in DC killed during a run of suicide squad because he had writers block?

    Wouldnt this make the writer far weaker? Or is the writer simply whoever is writing the story at the time rather than the appearance of grant Morrison in animal man as a physical character?
  24. Elizio33

    Above-All-Others and The One Above All

    The Above All Others is really the same entity as the One Above All? It has been stated that [https://m.imgur.com/a/zeIeIAP TOAA is a gestalt entity made up of every Marvel Creator/Editor/Reader and TOAA is outside and above Marvel. And the Above All Others is a marvel character. So, should we...
  25. Darkmon_cns

    Tier 0 discussion thread

    It's going away soon so why the heck not?
  26. Read_this_post

    Seriously questioning the writer tier

    I dont mean to bring up screwattack but in this brief part of this video we see the writer showing very clear limitations. So why is he tier 0 (or even 1-A)
  27. Jawsome274

    I mAdE a 10-a StOmP a TiEr 0 lOl

    Ben Tennyso vs. The Writer. Problem? Fight takes place in real life. Ben is 10-A (BTW we're assuming The Writer's 10-B)
  28. Kyleb79

    Tier 0 meet and say hi.

    Hello I'm Spaghetti I went on Reddit and saw people said Batman can beat me :( I'm a Hand with a Paint Brush I'm a White Shadow Love Skate Boarding
  29. Royalty1702

    Masahiro Sakurai (Smash Direct 11.1.18) Vs. Thanos (MCU)

    Both at Full Power. Thanos can snap and Sakurai can deconfirm. Speed Equalized.
  30. Abd2u

    DC tier 0 downgrade

    I have been wondering of this page https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Writer How is the writer tier 0? He is just an embodiment of grant Morrison.. He even died..died at the events of war of gods If this was discussed before,then please send me the link of the thread
  31. Read_this_post

    mr mxykptheldjfjndsnjejknqqwertyuiop vs the writer

    So in one comic mr mxy went into the real world and slapped an editor in the face. Meaning he transcends the overvoid and everything in dc except the writer. So who wins? Speed is equalised (idk why, everyone puts this in so imma do it as well) The writer has infinite prep time and is aware of...
  32. Asuka_the_Demonic_Empress

    The Writer vs TOAA

    Biggest Downplay of all Time TOAA goes to the DC Studio to fist fight their rivals head on. Speed equalized.
  33. Papyrus2345

    You vs The Writer

    Can you defeat the writer
  34. Kisaragi_Megumi

    If you were/are writer, how strong would/did you make your Verse Part 2: The Return of Writer

    Continued from here. How strong your story and character writed by yourself in entering an combat setting? Mine is from zero to god,nuff said :v
  35. DeathstroketheHedgehog

    Is it not necessary to be the creator of everything to be omnipotent?

    Cuz uh.. I've been reading the scans in the gallery and... Well that doesnt seem to be the case for the Writer.
  36. Christian_Higdon

    I made a little something

    Feel free to use.
  37. Cumberjung

    What if all characters were the same tier

    IMAGINE THIS You wake up you wake up and everybody now considers any and all characters real or fictional to be High 3-A so you come here and find that everything else about the characters stayed the same. What happens next? How will characters be treated differently because of this?
  38. Maverick_Zero_X

    If you were/are writer, how strong would/did you make your Verse?

    How strong would you write your characters to be assuming they're to enter combat settings? I'd personally write my general characters to be in Tier 8 range (never going beyond 8-A) with Top Tiers being Tier 7. Hax would be simplistic as possible.
  39. Bobsican

    If plot armour was taken as an ability

    Let`s just assume that every character in the wiki isn`t only in-character, but also in-developer, which means that their capabilities are very downplayed (or wanked) depending on the plot, fanbases and developers.
  40. Kerwin0831

    Doubt about the Writer

    I just want clarification. It was never stated that the Writer is the manifestation of all the Writers in DC verse right? So why did you put it in his character profile. And the Writer died. And it wasn't stated that the Overvoid is the avatar of Grant Morrison's/Writer's tool -I'm saying this...