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  • Hi man, sorry to disturb you, but I noticed that you made a Ash Williams revision thread, so could you please take a look and give your thoughts on this one ?

    Thanks in advance.
    Hey there, I've noticed that you're pretty into Kamen Rider and have helped out with a few revisions here and there. Would you like to join our Discord server? The others seem to be okay with that.

    Here's our link: https://discord.gg/TDAFzGJ9
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    I'll gladly join. Thank you, I'm really looking forward to discussing things with you guys.
    so im working on completing Tigerstar's page, i am wondering on whether or not he would get Overconfidence as a weakness or not, i am almost completely sure that he will be 9-C in both keys, since Dark Forest cats aren't like Starclan cats whom have all the crazy storm creations and comets, though that very well maybe environmental destruction
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