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captain falcon

  1. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    Smash Bros CRT: The cleanup

    Dang, has it really been 3 and 1/2 years since Ultimate came out. I still remember the memories, getting it pre-ordered, the Grinch Leak, the fan speculation, seeing Banjo and King K Rool actually getting in, having my internet crash when Steve came out, and finally, having Sora conclude the end...
  2. AceOfSpaces3709

    Ryu VS Captain Falcon (GRACE)

    Two guys who lost to Blaziken decide to fight each other, SF V-III Ryu is used, and Captain Falcon has access to Skill Tree moves, Captain Falcon's Spirits and Items are restricted, Speed is equalized, and the Battle takes place in Ever Grande City Captain Falcon's AP is 2.85 Gigatons of...
  3. First_Witch

    High 7-A Damnation Bracket Round 2 (Shinji Ikari vs Captain Falcon)

    "Like many things in life, battle is determined by fate. Like a chain it drags everything into the mud. Your archievements, your dreams, your life. Was yours too? Then rage against it, reject it! Rise against it"
  4. First_Witch

    High 7-A REBirth Tournament Round 5 (Captain Falcon vs Tatsumi)

    Welcome welcome, to the tournament of heroes and warriors! Follow along the fates of 16 remarkable individuals from across space and time, in this tournament of glory and honor! In this glorious Round, on the On the Left: Captain Falcon! On the Right: Tatsumi!
  5. AceOfSpaces3709

    All Might VS Captain Falcon (GRACE)

    All Might pulls over Captain Falcon for driving over the speed limit in a prohibited vehicle. Captain Falcon gets pissed and challenges the Number One Hero to a fight, egging him on to “Show him his moves.” Prime All Might and Smash Bros Captain Falcon will be used, Speed is equalized, and...
  6. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    Smash Bros profile issues

    The remaining Smash Bros profiles contains both the information and tiering from both their original entry (Duck Hunt, Ice Climbers, Wii Fit the F-Zero TV Show) as well as Super Smash Bros onto one page. The problem is that they are 2 entirely separate characters with different continuities with...
  7. Coolboy6

    Captain falcon vs trigger happy

    Both 3-A, trigger happy was in the gold rusher, captain falcon was in the blue falcon, speed equalized Trigger happy: Captain falcon:
  8. JJSliderman

    Dragon Bird EX's Speed Feat

    So, I recently went and watched the entire F-Zero anime (really good, gotta say). And, I was kind of hung up on one thing. So, right now Ryu Suzaku's Dragon Bird EX, and by extension the Black Bull and Blue Falcon, are getting their speed rating from escaping the explosion of the Dark Matter...
  9. Buttersamuri

    The Blue Falcon vs The Yellow Submarine

    The iconic vehicles that make these not cosmic level beings into having cosmic level power. We have The Blue Falcon vs The Yellow Submarine A match for the ages Ringo vs Captain Falcon The Yellow Submarine vs The Blue Falcon Yellow vs Blue Speed is equal Cap gets his Falcon Ringo gets The...
  10. Galactagod

    Smash bounty hunters fight.

    samus is 3-B and falcon is 3-A Speed = falcons is in the blue falcon, And bloodlusted falco: 0 samus: 0
  11. EnnardTrap1987

    Captain Falcon VS Genos

    Both High 7-C Speed equalised Anime Falcon is used Falcon PAWNCH!: 0 Genos: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  12. TheGatememer

    Major AP upgrade for F-Zero

    I know this has already been tried before, but I may as well give it a shot. much of the stuff I mention will be in this video The Feat/Statement So basically, Black Shadow wants to reverse the Big Bang, and create a new universe made out of evil. To do this, he needs all 6 reactor mights...
  13. EnnardTrap1987

    Darth Vader VS Captain Falcon

    Both High 7-C Speed equalised Both in character Darth Vader: 0 Captain Falcon: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  14. The_real_cal_howard

    Manliest Characters in Fiction

    So I've been listening to a lot of You Wa Shock and Jojo Openings. And the sheer manliness that exudes from those tracks alone inspires this thread. Who are some of the manliest, most badass characters you know in fiction and state why. Be it feats of strength and badassery, manly themes...
  15. Starter_Pack

    Captain Falcon vs. Mega Blaziken (Battle of the Flaming Falcons) (Voting Completed)

    The Smash Bros DLC tryouts had nearly come to a close, with Terry Bogard coming out as the next fighter this time around, and Sans managing to sneak his way in due to a technicality. However, a blazing fighter entered the arena, appearing to be late entry and having overslept. Instead of turning...
  16. Jinsye

    Cole MacGrath vs. Captain Falcon

    The Supersonic Slugger fights the Prime Conduit Speed = High 7-A, Falcon has every spirit. Who wins? Cole MacGrath: 0 Captain Falco: 0
  17. Genericstickman

    Captain Falcon Upgrade?

    fairly simple, in the end of F-Zero GX Captain Falcon is in possession of the fused champions belt and and as stated in 11:35 it'll allow the wielder to gain the power from it, said power would allow the wielder to burn an entire galaxy instantly now the question mark from the title comes from...
  18. Landon_Avery

    Johnny cage vs Captain Falcon Death Battle discussion

    Death Battle!!! Johnny Cage vs Captain Falco Thoughts, opinions, excitement over the next fight? Let's talk about it here.
  19. Jasonsith

    CRT on Captain Falcon's AP (From the G1 Blog)

    Requested by the G1 Death Battle bloggers. On an attempt to recalculate this feat by using this. Calculation Assume the space station is the size of the ISS and scales proportionately to the mass of Death Star. Thomas D. Gutierrez puts the DS1 at 60 kilometers and 2.8e23 kg. Mass of...
  20. Dragonmasterxyz

