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How Would You Improve? Part 4: Shirou Emiya


I'm gonna start reading Fate soon so this is the best way to do this.

So! This'll be a thing to suggest on how a character could be improved. Writing wise or design wise. This isn't on bad characters, it can be good characters too. I'll start more popular but I can get more obscure as time goes by.

Next up, it's the one who is the bone of his sword, Shirou Emiya! You may talk about all versions of him so this includes EMIYA and No Name

DragonEmperor23 said:
Shirou's a solid character, the only problem is that the animes remove so much of his inner thoughts that it ruins the character. VN Shirou is great though so I'm glad you're reading that.
I concur with this. While of course the UBW series and the HF movies may deliver gorgeous animation, some characters (which includes Shirou) are sadly, as you say, bit ruined.

He goes from a well-built, tragic character who constantly sees the consequences of his flawed ideal, to generic protagonist #12222 by removing important scenes or inner monologues. Though he's far from being my favorite, he really suffers from adaptation issues.

(I'm also taking the time to read the novel, currently. Interesting stuff so far)