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  • Hey ông bt Group DBVN (Death Battle Vietnam) bên Face ko vậy? Nếu có thì ông có trong đó ko vậy?
    nói thật tôi ko quan tâm đến mấy cái group vs battle của việt nam đâu
    Do bên đó down và kị dragon ball à? Kiểu lũ dbs như ku ko uni trở lên ?
    I have something I want to show you
    It's about Demigra
    Please come when you can
    Demigra Additions

    (Card Additions)

    Heavenly Mage R

    When your team has a hero avatar, if you make it an attacker after the second round, it will transfer the gravy or putin in space-time and do a lot of damage with a special move. In addition, in the case of gravy, it deals super strong power damage. In the case of Putin, the enemy's H energy is -5. [One time only]
    Summon Gravy and/or Putine

    Signs of collapse

    At the end of the second round, the enemy team's H energy is -2.
    Passive Energy Reduction

    Overflowing magical power

    When the strategy is decided, the energy of all of your team is restored, and your team's H energy +1. [every time]
    Passive Stamina (already there) and Passive Energy Recovery

    Severe killing

    Only in the first round, the hero energy of the enemy team will not increase due to combat power.
    Energy Recovery Negation

    Genie God Meteor

    If you make it an attacker, you can activate it at the end of your team's attack. If successful, damage with G Meteor.
    [Enemy Attacker Effect] The larger the number of enemy attackers in the next round that is activated, the more permanent and faster the CIS of the enemy attacker. [One time only] [Only one G Meteor can be activated by a team]

    Spatial Manipulation/Summoning (via God Meteors)

    A surprise attack

    If you make it a supporter, at the end of the round, you will take away the enemy's hero energy for the number of enemy supporters. [every time]
    Passive Energy Absorption (already there I think)

    Genie's essence

    At the end of the first round, your power is permanently doubled. Furthermore, if the damage done by your team is 5000 or more, the effect will be greatly increased.
    Passive Statistics Amplification

    Xenoverse Additions

    Demigra is able to telekinetically move objects

    Explosion Manipulation: Using his magic Demigra can place his D symbol on a target, which he can detonate to produce a massive explosion whenever he chooses

    Time Travel: Demigra possesses the ability to travel through time as he pleases.

    Temporal BFR: He can also transport others through time as shown by him transporting the Future Warrior to Age 785 of Future Trunks' timeline.

    Limited Void Manipulation?: Demigra creates a void where the opponent is before trapping them inside

    Teleportation: Demigra is capable of teleportation.

    Transformation: Demigra is capable of transforming

    Transmutation: Turned Tokitoki into a piece of candy

    Resistance to Magic/Dark Magic: Can withstand and resist the effects of Magic as a Demon God

    Resistance to Extrasensory Perception: As a Demon God, he cannot be sensed by beings lesser than a “God”

    Illusion Creation: When hit with a Brainwash Attack, the opponent will be sent to a place called the World of Mind Control. In the World of Mind Control, they'll face a false version of themselves

    (Not sure if this should be on Heroes or Xenoverse Key)

    Mind Manipulation, Corruption, Madness Manipulation with Resistance Bypassing:
    According to the Supreme Kai of Time, magic does not affect Gods (those who possess godly ki or Saiyans who have absorbed God's Crimson Radiance of the Super Saiyan God form) and fails to have any control over Beerus (due to him being a God of Destruction) or Goku (due to having absorbed God's crimson radiance during his time as a Super Saiyan God and later becoming a God-like Saiyan).

    Yet in Dragon Ball Xenoverse:
    Demigra was capable of controlling and manipulating beings with resistance to Mind Manipulation such as Buu, Vegeta and Future Warrior

    And in Dragon Ball Heroes:
    His mind Manipulation was capable of affecting multiple supreme kais and scales above Dabura's who could control and manipulate an Abstract Being such as Infinite Zamasu

    (Heroes Key)
    Mind Manipulation, Corruption, Madness Manipulation Negation:

    Thanks to a wish to Dark Shenron in the game, Demigra possess the ability to undo Mechikabura's brainwashing magic

    Abilities via Toki Toki Absorption

    Tokitoki's Protection - An ability bestowed on those Tokitoki is fond of according to Chronoa. The exact nature of this ability is unknown.

    Power Nullification:
    Wings of Nullification - Tokitoki is capable of his technique to Negate Powers and Energy, such as when he used it to Negate the Energy of Destruction

    Conceptual Manipulation:
    As we know, Toki Toki is literally able to create Time Itself and during the battle against of Mechikabura, all of Time was absorbed by him and then consequently sealed away. Meaning that across the multiverse Time Itself was Non-Existent. And then later upon transforming, Toki-Toki recreated/restored all of Time for the Entire Multiverse and History.

    According to the Wikis current standards:
    Conceptual Manipulation is the ability to manipulate, create, and/or destroy abstract concepts. This ability has a variety of applications, ranging from not combat applicable to incredibly dominating.

    Time is an Abstract Concept and Toki Toki is able to literally create Time

    Concept Creation: The ability to create concepts. By using this ability, destroyed concepts can be restored or new ones created, giving the user the ability to create fundamental principles that govern reality and the world around them.

    In DBH, Time is literally a governing force in the multiverse and across all alternate existing realities and Old Kai States that Tokitoki's true form as one who rules over time.
    Just well, you know, this should be in a separated CRT, well you can post them in that thread
    I'll save it then for the Demon Gods Upgrades CTR so I can polish it up more
    Hey Viet
    I had new revised descriptions that you can use when editing the keyswords profile,
    You interested?
    Just tell me when your done then
    Also after this we may need to do over the Frejya vs Goku battle. Because with all these new abilities of the keysword and the revised DD, Goku could stomp now
    Viet can I ask for your help with something?
    More over your opinion
    Well it is not like they resist power null, it is just that they can't be targeted because of game mechanic, but well i think i need to look more into this
    I don't really know what to call it because it fits in to how their card ability effects works
    Attack effect: When you win the charge impact, a special move is activated.
    So essentially, he can use special moves even if he doesn't have the energy required to do so or no energy at all and power null effects can't target them because giants natural can't be targeted by such effects.

    This is tricky
    thankies for the spankies
    Hey Viet
    Can I ask you a question
    Me and other guys were thinking that

    Chronoa might scale to having Info/Data Manipulation as well

    Given the scan I showed you of her removing the demon Realm from the scroll of eternity

    The same scrolls that contains all the historical information of entire histories and timelines.

    It would at least warrant information Erasure given that she essentially erased all information pertaining to the demon Realm from the scroll of eternity
    Hey Viet...

    I was talking over something with Domino and I'd like to get your opinion on the matter as well

    I was wondering if this could be case for Chronoa (Xenoverse Key) to get Resistance to Magic

    However it was mentioned that in Xenoverse Goku could resist magic because he had God Ki so logically it would scale
    Similarly to how God Ki grants resistance to Extrasensory Perception for all who possess it

    I'm really just wondering if this is enough reason to give her Resistance to Magic for her Xenoverse Key since logically speaking, it adds up
    If anything it would at least give her a Likely Resistance to Magic for her Xenoverse Key

    Also another piece of information
    She happens to be well versed at recognizing magic and magic-based techniques, such as the Majin Emblem and Demigra's Magic, and is apparently a skilled and powerful magic user in her own right as she was able to counter both the Majin Emblem and even managed to dispel Demigra's Magic

    This could probably end up being a case for Magic Nullification but I'll hold of on that for now
    Also it stands to reason that in all of Xenoverse we never see Chronoa been affected by magic from anyone

    Also last piece of evidence...
    She did take a blast of Magic from Towa in XV2 and was completely unphased. She that at least goes to show that Magic has very little effect on her

    If anything the Magic Resistance could just be added to her Heroes Profile
    Hello, just a little question. If IZ's AE type 1 gets accepted, his AE won't be a conceptual one, no??
    Well yeah, his AE is from Thought, Will and Emotion aspect, not from Concept aspect
    Me and a few others are discussing something in a group right now
    Those two things are justifications for time stop resistance for most/all dbh characters
    And upgrading Mechi's current level of regen

    I currently have a prototype draft for time stop resistance justification and I would like you to take a look at it
    Are you still currently busy with work? Not trying to rush you or anything
    Hey Viet
    Just wanted to know if you have reviewed the prototype as of yet and what you think of it
    Well just process as you have planned, i will help with the argument for the topic, currently busy with my planned CRT and the Infinite Zamasu thread. Also i don't think stop time in timeless area is 4d, you need to stop time on 4d being or structure to get that rating
    Hey Viet (one extra question: do you Vietnamese?)
    In Xenoverse 2 specifically the infinity history saga
    Tokipedia is a Special Scroll of eternity that accurately simulates the Scroll of eternity created by Fu's genius intelligence and it contains what is known as the Completion Data/Records about the events and timelines that FW2 has completed. According to the official v-jump book and other descriptions of chronoa's Scroll of eternity we know that the data/Record is actually the only mass of the scroll not histories they describle, i.e. they are the only thing that can be filled Scroll and are considered elements contained in the Scroll of eternity, even if all the history that the data describe does not exist, in addition these data still exist even if the things/events/timelines they describe are erased (by Fu reset time, absorb all the times and events that FW2 has completed), containing them also means directly containing the events, histories and timelines they describe and being able to observe them arbitrarily when looking in, but they are also formed by each act that creates events in history,...
    So do you think this "completion data/Records" is the very concept of historical events and timelines and the histories/timelines themselves (type 2) ? Or it just Data/information of Reality
    Hey there! How are you doing? Are the Time Patrols going okay? Hm? Why do we go back and fix history? You haven't heard? I don't believe it. Think about it. We can't let these evildoers just go back and change history as they please! If history is altered too much, it'll be the end of the world as we know it! Once history changes, it will create a fissure in the Book of the Beginnings and Endings. When there is a difference between the proper history and the altered one, it's too much for a single scroll to contain. So as the number of scrolls increases, the Time Vault where they're stored fills up. Once its limit is reached... Boom! I'm afraid if the Time Vault goes, the entire universe will disappear along with it. That's why you need to fix these changes, so I can return things to a single scroll! Yup, I'm completely capable of such a feat! What do you expect from the all-powerful Supreme Kai of Time?!CHRONOA EXPLAINING HOW ALTERING HISTORY COULD DESTROY THE TIME VAULT IN DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2
    Well it have been attempted like multiple times upgrade to Low 1-C, but nope, all of them failed. While i agree with Low 1-C DBH, the existing evidences according to vsbw is not enough as they treated Time Vault is just existing outside multiverse rather than totally transcended over the multiverse itself, which is not a bad logic to be honest. The other argument is hypertimeline which is a higher temporal dimension transcended over normal spatio-temporal universes which is 4d structure.
    there seems to be some misunderstanding here
    I mean toki toki world
    Not a time vault and scroll
    What I'm claiming has nothing to do with any L1C dbh upgrade or Zamasu's L1C upgrade
    Also I don't plan for this to scale to DBH in any way as Toki toki world doesn't exist in dbh at all
    Toki Toki also doesn't matter much, it is depend on your interpretation
    Since you seem knowledgeable, I wanted to ask a question.

    Would Dimension Dominion work on someone who starts with thought-based attacks?

    Assume Goku is fighting against someone who starts with thought-based attacks. That said someone stays still, and simply kills or mind manipulate Goku via his thought-based attacks.

    Would stamina stuff work on him despite him not moving an inch?
    depend, it would be inconclusive most of the time, cause Dimensional Domain will active at the speed close to passive that mean it slightly faster than thought based, anyone with DD will just stun, and stun here is totally paralysis which make them can't act, even thinking. So unless the opponent have full on passive that kill or some broken thought-based hax like an active Fate hax or active Causal hax, but it still depend on how those hax work and what it affect
    Someone like DIO, who could warp reality, powernull, and stop time with a thought. Would DD work here?
    i don't know about his reality warp, but timestop get resist, Goku resist it on 2-A scale he also resist power null, so...................
    Yo Vie-Vie, the Mechikabura and Demon God Pantheon CRT is ready for posting. Just let me know when, if you can't or just need time to chill I can just post it this Friday so you and everyone else can get to looking at it when you're all ready. Just let me know. ^_^
    Wait after 3 DBH CRT done first
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    Reactions: Yuraga
    Yuraga what the hell is limited resistance bypassing, i don't see any card indicated this ability for Towa

    Also can you make character profile???, if you can then make a profile for CC Vegito
    I don't exactly know how to make character profiles on here, I thought only mods could do that. I just put up the info that needs to be added and work with you guys. The limited resistance bypassing is because of the Stun status working on people resistant to it if they have barely any or no stamina in a real battle. It's not a detail I myself thought up, but Ss3micah explains it like this:

    "Even if a character resists status ailments, if they have no stamina then they are LOGICALLY going to be in a state where they simply cant fight nor defend themselves. Its common knowledge in all things real life and fictional. So if someone resist status ailments then logically speaking they cant be stunned but at the same time if they have no stamina then they are still gonna be under status conditions that reflect being stunned

    If that is the case then should we treat stun as a status condition that bypasses resistances and activates automatically once you have little or no stamina or do we treat it not as a status ailment but an inevitable natural side effect that automatically occurs as a result of losing most or all your stamina"
    I think it makes sense, but I'm also down for leaving it out, though I do agree with Micah because what they said about stamina is true.
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