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son goku (dragon ball super)

  1. MrLuk2000

    Saiyan Hybrids that would be OP

    We all know that Saiyan Hybrids (half Saiyan and half human) have much better potential than regular Saiyans and get stronger much faster through training. This thought occurred to me and I asked myself "What other Saiyan Hybrids would be just as or even more OP?" So this is what this thread is...
  2. TheKingStrategist13

    Neptune vs Goku: Local Goddess Fight's a Monkey Alien

    So, after some recent changes to the Neptunia Series from the SVS CRT, it has come to my attention that the condition's of this match are likely different than they were the last time this was discussed- As such, the question must be asked: Who win's between these two powerful, nigh unrivaled...
  3. Adem_Warlock69

    Giving the Gokus Regen Negation

    Basically, we should probably scale Goku's Spirit Bomb to Future Trunks' They're the same technique, they should have similar regen-negating abilities That's about it
  4. Kirby vs Goku

    Post Star Allies Kirby vs Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Goku Starting distance is 100 meters and speed is unequalized Who wins? Goku: Kirby: Inconclusive:
  5. Omegas03

    I can finally do this (I guess).

    GT Goku (Shadow Dragon arc) vs. DBS Goku (Tournament of Power arc, pre Ultra Instinct sign) Both are 2-C and speed is equalized. Both start in base. GT Goku can access all his Super Saiyan transformations including Limits Broken SSJ4 while DBS Goku can access up to SSB Kaioken x20. If this...
  6. Adem_Warlock69

    Arale Low 2-C Upgrade

    Arale scales to Post-Goku Black Saga Goku, so she's low 2-C That's it.
  7. Mickey1940

    Goku vs Gohan

    I find it hilarious that no one has done this yet ToP Mastered UI Goku vs Beast Gohan SBA but no speed equal Win via death Goku: Gohan: 2 Incon:
  8. Braking

    SSJ4 vs SSB but frfr no dbh

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Son_Goku_(DBS_Manga)#Super_Saiyan_Blue vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Son_Goku_(Dragon_Ball_GT)#Super_Saiyan_4 Goku full powa ssj4 used Goku ssb used (friza sage) Speed equal and both are 3-A Goku: (gt) Baboon: Monkey:
  9. Vizer04

    Removing Multiple Dragon Ball Resistances

    Goku and Frieza have Resistance to EE because they tanked Hakai attacks during the Tournament of Power Saga. However, it's made clear in the series that Hakai attacks can be overpowered by regular Ki. By this same logic, we should give Resistance to Reality Warping to Nappa and Vegeta because...
  10. Undylan

    Goku vs The Scarlet King but with a twist

    The Scarlet King was about to wake up very soon and the end of reality is coming as they all knew it. SCP-999, the one who said to defeat his own father has not been matured yet. But hope is not lost yet, the Foundation found a portal to the Dragonball Universe and realized they may be their...
  11. NaturalDestroyer

    GG: Gandalf vs Goku

    Gandalf is in his Low 2-C key and this is Tournament of Power SSB Goku (also Low 2-C). Speed is equalized so that way Gandalf doesn't blitz. SBA Mithrandir: 1 (@Dread ) Monke Blue: 0
  12. BigSmoke4269

    saul goodman vs goku: part 2 (breaking bad vs dragon ball super)

    THIS IS NOT A STOMP. SAUL CAN WIN WITH SOCIAL INFLUENCING, AND IS CURRENTLY DOING SO. mods apparently can’t actually read threads before they close them, so i just wanted to make that clear. cringe mod closed the last thread for literally no valid reason so i’m making a new one continued from...
  13. BigSmoke4269

    saul goodman vs goku (breaking bad vs dragon ball super)

    speed is equal current version of goku is used fight takes place at freddy fazbear's pizza saul: 1 goku: me: 1
  14. Aachintya31

    Battle of God Speed speed feat ?

