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  • I heard you are knowledgeable in this verse. I was wondering if you could do a calc based on a feat from it?
    I made a list of feats. You can pick whatever you want from it to calc (minus the first 2,Psychomaster35 said they would do it later)
    Sorry for the late reply, anyways, in number 3, sure some usages of Zeus have lightning that are the same speed as irl lightning, but there's nothing saying this is the case for this scenario, so I can't necessarily say that's going to be very helpful. Besides, he's already been placed at Sub-Relativistic for outrunning lightning.

    For number 4, there's not necessarily a way I can calculate time travel into a set speed. The amount of speed needed to travel through time varies between verses. You could put it on his page, but it wouldn't necessarily be enough for changes, as there's no real saying how fast that would be.

    Number 5, yes this is already listed on Daffy and Bugs' pages and both are listed to be MFTL+. Although, if Bugs is slower than RR and Bugs is MFTL+, that would give grounds to assume RR is also MFTL+, however, that would be a CRT discussion, not really a calc.

    Number 6, speed is heavily based on distance. Unless you know the distance between the two universes, I don't think this is calculable.

    Number 7, the black hole feat would be a discussion for a calc group member, since I can't calc that. Once again, the speed of light thing is more so for a CRT instead of a calc.

    Number 8, the moon. If this isn't an outlier, then yes. That would be moon level.

    Number 9. This would be calculable, but I can calc destruction instead of cracks. With that being said, you'd have to call an actual calc group member.

    Number 10, to put this into a speed feat, it would be sub-relativistic. Although Daffy is already MFTL+ and the others don't have pages. If pages were to be added for them, this could be put in, I suppose.

    I can't sort through all of these. Anyways, from skimming, here's what I can tell. Plenty of these feats can't be calced. Some of these feats are blatant, like if you destroy the moon, it's moon level. Aside from that, some of this is CRT discussion, and for the rest, I'll have you know, the main cast is already Large Star level, MFTL+, etc. So, much of this wouldn't provide upgrades, just extra feats.
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    No worries. Im glad you responded faster than MHA S5 premire
    My bad here. I used that Sandbox for saving some feats for powers and how some characters scale to each other too. I should have been more specific. Maybe I should have just posted here the highend feats like constellations not mentioned in their pages(Im very curious about this one in particular), the other black holes and the space travel stuff rather than the whole sandbox? Those could be in the same level if not better than current feats. I am well aware of their current stats, but what good are they when we dont know how far in those tiers they are. IMP they should have varies tier with High 4C/Mfl in their peak, not all the time
    There is already a thread for number 5. For number 6 I was thinking for dimensional travel. About number 7,8,9,10: Yeah, they are mostly extra, but they could still count as upscaling for the current pages
    Technically Bugs/Marvins moon busting explosion was calced to be large planetary depiste it not even destroy the whole Moon
    Wait a sec, I have seen people who can calc well and arent part of the calc group, just do calculatoins and later have sb from the calc group(Not much luck finding sb in that group interested on this verse) just to verify or on the calc evaluation thread. Am I misunderstanding sth or did rules change again? Yeah, I will do a ctr when I have time
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