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travis touchdown

  1. Marionaruto1

    No More Heroes Travis Touchdown T-Shirt Techniques

    So I just had a quick question cause I noticed that the Spin attack/Hurricane Spin attack are not in Travis's Move listing Either under his normal or TSA tab? or even under optional equipment is there was there a thread or some sort of decision to remove that technique that I missed? Majoras...
  2. Lukewoesal007

    The No More Hero Fights The Dragon of Dojima

    Travis Touchdown (0.639 tons) vs Kazuma Kiryu (0.339 tons) (8-C keys) No More Heroes 1 Travis Touchdown and Yakuza 7/Like a Dragon Gaiden Kiryu Both gain access to all their possible equipment Speed equalized Battle takes place in the streets of Kamurocho Votes: "Let the bloodshed begin!" - "If...
  3. Way Big vs Travis Touchdown (0-5-0)

    Thought a battle of giant characters would be interesting so why not Starting distance is 50 meters Speed is equalized Base Way Big vs Glastonbury Both are High 5-A Who wins? Way Big: Travis Touchdown: Lonkitt, Harith0Cell, Mariogoods, Tomfer, BrackishBrineBroth Inconclusive:
  4. Vinsmoke Sanji vs Travis Touchdown

    This is probably going to be a stomp but I don't know who for so let's find out Fishman Island Saga to Early Whole Cake Island Saga Sanji vs Glastonbury Travis Speed is equalized Starting distance is 50 meters Both are High 7-A Who wins? Sanji: Kachon123, Knifeman29 Travis: Inconclusive:
  5. CrackerVolley

    Happy Cirno Day - Cirno vs Travis Touchdown [Completed]

    Base Cirno and 8-B+ NMH1 Travis are being used. Travis has all of his NMH1 beam katanas and the Schpeltiger on hand. Fight begins 30 meters apart outside of the No More Heroes motel. Speed Equal ⑨ (49 tons): 3 (Darkwolf, Quib, Mario) 🍒 (81 tons): Inconclusive: 7 (Mad Dog, Ike, Glaceon, Harith...
  6. Knifeman29

    Travis Touchdown vs Galactus: "Theres probably some Planet-eating type dude up ahead."

    I was gonna do Thanos at first but I chose this instead cause of trilogies. Passing Assasin: Cosmic World Eater:
  7. Lonkitt

    No More Heroes Minor Revisions

    Looking at the NMH pages, I came across a few minor things that could be added to update the pages. Nothing huge overall, but lets get into it Travis Touchdown In Travis' intelligence section, the following is mentioned This is pretty much a textbook example of using Social Influencing to...
  8. Armorchompy

    Kill The Past Revision - A bunch of Guidebooks

    In which Chompy figures out how to MTL and goes on a strategy guide binge. I couldn't get human translators to confirm most of these but I did run them through multiple sites and for the most part, it's minor stuff. Also features some stuff gotten from English material. Once this is (hopefully)...
  9. Armorchompy

    Kill The Past Ability Revision, Speed Downgrades and AP Upgrades

    Alrighty, I've left KTP stuff to the side for a while but a couple of things were bugging me about it. This was meant to mainly be an ability-based CRT, some of the P&A I added in my first CRTs don't really hold up, so they gotta go. But I found some pretty juicy updates too, so there's a lot of...
  10. DimeUhDozen

    Travis Touchdown Vs Skipper

    Late Game NMH2 Travis is used. Both are 8-C I Wanna Be Number One: You Didn't See Anything...: Incon:
  11. Adem_Warlock69

    Junko vs Every non-smurf 8-A candidate

    Match Rules: Everyone is 8-A Speed will be equalized No Prep Time or Information of each other SBA Characters Votes Junko: Travis Touchdown, Alex Mercer, Kirito, Raiden, Danny Phantom, Henry Stickman, Vitreous Drinker, Yagnoloth, Barbed Devil, Stone Golem, Typhon, Susamikado...
  12. Gabs22_Gamer

    The Blue Hero faces the Crownless King (a second time)

    Initially I thought this was a interesting matchup so I decided to recreate this topic using some proper conditions, since the old thread got necro'd? lol Sonic VS Travis Battle takes place at the Valley of the End. Speed is equalized Sonic's adventure era key is being used and this is Travis...
  13. Shmooply

