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shirou emiya

  1. Xmark12

    Shirou Emiya vs Yuta Okkotsu

    I think this is a pretty obvious matchup Shirou Emiya vs. Yuta Okkotsu Rules: UBW Route Shirou vs. Shinjuku Showdown Yuta Shirou cannot use UBW for his Durability Speed Equalized (Yuta's speed is equalized to the projections Shirou makes, so both are Relativistic+ with FTL reactions and...

    Shirou Emiya (Fate/Stay Night) vs Mega Man (Classic) [0-0-0]

    This is Unlimited Blade Works Route Shirou and High 6-C Rock being used, speed is equalized and the fight takes within the Unlimited Blade Works Reality Marble. Both sides are willing to win but not necessarily kill each other. Shirou : Rock : Incon :
  3. SheevShezarrine

    Shirou Emiya vs Satoru Gojo

    This is probably a bad idea Shirou Emiya vs Satoru Gojo Fate Shirou vs Present Gojo Speed equal Fight starts at 50m, takes place in an empty field If this is a bad match, I'll alter the keys and/or speed, or change Shirou's opponent to a different JJK character if a fairly even match can be found
  4. TheSilverKing14

    Ginger vs Busty Blonde: Shirou vs Lucy Heartfilia

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Shirou_Emiya https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Lucy_Heartfilia_(X784_to_X792)?so=search Lucy's High 6-C key is used UBW Shirou is used SBA is in effect Distance is around 60 meters or 150 feet. Can Lucy beat the harem protag Ginger with her celestial spirits...

    Nasuverse: 6-C Mages

    This thread seeks to upgrade the mages currently rated as 9-A to 6-C. The argument stems from an interview in Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Animation Material I. The statement says the following: The source is here. The statement seems to say that Caster intended to amplify his...

    Izuku Midoriya vs Shirou Emiya: Battle for Humanity's Greatest Hero.

    This is Final War Arc Deku vs Unlimited Blade Works Route Shirou, Speed is Equalized and the fight takes place in Shirou's home town. Izuku : Shirou : Incon:
  7. Fezzih_007

    Shirou vs Roa

    Both at High 6-C Speed equal They fight in the daylight, but they both are in the underground, in a sewer of Fuyuki city, with lights on. Start distance 2km Shirou is being supporter by miyu mana Shirou have prior knowlegement the rest is SBA Votes: Roa: Shirou:
  8. Amost6x

    Rin's Speed

    I've been wondering for a long time About Rin's profile Her speed right now is Massively Hypersonic, the reason for getting this speed is fighting Medea, which is Relativistic with FTL Reaction, so I assume her profile hasn't been updated yet. And another reason which I'm not sure if it can...
  9. Bobsican

    Sora Vs Shirou Emiya (Skill battle)

    All stats equalized, no hax allowed Successfully executing a lethal attack (independent of regen) or K.O. count as wincons Fight for the top spot Shirou Emiya: Sora:
  10. TheKingStrategist13

    Hikari to Yami: Shirou Emiya vs Kirei Kotomine

    Ok so, I saw a similar idea elsewhere where someone would take a character in a specific situation and swap them out with a different version of that character. So, I decided to do that with Shirou Emiya and Kirei Kotomine. Fight Takes Place in the same Location as in Heaven's Feel, in front of...
  11. Ionliosite

    Sayaka Miki vs Shirou Emiya

    Heaven's Feel Shirou Speed Equal SBA Both are Seigi no Mikata who went deep into hell and lost their idealism, so why not?
  12. UBW and Ionioi Hetaroi

    This has been a question that has been bugging me. Why is it that Shirou Emiya(UBW and Miyuverse), EMIYA, EMIYA Alter, and Iskandar aren’t considered 3-A or Low 2-C while scaling with the tiering system. Both UBW and Ionioi Hetaroi are stated multiple times to be infinite in nature and this...
  13. FallenMaou2234

