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the didact (halo)

  1. Theglassman12

    The Didact Downgrade

    Been meaning to make this since my Halo binge not that long ago. So the Didact is scaled to the Composer via a feat it did on Earth at the end of Halo 4. Here's a problem with this feat, it's not a full on destructive feat as its whole thing is to turn any organic life into data that the...
  2. SheevShezarrine

    Master Chief Large Upgrade

    This thread is to upgrade Master Chief and all those that scale to him. His current physical stats are kinda wack, so hopefully I can amend them. Speed Should be scaled to plasma weapons since he can consistently dodge them, which are this fast AP/Striking/Dura I don't know how this got...
  3. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    Halo Antagonist VS DOOM Protagonist (The Didact VS Doomguy)

    Both are Low 7-B (Base Didact and DOOM: ETERNAL Doomguy are used here) Speed is equalized Halo: DOOM: Inconclusive:
  4. Stefano4444

    The Didact vs Doomguy

    7-B versions (Base Didact and Doomguy from Doom 2016). Transmutation with the Composer is restricted. Doomguy: 0 () The Didact: 0 () Inconclusive: 0 ()
  5. Lightning_XXI

    Vergil vs The Didact

    This one was made but it was Dante, now how about we give Vergil his chance ? Both are Low 7-B, DMC3 Vergil, Speed is Equal, they start 100 meters apart, in character Vegil: Didact: Inconclusive:
  6. Crzer07

    Gunbuster vs. The Didact

    Gunbuster can use whichever key depending on how much higher the Mantle's Approach is than 5-C Starts off 100 km from each other SBA Gunbuster: 0 The Didact (Halo): 0 Inconclusive: 0
  7. AB1124

    Darth Vader VS The Didact

    Most powerful versions of both, and both have access to all of their standard gear, weapons and equipment. This is also one on one, so neither can aid in the use of their allies or armies - but they can use their tech. Who takes it?
  8. Jaakubb

    Could this be considered as soul transmutation?

    What are the different types of transmutation? I've heard that resistance to any physical transmutation means resistance to all physical transmutation, but not necessarily soul transmutation here. Is this true? Also, what differentiates soul transmutation and physical transmutation. There are...
  9. AbeLincoln1865

    Halo - Didact Revisions

    Looking at the Didact's profile, his attack potency and durability are completely wrong. First of all, he never survived a composer it literally killed him the one time it was used on him...
  10. KarmodF

    dante from the devil may cry series fights the didact from the halo series.

    What do you want to know? the title says it all. SBA rules (+ Speed equal.) as always, but using DMC 3 Dante, so Low 7-B for both. The 4th game of the series was incomplete: The 4th game of the series was incomplete:
  11. The_Christian_Nerd

    Question about the Composer

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Composer an attachment on the Didact's starship? Shouldn't it be in his 5-C key and not his Base?
  12. VersusJunkie54

    Long Dead Leaders who want to end the world. Madara Uchiha vs The Didact

    Madara wants to use the Halo Array to project his Infinite Tsyukoyomi across the entire Galaxy. But another like him wants to use it for his own desires, destroy all sentient life that isn't Forerunner. Both seek to get to The Ark so they can control the array. But both stand in eachother's way...
  13. Ecstasy_Amphetamine

    The Didact vs Shao Kahn

    Fellas Y'all kno what's happening Speed equal, both are 7-B Shao Kah: The Didact (Halo): zeno but he turns you into data instead of erasing you tfw manlet
  14. Ecstasy_Amphetamine

    Gargos vs The Didact

    Xbox baddies fight for supremacy. 5-C versions, Gargos versus a ******* spaceship. Speed equalized. Gargos: 1 The Didact (Halo): 2
  15. The_Wright_Way

    The Didact vs. The Beast

    Don't know Didact well enough to write a story. Go nuts. Both at 5-C. Speed Equalized. Humanity is dead. vs. zeno but he turns you into data instead of erasing you
  16. Schnee_One

    Ice General vs Space General (1 vote)

    A request by VersusJunkie, who needed this match to be remade. Speed is Equal, Low 7B+ for both. Both have small prior knowledge of each others abilities but not to their full extent such as the composer or time Stop. The Didact: 5 Esdeath:

