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  • Hello, I plan to make a Pseudo DxD Issei vs Low-EXP Gunnix threat on the FC/OC forum, yet I doubt anyone there is knowledgeable of him, I watched High School DxD up to season 3 in the past. Would you argue for his Pseudo DxD key?
    abstract existence:Embodying a concept is not enough to obtain this ability, an abstract needs feats or reliable statements proving that the concept they represent grants them Immortality/Regeneration or control over the abstraction.
    Abstract Existence (Type 2): Shipgirls are the physical manifestation of human will, along with their emotions, feeling, thoughts, and imaginations. Stated to be conceptual existence
    Meanwhile:Their Abstract Existence is non-combat applicable, as despite they can returns, they need human to help as they can't do it on their own.
    Vieth sorry i know you are busy but can you give your opinion? Bc this It's a clear contradiction read what i wrote i edit the message
    I'm currently taking a break from AL, i will come back to the verse in the future
    we are talking about this
    Chrono said he left Hakai's sandbox for you and TheGodOfICE777 to take care of the rest? Do you plan to move the page forward?
    hello, can I have your opinion here?
    Hey I had a question let's say that beats world shows r>f transcendence to the arcade game wouldn't beats world have it's own db cosmology like timeline and c.o.t because they made game based on z warriors.
    Since now I have SBH World Mission. I thought about compiling all the attacks and abilities of a certain character's cards to put in the "Notable powers and techniques" section.

    For example:
    Xeno Trunks
    Freeze etc: does x thing

    There would be a link in the name of the skill that would take to a screenshot of the card with the description of the effect in the game.

    I thought about this because practically all the characters don't have any links or references to some of the skills that involve reducing statistics and others like invocations.

    Like, Trunks xeno has the thing to summon Chronoa, but in the justification there is no reference or link showing the card (other profiles do) so I thought about throwing everything into new skills and techniques, because no one deserves to have a huge justification for each card.

    And in the "notable techniques" section, I can put in a tabber like no other profile out there. So the profile won't be full of technique (unless the person clicks on the tabber)

    What do you think of the idea?

    Since you are a main supporter, I ask you first.
    Hey. You said at some point that characters in either Beat’s world or the charisma mission world were playing Xenoverse, right? Can you send me the scans for that?
    Appear in the general DB discussion.

    Since you seem to be the main supporter of DBH/Xenoverse/Fusions etc.

    Since this affects this too.
    Do you intend to make a crt to place the DBH hax layers (dark ki, time power, etc.)?

    I mean, I know that everyone has their own level of these energies and consequently different layers.

    But perhaps minimum layers for these energies exist? I don't know.

    Having this would mean you wouldn't need to get too involved in battles. Since we would already know the layers of things.

    Since you don't like Matches.

    And believe me, even though I don't want to either, they're going to spam Matches with the DBH characters.
    On here, you stated "There is also his plan to unfuck tier 2 iirc". Was wondering, can I get a link to that so that I can see what you're talking about?

    I'd ask on the commoner's thread, but I didn't want to get off-topic.

    Asking people who have been in Sailor Moon revisions if they can be of any help in determining a winner for this match. Can you give thoughts?
    Nah, i'm not really into vs match, so sorry i'm not interest in this match
    Can i ask something to you?
    How work the Servant invulnerability?for example can deku hit a Servant?
    Servant Invulnerability make them immune to all attacks that isn't possess certain age or is supernatural in nature, and due to a revision, other verses even if they have supernatural power they still can't harm servant, the invulnerability is 4D so unless your hax or your attack is 4D you can't harm them, that why there are no servant vs match nowaday
    to be honest I don't even think that Fate is that strong but anyway then how did Excalibur hit Gilgamesh and defeat him with one blow when this isn't even country level
    In fate magic/magecraft is considered to be supernatural thus it can affect Servant, bypass that invulnerability (to be fair using magecraft again servant is stupid normally cause most servant have high magic resistance on top of their invulnerability). Excalibur is a Noble Phantasm, which can be considered to be top tier magical weapon, obviously it gonna beable to damage Gilgamesh who is a servant, there are multiple situation where normal weapon can't hurt servant, Berserker in Fate/Zero need to imbue a modern aircraft with his servant power to make it capable of actually dealing damage to Gilgamesh or Saber, Rin when using her martial arts against Caster need to imbue herself with magecraft to hurt Caster, etc.......
    I can related to that lel, as i also went gone for a weeks due of certain circuminates
    Btw how's going with Nikke project on vsbw?
    My PC is busted so...... can't do anything right now, until i have a new one
    Oof, even more relatable as that "certain circuminates" was because my previous phone got busted too lmao
    Yo! I've been thinking about doing more stat equal matchups.

    Can you help me find an opponent for this guy?
    I think this will help, Future Trunks mentions that the parallel world he exists in are different histories, as is the case with Universe 6 which is said to have a different history than Universe 7

    Here where it mentions about history being different in Universe 6

    This is where Goku Black mentions that Trunks left spacetime in that timeline.

    what do you think ?
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