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  • Hi, could you evaluate this if you have some time please ?

    Mind evaluating this CRT?
    Can you please give your thoughts on this Minecraft CRT?
    Could you give your review that ?

    Summary: This is about cosmology being able to use guides to clarify the size of the Universe, as having realms separated by space-time

    See the arguments for cosmology to continue to be 2-C, please, we are out of active staff members to evaluate this is extremely important
    I would like an eval on this when you have the time please
    Could you please help evaluate this CRT?
    Can you look at this when you're free?

    Hello, can you comment?
    Hi, If you're knowledgeable about immortality and regeneration, can you give your input ?

    Could you please comment on this thread?
    tier 2 crt eval
    hello can you check this. thanks
    Whenever you have a spare moment, would you be willing to give input on this CRT? its not tier 1 or 2 stuff just powers and abilities that need to be evaluated. Thank you!

    Hello, can you please comment?

    Hello I would like to have your approval on this thread if you don't mind, thank you in advance.
    I'd like your opinion on this thread. Thank you.
    Hey, can I get your help with something? Most staff members are completely ignoring an old CRT of mine and the ones who joined it are still remaining neutral. I don’t know if you know about Murder Drones, but if you could please check out my CRT(I did leave a TL;DR in the comments because it is a giant post)

    Would really like a vote here if you don't mind. Thank you!

    Hello, can you help with this thread?
    Hi, can you take a look at this CRT?
    Hello if you have time, can you look at this?
    Hello, I would like to draw your attention to our current staff discussion regarding one-shots in versus threads. I would sincerely appreciate it for you to vote in it, as we only need a few more staff votes to conclude it.
    There are three choices right now.

    1. Keep the same 7.5x gap. We'll have to come up with reasoning on why we're using that number.

    2. Changing it to a 5x gap. The 7.5x gap came from the gap between baseline Human level (60 Joules) and Street level (300 Joules), which is currently a 5x gap.

    3. Changing it to a 14x gap. This is the energy needed to fragment a human skull compared to baseline Human level.
    Hi. May you guys quick evaluation here? Its for a very short CRT.
    I already have 2 staff agreements. I've asked others to comment, but they ignored the post. I'm low key annoyed at this point. Wanna go ahead and wrap this up.
    Good afternoon. Mind giving us some feedback here, as well? We're still missing staff votes.
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