    The Final Boss - Kessler vs The Didactic (Grace)

    Yup, I'm doing this The Time Traveling Electric Ma vs Commander of the Forerunner Military SPEED EQUALIZED Both at 7B Both start 300 feet away from each other WHO WINS AND WHY? Kessler: The Didact: Inconclusive 7 (Gargoyle, DMUA, Karmod, VersusJunkie54, Xtasyamphetamine, AstroGhost...
  18. Dragonmasterxyz

    Hades Izanami vs The Didact

    Request. Blazblue vs Halo Goddess of the Underworld vs An Alien Badass -SBA -Speed Equal FIGHT!!! Hades Izanami: 0 The Didact (Halo) : 0 Inconclusive: 2 (Gar, Versus)
  19. Ecstasy_Amphetamine

    The Didact vs Kratos

    Speed equalized, distance between them is 30 meters, GoW 1 Kratos and Base Didact will be used. Base Didact has probably (30 megatons?) while Kratos is at 26 megatons. Pretty small AP gap. Kratos begins his path to the Anime Rampage but before he proceeds, he must face The Didact in order to...
  20. Schnee_One

    Halo: Low 5B Mantle's Approach?

    So after talking a bit with my friend Dragon and actually looking at the calculation I figured this may need some checking. So for those who haven't seen the calc, https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:DarkDragonMedeus/War_Sphinx_flips_Continental_land_mass 326 Exatons Not even .5x that...
  21. VersusJunkie54

    A bunch of edgy teenagers try to kill a Psycho Space General

    I've always wondered how this would go. So Night Raid from Akame ga Kill vs The Didact (Halo) After getting word that Esdeath was killed by someone, Night Raid receives basic info about The Didact. And deem him a greater threat than Esdeath ever was. Night Raid plans out their mission a day in...
  22. VersusJunkie54

    The Didact (Halo) vs Post-Rose Meruem

    I really hope this is not a stomp. I've wanted to do this for some time. Both have no knowledge of eachother. 7-B versions. Speed is equalized. Victory via death. Who wins and why? The Didact:0 Meruem:0 Inconclusive:0
  23. VersusJunkie54

    I attempt to find a good 5-C matchup. Sosuke Aizen vs The Didact (Halo)

    I'm too lazy to embed the prifiles... again so wel'll just jump right into it. Both are in their 5-C forms, but The Didact is not piloting the Mantle's Approach. Both are bloodlusted and have no knowledge of eachother. Speed equalized. Victory ia any means. Who wins and why? Hopefully this...
  24. Schnee_One

    Didact vs Tony Stark (Plz don't be a stomp)

    (Sigh.......) I really hope this isn't a stomp. See, for the longest time I wanted these fights between Didact and either of these two characters, Either Ultron, another psychotic robotic villain, or Iron Man, a genius in a badass set of armor. Issue is, Didact Hax stomped back when they were...
  25. VersusJunkie54

    New Didact Key, and War Sphinx Upgrade, Halo

    A calc has come in for the War Sphinx's feat https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:DarkDragonMedeus/War_Sphinx_flips_Continental_land_mass#WikiaArticleComments The Didact should get a new key, for piloting one of these. Since during his time as a Forerunner General, he regularly used War...
  26. Andytrenom

    The Thinker vs The Didact

    When I was looking for someone to fight The Thinker People suggested this guy. So this should be an interesting fight. Scenario Random encounter DeVoe with every bus meta absorbed and Didact in his low 7-B key Speed equalized Victory by any means necessary Score The Thinker: The Didact...
  27. VersusJunkie54

    Two Psychotic Generals face eachother! Esdeath vs The Didact (6-0-0)

    I'm so glad I finally get to make this matchup. To celebrate the return of 7-B Esdeath, this is happening Esdeath I don't understand the feelings of the weak. The law of the world is survival of its fittest. It's how the weak are weeded out. It just means those people that died were...
  28. VersusJunkie54

    Meliodas vs The Didact (Halo)

    Meliodas I wanted to protect everything. But I failed, and that's the sin I bear. So this time, I can't fail to protect them! ~ Meliodas Summary Meliodas is the Dragon's Sin of Wrath and the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins. In the present day, he cheerfully runs the Boar...
  29. KarmodF

    Naruto vs The Didact.