    Minor changes to some Suda51 profiles

    LET IT DIE stuff The explanation for The Fighter's accelerated development should be changed to "Physical, Rage Power, Skill, Stamina. After landing a killing blow, the Fighter gets better at using their fists or a weapon, their attacks become stronger, their rage moves get permanently amped...
  14. SpiteBattles

    Raiden vs Travis Touchdown (0-0-0)

    Assassin Weeb vs Emo Cyborg •Raiden is in his 3rd key (Updated Patriot’s Cyborg Body) •Travis is in his 3rd key (Late game NMH2) •Speed is equal •Takes place in a destroyed city,10 meters apart “Lets Dance!”: “It’s Game Time!”: Incon:
  15. NotoriouSoda

    Sonic vs Travis

    Sonic the Hedgehog vs Travis Touchdown (NMH3) Both 5-A Speed is equalized Fights start because Travis deleted 2/3 of all chili dogs on the planet Who wins? Sonic: Travis:
  16. Armorchompy

    No More Heroes CRT - I ran out of quirky names

    Just a boatload of ability additions and some stat upgrades prompted by my replaying of the series. No More Heroes A stats upgrade and a lot of P&A, some of it born from me replaying through bits of TSA as the DLC characters. Thanks to this calculation, the NMH1 High 8-C rating is replaced by...
  17. Shmooply

    Another unoriginal NMH match, go figure

    Underrated weaboo lolicon man fights coin robot from a still pretty underrated boomer shooter. I'm too lazy to come up with a coherent plot for this, wait for tommorow or something for me to cook something up. This is of course Travis during (or atleast after) the events of the first game...
  18. NotoriouSoda

    Travis Touchdown vs Vegeta

    Both 5-B NMH3 Travis vs Namek Saga Vegeta Speed equalized Fight takes place on namek Both 10 meters apart Who wins? Travis: Vegeta:
  19. Knifeman29

    Hack and Slash the Planet: Travis Touchdown VS Ryu Hayabusa

    The Crownless King vs The Ultimate Ninja Speed is equal Both are planet level Fight takes place On the roof of a skyscraper at night Battle Music
  20. Abysswalker2126

    Travis Touchdown vs Tanjiro Kamado Redux[GRACE OVER]

    Lets try this again NMH2 Early Game Travis vs Post Rehab Training DSM Tanjiro Both 8-C Both in character Speed Equalized Tanjiro: Travis:7
  21. MarvelFanatic119

    Science Nerd Superhero takes on an Otaku Assassin (Spider-Man vs Travis Touchdown) (Marvel Comics vs No More Heroes)

    Spider-Man in his Mark IV suit with General Optional Equipment Travis in his Travis Strikes Again key (Everywhere only) Both scale to High 8-C Takes place in an empty stadium Start with melee distance Win via KO, Death or Incapacitation Who wins and why? Spider-Man (scales to 7.98 tons)...
  22. Armorchompy

    No More Heroes CRT III - FINAL BOUT - All-Out Galactic War!

    Alright, it's finally here, Travis Touchdown's final adventure (maybe) is out and for the record, I think it's pretty good. But that's not what we're here for, it's time for some upgrades! Obviously, spoilers for No More Heroes III here. Stats Attack Potency This is quite the big jump...
  23. Knifeman29

    Travis Touchdown vs Gintoki Sakata

    No More Heroes VS Gintama Speed is equal 8-B versions fight takes place in Hanamura Travis: Gintoki:
  24. Naito-desu

    Travis Touchdown vs The Prince of Persia

    Both are High 8-C, Travis is using his third key Battle takes place in a desert temple Speeds are equalized Prince is 3 tons vs Travis' 10 tons in NMH2 so Travis has the 3x AP advantage Travis: Prince:
  25. Knifeman29

    Sburb gets ported to the Death Drive Mk II

    hope this isn't a stomp Speed equal Both are 9-A Travis: Dave:
  26. Jasonsith

    Grasshopper Manufacture/Suda51/No More Heroes/Kill The Past General Discussion Thread

    As topic: General discussion thread for games developed by Grasshopper Manufacture/Suda51. This covers the various games under the Kill The Past umbrella but is not limited to them: Discuss anything related to those games here. And ob serve any other rules relevant. And... start the game!
  27. Armorchompy

    No More Heroes CRT 2.9 - Rescaling + LS upgrade

    Really quick CRT and hopefully the last one until NMH3, but there's a few things I wanted to get out there. First off the TSA playable characters should get Avatar Creation since... I mean, that's literally what their in-game avatars are... avatars. Obviously this doesn't scale to the real...
  28. Knifeman29

    Number one superhero fights the future Number one (Travis Touchdown vs Deku)

    Nothing above 8-B No more heroes 2 Travis joint training arc Deku Speed is equalized the battle takes place in a McDonalds parking lot Travis: 9 Deku: L
  29. DaReaperMan

    Travis Touchdown vs Grimgor Ironhide! WAAAGH!