    Was Going through the BOG feat for OPM revisions Just curious why Does Goku's speed scale to the explosion's speed ? The calculation blog states this : I request the knowledgeable users to explain this in brief please.
  15. Mariogoods

    Skill Match: Son Goku VS Sun Wukong (Journey to the West)

    As the title says. In this thread, we only judge who is the more skilled fighter.
  16. Aachintya31

    Jiren's AP Justification

    Currently We Have Jiren as Low 2-C due to the following reason : A Number characters scales to Low 2-C due to the above mentioned statement. Could anyone Link the exact scene from where this has been brought up because the scan on his profile (the mightiest foe in Dragon Ball history) looks...
  17. Maverick_Zero_X

    Infinite potential: Saitama vs Goku

    With Saitama’s new hax I’m curious how this would go down if he and Goku were in the same ballpark Fight starts out with Stats Equalized, at least until both fighters begin to amp themselves Location: An uninhabited Q-City DBS Anime Goku is used Round 1: Both are in-character, Goku starts in...
  18. Gogeta (DBS) is missing some abilities.

    I saw Gogeta (DBS) doesn’t have some of the abilities that Vegeta and Goku have: Limited Instinctive Reaction Infomation Analysis Resistance to Absolute Zero Btw, I also want to ask is Gogeta (DBS) canon to the manga, if he is canon, he should also have Soul and Matter Destruction, possibly EE...
  19. Ego

    Son Goku Vs Scourge(DBS vs Archie sonic comics)

    Rules: Goku starts at MUI Scourge is in base form Speed is equalized Goku: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Son_Goku_(DBS_Anime) Scourge: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Scourge_the_Hedgehog
  20. CiscoTheSoto

    Goku vs Auta Magetta

    Goku vs Auta Magetta Battle location: World of Void Tournament of Power stage SSJ Tournament of Destroyers Goku is used and he does not have access to any of his other transformations Neither have any prior knowledge of the other Goku: 7 (@Gilad_Hyperstar, @Coolboy6, @Mickey1940, @Dragon...
  21. Mariogoods

    Equal Stat: Sun Wukong VS Son Goku

    Rule: 1. Son Goku is in his Perfected Ultra Instinct key and Sun Wukong is in his Great Sage Equal Heaven key. 2. Stats are equalized. 3. SBA. Vote: Son Goku: 0 Sun Wukong: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  22. Quantu

    Saitama vs Son Goku (DBS)

    But wait! Pitchforks down people. This is Saitama from the fan manga, The Fight of Gods (great read btw), where Saitama fights God. Here's some of his feats! Fodderized God, a 4-D being Broke the barriers of time through sheer speed Can breathe/survive in space indefinitely And more...
  23. Vizer04

    Dragon Ball characters shouldn't have Unknown Lifting Strenght

    Dragon Ball (Anime) characters should be Class P or higher with this feat. Dragon Ball (Manga) characters should be Class M or higher with this feat. Piccolo's Class G feat shouldn't be used since it was done via Telekinesis.
  24. Coolboy6

    Battle of the 3 Gokus (STATS EQUAL)

    Due a rift caused by the aftermath of the Broly movie, it caused different versions of Gokus to arrive in the dbs anime timeline. The 2 Goku’s are confused to see each other and point at each other saying “hey you look like me!” Dbs anime goku says “you guys are strong! Wanna fight?” Both Gokus...
  25. Spinoirr

    Goku fights a genuine demon

    UI sign Goku vs Devil Doom Speed is equal Both are low 2-C Son Goku: 9 Devil Doom: 6 Icon:
  26. M_Animefan

    Son Goku (DBS) runs a Castlevania (Game) gauntlet:

    Its not 1 v Verse: Goku Starts from the Belmont Family: 1v1 After each round, goku heals: Son Goku (DBS): https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Son_Goku_(Dragon_Ball_Super)?so=search VS Castlevania (Game): https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Castlevania
  27. Kakarot_Prime

    Son Goku (Dragon Ball Super) vs. Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

    Both 2-C versions of Goku and Sora were used, and speed is equalized. Broly Saga Goku and KHII Sora keys were used. Goku starts in his SSG form, while Sora starts in his Master form. The battle takes place on Mount Paozu. Son Goku (Dragon Ball Super): Sora (Kingdom Hearts): Inconclusive:
  28. Quantu

    Is there a calculation anywhere for this DBS feat?