    I'm out of ideas. The Ninja from Konoha vs The leader of the Forerunners. Both 7-B. Speed equal. and the rest of the stats are decided by SBA. The Didact (Halo): Naruto Uzumaki (Teenager): Inconclusive: I am not gonna accept simple reasoning like Naruto vis wall of Hax and such, they...
  30. DMB_1

    The Didact vs. Nadakhan

    Not sure if this is fair, but I'll chance character, if it isn't. Speed equalized, both Low 7-B The Didact (Halo): 1 (KarmodF) Nadakha: 0 Inconclusive: 2 (Gargoyle One,VersusJunkie54)
  31. VersusJunkie54

    Two Orange Generals face each other. The Didact vs General Budo

    Obvious connections are obvious Didact We are Forerunners, guardians of all that exists! ~ Ur-Didact Come then warrior, have your resolutio ~ The Didact confronting Master Chief Summary Shadow-of-Sundered-Star, more commonly known as "The Didact" or...
  32. KarmodF

    Didact upgrade.

    The Composer was recently calc'd at Low 7-B/3 Megatons (Low-End). Since Didact can survive the Composer's beam and fight enemies who can damage him this would mean he would scale. My proposal: At least Small City level+ (Can survive the ouput of two Composers and damage enemies of this level...
  33. KarmodF

    Are you the Flood? (Part 2)

    Another guy that looks like a Flood vs The guy that hates flood. RULES: -Speed Equal. -Takes place in uhh... don't know? Post your battlefield if you want. -No prior knowledge nor prep. The Didact (Halo): Carnage (Marvel Comics): Inconclusive:
  34. PrettyFearMachine

    Aureolus Izzard vs The Didact

    -Speed is equal. -Combatants are both in range for each other. -Both are in character. -K.O. via SBA. Izzard - 4 The Didact - 1 Inconclusive - 1
  35. VersusJunkie54

    The Didact(Halo) vs Caleb (Blood)

    Didact We are Forerunners, guardians of all that exists! ~ Ur-Didact Summary Shadow-of-Sundered-Star, more commonly known as "The Didact" or his Promethean name the Ur-Didact, was a Forerunner Promethean who held an extremely high status in the Forerunner society as supreme...
  36. First_Witch

    Anna (Fire Emblem) vs The Didact (HALO)

    Anna (Composite) vs The Didact Both are 8-A and in character and speed is equalized. LolDLC: LolHalo4: She teaches him, how to beat Alex:
  37. VersusJunkie54

    The Didact(Halo) vs Yang Xiao Long

    The Didact We are Forerunners, guardians of all that exists! ~ Ur-Didact Summary Shadow-of-Sundered-Star, more commonly known as "The Didact" or his Promethean name the Ur-Didact, was a Forerunner Promethean who held an extremely high status in the Forerunner society as...
  38. VersusJunkie54

    Who can beat this team? (8-A)

    Who can beat them? All in their strongest 8-A forms with all of their equipment. The Didact (Halo) Alex Mercer Naruto Uzumaki (Teenager) Danny Phantom Scenario 1. Speed equal. Scenario 2, Speed unequal. Victory by any means. The listed combatants are all bloodlusted. Who can beat them...
  39. VersusJunkie54

    The Didact(Halo) vs Erza Scarlet

    Erza Scarlet All I need is the power to be able to protect my comrades. So long as I can have the strength to do that, I don't care if I'm weaker than everyone in the world. ~ Erza to Azuma Summary Erza Scarlet is an infamous S-Class Mage with the title, "Fairy Queen...
  40. VersusJunkie54

    Crazy Orange Space General meets a Sexy Red Assassin (Concluded)

    I had to, it was too tempting. The Didact(Halo) 8-A vs Akame (Low 7-C) Both start 100 meters from eachother. Both in character, but The Didact is playing it seriously. Victory by any means. Speed is Unequal to make it more interesting. Who wins and why? Rising Spam:7 MrKingOfNegativity...