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raiden (metal gear)

  1. RethPo

    Raiden minor resistance addition

    Raiden said he could take the microwave snake went into due to his body being a machine. Since his body is stated to be able to handle it better and with a reason for it, he should have radiation resistance. Same could apply to other cyborgs.
  2. Unknownnah

    Raiden (Metal Gear) vs General Greivous (Star Wars)

    🗿 Mgs4 and Disney Canon Grevious are used. Speed equal. SBA otherwise. Raiden: Greivous:
  3. JirenSupremeSama

    NEW DEATH BATTLE! Episode: Raiden (Metal Gear) VS Excalibur (Warframe) Discussion

    So, Death Battle! released its newest episode and curiously, it features one of the most popular Gaming individual of the year so far, Raiden from Metal Gear, going up against Excalibur, one of the Warframes from the game of the same name, Warframe. What do you think of it?
  4. The_Smashor

    Metal Gear Rising resistance addition

    Cyborgs in Metal Gear Rising should get resistance to Quantum Manipulation and Vibration Manipulation. Raiden states that hitting Armstrong was similar to hitting a Cyborg, meaning Cyborgs can likely resist the effects of HF blades, an idea which is supported by gameplay. This also means that...
  5. DaReaperMan

    Raiden vs Chakax

    Battle takes place in a grassland Starts 10 meters away Speed not equalized Chakax: 0 Raiden: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  6. BigSmoke4269

    raiden genshin impact vs raiden metal gear rising revengeance

    6-C vs high 7-C speed is equal both are at their strongest raiden genshin impact has musou itachi from naruto raiden metal gear rising revengeance has murasama and also his outfit from mexico because its funny raiden genshin impact: raiden metal gear rising revengeance: 8 me:
  7. Unknownnah

    Nanto Seiken vs HF Blade

    Let's say Raiden and Souther here have equal stats so Raiden doesn't get killed by Souther breathing. What happens if Nanto and the HF blade clash? Does Souther lose his hands or does Raiden lose his sword? This is the Murasama here btw.
  8. Torlikoff

    Zephyr Highwind vs Raiden (Metal Gear)

    Zephyr vs Raiden cause tiers match and raiden is badass. Chaos Hunt Arc (Awakening Restricted since it makes him High 6-A) Vs Custom Cyborg Body Raiden Speed Equal.
  9. Comiphorous

    8-B psychopathic tournament: Raiden vs Toko Fukawa

    8-B Psychopathic Tournament MATCH 1 Speed is equalized 10 meters apart Battle takes place in Madness Combat Nevada Raiden is in his first key, Toko is in her second key Raiden: 6 (Popted2, SheevShezarrinem, FantaRin_The_First, DontTalkDT, Baken384, GlaceonGamez471) Toko:
  10. EggBert555

    Raiden MGR

    Where did Raiden get the sub-relativistic speed base stat for his MGR:R key?
  11. Colonel_Krukov

    Darth Vader (Star Wars) vs Raiden (Metal Gear Solid)

    *Standard battle assumptions *Post Mustafar Vader vs Metal Gear Rising Raiden Darth Vader: 0 () Raiden: 7 (DaReaperMan,XSOULOFCINDERX,Reploidnoridomix,CBslayeR,Random-Helper323,ZoroNotZolo,Kflare63) Inconclusive: 1 (Stillwinston) Vader is 491.07 Tons and Mach 2478.95, Raiden is 156.78 Tons...
  12. Arcker123

    Cyborg Ninja Vs Edgelord Ninja (Metal Gear Vs RWBY)

    Lightning Vs Furry Metal Gear Spam Arc? Seems thematic so….. Both 8-A MGS4 Raiden Speed Equal Takes Place Here Both IC SBA Otherwise The activity of the white rang is getting to problematic for the world governments, so in the name of Justice, Raiden attempts to assassinate the new head of...
  13. raidensolos

    Would raiden get better feats if mgrr2 happened?