    And Thus a Shitstorm was Born: Monkey D. Luffy vs Emyia Shirou

    Alright Ladies and Gents THE HERO OF JUSTICE VS THE CAPTAIN OF THE STRAW HATS Battle Conditions: -Post Timeskip Luffy and Heaven's Feel Shirou are used -Avalons Higher-Dimensional sheild is sealed for this fight -Speed is equal -No Prior knowledge -Battle takes place in Wano...
  14. Rider: Fate Stay Night CRT

    I am new here so sorry if I make mistakes. I was reviewing the Fate stay Night Visual Novel and came across this. Multiple times as shown in this links https://ibb.co/qC50HZZ https://ibb.co/YyXN2TP https://ibb.co/7QkwdcQ It is clearly stated that Rider with her Noble Phantasm Bellerophon was an...

    Shirou trace scalibur

    do you still consider it possible that Shirou traces an excalibur copy despite the author's statement that he cannot if yes, what are the criteria for ignoring an author declaration
  16. Phoenks

    Shirou vs Kiritsugu (4-4-0)

    Father and son fight. Bloodlusted. This is Fate/Stay Night Shirou, as UBW may be too much for this match. Both start 50m away from each other. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kiritsugu_Emiya https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Shirou_Emiya Who Wins? Shirou: 4 Kiritsugu: 4
  17. TrueKingOfHeroes

    Nasuverse: CRT for servants

    TIAMAT Transmutation : chaos tide is able to make a creatures turn into other creatures Biological manipulation : able to manipulate cells and DNA Absorption : black mud can absorb Corruption (Types 1 and 2) : able to corrupt the DNA and spirit origin which is the soul Higher-Dimensional...
  18. Lapsad

    Kaito vs emiya shirou

    Kaito vs Shirou Speed equalized Kaito base only Shirou in his UBW key
  19. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Shouldn't Medea be 9-A?

    I mean, she did cut off Shirou's arm and then kill him afterwards
  20. Migue79

    Father & Son Feud (feat. Shirou Emiya & Kairi Sisigou)

    I am gonna do dis~! F/Stay Night Saber (Shirou's Servant) & Shirou Emiya (Fate) vs. Saber of Red (Mordred) & Kairi Sisigou They start off 20 meters away from each other, and the battle takes place in Trifas at night. SBA will cover everything else, and speed is equalized. Who wins and why...
  21. Poppio2

    Shirou learns proper breathing

    Shirou learns the one of the Breathing techniques and masters learning how to use a sword on his own after a year of intense training, how does this change the story of Fate/Stay Night?
  22. ShidoTM

    Shirou Emiya vs Tanjirou Kamado

    both at the maximum, Shirou Human, not servant, Shirou Low 6-B and tanjirou breath of the sun. Lets see who wins
  23. Phoenks

    The Traveler vs Shirou Emiya

    Liyue Chapter Traveler and UBW Shirou Emiya. Both Low 7-B. Speed is equalized. Both start just 25 meters away and they are in the burning city Fuyuki. AP: Shirou is 9-A with 1.9 megaton Swords. The Traveler is 2 megatons. The Traveler: 4 Shirou Emiya: Inconclusive:

    please, can you send me the source where it indicates that Shirou traced excalibur morgam in VN, and also a printout for visual reference.

    please, can you send me the source where it indicates that Shirou traced excalibur morgam in VN, and also a printout for visual reference.
  25. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Shirou vs Deku (The MC's who give 0 fuqs about their bodies)

    A battle of the MC's who want to be Heroes, both of which constantly destroy their bodies to save people Heaven's Feel Shirou vs U.A. Beginnings Saga Deku 9-A to Low 7-B Battle (Shirou is 0.006 Tons to 1.9 Megatons, Deku is 0.18 Tons to 3.91 Megatons) Nine Lives Blade Works and other High 6-C...
  26. Jackof_noTrades068