    Death Battle Discussion Thread 05

    You know the drill by now folks! We talk about everything DEATH BATTLE here! Continued from here, here, here.and here. TitanCrusher101 ad time: 4-B Bracket: Brains vs Brawn! Fights since this thread has started: Just done: Johnny Cage vs Captain Falco Coming: Aang vs Edward Elric Content...
  21. Jinsye

    Lucario vs. Captain Falcon

    Mega Lucario vs. Smash Falcon w/ All Spirits Speed = High 7-A Who wins? Lucario: 0 Captain Falco: 0
  22. Niarobi_(Formerly_Hadou)

    F-Zero: The Legend of Falcon Revisions

    We already have it on the profiles that most of the characters end up scaling to the Might Reactors, so why are they only Large Town level+? Black Shadow was going to use the Dark Reactor to destroy the universe by shrinking it down to how it was before the Big Bang and he was going to recreate...
  23. HeadlessKramerGeoff777


    Beach Basher Hulk Hoga vs Super Smash Bros Captain Falco Speed is = CF doesn't have "Final Smash" as it changes his tier Fight takes place on Final Destination aka the only smash map BROTHERRRRR!!!!: Falcon Punchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh: Incon:
  24. Jinsye

    All Might vs. Captain Falcon

    Smash Bros. Falcon vs. Remnants of OFA All Might Speed is equal Fight takes place on Big Battlefield Who wins? All Might: 0 Captain Falco: 0
  25. The_Smashor


    Basically all the smash characters' profiles need to be updated to properly scale from Smash!Kirby. Smash!Kirby is 7-B for being able to contend with Smash!Entei, who can cause volcanos to erupt by barking, while every other Smash Bros fighter on the wiki is Low 7-B for scaling from Kirby. I...
  26. Graf_Thorsdottir

    Mine vs Captain Falcon

    Rules Speed: Equal Place: Empty Manhattan Mind set: In-character. Knowledge: None Victory: Death or KO Standard Equipment for both. Legend Cap Falco: 970 kilotons EoS Mine: 896 kilotons when in no danger Falcon!: Baka!: 2 (Gar, cal) Inconclusive:
  27. The_Smashor

    Captain Falcon vs Captain America

    Speed equalized. This is anime Captain Falcon. Both in character. Victory by any means. Captain America has his shield and Falcon dosn't have the Blue Falcon. 'Murica!: Falcon PUNCH!: Inconclusive:
  28. Arrogant_Schmuck

    Hazel Rainart vs Captain Falcon

    Hazel Rainart vs Captain Falco (High 7-C versions) Win via KO, incapacitation, or death. SPEED EQUALIZED
  29. Crazylatin77

    Superman VS Captain Falcon

    Both at Low 7-B Speed Equalized Superman (DCAU): 3 (Imaginym, TISSG7Redgrave, Kiryu2012) Captain Falco: Inconclusive:
  30. The_real_cal_howard

    Smash Upgrade (No, not tier 2)

    Not tier 2 shiz. Like, tier 6 at best. Just watching clips of the SSE, and noting some things that could lead to upgrades. AP/Durability: Most of the main cast (only excluding those who weren't there for that) easily survive the explosion of the Halberd (Smash version). I believe that can be...
  31. Oloserian

    Captain Falcon vs Shiny Chariot

    Falcon PUNCH! - Low 7-B versions -Speed Equalized -Captain doesn't have Final Smash -Shiny doesn't have Shiny Arc
  32. Marco_Shark

    Tier 2 Smash Bros. Pages

    Less Chaotic edition. Please argue if you are up for it or against it without really causing as much chaos as the last thread. Remember all characters will have their smash moveset, and no other skills.
  33. The_real_cal_howard

    Are Tier 2 Smash Characters consistent?

    This is something I've been thinking about yesterday, and wanted to know the opinions of others. Keep in mind that I put this is Q&A for a reason, because I don't think I wanna make a CRT yet, as I'm not sold on it. This is legit not me thinking they deserve to be tier 2, but to know if other...
  34. JustSomeWeirdo

    Captain Falcon vs Al (FE: CS)

    Captain Falco vs Al (Fire Emblem: Champion's Sword) Anime Captain Falcon vs Dragon Lord Al Speed Equalized Fight takes place on Final Destination
  35. ArbitraryNumbers

    Captain Falcon vs Gah-Goojin

    Captain Falco Gah-Gooji Both are 7-B, the Gah-Goojin has a Cough-Foon Assault Ship equipped as a replacement for its arm, fight takes place in Central Park, speed is equalized, and victory is to be achieved via incap, death, or KO.
  36. Jinx666

    All Might vs Captain Falcon

    Both High 7-C (Prime All-Might vs Low-Ball The Legend of Falcon) Who wins out of these manly power-punching heroes, no Blue Falcon for the Captain either. Speed Equalized Never fear! For I am here! Show me ya moves!
  37. Cropfist

    Captain Falcon vs Kamen Rider Ichigo

    Battle of the vigilante racers with some explosive moves. Smash Falcon and if necessary, speed equalized.
  38. Arigarmy

    Issues with F-Zero

    A lot of them. I'm surprised nobody even pointed these things out. So a big issue I have with the verse is that while I love it and the characters to death, a lot of the explanations for their tiering is either filled with big words to fill in for what's supposed to be there, or have a bunch of...
  39. JustSomeWeirdo

    Captain Falcon vs Saitama (During Training)

    Both are 7-A, Speed Equalized, Victory by any means Captain Falco - 2 Saitama - 0
  40. JustSomeWeirdo

    Captain Falcon vs Sonic the Hedgehog (OVA)

    Captain Falcon is at his Mountain level lowball, Speed Equalized, Victory by any means I actually decided not to make this fight buuut somehow even though I didn't actually click the button the thread created itself