    Here's something to think about if mgrr2 got a sequel would raiden get better feats?
  14. Lugh_Tuathe_Dé

    Raiden HF blade

    Would Raiden' HF blade work on goku Durability Negation through Vibration Manipulation and Quantum Manipulation with High-Frequency blade (HF weapons vibrate extremely fast, allowing them to disrupt atoms with ease by shrinking their electron clouds. HF weapons can also cause changes to their...
  15. Lugh_Tuathe_Dé

    Raiden (MGS2) vs Roronoa Zoro (OP) (9-0-0) (GRACE)

    Since the old match of them was outdated and zoro got upgrades from there. Both are 8-B MGS2 Raiden and East Blue Zoro is Used Speed is Equalized Jack The Ripper: 9(Acker123,GoldExPoints,Baken384,Gabs22_Gamer,Speedster353,Popted2,Harith0cell,AnAverageUsername,AdNIBN002) Pirate Hunter...
  16. YoutubeForKing

    Raiden and Snake fight some OPM Demons.

    Raiden and Snake are both 8-B and scale to 23.55 tons of TNT and Class M. The OMP demons have Demonic Fan, Jumping Spider, Scaledon, Unihorn, Nyphm, Giant Snowman, Rafflesidon, The Three Crows, Showerhead, Vacuuma, Eyesight, and Super Mouse. They all scale above 34.98 tons of TNT and are Class...
  17. SpiteBattles

    Raiden vs Travis Touchdown (0-0-0)

    Assassin Weeb vs Emo Cyborg •Raiden is in his 3rd key (Updated Patriot’s Cyborg Body) •Travis is in his 3rd key (Late game NMH2) •Speed is equal •Takes place in a destroyed city,10 meters apart “Lets Dance!”: “It’s Game Time!”: Incon:
  18. Myguy

    my small brain is having trouble here

    "Sub-Relativistic with Blade Mode (Makes him TEN TIMES FASTER)" "Sub-Relativistic (Much faster than his previous body, comparable to Jetstream Sam, faster than Armstrong and capable of dodging punches from him at close range), higher with Blade Mode (*blade mode DOUBLES HIS SPEED *)" t...
  19. Qawsedf234

    Metal Gear Solid speed downgrade proposal.

    The Rating Currently everyone pre-MGR is scaled to the following calc. The issue here is the source used for the reasoning And this is what the calc uses as justification for the speed That's literally not how railguns or miniaturization works in any capacity Railguns require both a...
  20. Arcker123

    Simple Raiden CRT

    Raidens final 8-A key should have statistics amplification Raiden can use blade mode, a form that Amps his speed in that key. Its already in that keys speed section Agree: Adem_Warlock69, Abstractions, Armorchompy Disagree: Neutral: Somebody
  21. Eseseso

    Some good MGR calcs from Deviantart

    So this excellent calc-maker, named Kirito352, has made some excellent Metal gear Rising calcs on Deviantart that could mean major upgrades for the game's characters. Note: He does believe that Ripper Mode is a 7x multiplier, which I know this wiki says is game mechanics, but we'll discuss...
  22. Coolboy6

    High 7-C Tournament Semifinals Match 2 (White vs Raiden) (0/0/0)

    Both high 7-C, speed equalized, battle takes place at the DBZ World Tournament Arena. (@ImNot4nUser) White: (@Psychomaster35) Raiden: White is 304 KT Raiden is above 121 KT
  23. Coolboy6

    High 7-C Tournament Round 3, Match 4 (Raiden vs Jasper)

    Both high 7-C, speed equal, battle takes place at the DBZ World Tournament Arena. (@Psychomaster35) Master swordsman trained from a young age: (@Adem_Warlock69) A rock person: Raiden scales above 121 KT Jasper scales above 142 KT
  24. KingEzran

    A Mercenary fights a Platypus

    This is Raiden (Metal Gear) vs Perry the Platypus. - Speed Equalized - Both are 8-B - Both are bloodlusted - Win via death Votes: Raiden: 2 Agent P: 0 Inconclusive: 0 APs: Raiden's AP: 23.55 tons Perry's AP: 17.87 tons
  25. Coolboy6

    High 7-C Tournament Round 2, match 7 (Luxio vs Raiden) (0/7/0)

    Both high 7-C, speed equalized, battle takes place at the DBZ World Tournament Arena. (@Gilad_Hyperstar) Luxio: (@Psychomaster35) Raiden: 7 Luxio is 187 KT Raiden is 121 KT
  26. SheevShezarrine

    Slight MGR Raiden Speed Revision

    Raiden's missile hopscotch was calced to be a bit above Mach 1600, with his beginning-of-game Blade Mode speed scaling to 10x that, or a bit above 0.01c Upgraded body Raiden's base speed scales above this to an unknown degree due to scaling to Sam who could blitz beginning-of-game Raiden...