    Deku fights a Hero of Justice

    -Shirou Emiya vs Izuku Midoriya - 9-A versions are used -Speed Equalized -Starting Distance 10m -Both are Bloodlusted Shirou: Deku:2
  27. JengulGozen

    Sieg vs Emiya

    Who would win without their servants to save them? Sieg https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sieg_(Fate/Apocrypha) Emiya https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Shirou_Emiya
  28. Jinsye

    How Would You Improve? Part 4: Shirou Emiya

    I'm gonna start reading Fate soon so this is the best way to do this. So! This'll be a thing to suggest on how a character could be improved. Writing wise or design wise. This isn't on bad characters, it can be good characters too. I'll start more popular but I can get more obscure as time goes...
  29. HyperNepsy

    A fair match this time? Hopefully

    I don't have a story for this one, maybe next time. Saito Hiraga vs Shirou Emiya Both Small Building level Speed Equalized In character Probably would've been better if I used Rin but saito just absorbing her magic and stabbing her doesn't sound very exciting tbh.
  30. HyperNepsy

    Two Masters Fight

    Two Masters Fight Saber and Tohka fought so now it's their turn. Shirou Emiya vs Shido Itsuka Speed equalized Both in Character Both at Large Island level (the first key Shirou but if that's not fair them Heavens Feel) Location: Tengu City Night
  31. A_Hero_Long_Forgotten

    Shirou Emiya Vs Gaius Julius Caesar

    Rules: In Character Unlimited Blade Works Shirou Location: Room of Spirit and Time Shirou: 0 Caesar: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  32. SupremeGilgamesh

    Avalon as Standard Equipment

    Why is Avalon as Standard Equipment if every thread that has Saber,Avalon is optional? Also,while we are in it,Saber should have the durability Avalon active use grants her
  33. The_Prince_of_Counters

    Ichigo Kurosaki vs Shirou Emiya

    Both are at 7-A Winner via death of the opponent Speed is Equalized Battle takes place in Whole Cake Island Ichigo Kurosaki:0 Shirou Emiya:0 Incon
  34. Daaffy

    Nasuverse: Upgrade Shirou and Berserker Speed

    -Add Nine Lives Blade Works in Shirou miyuverse profile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1e1ULXih98&t=223s -Upgrade Nine Lives Blade Works Speed Shirou can using godspeed with Nine Lives Should be faster than Achilles and comparable to Troias Tragōidia
  35. CrimsonStarFallen

    Shirou's Nine Life's Blade Works

    Is there any particular reason this isn't 6-C? It's a copy of Herc's version, nothing implies it's weaker, plus it killed Herc 8 times over, which is more than Caliburn did.
  36. AnonymousBlank

    No more baseline Servants

    ...... 'cept the 7-Bs. They are still baseline, just 7-A this time via the huge margin this calc grants their fodder physicals. Seems pretty simple imo. This here calc was accepted and fits perfectly with our current stats for Servants. Shirou projects a shoddy Excalibur and kills the...
  37. Solacis

    Base Shirou Shouldn't Exist

    To clarify, I essentially want to propose the removal of Emiya Shirou's base key. The 9-C one, to be clear. Shirou's entire justification for being 9-C is due to his Reinforcement buffing himself and mundane objects to a level where he can somewhat defend himself against a non-serious Cu...
  38. Kredory

    Ethan vs Shirou

    Base forms, except Ethan has armor. Speed is equalized because a fat dude is clearly slower than an anime character. Ethan (PAYDAY): Shirou Emiya:
  39. Hizack123

    UBW Shirou Emiya vs Seig (transformed)

    Ahh yes! Let's see if shirou can take this Speed equal UBW shirou vs Transformed sieg Shirou start in UBW. In character but want to win for both SBA for range
  40. DontTalkDT

    Shirou Emiya vs Wrath

    Shirou Emiya vs Wrath Unlimited Blade Works Shirou Speed Equalized. Unlimited Blade Works is activated from the start. Shirou has his mana connection thingy to Rin. Wrath has the most mental control he can while Wrath is activated.