    Is there a calculation for the weight of Goku and Vegeta's training suits when they were training with Whis? They sunk through solid ground for a good couple of seconds with no external pressure I've heard answers ranging from 10 tons to Solar level mass...
  29. M_Animefan

    Sora (Kingdom Hearts) VS Son Goku (DBS)

    Sora (Kingdom Hearts) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sora_(Kingdom_Hearts) VS Son Goku (DBS) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Son_Goku_(Dragon_Ball_Super)?so=search
  30. Myguy

    A question about db/dbz/dbs striking strength

    Can someone explain(with scans) why in the dragon ball series, striking strength scales to ki attacks pls
  31. Spinoirr

    son goku vs Neptune

    Purple heart vs Son Goku speed is equal both are low 2-C goku starts in ssj blue but can go Ultra Instinct Neptune has Average Shares and can't transform into her Next Form Purple Heart: Son Goku: 6 Icon: 1
  32. Vizer04

    Krillin should be High 1-A [SERIOUS] . . . . طلبات تصميم الثيَم ↔ الحفل عليك والثيم علينا 🤣💀

    Krillin forced Goku to dodge his Destructo Disc (in Base Form but still High 1-A) so he should scale to Goku's AP. It should be like this: It's also important to note that Goku tanked all other Ki attacks except this one, that decided to dodge instead.
  33. Starter_Pack

    Giving the Majority of Dragon Ball Characters Explosion Manipulation

    So because of some silly comments on this thread, as well as some made on Discord, I am proposing this ultimatum. All characters who can use potent enough ki attacks in the Dragon Ball verse should be allowed to have Explosion Manipulation through shooting their attacks hard enough to cause...
  34. Confluctor

    Suicidal Immortal fights a monkey (The Sentry Vs DBS Goku)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Sentry?so=search https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Son_Goku_(Dragon_Ball_Super) Merged Sentry is used and Goku's last key is used - Perfected UI Speed equal only cause I don't know how fast marvel characters are honestly I wanna die: Let's fight...
  35. Nullflowerblush

    something something goku time stop

    Is it true that Goku to break past the Time-Skip through sheer power? Yes. Is it true he broke out of Time Stop? No. Time-Skip, at its most basic level, does not stop time. It skips time, as the name suggests. What Goku broke out of with the Kaio-ken was an ordinary Time-Skip. Then, when he...
  36. Vietthai96

    Dragon Ball Super Profile Overhaul Part 2

    It is me again, for another DBS profile overhaul. This is part 2 in the DBS profile overhaul project, directing by myself (alone) In this part, we will talking about Hit's profile https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Vietthai96/Profile_Overhaul This is my new vision about Hit's...
  37. Quantu

    Question about Low 2-C DBS Goku

    Does Goku backscale from Beerus and Champa's 2-C statement or does he upscale from Infinite Zamasu? And if the former, would Gogeta SSB not be possibly 2-C?
  38. Vietthai96

    Dragon Ball Super Son Goku's Profile (Anime) Overhaul

    Well, this could be very controversal, i mean very good or bad. After so many time visiting DBS Goku profile, i'm really sad that the profile is kinda bad in Power and Ability section, it can cause confusion to people who don't know the verse enough, and the lack of scan is killing me. For such...
  39. Thebestsilver

    Toei Ki Warrior vs Toei Magical Girls

    Who would win in this 3-A battle? Son Goku (Dragon Ball Super; base form) VS Cure Black & Cure White (Max Heart versions, no queen's or other extern help) Speed equalized, battle on a random grass field.
  40. Teezar

    Ainz goes against a top martial artist just hope this ain't a stomp.

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ainz_Ooal_Gown Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Son_Goku_(Dragon_Ball_Super) Speed equalized. MUI goku is being used.