    Blade Wolf Upgrade.

    So why don't we scale Blade Wolf to Raiden when he's literally the only boss in the game with an Unbreakable Grapple Attack aside from ******* Armstrong himself? I've even got a clip for it here. Go to 1:15:03 and see for yourself. This would also upgrade Khamsin since he can fight Blade Wolf...
  28. Maverick_Zero_X

    Guts vs Raiden (8-A Tourney)

    I swear to you this MU was decided upon via pure RNG Guts vs Raiden (MGS4) Speed equalized
  29. Baken384

    Jotaro vs The REAL Raiden (0-0-0)

    Everyone thought MK Raiden was MGS Raiden so might as well make that one too. Angered Jotaro Kujo (Part 3) VS Raiden (Metal Gear Solid 2) Raiden is in his first key Raiden has his standard equipment in MGS2 Jotaro does not have Time Stop in this fight Jotaro starts off angry Speed Equalized...
  30. Braking

    idk im bored (Raiden Vs Enel

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Raiden_(Metal_Gear)?so=search#Metal_Gear_Rising_(Custom_Cyborg_Body) Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Enel?so=search#Enel Raiden is in his custom cyborg body key Both are High 7-C 6-C restricted Speed equal Raiden: Enel: Incon:
  31. Eseseso

    Ripper Mode Multiplier (Metal Gear Rising)

    So when normal Raiden is getting stomped by Armstrong and does a couple dozen punches that do next to nothing to the senator, each punch does about 0.1% damage (while some take 2-3 punches to even get 0.1% damage but that could just be due to the speed of the punches being above the game's...
  32. Kennithball97

    Nintendo VS Playstation: Sword Edition.

    VS This will use Skyward Sword Link, with the Goddess Long-sword and White-sword, and Raiden from MGS4. Speed will be equalized. Nintendo: 0 Playstation: 0 Xbox: 0
  33. First_Witch

    Rule of Motivation (Raiden vs Vergil)

    I just want to see pretty edgelords with katanas duking it out. Semi serious, Stats equalized and obviously illegal Matchup so behave and debate for fun. Raiden vs Vergil and the cooler Vergil Speed is equalized. Round 1 is MGR Custom Body Raiden vs Reboot Vergil Round 2 is same Raiden but...
  34. Jamesthetaker

    The Auspicious Crane VS Jack the Ripper

    Speed equalized. They start from 1km away, otherwise SBA Zuikaku scales to 332.13 tons of TNT Raiden second key are used so he scales to 156.78 tons of TNT Who win and why? Zuikaku: Raiden:
  35. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    8-A Tournament Round 1, Match 5 (Ivan Bruel VS Raiden)

    Let the tournament continue! Both are 8-A, obviously (Base Stoneheart Ivan and Updated Patriots Cyborg Body Raiden are used. Anything above 8-A is restricted) Both have prior knowledge of each other Speed is equalized Ivan Bruel (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir): Raiden (Metal...
  36. Nicetoderp

    Kamen Rider Vulcan Vs Raiden

    -Both are in their strongest 8-A key -Speed is equalized -Otherwise SBA Lone Wolf: Rain Transformed:

    High 7-C Raiden with muramasa with access to Ripper mode vs GV2 Low 7-B Gunvolt without Anthem. Speed equalized only if needed.
  38. Arcker123

    Raiden Vs Deku

    Eh Izuku Midoriya Vs Raiden Final Key Midoriya (Starts as a low 7-B and can go to 7-B) High 7-C raiden Speed = SBA Ninja: Hero: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Izuku_Midoriya_(Deku) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Raiden_(Metal_Gear)
  39. Cul0r

    Raiden tries to kill the King

    Seems interesting, one thing they have is that they both primarily use swords, they also resist Ice Manipulation, there's also this: This would play in the background, it is the theme used for Slicer but it also shows Raiden in it. Speed Equalized so Raiden doesn't Blitz Unlike Crisis McSlash...
  40. Waka1979

    Raiden vs Kamen Rider Knight (complete)

    No cheeky description, I just thought it would be a cool match Raiden is in his custom body and Knight is in survive mode Speed is equalized and the fight takes place in lower manhattan The true main character of Metal Gear: 7 The true main character of Ryuki: Inconclusive: 1