  30. Armorchompy

    No More Heroes CRT 2.5.5 - World Ranker

    Stats Alright so I did some calculations for TSA and re-did the Letz Shake explosion calculation. The result of that is that TSA character will be upgraded to 9-A with Class 10 LS and Superhuman movement speed, but the 8-B rating for NMH1 and NMH2 will be removed, and replaced with a High 8-C...
  31. NotoriouSoda

    Travis Touchdown vs Margaret Moonlight( close enough )

    Replayed NMH2 and I thought about this Moe: V Not MM: Incon: Speed Is equal Both are High 8-C( Vol-8 and NMH 2 ) Fight takes place in a forest Who wins?
  32. Naito-desu

    Travis Touchdown vs Tanjiro Kamado

    Both are 8-B; Tanjiro is in his Post-Pillar Training State, Travis Touchdown is using his Fourth Key Both have their standard equipment but Travis is restricted from his vehicles Fight takes place in a Japanese forest outside of the Demon Slayer HQ Both start 10 meters apart Speeds are equalized...
  33. Naito-desu

    Otaku fights a fencer

    Finally finished my next batch of drafts that bumped good old Kishiko to High 8-C, so pitting her against the dude who also has Accelerated Development Both are High 8-C, Travis is using his Second Key, Kishiko uses her third Kishiko immediately starts out under the influence of Dreams of Fire...
  34. DaReaperMan

    Travis Touchdown vs Deadpool, the rematch we all needed, because the fourth wall is gone now

    Travis hears Deadpool dissing his favourite manga to the audience, so he shouts and Deadpool and a fight starts both start 5 meters away Speed Equal Travis is in his second key Deadpool has all of his equipment Travis Touchdown: 1 Deadpool: 0 Tuska the Daemon-Killa and his WAAAGH! kill...
  35. Armorchompy

    No More Heroes CRT 2.5 - Travis Strikes Again

    Alright, we're half a year away from NMH3 (hopefully) and I have a couple minor additions to make... and a big one. Stats: Attack Potency - Here's a calculation that might upgrade the whole verse... or not. I've detailed what I think we should do in the summary at the end. Lifting Strength -...
  36. Shmooply

    The No More Hero vs AMOGUS

    I've recently found out Jo Amon is a 9-A with a lightsaber, and that quickly reminded me of another 9-A with a lightsaber from a different Japanese video game yes i know the beam katanas arent a reference to lightsabers chompy. Jo Amon Travis Touchdown NMH1 Travis is being used Has become...
  37. Geralt of Rivia vs Travis Touchdown

    Geralt of Rivia V Travis Touchdown Speed equal. Optional equipment allowed. High 8-C keys used. Fight takes place in the woods. How’s that silver?: UwU old man san,pwease don’t kill me: Incon:
  38. Billie Lurk vs Travis Touchdown

    Billie Lurk v Travis Touchdown Speed equal. Fight takes place in an open field. Standard equipment. Death of the Outsider Key used. Billie,Slayer of the Outsider.Bane to the Hat woman and Breaker of Legion Travis, Demonslayer and Destroyer of the Makyr’s Chosen: Incon:
  39. Travis Touchdown vs Master Cheif

    Travis Touchdown V Master Cheif Speed equal. Standard equipment. Fight takes place in a covenant ship. Travis,Slayer of Doom and the asssassin to top them all: Master Chief,the Demon and destroyer of Horror: Incon:
  40. Doomguy vs Travis Touchdown

    Doomguy (Night Sentinel Key) V Travis Touchdown Speed equal. Standard equipment. Doomslayer has the crucible. 9-A Key used for Travis. Slayer of Hell, destroyer of the Dreadnought: 1 Travis: 6 Incon: